The dead don't just up and walk away, they are either stolen or misplaced, both of which are pretty bizarre scenarios. Matt Garrety knew that, but it didn't help dampen his panic. Nothing normal or even remotely so ever happened to his cousin, alive or dead apparently. And now Andrew Detmer's body was missing, gone, nowhere to be found.

He was frantic and angry. Would Andrew ever catch a break? After alerting the police to the situation and speaking briefly to an officer, there was nothing left to do but wait. He knew using his abilities to try and find Andrew's body would be a bad idea, because he was already under enough scrutiny as it was.

So he stayed home, pacing the length of his room impatiently while his good friend (And maybe something more) Casey Letter sat on his bed watching him. She hugged a pillow to her chest as she gazed at Matt worriedly.

"There weren't any hints as to what could have happened at the morgue? None?" She asked him, her voice begging him to think hard.

"No, there was nothing. He was just simply… gone." Matt replied in frustration. He ran his hands through his hair, grabbing a fist full and tugging gently, trying to relieve some tension in his head.

"Someone probably just put it-"


"Him," Casey emphasized, appeasing Matt. "They probably just put him somewhere else on accident, somewhere other then where he was supposed to go and you're panicking for nothing."

"No." Matt shook his head, sure she was wrong. "That's not what happened. If so then one of the workers there would have spoken up when the police talked to them."

"Ok, I see where you're coming from with that. Then maybe someone stole his body out of anger." Casey said, her voice growing quiet as Matt slowed in his pacing to glare venomously at the window, the possibility dawning on him.

Not a lot of people were happy with Andrew at the moment. Not after what he did in Seattle. Although, not a lot of people were happy with Matt either. After he had left Andrew's camera in Tibet and flown back home, he'd had to face trial after trial in court cases and what not about what had happened in Seattle. After quite a lot of debate, he was left alone, the charges dropped with some help from the government (Its also helped that everything had been caught on tape, therefore he had all the proof needed to justify his actions), but only if he complied to some ground rules. He was not allowed leave the country, for one, and he was being kept under a vigilant watch. That didn't really bother him though. It's not like he had anywhere to go or anything to hide. He was all alone, besides Casey of course.

She was the most level headed about the whole situation. The kids at school, because his parents-of whom where rather detached about the whole thing-wouldn't let him miss any school just because he was now the 1st Wonder of World or whatever, avoided him at all cost and stared at him relentlessly. He was nothing but a freak to them all. Casey was his only friend now.

"Well what if," Casey stopped, unsure if she should continue.

"Go on." Matt urged.

"What if he's, you know, alive again. I mean, you can fly and move things with your mind, and Andrew went far beyond that. What if his abilities evolved and his wounds healed themselves and-and his heart started up again. I mean, it's possible, with you guys at least." She explained, fiddling with her hands, afraid that Matt would laugh at her.

Matt stood there dumbstruck. He had never thought of that. Not that it was very likely, but he had to examine all possibilities.

"It's possible." He mumbled thoughtfully.

"Yeah, and if that is what happened, then that means Andrew's out there somewhere. We have to find him!" Casey exclaimed, jumping off the bed in excitement. She was about to grab hold of the door handle, but Matt stopped her.

"We're not even sure that's what actually happened. We have to think this through carefully." He glared, crossing his arms.

"What are you afraid?" Casey yelled suddenly. "Really! Do you honestly believe his body was stolen or misplaced? He has to be alive."

"I don't think-" Matt stopped his shout abruptly. His body froze as a thought came to him. "Wait, I know how we can figure this out. Come one."

Matt grabbed Casey around the waist and took off out his window, flying fast towards the middle of town.

"What are you doing?" Casey yelled to him above the sound of the wind.

"I have to see something." He shouted back vaguely.

Casey accepted his answer and kept quiet. She would find out what he was doing soon enough.

Matt flew for a few more minutes before landing roughly at the graveyard. He put Casey down and started off in a specific direction, lost in thought.

The idea that Andrew was alive excited him a way that scared him. He did not want to be disappointed because believing and then finding out he was wrong (Or Casey was wrong, more like) would crush him. He felt he couldn't live through that. He already lost Andrew once, he couldn't loose him again. He loved Andrew like family, because he was family, he'd just never really felt anything for his cousin before. Andrew had always been shy and quiet, but after the events in that underground tunnel, he'd opened up and Matt had been able to see who Andrew really was. He wanted Andrew to be alive; he just didn't want to believe it was possible just yet.

He walked coolly towards Steve's grave, a grim determination written all over his face.

"What are you doing?" Casey breathed as she ran to catch up to him.

"Finding out if your theory that Andrew's still alive is possible or not."

