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Chapter 14

"I'm not sure I understand. Why would there be more than one copy of the will?" asked Harry.

"I apologize for the confusion. There is no other copy of this will; neither your father nor Gringotts ever had one made. The one at the Ministry that is sealed showed up after your parent's death. It is either an earlier will, or a forgery. If you had not survived that night, the Potter fortune would have reverted to Gringotts for safe keeping until an heir was found somewhere down the line," replied Linbolt. "Now if you are ready, I will need a drop of blood for both the scroll and vial. They can only be opened by the blood of a Potter descendant."

"Is it normal for a will to be blood sealed?" asked Harry.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, most of the old families do it to this day," answered Linbolt.

Harry picked up the silver dagger and pricked his thumb and squeezed it until he had a good amount and then placed it on the seal of the scroll and vial. The seals began to dissolve immediately upon the touch of his blood. Linbolt unrolled the scroll and uncorked the vial, then for the vial into the pensive. The picture that came up was just like Harry had seen during the Priori Incantatem the previous year. A small shiver ran down Harry's back.

"Hello Harry, if you are watching this then we both failed and succeeded. We succeeded in saving you, but failed because we were not there for you while growing up. We love you son, always have and always will. This recording is for informational purposes, and so that you may see us once more. The traditional stuff is in the scroll. We are giving you to be raised by Sirius; he has really matured since he became your godfather, and adopted you. He has almost been like a brother to me. It has been that way since we met in our first year at Hogwarts. If he should perish in this war you will go to your godmother Alice Longbottom. There are others listed in the scroll if needed."

"Harry sweetie, I hope you forgive us for not being there for you. We chose those people to raise you, because we want you to have the best life possible. That being said, we do not want you anywhere near my magic hating half-sister. I have to give you a little history of my family Harry, so be patient with me. It was always believed, and my family has kept it that way, that I am Muggle born. I am not technically speaking. My mother and father are squibs. My father is a direct descendent of Duke Marlet Evans of Orkney, and his wife Princess Victoria, sister to King George V. They were a wizard and witch that begot a squib. Through the generations the sons have always sought out squibs to marry, in an effort to bring back magic to the family. My father in his youth met a woman and fell in love with her. She was a Muggle, and she could not handle the idea of magic being real. She left him, and he did not hear from her until she was in labor with my sister. She never told my father she was pregnant until at the last moment. She died in childbirth, leaving my father with the child. Within three years father found another, married and had me. Petunia turned out Muggle, and I came with magic Petunia was always jealous of me, and when she married that brute, it only got worse. I have tried many times to reconcile with her but it was of no use. It was hoped that when Dudley was born, that he might have magic and then things would be better. He was a sweet child at first, but then he changed. I don't know why, but it seemed to make matters between us worse than ever. So I want you to stay clear of them. It is in the scroll for you not to go there under any circumstances, until you are at least 18 and only if you want to."

"Harry my son we are leaving everything to you, but you would only get all of it once you are an adult. In the meantime I have stated that Augusta Longbottom be the executor of the estate, and have left her instructions on how I want things handled. She is to begin teaching you what you need to know in order to be the head of the family. I know it will be a lot to handle with you starting school at the same time, but I am sure you will be able to deal with all of it. All lords in training began to learn of their responsibility when they begin their education at Hogwarts. Just please take more after your mother than me, I caused enough trouble there to accommodate both of us. Now you will be given the Potter ring upon your becoming an adult. The reason for this is since you are the last of the line, you will be required to marry within a year, and produce an heir within three. It is something that all old families have, and as much as I wish otherwise, it follows our family to."

"Take care of yourself sweetie. Your father and I love you very much. Live a happy life, and live a long life."

"Son, I have put a provision in the will for you to take a heritage ritual. It has been prepared, and will be given to you when you have become of age. As an adult, you will be able to use this information better than you could as a child. We love you son. May you be blessed for the rest of your life."

At the end of the viewing, everyone was looking at Harry. He had tears in his eyes, and his face was full of sorrow. Tonks took him into a hug and held him while his tears flowed. Everyone else sat quietly waiting for Harry to get his feelings under control. Once Harry straightened himself and wiped his eyes, Linbolt spoke.

