The Professor made some adjustments to his new creation. An extremely humanoid nindroid. A ninja-like robot. He added the last piece to this marvellous creation. It didn't look like a normal nindroid. This one had a human face, he was... part human...

"Finally Zane... You will awaken..." The Professor muttered to himself. "You've been designed to be a master of spinjitsu, but you shall not know that..."

He took a step back as a bolt of lightning struck the roof.

"It's alive... IT'S ALIVE!"

Zane walked along the shore, his parents were missing or dead, nobody was sure. He was alone in the world, he always took everything seriously, he didn't have a strong sense of humour either. But he did have a very strong knowledge of just about everything. He had studied the history of Ninjago- the place him and his family had always lived -and knew all about the four sacred weapons of Ninjago. The Sword of Fire, the Nunchuks of Lightning, the Scythe of Earth, and his personal favourite, the Shurikens of Ice. Zane didn't go to school, well he had once, but he was kicked out because he accidentally broke another child's leg in a fight. He had been beaten up by teenagers once when he was a kid, and he had learnt the meaning of pain then. He had been arrested and shot, but had somehow escaped...

And here he was now, walking along the shore... alone, without a friend in the world... except for one...

Zane wandered into a forest, it was a dark and eerie forest, but he wandered in anyway, he could defend himself if need be. But there was something intriguing about this place, there was a being there, not Zane, but a bird. A falcon, a grey falcon, but something wasn't right about this falcon, something Zane couldn't work out...

He walked up to a particular tree, knocked on the trunk, and a falcon swooped down towards him. It looked angry, talons beared. Zane quickly- but calmly -raised his arm then opened his fingers in a gesture to stop. The bird stopped about two inches from Zane's hand. It squawked calmly then landed on his arm.

"Hello, old friend." Zane smiled as he said this.

It squawked again.

"I need your help, there are many weird things going on in the city of Ninjago, there are..."

He paused.

"Let's say 'people' are appearing..."

The bird squawked a few times then flew away.

"Thank you, friend..."