He stood uncertainly in front of Steve's grave, unsure of what to do next. He glanced at Casey to see her looking at him in confusion. He knelt down and placed his fingertips on the grass, closing his eyes and concentrating. He could feel something in his mind. A second presence almost. Briefly he thought he felt a third, but it disappeared so quickly he dismissed it.

"Oh my gosh." He whispered in shock, backing away from the grave. "Steve-he's alive! I can feel him. We have to dig him up!"

"What! What are you talking about Matt?" Casey looked at him with wide eyes.

"I can feel Steve. You were right, ok. We have to dig him up, now! He's probably panicking down there. Who knows long he's been stuck under ground." Matt explained as he got down on his knees before the grave.

Casey grabbed his shoulder to keep him from moving again.

"Wait! You can't just dig up a grave." She said incredulously. "That's like, a crime or something."

Matt huffed in annoyance.

"Fine, I'll do it this way then." He stood up and stretched out his arms, facing his palms up to the sky. He started flexing them, slowly bringing them up like he was straining against a mighty weight. As he did so, the ground in front of him groaned and shifted.

"How are you…" Casey's voice trailed off as she observed Matt at work. His brunette hair ruffled in the breeze and his brown eyes were squinted in concentration.

Slowly, very slowly, the dirt began to lift. Almost grain-by-grain, the earth comically rose into the air, gathering into a great floating blob. Matt flexed his hands again and the process sped up. The dirt lifted faster and faster, gathering more and more. The hole underneath grew deeper, until finally a coffin was visible.

Matt moved the unearthed dirt above the ground next to the hole and let it tumble down.

"Come on, Casey." Matt beckoned as he jumped down into the hole.

He stood before the coffin hesitantly. He didn't want to see his friend's roasted body if he was wrong about the whole thing, but he didn't want to tae the chance. He felt as Casey jumped in next to him. He looked at her, her face reflecting his uncertainty.

Before he could back down, though, something banged against the coffin. From the inside.

"Steve!" Matt shouted. He undid the latches on the wooden crate and opened it so quickly; Casey didn't have a chance to protest.

Matt looked in wonderment at his supposedly dead friend. Steve laid in the coffin, coughing and wheezing, but seeming unscathed. He leaned up on his elbows and Matt quickly helped him so he could stand up.

"Oh man," Steve groaned as he leaned against Matt. "Thank you so Matt. You have no idea what it's like being trapped underground for days. It's extremely claustrophobic, dude, and not very pleasant, not very pleasant at all."

"You've been stuck in your coffin for days?" Casey asked in disbelief.

Steve looked at her, then back at Matt, then back at her.

"Well hello to you too, sweetheart. And to answer our question, yes, I was down there for a while." Steve replied with a smirk.

"Why didn't you just use your abilities to get out?" Matt asked.

"I was too drained, man. It's exhausting coming back from the dead." As he said, a strange look crossed over Steve's face. "Speaking of me dying, where's Andrew?"

Matt almost dropped Steve as he remembered why they'd come here in the first place. He looked nervously at Casey.

"We really have to find him now." He told her with a mix of joy and anxiety. His cousin was alive, but he didn't know how messed up he still was.

"What do you mean you have to find him?" Steve asked them both, confusion coloring his tone.

Matt sighed, lifting Steve and himself up and out of the hole before answering.

"We have a lot we have to talk about, Steve." He told his friend gravely. Steve's eyes grew downcast as he took in the look on Matt's face. He knew something horrible had happened to Andrew, he just hoped his friend was ok…


A Few Days Later, In A Small Town in Oregon

"What are we going to do with him?" A tall man in a business suit asked a petite woman next to him. They were both gazing through a window at a young, scarred boy who was sitting quietly in a chair, his folded hands resting on the table in front of him.

"Well he's just a boy Novak, he's lost practically all his memories, and as far as we know he hasn't done anything wrong. And clearly he's been through something quite traumatic if the burn scars on his face and arms have anything to say about it. I think the best thing we can do at the moment would be to temporarily place in him a foster home so he can go to school and try and live normally." Macy Truce replied to her companion, Charles Novak.

Macy was with Child services and Charles worked at the police station. The boy had been found wondering aimlessly in an old field with newly healed burns scars covering his body. The person who'd found him had informed the police immediately and the boy had been brought here, to the station, for questioning.

As far as they could tell, he had minimal access to his memories. He could remember his first name but not his last, he could remember his school education, but not where he went or what teachers he had, and he could remember that he was sixteen years old, but that was basically it.

"We can't keep him here. Like you said he'd done nothing wrong." Charles agreed, looking down at Macy. "I think you're right. It would good to keep him in a stable home while we try and figure out who his family is, or until someone claims him."

Macy nodded, never taking her eyes off the boy.

"Good, then I'll have Andrew taken to Viola Tyler's house as soon as the arrangements can be made."

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