Well, you know when inspiration takes control of your mind and just won't leave you alone?

It happened to me after watching this video on Youtube (.com/watch?v=Z6CUGtmjnJk ) , and the plot of the story just popped out giving me no truce.

So I have to thank the girl, Paris, who started it all! A shout out to you!


A/N. : #1 Esther's reappearance hasn't happened. Klaus and his family left with the promise of using Elena as a bloodbag to create more hybrids.

#2 Jenna hasn't been killed in this story. (The sacrifice was made by pouring a stranger-vampire's blood.)




"Meet me at mine, tonight. Love you – Stefan" and with that text, Elena let a genuine smile appear on her rosy lips.

"Who was it?" a perplex Caroline demanded, tilting her blonde head of hair to the side, interrupting her quiet sipping of her coffee at the Grill's table.

"Stefan" Elena admitted, fighting the urge to blush with the visions taking place before her wondering eyes.

It had actually been a couple of days since they hadn't seen each other, for evident reasons. Elena needed to spend some quality time with her brother and her aunt, who had just discovered everything about the supernatural. Sure as hell Jenna needed mental support.

But she missed Stefan.

In all ways.


"Uh" Caroline teased, a sadistic grin tracing a cocky line on her lips. "I guess even the most pacific vampire has needs."

"Shut up, Care" Elena giggled, trying in vain to make all of her fantasies blur away in the process.

"Whatever" the blonde told back standing up, after having sensed her best friend's uncomfortableness "I'm paying today. You can go have fun" .

Excited smiles couldn't be hidden from both parts.



Elena rushed home, taking a few minutes for herself in order to fix her hair and apply some extra touches to her make-up, while the back of her mind didn't spend too long in guessing all that preparation would soon be worth to nothing.

A smug smile appeared on her lips.

All the way driving to the Boarding House, her body was overwhelmed with anticipation.


Once gotten to the mansion, the girl walked quietly to the front door, for him to sense her presence and appear on the threshold, like they were used to. When the entrance sprung open, Elena stood in awe at the sight of his boyfriend in his casual look and expressive green depths fixed into her dark hazelnut puddles.

What she saw in Stefan's eyes was the heightened mirror image of the lust in hers.

"Hey" she whispered a greeting.

"Hey there" his voice craved huskily with desire.

Of course she didn't miss that.

Of course her body was ready to react with a rush of heat running abruptly through her veins. She could feel it flowing, increasing uncomfortably second after second.


Elena took a deep preliminary breath before dashing herself into an eager and long lasting French kiss.

Their tongues instantly met. Their lips crashed one against the other, sensing the softness pleasure both of the two lovers had been denied from for too long.

She found herself moaning when the tips of his fingers gently brushed her lower back, to then get a tight squeeze.

Stefan let her gasp for air by nibbling the exposed flesh of her neck. His jaw traced an imaginary path by going back and forth, as his tongue accompanied the action.

The delicate region quickly assumed a reddish color, reflection of a welcomed itch.

"Stefan.." she murmured helplessly between the sighs . "Let's get inside".


At the request, he took advantage of his enhanced speed to blur into the mansion, closing carelessly with his foot the huge door behind.

In a matter of seconds, Elena's shirt was thrown somewhere on the wooden floor.

Stefan backed off for a short while, enjoying the view. The sight before his eyes only got the air thicker with lust.

Her lips were swollen, her depths in the darkest brown, the one she achieved only when the two shared that kind of moment . And the most amazing thing to him was the accelerating and inviting beat of her heart.


Elena extended her arms to get to the buttons of his shirt to undo them, while his hands lowered the zip of her skinny jeans.

She neared him, nibbling –just as he'd done before – the bare skin of his muscled chest.

He shivered at the tact of her tongue, but his flesh could not react the way hers had .

An unsatisfied Stefan lifted Elena from the ground, as she placed her arms around his neck, adjusting, for him to slip her jeans down her slim legs.

