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7 years later

Soul leaned back on the airplane seat. He was beginning to fall asleep when Maka walked down the aisle and to the restroom. Once she closed the door Soul closed his eyes again and fell asleep.

Maka fogged the mirror, writing the familiar seven numbers and watched as the mirror rippled. "Maka, how's it going?" Death the Kid showed up on the screen.

"Everything is going amazing Kid. So far nothing has gone wrong. How about over there? Anything out of the ordinary?" Maka asked.

"A few witches here and there, but Black Star usually gets them if Kato and Clok don't beat them. You know how they both are. After becoming Death Scythes, everything got 10 times worse between the two. By the way, did you hear that Tomi is in the hospital? She had minor contractions but anyway, she should be having Kato's baby soon." Kid smiled.

"If anyone was to hear you say that last part, they would've thought of you as a gossiping old woman." Maka smiled.

"Let them think. I am Death the Kid, I am of higher ranking." He grinned.

"Now you sound like Black Star." Maka deadpanned. Kid gasped and covered his mouth.

"Serious?" He asked, looking around, making sure no one else heard him.

"Don't worry Kid, no one else heard you." Maka assured him. "How about Liz and Patty? Everything good with them?" Kid nodded.

"After Liz learned she couldn't have kids, Mifune and her decided to adopt a little boy. They should be able to pick him up next week from the adoption agency."

A knock on the door startled Maka and she turned. "Maka? Who are you talking to?" Soul asked from the other side.

"Kid, I'm trying to figure out what's been going on the past few months." Soul grunted and Maka opened the door, finding Soul leaning on the wall.

"Sup Kid." He looked at the mirror.

"Hello Soul, good to see you again. You should be getting here soon no?" Kid asked.

"5 hours, give or take some." Soul smirked.

"Well, I'll leave you both to rest, when you get back, you should stop by the hospital, we'll be there." Kid smiled.

"Sure Kid, see you then." Maka smiled and cut the connection.

"Why the hospital?" Soul asked.

"Tomi seems to be having the baby early. Plus, you know how pissed she's going to get because of the pain, Kato still can't handle it." Soul chuckled and nodded.

"Right, now go to sleep. We have a long day."

The plane landed and one of Kid's limo's was waiting for both Maka and Soul. They got in, the driver putting the bags in the trunk and went back to the front seat. "I will be leaving both of you at Death Hospital." He announced. Maka thanked him and Soul scoffed.

"How ironic." He mumbled.

"What?" Maka asked.

"Death Hospital. You don't want to die in there, yet Death is the name of it." Maka thought about it and smiled.

"I never thought of that." she smiled. After an hour of driving, they made it and they both got off, the driver taking their bags to their apartment. The pair walked in the hospital, seeing a security guard sitting at the front desk.

"Hi, we're here to see Tomi, she's about to give birth." Maka told the guard. He nodded and gave them both a pass.

"How do you think she's doing?" Soul asked, pushing the 'Up' button.

"Probably cursing at Kato and screaming." Make shrugged, waiting for the doors to open.

"Poor guy." Soul shook his head as the doors finally opened and they stepped in, Maka pressing the 56th button. They stood in silence, hearing the elevator music play softly as they went up. Soul looked around the plain elevator and they soon reached their destination. The doors opened and right away you could hear screaming.

"Found her." Maka smiled, walking toward the screaming and opened the door. Tomi laid on the hospital bed, her huge belly was covered in a blue hospital sheet and Kato was next to her, dealing with her constant yelling.


"Whatever you say, just breathe!" Kato urged her.

"Hey guys, how was the mission?" Hinata asked, hugging Maka then Soul.

"Difficult, but we did it." Maka assured.

"THE GREAT BLACK STAR IS HERE WITH HIS BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND TSUBAKI! MWAHAHA!" Black Star barged into the hospital room and Tsubaki followed behind.

