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Aladdin's POV:

"Thief!" the baker called out as I ran down the street with a loaf of bread. "Thief! Guards! Help!"

I quickly scurried up the ladder of a house and ran out onto the roof as the guards followed. It was getting harder to get a clean get away these days.

"Stop thief!" Razoul boomed "I'll have your fuckin hand for a trophy Street Rat!"

When did it come to this? Oh yeah! Five years ago duh!

Flash Back!

At ten, my Mom died. After that and Dad never being there, I was a scrawny kid that couldn't do any better than garbage scraps.

One rainy night, I was huddled on the corner of a bad neighborhood in front of the Oasis Bar, begging anyone who would bother to listen for money or food. After getting kicked and trampled over many times, I gave up and went behind the bar and sat to nurse my bruises and pride. How could people be so cruel? I had at least five people call me a street rat or told me to die.

I sighed and pulled out a picture of Mom from my vest pocket. She never had to beg. She always had food or at least bread for her and me. I hugged the picture close and started to cry. Why was it so hard? Why did she leave?

"Hey!" I looked up to see three young, drunk palace guards pointing at me "Who are ya street rat?" one slurred.

"Dude, he's so pathetic! Look, no big than beam pole!" another slurred.

"Boss," the third one tossed his head back towards the bar "Watch what I can, can, I can kill this kid with one swing!" He drew his sword and went to swing.

I was able to avoid it before it could hit the wall right where I was sitting.

"Hey, where'd he go?"

"Over there ya dumbass." Came an eerily proper voice "I thought I taught you bitches better. Some gang you are." A tall figure in palace robes and biker gear (Agrabah was a mix of two different eras, the modern and traditional usually mixed) rounded the corner. He was holding a great golden cobra staff. "Well," he cocked an eyebrow "what do we have here?"

I tried feebly to wrap my torn vest over my bare chest. This man was no good, I felt like a piece of meat under his gaze.

He moved towards me, I moved backwards until I was against a wire fence and he was right in front of me. "You'll do." He said "Do you want a meal kid?"

I nodded before thinking; I hadn't eaten anything of worth in a week.

"Come with us." He nodded towards four big motorcycles I hadn't notice were there before.

I shook my head.

"Stubborn are we?" he said "Shame." He put the cobra head in my face. Its eyes started to glow red and swirl. My mind went into a gray haze. "You will come with us."

"I will go with you." I repeated absently.

"Very good boy." He picked me up and put me in front of him on his bike as the other three drunks mounted their bike, and drove off.

"What is your name boy?" The strange man asked me as I gobbled down the meal they put before me. They had taken me to a warehouse at the edge of the kingdom; I assumed it was their hide out.

I didn't answer, I didn't want this man knowing my name, something didn't sit right with me about him.

"Big J just asked you a question!" one of the guards said, "Answer when spoken to!" He smacked me across the face so hard I feel from my chair.

"Aladdin," I whispered, rubbing my cheek "My name is Aladdin."

"You need a street name," Big J said thoughtfully "We can't have people knowing your real name."

I thought on it a little, and came up with a name "Street Rat." I said to him "Street Rat is my name."

"That's better." He leaned backed in his chair "Street Rat, get ready for Hell."

Over the next year, I was beaten into a biker thug that couldn't be messed with. Big J put me in charge of the new boys that same year. The only benefit of the deal was that I got three meals a day.

And that was also the only reason why I stayed.

Over the total three years I was with the bikers, it seemed that most of the palace guards that looked over the market place were in Big J gang. And I noticed that Big J always got his way, and if he didn't, he would use his staff to get it. He used the staff on everyone, at least once a day, and no one seemed to notice the fact that they were being used except for me.

The last bunch of boy I trained were some of the best I ever taught, and Big J noticed.

At the entrance ceremony, the boys were the best out of anyone.

"Very good work Street Rat," Big J said "but have these boys fought each other yet?"

"Yes." I answered.

"Then why does this one slack." He pointed at a little boy nick named 'Scandal'.

"He has been through all of the same training that the other have been through, and he has worked twice as hard."

"Really?" Big J cocked an eyebrow "If he has worked twice as hard, then he should be able to fight they others."

"Yes…" I said warily, I didn't like were this was going.

"Boys!" Big J called them to him "I order you to fight Scandal, to the death!" He said shoving the cobra staff in their faces.

"We will fight Scandal to the death." They repeated like zombies.

"No!" I yelled. I had enough of the mind control! I wrestled the staff out of Big J's hands and smashed the head against the wall until it was no more. The boys broke out of their trance and looked around stupidly. "Big J, I quit!" I yelled swinging the useless staff in his face.

"You can't quit." He smacked me across the face.

"Watch me." I growled punching him in the face. I grabbed Scandal, hopped on my bike, and tore out of there as fast as I could.

