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Kurt was excited. He could still feel the adrenaline rush from standing on stage although they had been off the stage for almost an hour. The choir that was on stage after them was good, but he barely noticed them. Mr Schue had led them back to their room, telling them how fantastic they had been and now they were in a room somewhere behind the stage, mingling with the other three show choirs.

He stand in line for the buffet between Mercedes and Quinn, frowning at the sheer amount of fast food presented. He hoped that they had at least some salad, antipasti or chicken.

"But you have to admit, Quinn, that those private school boys were really hot in their uniforms," Mercedes said.

"Yes, they were not bad, but..."

"Oh please, don't tell me that you still have a soft spot for Puckerman!" Mercedes shuddered.

Quinn laughed. "Not really, no. I've had my fair share of him and I don't really intend to repeat that. But I still think that those boys are probably more interested in Kurt."


"Oh come on, Kurt! At least their lead looks really interested." Quinn nodded her head into the direction of where a group of boys dressed in the uniforms of Dalton Academy stood. Kurt and Mercedes glanced over and as soon as he caught the eye of one of the boys, he looked away, talking with his friends.

"Who's their lead," Mercedes asked?

"The one wearing the uniform, Mercedes."


Quinn chuckled and Kurt decided she had too much fun tonight.

"Kurt, please don't look now, okay?"

Kurt frowned but nodded.

"So, see the one who looks over right now?"

"With the hair plastered to his head?"

Quinn nodded and Kurt glanced over his shoulder. Again, for a moment he caught the eye of one, but before he could make anything out, he turned away.

"See, I told you he's interested in Kurt."

"He just happened to look over." Kurt took a plate.

"Sure, and in exactly the same moment you look at him, he decides it's enough?" Quinn shook her head, piling some mozzarella sticks on her plate. "I don't think so, Kurt."


Kurt was starting to get bored. Yes, the food was quite good – his plate had been filled with salad, baked mini spring rolls and he simply couldn't resist the honeydew melon with Parma ham – but unlike Finn and Puck he couldn't eat all night. And after, he looked at his watch, almost two hours the list of topics he could talk about with the girls grew shorter and shorter. Talking about relationships was his last resort, but he didn't want to listen to Rachel ranting on about Finn and their on-again-off-again relationship. That was just too exhausting. And they weren't leaving anytime soon, it seemed. Mr Schue was talking animatedly with the directors of the other show choirs, some of the private school boys were hitting on Santana, Brittany and Quinn and Puck and Finn were talking with some of the boys of the third choir – he hadn't bothered remembering the name – either about sports or computer games. He contemplated having another helping of melon with ham when someone next to him spoke.


Kurt jumped slightly and turned around to see the lead of the private school choir, the Warblers from Dalton Academy, if he remembered correctly. He blinked and said nothing, but that didn't seem to deter the other boy.

"I'm Blaine." Blaine offered his hand for Kurt to shake.

"Kurt." Kurt took it.

"I loved your rendition of Beauty and the Beast." Blaine's smile was sincere, his eyes sparkling.

"Thank you." Kurt felt the smile tugging the corners of his lips upwards.

"Would you like to go for a walk? There isn't much to do here and I guess we could make use of the stage. I would love to hear you sing again!"

Kurt blushed slightly. It couldn't be that he Blaine flirted with him, could it? He looked over to where his friends were standing and saw Quinn looking at him, grinning. She waved her hands as if she wanted to shoo him away, grinned broadly and winked.

Kurt closed his eyes for a second then looked back at Blaine. "Sure, why not?"

He followed Blaine out of the room and once the door was closed behind them there was only the noise their shoes were making on the tiled floor. Kurt hadn't noticed how loud it had been inside the room, but now the silence wrapping around him was comforting.

They were a few paces away when Blaine started talking.

"So what's your vocal range?"

"What?" Kurt was clearly surprised by that question. Hardly anyone was interested in his range, most people simply told him that his voice was too girlish.

"Your vocal range, it's really amazing. Tenor with a higher range?"

Kurt felt his face heating up, blushing. "No, actually I'm a countertenor."

Blaine laughed in amazement. "Oh wow. New Directions are lucky to have you."

"Are you serious?" Kurt felt like his feet were glued to the floor.

Blaine turned around, only one or two steps ahead. "Of course I am. God, we have been looking for a countertenor for ages!" He held his hand out. "Now, come on! I really want to hear you sing again."

Kurt looked down at Blaine's hand and took it, letting the other boy lead him down the halls.


Blaine felt wonderful. Amazing. Thrilled. Alive. Walking down the hall next to him, holding his hand was his mate. Well, mate-to-be more likely, but that was a small detail he would work on. Kurt smelled so good and Blaine felt like he floated rather than walked. All around him was the scent of Kurt – vanilla, honey and summer rain. He surmised that he could only smell it this intensively because it was the evening after full moon and his wolf was still present enough. The contact of their hands made his skin tingly and if he could have, he would have pulled Kurt close, but that would have frightened Kurt. And he wanted, needed to see him again.

"How is it," asked Kurt suddenly.

"How is what?" For a second Blaine was afraid. Afraid that Kurt knew or could sense his wolf. He knew it was possible, maybe Kurt had relatives in one of the packs?