Right in that position, she curled them around his waist as he pushed her against the wall with a deaf sound.

"Wait" she whispered, alert. "Where's Damon?"

"Out" he said urgent between the kisses on her still covered breasts. "You can scream how much you want"

Elena flinched, realizing Stefan had never been so open in saying those kind of things.


But the thought went away when his hands worked for the shortest while on the lacy material of her bra to throw it off.

It went on the floor, revealing the already hardened nipples.

He took one between his teeth and played his tongue around it, making her shiver and flinch in pain at the same time.

"Stefan" she begged. "Please".

With that, he went to work on the other.


When he was done, she found the strength to pull his boxers down.

His member was already hard, although she didn't wait to wrap her fingers around it to tease it a little more.

He buried his face in the crook of her neck, enjoying every single touch.

She wasn't used to that, pleasing man. Stefan usually did the whole thing to her, and she didn't often bother to touch him in those ways.

Elena didn't know why, but she felt uncomfortable with it. She'd always been afraid with so many years of experience Stefan had, she just wouldn't seem good enough at his eyes.

But right now, in the verge of passion, she hadn't actually thought of the consequences.

Elena wanted him.


When the girl found him getting closer to the much craved release, she let her hand free the member to bring it elsewhere.

"You like teasin', don't ya" he stated, pulling suddenly three fingers inside of her.

She slammed her head hard on the wall behind her, gasping. Elena hurt but she didn't care.

Stefan began brushing her walls from the inside firmly and abruptly, getting her wetter than he'd ever managed before.

Gosh, if she loved rough sex.


Elena moaned his name, humoring his moves with her hips.

"God" she pleaded, squinting her eyes to keep herself from crying out in pleasure.

He smiled cocky and lustful watching her near her orgasm.

Stefan adjusted his fingers in order to place them on a different angle, brushing the tips on her most sensitive spot.

Right in that moment, she bit her lip hard trying to hold it back.

"Scream for me, dirty little human" he teased her with the power of his words.

When Elena heard Stefan pronouncing those words, her word was rocked until she fell down the edge, shouting his name and hitting her back hard on the wall.


Once she came down her climax, she wasn't even given time to breathe that she saw him flinging down all the objects placed on the low drawer next to them.

She eyed him puzzled, with a labored breath. Her legs felt weak, and she found herself stumble. But Stefan caught her in time, grabbing the girl by her hips, and pushed her on the old piece of furniture.

Elena had a confused yet smug look. He'd never been so urgent.

But she let him guide the whole session.

Elena dug her nails into his back, screaming louder than before, when he rushed into her.


He moved without even waiting for her to adjust: he was too eager .

The vampire began pushing hard and quickly in and out of her, the sounds of their flesh meeting filled the room, but was quickly overwhelmed by her loud moans.

"Oh my God. I'm coming" she adverted him soon after, as if the walls restricting around his cock weren't obvious enough.

She stared at the ceiling, to focus, remembering herself the Salvatores had neighbors.

"I know." He tried to answer between husky moans and sighs. "I want you to come for me, now" he ordered again , as if he were talking to some kind of tamed animal, not able to hold back his orgasm anymore.

Stefan thrust out of her all of a sudden.

She widened her eyes wet with tears of pleasure, as the effects of the act pulsed through her like an electric rush.

"What the hell?" she asked. It had become painful to be stopped just so near. "Please" Elena begged, then.


Stefan took one second to stare at her face.

With vampire speed got abruptly and hardly back into her as her loud scream was heard maybe two blocks away.

He kept on pushing harder, as he had never done, not afraid he might have killed her.

She was enjoying that, though after she came down it started to burn all over her inside walls.


"Stop" she sobbed, exhausted . "You're hurting me"

The flames became hotter. It was like swallowing acid from another kind of entry.

He simply eyed her, cold blooded, continuing on thrusting.

"Stefan.." she placed her hands on the back of his neck when he hid his head in between her breasts. "Please".