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Damon's POV


That uncomfortable feeling just wasn't leaving him alone.

That shit was being the reason of him awake at 5.30 in the morning, on a good way leading to an uncaring lushy vamp.

And, while sipping his tenth glass of Bourbon, Damon thought something flowing in that erratic dead system was actually beginning to messing him up.

Even better, distracting him from his favorite ( after women and sex) activity.

Way too much.


"Enough." He spat,grumbling and standing up in a split second.

Speaking of irritating.

He'd let Elena go last night, he'd tried to be the right man although she'd seemed seriously upset.

And, just because his pile of worries wasn't heavy enough, Stefan still hadn't shown up, that meaning something major was actually going on with his little brother.

Leaving pride apart, he had to admit the main reason for that tormented behavior had been caused by those two people.

So, not actually realizing he was doing it, the Salvatore found himself rushing on the way to her home .



The lights of the Gilbert house were all out.

Breaths coming from the upper storey were released even and quietly.

Mentally thanking her for leaving the bedroom's window ajar, Damon effortlessly found his way in.

That would have satisfied him, if it weren't for the fact Elena wasn't there.


His grin dropped.

Her scent was still strong, making him understand she hadn't been out for long.

Still, it was freaking early morning. Where the hell had she decided to go?

Cursing under his breath, he took a moment to think ,pacing around her room.


The quiet noise of his steps marked the seconds he was wasting on suppositions .

That, now, was literally pissing him off.

The irony framed picture, with the writing "Memory" mould on it, showed him the portrait of the happy family the Gilberts once used to be.

The smile on Elena's face, almost one year before, was different. It had been sparkling under a light she used to wear while with Stefan, at the very beginning. It had tended,then, to slowly drift away.

Something clicked in his mind.




Throwing himself outside, Damon rushed to the cemetery.

The air was thick and itching on his skin,the clouds covered the first rays of the sunrise that rendered the weather cold.


He accelerated his pace through the graves, remembering the Gilbert's place. Along with that came the memory of when he used to watch Elena just from a good distance, when she still didn't know about him.

The more Damon though about her, the more he adverted her radiating in his bloodstream.

And panic took over him when he caught the sight of something dark laying right on the place he was about to get to.

Walking around the first graves of the cemetery, he remembered the time he spied on her , one year before, while she was writing on her diary.

He recalled where Elena's parents grave was, and headed towards that direction, his senses extremely on alert mode.





Then, he saw her.



"Elena" he violently grabbed her shoulders, still not measuring his strength after the vampire-running.

His emotions were all over the place. That second, in which he turned her tiny body from the ground to face his person, Damon thought some major force would make him explode.

He saw her face and what was left of his ice cold heart shattered to invisible pieces.


She had her eyes closed, but somehow some tears still managed to get down her pale dead cheeks, her lips had turned into a wicked shade of violet and blue, trembling and murmuring nonsense.

Her whole body was just petrified.

"Elena!" he called her, his voice lacked in some points.


"Elena!" he lightly laid his fingers on her cheek, wiping away the salty water. "What happened to you?"


Damon raised her fragile body from the cold and dirty ground, still not sure on whether to carry her away or not, fearing for some bones to be broken.

Suddenly, even too fast for him to figure out, she burst her eyes wide open and screamed.


"Leave me alone" she flailed about, untangling from his embrace Elena tried to move away from Damon, hitting hard her back on the rock's grave .

"Leave" she muttered, still trying to push herself away helped by her legs.

Damon was dumbstruck, his jaw dropped.


Those doe-like eyes were dark and full of fear,her erratic breathing would suggest a quick-to-come heart attack if she hadn't stopped panicking like that.

"Elena" he announced firmly, raising his hands up in order to show her he meant no harm.

What had happened to her?

Sympathy. Sadness. Rage.


Those feelings seemed to posses him.

Whoever had done that, had his destiny marked by a long and suffering death.


"It's me." He whispered, essaying to take some steps ahead. "It's Damon."

"I'm never gonna hurt you" he murmured his only certainty of the moment.

"Please" she begged, shaking her head, tears began rolling down her face. "Go away from me."

"You were hurt. I'm not leaving you here" he replied in a tone that admitted no checking outs.

He decided to take a step forward, deleting that one meter distance there was between the two.


No coherent words left her trembling lips.

Only begs for being left alive.

She hit her back on the grave once more, her eyes filled with terror of having no way out .

That was enough.

Damon acted instinctively. Impulsively.


He nullified the distance between the two, until his eyes were so close to drawn into her dark ocean of nightmares and fears.

"No.." she murmured,her breath so erratic he was afraid she might collapse.

"Breathe, I'm gonna have to compel you to do that" no matter his words, his voice came out reassuring.

And for the second time that night, something weird clicked in his head.

His stare wondered immediately on her neck.

Where the hell was her necklace?