I'm just a girl. What would a King want with me? Yes, he's looked at me several times. But i'm not the woman he wants, and i shall never be. Whats life without love? He was always a free soul, we used to play together as children, making up stupid stories of how we'd go on a big adventure and rule the world. Those stories came true...but not for me. He forgot about me, after the Pevensies arrived. I was and am the stupid little Telmarine girl whom the King never cared for. I've had dreams. Dreams where he'd be standing there and so would i, he would be in danger and i'd call out his name, he'd never hear me. The danger would overcome him. And now he grieves, for he lost his first love. He doesn't talk to me anymore, and he was the highlight of my day, well, used to be the highlight of my day. There's been men, many have took a fancy to me but i don't want them. I want him, the King. But he doesn't want me.. So here i stand, at the waters edge, the rain pouring from the sky above. May he find love and peace in the kingdom he now rules, Because i shall not be here when he needs me. There is a letter, under my bed, and if he shows so much as caring, he may read it. But if he doesn't then, leave it. I don't want him to learn that i loved him so, if he does not care.

So i shall greet you in Aslan's Country, my king. With humble hello's or with nothing at all, that is your desicion. Now, as my head submerges, let the water fill my lungs and take my breath. For Aslan cannot help me now.

I stared down at what was something i had took gravely forgranted. My little Callia. Her hair soaked from the water, her eyes closed in such a way that it made my heart stop beating. This is not what should've happened. I'd lost a love i hadn't known was there. If i had thought of her, just once, would she still be here? Would she be my Queen?

Hot tears filled my eyes, letting them fall i weeped desperately for her. Holding her hand and her body close. I just want her back. Aslan, please bring her back. I wish warmth could consume her body and that she would hold me and tell me it was all alright, that she was here and nothing would hurt us... But i know Aslan cannot help her now. She is gone and my heart still beats, while hers has stopped dead. Can't i hold her until the end of the hour? Just let me hold her..

They took her away, and here i sit. An old man now, still grieving for that woman. The woman that never got to grow old. The woman i hold dearly to my heart, and even on my death bed, her name still utters from my lips. Aslan, let me fall into her arms and be safe from now until the end of my days. Let her love consume my heart, let my love for her flow in my veins.

Her golden blonde hair blew in the wind as did her dress, from afar she looked on, into the distance of nothing-ness. Aslan's words still linger in my mind. One may not find his wife, but a love of a past time. Her chalky expression was engraved in my mind, but when she turned that look no longer lingered on her face. She looked free, beautiful, perfect. When she saw me, she smiled and greeted me with humble hello's. My once love smiled with such love and adoration that it captured my heart.

One did not find his wife, but a love that had been waiting. Waiting for me to love her. And i did, I promise you i did.