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65 B.C. on an Isle north of what is now Scotland

"What a beautiful day is it not my son?"

"Yes, my lord it is, not much could make it better!"

"Claudius my son, is there something on your mind?"

Claudius sighs, "It's just that I have enjoyed the walk with you and... Anu, and I am going to miss them my lord!"

Mathonwy chuckles then says, "I suppose more with Anu than me huh?"

"No my lord, but I do care for her deeply," Claudius stated embarrassedly.

"Ah yes, but you do understand it is forbidden do to the mishaps of the Greeks and Norse," Mathonwy stated firmly.

"I do understand my lord, but my heart will still ache with your absence," Claudius spoke timidly.

"I will miss thee too Claudius, for you have been my most loyal follower. We were never meant to be worshiped, we were only here to guide the young that followed our teachings," Mathonwy stated with sadness.

"To some my lord, like myself, to love is to worship, although it was never intentional worship," Claudius stated heartily.

"Yes, but others of my kind let it go to their heads, and chose to use their followers for their own ambitions. This is what has attracted the darkness as has been foreseen," Mathonwy morosely said.

Claudius looked pensive for a moment before saying, "What of the people my lord, what will keep the darkness from devouring them?"

"That Claudius is why we are leaving. We are gathering to help hold the darkness at bay. We have made a deal with the One, He has granted a few boons so that some of the people may also help to keep the darkness at bay," was Mathonwy's answer.

Looking unsure Claudius asks, "What type of boon my lord, are they weapons?

"Yes and no at the same time. I am giving you power, and the knowledge to use it. There will also be prophesy's, seven shall be absolute truth, and seven self-fulfilling. The rest shall be either false, misleading, or shall just be hints. I say this because the darkness may have its own in order to give itself a push to overwhelm the world. We will be gone within six cycles of the moon. Not only am I leaving you with the power and knowledge, but I will leave with you the first real prophecy: From your line will come kings and great leaders, the darker the times are the greater they will be. When it seems the darkness will prevail the last of your line will calm the darkness for a time. He must then choose which path to take, one will cause suffering, one will cause pain, and one will make him free."

"The One has foreseen and guaranteed this to be true. All of the true prophecies have come by Him. The seven self-fulfilling will come through His Son. Mark his coming in the next century, listen to and record the first sayings, for they will be repeated but not original in the future. The darkness has its own agents, and will continue to push for supremacy. Goodbye Claudius you have been as a son to me, and though I may see your line from a far, I shall never return." With these parting words and a flash of fire Mathonwy known as King and God of Enchantment and Magic shook off his mortal coil and flew into the heavens. Claudius watched his lord until he was lost in the sun.

Five cycles of the moon later. Mathonwy looks at his daughter tearfully and says, "It is time Anu. I am heartbroken that you are the one to do this. It would not have been my choice, I would see you with me until the end."

"I must father. I must endure for the sake of the sentient, all those being of life must be protected, and have a voice," said Anu daughter of Mathonwy, she who is the manifestation of magic, moon, and air.

Mathonwy looked at her grumpily, he did not want to say it but, it was her right to know. She would not be happy for a long time and he grieved for her.

"Anu you will take on the name of Morrigu and wed Claudius. This shall be the start of the line for the one with the Choice. You will never know true love for nigh on two millennium. You will have those that love you, but only when you find the one with the Choice will it be possible, and only if he chooses correctly. You will have many faces, you will fade or die when it is necessary, but you will not parish unless the one with the choice chooses incorrectly. You will know when the time is near, for you will be split soul from spirit. Your spirit will be captured and enslaved by a major agent of the darkness. You will sense the one with the Choice, only he can free you. Both your spirit and soul must each save him first or he will not have the ability to save you. If he cannot save you, he will not have the power and understanding to make the Choice. If the Choice cannot be made then the darkness will automatically win."

With a fearful look on her face Anu replied, "Why was I not told this before? I might not have volunteered for this. Are the others to have such a daunting time also?"

Mathonwy shook his head and said, "No, our group drew this because of the strife my brother and sisters fomented on this land. The others only have to pass their line at the designated time and then they may pass and return. He said that if we are to do this, you may never be able to return, and that weighs heavily on my heart."

Anu looking somber says, "I must do it anyway, I gave Him my word and that sealed my fate. Goodbye father, remember me fondly when you look down.

With a bust of flame Anu flies from the heavens to take on the mortal persona of Morrigu.


"It is done Great One; I have set in motion the events you have asked."

"Do not despair child, for I have seen the renewal of your race, if it should fall in the fight to come."

"We will gladly sacrifice ourselves as the First Ones did long ago if that is what is needed. I just do not wish one of my race to end up like your First. To be alone for all this time must be weary."

"Do not fret my son, for he has his part to play also, just not for a couple of millennia yet. He is not truly alone either. He communes with Mother, and is satisfied with that."

"Then I must be satisfied with that, and brace myself for what is to come."

"Should the Chosen follow the path that is his destiny, then Mother and I will have need of him in many places. If he chooses one of the other two paths, then we must start anew. We will then have to take the Chosen out and make a clean slate. I can see what was, what is, and what could be, but free will always clouds what could be."

"Then this could all be for nothing Great One?"

"No, self-sacrifice is not a small thing. No greater gift can one give than to sacrifice one's self for the life of another."

"It is how I live Lord."

"Now go gather thy race and the others for the coming fight."