This is a side story to Precocious Crush by Makokam, story 6604037 on FFN. Mindy got a bicycle for Christmas in Chapter 40 and Makokam mentioned a "Mindy learns to ride" contest in Chapter 41. I'm close to a year late in writing a contest entry, but I just discovered the story so cut me some slack.

I do not own any characters from the comic book or movie Kick-Ass, though it would utterly kick ass if I did. Nor do I have any rights to the story Precocious Crush.

Rode Hard, Put away Wet

I had Dave's hand on my ass and something smooth and hard between my legs. No, it was not the fulfillment of my New Year's resolution because we were not in bed.

"You almost got it, Mindy! I'm going to let go. See if you can make it to the end of the lot."

Dave was great. Too great, the ass. He was doing everything he could to teach me to ride a bicycle. Make that, "this demon bicycle". You'd think that a superior physical specimen such as myself, with great balance and seven years of gymnastics and martial arts, would be able to just get on a bike and ride right away. It isn't so.

So Dave is helping me, mostly by helping me balance when I get all wobbly. But there is nothing to grab back there except my butt. The big pussy tried to wimp out of holding me there but I just grabbed his hand and planted it square on my ass. "You copped a couple of feels when we were training in ground work last week, so it's no big deal, right?" Of course he hadn't copped a feel, not intentionally and not without some quick maneuvering on my part, but I said it just to yank his tunk.

Yank his chain. That's what I meant.

So Dave let go and I immediately started wobbling and would have fallen — again — if he hadn't grabbed my ass with both hands.

I will never tell him it was his hand on my ass that was making me so wobbly. Eighty percent of my attention was on his hand on my ass, leaving barely enough to remember to breathe.

It didn't help that the bicycle seat was pressing me in a way that was most pleasant, especially combined with the hand on my ass.

I've mentioned his hand on my ass a lot. What can I tell you? I liked it. A lot.

So after an hour and a half my legs were hurting as much as if I'd just finished a four hour workout. More, because this was straining muscles I don't normally use.

But that slave-driving ass wouldn't let me stop. "You're almost there. One more try."

And what do you know, one more try and I was there. I rode to the end of the lot then shakily turned and came back the other direction.

And the ass still wouldn't let me stop. "Great! Now we need to practice so you don't forget what you just learned."

We stayed in the almost-empty parking lot until I had the basics down. Then Dave saddled up and we hit the streets, leaving his dad's car for pick-up later. I started going faster and faster, setting the pace. I had to get back some of my own against him to pay him back for making me so sore. And not in the way I'd been hinting for months. It was good to see Dave gasping as he worked to keep up. And it was good to see that he could keep up. Our training was paying off.

We took the last mile to my house easy and slow to cool down. Now that I wasn't driving my legs so hard and was sitting more firmly on the seat, I noticed the return of the pleasant rubbing and started getting distracted again.

"Hey, Dave? I'm going to be really sore. After my shower, do you think you could give me a rub down?"

Of course he wouldn't get what I was really asking. He's either thick as a brick or too moral and self-controlled for my own good. His own good, I mean.

It's okay. I'll sleep well tonight. With pleasant dreams. I'll sleep really well tonight.