"Going to a private school."

Oh, that. "It's okay, I guess." Blaine shrugged. "I mean, it's really wonderful that there's a no bullying policy -"

"There is?" interrupted Kurt and Blaine looked at him. He looked hopeful and a bit vulnerable.

"Yes, we have some teenagers that … um … seek refuge, so to speak."

Kurt didn't answer.

"Just last year we had this new student, Andrew, who was bullied at his old school because he was gay and I heard that they had beaten him pretty bad."

They arrived at one of the doors that lead to the auditorium and Blaine opened it, holding it for Kurt. All the while he never let go of his hand.

"Your school sounds..." But Kurt interrupted himself as Blaine led him up the few stairs towards the stage, only some small lights illuminating the stage, guiding them.

Kurt chuckled nervously as he reached the top of the stairs. "This is a bit creepy."

Blaine reacted instinctively, putting his hands on Kurt's hips and leaning over his shoulder. "I'll protect you, I promise."

Kurt turned around in that moment, their faces now mere inches away. The movement brought a new wave of scent and Blaine inhaled deeply.

"Are you sure that you want to sing here?" Kurt's voice was a whisper.

Blaine could feel his wolf growl and he was sure that some of that noise made his way through his lips, slipping into the space between him and Kurt, lingering there.

"Blaine, what -"

But Blaine could feel his wolf take over. It had been a bad idea to be alone with Kurt, so shortly after the full moon with his wolf still being able to smell his mate.

He grabbed Kurt's shoulders and pulled him close, baring his teeth a bit, before he bit down on Kurt's neck. Not enough to draw blood, but definitely enough to leave a set of teeth imprinted in the skin. He sucked, savoring the taste of Kurt. He tasted exactly like he smelled, only better.

But soon enough, Kurt regained control over himself and pushed Blaine away. Kurt stared at him for a moment, but all Blaine could really see was the mark on Kurt's neck. Dark against the light skin and perfect, so perfect.

Blaine barely realized as Kurt ran past him, away from him, only leaving the scent of vanilla, honey and summer rain.

It was probably hours later, but he couldn't be sure. Blaine had been sitting on the stage for what felt like hours, scolding himself for giving in to his wolf and fucking up completely. He felt certain that he would see Kurt never again.

So when the door opened and light streamed in from the hallway, his head shot up, hoping beyond hope that it was Kurt. But it wasn't.

"Blaine?" That was Nick's voice. "Are you here?"

"Yes." Blaine's voice was a bit raspy.

"Oh thank goodness!" Nick turned around, screaming into the hall, "I found him!"

Blaine sighed.

"Come, Blaine, we want to leave, we are the last ones."

"Are the other choirs already gone?"

"Yes, New Directions left a bit more than half an hour ago and Silver Sounds left at the same time we started looking for you."

Blaine sighed and got up, walking over towards his friend.

"What's wrong, Blaine," Nick asked when Blaine came closer, his face more visible in the light of the hallway than in the dim light on stage.

"I fucked up, Nick."


Kurt ran away, through the halls and suddenly he was standing outside. It was cold outside, almost freezing, but Kurt didn't care. He just wanted as much space between him and this Blaine as possible. He paced up and down, restless, trying to grasp what Blaine had done with him. No, not with him, to him. Kurt's hand found its way to the mark on his neck and there was a dull pain as Kurt pressed lightly. He sat down, leaning against the wall of the building and pulled his knees closer to his body.

And suddenly Kurt realized that he was crying silently. He had thought that Blaine was a nice guy, and he could have imagined striking up a friendship with him. But now that seemed out of question. It wasn't that Blaine wasn't good looking and yes, he even had hoped a bit that he was gay, but...

Kurt clenched his teeth together. Karofsky hadn't brought him down and neither would Blaine Anderson. He got up and wiped the tears away, hoping that he wouldn't meet anyone on his way to the restroom.

About ten minutes later, he had made sure as hell that his cheeks weren't red and his eyes weren't puffy anymore from crying, he entered the room were the other members of the choirs were still gathered. When he opened the door it was like walking into a wall of noise. He looked for the girls and saw Quinn waving at him.

Quinn grinned broadly but with every step he got closer her smile became smaller and her frown deeper. She pulled him a bit to the side.

"What's that, Kurt?"

Instinctively he covered the hickey with his hand.

Quinn turned around.


Mercedes came over and Quinn pried Kurt's hand away from his neck.

"Oh my goodness, what did he do to you Kurt?"

But Kurt shook his head. He didn't want to talk about it. Only thinking about it made him feel teers stinging in his eyes and crying was the least thing he wanted to do.

Mercedes hugged Kurt closely. "Do you want to leave?" she whispered in his ear.

He nodded.

"Alright, we'll leave, then."

She let go of him, but not of his hand and tugged him towards where Mr Schue was standing. Quinn followed behind.

Kurt barely registered what they told him, but they left barely ten minutes later, the boys grumbling, but following. All the while, even when they were in the bus, Mercedes and Quinn never left his side and Kurt was thankful for that, even though he wondered when he had become Quinn's protege.