"I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE! I WILL KILL YOU!" Tomi yelled at him and Star gulped, feeling fear settle in. Kid and Crona walked in and began urging everyone outside as a doctor rushed in.

"Alright everyone, let's go and let the two deal with this." Kid ordered. The group walked to the floor's waiting room and Clok was playing a game on his phone, Liz and Mifune were talking while Patty cradled the two twins she and Hikaru had. Everyone took a seat, Maka holding one of the girls Patty had and rocked her to sleep while Soul talked with Clok, Kid, Mifune, and Star.

"I don't understand why women want kids." Black Star commented, watching Tsubaki wave the small raddle at the baby while Maka grinned at it in her arms.

"It's just part of nature." Hikaru spoke up, sitting by.

"You make it sound like women are animals." Kid spoke up.

"Aren't they?" Mifune whispered so Liz didn't hear. The men looked at the girls, crowded around the babies and nodded in agreement. Olivia and Kat soon walked in and Kat ran to Patty's side, looking at the baby while Olivia sat down and took out her phone, playing a game.

"Olivia." Kid called. She turned toward him and he motioned for her to join them. Over the years, Olivia had come close to the group. Though she doesn't talk much, she still loves spending her time with them.

"Are you not going to see the babies?" Soul asked. Olivia sat between Star and Kid and shook her head.

"No." She answered. She continued playing her game, passing the phone around for everyone to try it.

"How is your high score 35,846?" kid grumbled, giving the phone to Soul, who by then was getting furious.

"I'm just that good." Olivia answered. Hinata took out her phone, feeling it buzz and grin.

"The baby is born healthy and ready to meet us." The men and Olivia watched as the girls ran to the room where Tomi and Kato were, eager to meet the new baby. The guys took their time getting there, Olivia walking ahead. Tomi laid on the bed, her hair a mess and sweating. Kato sat next to her, grinning at the baby in Tomi's arms. The guys congratulated Kato and the girls began swooning over the baby boy.

"Thanks for being here guys." Tomi smiled at the group.

"It's nothing!" Liz waved it off, smiling.

"Yeah~! Now one of my girls will marry your boy~!" Patty happily grinned. Tomi laughed and Hinata walked over, softly petting the baby's hair. Tomi glanced at the ring that rested on her left hand and grinned at her.

"When did he propose?" Tomi asked. Hinata looked at her engagement ring and rolled her eyes.

"Last night after I yelled at him for burning the rice." Tomi giggled and the group sat around, enjoying the company.


"How the hell are we getting the babies down there?" Tomi asked.

"Shove the kid in the basket!" Hinata yelled as she grinned. Tomi glared at her and Kid took out Beelzebub.

"Got it." He called, flying up and taking Tomi's boy, Kazumi, in his arms. Maka and Soul laid the huge blanket down, Kat and Olivia fixing it while Crona took out the food from the baskets.

Everyone gathered under the shade of the tree to have a nice picnic and a camp out. Kid walked over, holding the two playful girls, Sakura and Sayuri, while Patty and Hikaru climbed down the cliff.

Maka looked out into the water, enjoying the light breeze that hit her face. Soul walked over as everyone began complaining on who's food was going to be eaten first. "Wonderful view huh?" He asked. Maka nodded and Soul wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"Time flies doesn't it?" Maka whispered. "It seemed like just yesterday we just met. Now we're all getting married, and having kids." Soul chuckled and nodded.

"We can always remember back to all those good times." Soul spoke. "Our first day in school, our first mission, the time we switched genders." Maka laughed and nodded. "Just because it's over, doesn't mean we don't have the memories." Maka turned to Soul and he smirked at her.

"What a wonderful way of thinking." Maka complimented.

"Hey, lovebirds!" Liz called. "You coming or what? Tsubaki's food is going to be gone if you don't hurry up!" Maka and Soul turned, joining their group of friends, having a picnic Under the Weeping Willow.

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