Somewhere across town, I sold my bike and gear at a pawn shop, only keeping a purple vest and a pair of tattered jeans. I spilt the money with Scandal and dropped him off at the nearest orphanage.

"Street Rat?" he called after me.

I looked over my shoulder at him, "Yeah?"

"Thanks for everything."

I nodded "Take some advice, stick with your real name and never get mixed up with Big J again."

"I wouldn't." he said.

I smiled at him, before running down the street and back to a life on the streets.

End of Flashback!

Since then, Big J's thugs/palace guards haven't let me rest.

Razoul and his two other guards were getting closer, swords drawn.

"All this for a loaf of bread? I need to get a better hobby!" I jumped off the roof onto some clothes lines, slamming into the wall across the street, and falling to the ground below.

I made it though! And I still had my bread!

"There he is!" I looked up to see the guards "You won't get away that fuckin easy!"

"You think that was easy bitch?" I mumbled.

I here some muffled laughter; I turned to see a group of older women laughing at me. I smiled and tipped an invisible hat to them.

"You two, over that way! And you two follow me! We'll get that fucker!"

I knew who they were instantly. Quickly, I pulled a sheet over my head and tried to blend into the group of older ladies. "'Morning ladies." I said quickly.

"Getting into trouble a bit early today, aren't we Aladdin?" one asked.

"Trouble?" I scoffed "You're only in trouble if you get caught."

"Bitch!" Razoul grabbed me by my vest front.

"I'm in trouble." I said involuntary.

"This time… Hey!"

My trust monkey pet Abu landed on him and pulled his turban down over his eyes.

"Perfect timing Abu, as usual."

Anytime Aladdin! He tipped his little hat and jumped on Aladdin's shoulder as they started to make their get-away.

And thus started the one of the best epic chases I've had in a long time. You know, one of those ones that deserves a Disney song. Anyway, up, down, and around houses, through the home of the triplets that whore themselves out on the weekends (not that I ever paid for one, Big J and Razoul always had them come over, the one I got I took out to dinner and gave her more money just for her. I was too young and just plain not interested in the sex part), and finally out a window and over a wall.

"That was awesome huh Abu?"

Best chase yet!

"And now epic duo, we feast!" I broke the bread and gave Abu half.

About to eat my share, and as Abu just for joy, I heard a noise.

Looking up, there were two little kids picking through the trash. They stared, looking very afraid. Of coarse they would be, even though no one wants garbage people never let other people eat their garbage.

I sighed and looked down at Abu.

No. he took a bite defiantly, chewing loudly.

My own stomach grumbled in objection, but these little tikes needed more than I did. Getting up, I sighed again.

"Here," I handed my share to the older sister who restrained her little brother from grabbing it. "Go on take. Its fine, look, no mold. Freshly baked even." The sister took it and I ruffled her hair as she giggled.

There seemed to be a commotion on the street. As I walked away from the kids, I heard Abu give over his half too. Such a good little monkey.

The street was crowded with people, watching a snob in palace garb on a horse paraded himself down the street.

"On his way to the palace I suppose." One man grumbled.

"Another suitor for the princess." Another groaned.

The princess? We have one of those? I figured all the royalty in the palace died out, since only the friendly, stupid Sultan is seen in public anymore; and only on holidays since the Queen died.

Someone pushed by me and onto the street.

It was the two kids! The little boy ran towards the horse trying to pet it, only spooking it. The man cursed and raised his whip.

I didn't like were this was going.

Running out just in time to get the whip around my arm "Hey!" I got the kids behind me. "If I were as rich as you, I could afford some damn manners!" I threw the blasted thing back in his face.

"I'll teach you fuckin manners." He kicked my chest and landed me in the mud.

"Look at that Abu." I said loudly, "It's not everyday you see a jack with two asses!"

The snob turned to me. "You are a damn street rat. You were born a fucker, you'll die a worthless corpse, and only your fleas will mourn you."

I ran to give a piece of my fists, only to have the palace doors slammed in my face.

"I'm not worthless." I mumbled, "And I don't have fleas." Only one.

Yeah! Abu shook his fist You damn mother fucker you!

"Come on Abu," I sighed "let's go home." I wasn't one for crying in public.

When we got back to the abandon apartment build we called home, I tucked Abu in for bed, and went to look at the palace from the gap in the wall.

"Mom," I whispered, "life's been better since I last talked. But it's still hard." I took out the picture I kept. Old and faded as it was, you could still see her pretty smile. She was so pretty that I always though that she was a princess that got kicked out of the palace. "I don't see how you kept that smile on everyday." I sighed and put her back in my vest pocket. "Someday," I leaned my head back against the falling wall "someday, things are going to change Abu. We'll be rich, live in a palace, and won't have any problems at all.

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