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Reed's POV:
"Sue are you okay?" I asked, helping my new wife to her feet.

"Yeah I'm okay". She said even though the look on her face told me she was hiding something.

"Come on, let's go home", I said pointing in the direction of the fantastic car.

"No need, brother-in-law", I heard as I turned around I saw that it was Johnny and Ben walking towards us.

Once they were standing in front of us he continued.

"Ben and myself have booked a room for you two with everything already payed for." he said.

"Think of it as a wedding present." Ben added in.

Sue's POV:
After I heard Johnny say that rather than hugging him, I simply said "Thank you Johnny".

Just after I said that he then spoke up again, "Do not mention it sis, it was Ben's idea".

After that was said I thought back to a moment ago when Reed asked me whether I was okay. He was right though I was hiding something. I cannot stop thinking about Shang Hi and what happened between me and victor. Now that I think about I am starting to feel a bit dizzy. But unfortunately it was not long till the darkness consumed me and I fell. The last thing I heard was my brother calling my name.

Johnny's POV:
That was the moment when I see my sister collapse I knew something was wrong and that she did not tell us. That was when I yelled out her name "Sue". But she did not hear me.

I then saw Reed catch her and lower her to the ground so she could not damage herself any further. I knew she was still alive because I could see her breathing and plus Reed checked her pulse and said that it was steady but weak.

After that I saw Ben starting to pick her up and that is when I asked. "What are you doing?" I questioned. His reply was simple "We better get her to a hospital so we can find out what has happened."

Ben sat her down in the middle section next to reed, whom has a concerned look on his face, a) for my sister and b) for his wife.

Ben's POV:
As I carried Sue and placed her next to Reed and got her buckled up to notice that she looked pale and even though with my rocky exterior I could feel that her pulse was not as steady as what it was. So I thought it was time somebody said something.

"Hey Stretch, does Susie look pale to you?" I asked but now I question as to whether I should have or not, because by asking that I got a shocked look on Reed's face.

"We need to get her to a hospital now". He said and from then on the entire journey was just filled with silence.

Sue's POV:
Even though I was unconscious the one thing I heard was Reed. I could not make out what he was saying but I could tell his voice was laced with concern and worry. Then heard my brother all he was saying was "You have to help her she is the only relative I have left". Obviously after hearing that Johnny must have forgotten that he had Reed if something were to happen to me again.

But the next thing I heard was the medic saying that "She's crashing." After that there was just silence. It all stopped the yelling I heard from reed ad Johnny stopped.

The very next thing I remember was being rolled into a room with what looked like a cat scanner. After that, nothing.

Reed's POV:
"What if she does not wake up, worse what if they do not get her breathing again? Then what am I meant to do. We were supposed to last year's, not minutes". I said not aware that I said it aloud.

"Reed do not worry yourself you know Sue will pull through, she knows that we need her." Johnny said with quite a bit of confidence in his voice. Which made me feel better but it still did not help the situation.

"Hey Stretch, here come one of the doctors' that went with Susie." Ben informed me. That made me sit up, and walk towards the doctor, who appeared to be smiling.

"Mr Richards I can assure you she is fine. Nothing bad showed up on any of the tests we ran. From what we can tell it was just the dizziness that made her collapse." The Doctor informed that she was going to be alright. But he continued "And by the looks of it what she was wearing was done up quite tight so that would also have resulted in her passing out or collapsing therefore her brain not getting the oxygen it needed".

But before I could say anything he continued. "Would you like me to take you to her room?" when he saw that his reply was a smile and a nod he indicated for me to follow him.

When we got there I was a little shocked at first but then I relaxed myself playing that part over in my head when he explained that she was fine.

"Do not be alarmed by the mask and the heart monitor. We just want to make sure that everything stay's the way it is."

"Can she hear me?" I asked with my voice on the edge of tears.

"Yes she can." He replied.

"Thank you." was all I could say at the time.

"Also we changed her out of the kimono and put her into a hospital gown and put the kimono folded up and under her bed." He said before leaving.

"Ben, Johnny could you give us a minute?" I asked, hoping to get some privacy with my wife.

"Yeah sure egghead/Reed." they both said.

"I know you might not be able to hear me but if there is the slightest chance that you can why didn't you tell me that you were not feeling right?" I asked knowing that I probably was not going to get a response anytime soon.

Sue's POV:
Okay so I knew where i was because I could the Heart monitor. But I could hear another noise. It was a voice which sounded familiar. Reed. I thought to myself. I wanted to answer his question but my mouth refused to work.

So I simply let him know that I could hear him by lightly moving my fingers in his hand. This is what he probably wanted. But unfortunately he did not notice so I had the strength in me the simply mumble his name which got his attention.

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