"Mr. Potter, I have a few documents that need signed, and then we can proceed with the untangling of your current financial situation."

He then passed Harry a quill and several pieces of parchment. Harry signed them all, for what was to come next. Linbolt pulled a small box from his case and handed it to Harry. Harry opened the box to find a platinum ring with a large blue stone setting. There was an ornate P in the center of the stone. He pulled the ring out of the box with a small pause before placing it on his finger.

"Linbolt, do I remove the Black ring before placing the Potter ring on, or does it go on another finger?" Asked Harry.

"Since you have the blood of both houses in you, the rings will combine into one rain. It will then show which ever house you desire, when you choose," replied Linbolt.

"Harry, are you sure you are up to this?" Questioned Hermione.

"Yeah, if this ring is anything like the last, then the light show and headache will be a doozy," stated Dean.

"Well there is only one way to find out. Maud, do you have any more of those wonderful potions?" Asked Harry.

"Yes Harry, but it is the last I can give you today. It won't work anymore today after this dose." She replied while pulling out a vial and putting it on the table.

Harry then put the ring on his finger. A blue light began to emanate from the ring, and slowly moved up Harry's arm to completely engulf him. The glow grew bright enough to blind everyone, and a scream could be heard by all. When the light finally faded Harry had his head in his hands and a look of deep pain on his face. He quickly grabbed the vile from the table and downed it. Nobody said a word until Harry sat straight again about five minutes later.

"All right, now to some business I want done most haste," began Harry.

Everyone looked at him and little strangely at this comment. It didn't sound like the usual Harry.

"Linbolt I was thinking that since I will be doing the heritage ritual, I would like my friends to participate in one too. You can take the price from my Black accounts. For some reason I have this feeling that it is important," stated Harry.

He then looked to the others, who all seemed surprised at this.

"You all can decline if you wish, I just have this deep feeling that it should be done," finished Harry.

The only one to decline other than the adults was Dudley.

"Harry I already know enough of my heritage from your parents. I do not need to know anymore. Whatever is on my father's side doesn't matter to me anymore," stated Dudley

"You are still my cousin and family no matter what, Big D. If you're satisfied with what you know, that is fine by me," replied Harry.

Linbolt wrung his silent bell, and a small goblin came in and had a whispered conversation with him. The goblin then left hurriedly slamming the door on his way out.

"It will take a few minutes to get the necessary things for the rituals. Is there any other business you wish to do, while we wait?" asked Linbolt.

"Augusta, as you were originally supposed to be the executor of the Potter Estates, would you be willing to look over both the Potter and Black wills? If so, I would like you to organize an audit of my vaults, and deal with any items that do not need my signature. I would also like you to be present at the public reading of the will to gauge responses, and to assess things for me," stated Harry.

"It would be my privilege Harry. I will make a complete telling of all I see," she replied.

"Linbolt I want the Fidelius Charm at Grimmauld Place taken down and replaced," stated Harry.

"Lord Potter, we cannot find the house to do this. They house and all-black properties have been locked out to everyone but the current head of the family since the demise of Sirius Black. You will have to go and open the house as the new Lord before anyone can go inside," replied Linbolt.

"Mr. Weasley here and his son Bill, one of your curse breakers, know the location of the house. With this do until I can get there?" asked Harry.

"We can certainly take the current one down, but to put a new one up, we will need the new secret keeper with them," replied Linbolt.

"Fine, Maud, would you be willing to be my new secret keeper?" asked Harry.

"I don't know Harry, I am honored that you would ask, but are you sure you wish a goblin to be your secret keeper?" she asked.

"Maud, you helped make me money, help to save me, watched over me when I was down, and acted as my little mother. I don't see you as a 'goblin', I see you as a friend, and part of my family. So Little Mother, will you be my secret keeper?" Harry asked with passion.

It was a little hard to tell, but it looked as though Maud was blushing. With tears glistening in her eyes she nodded yes to him.

"There, now that that can be accomplished, please send for Bill now. I want it done right away," stated Harry.

Linbolt wrung his bell again another goblin came in. Linbolt whispered instructions to him and he left. No sooner had he shut the door, and then it opened again. It was a little goblin from before. He was carrying a box that looks to be one foot by one foot by six inches. Once he handed the box to Linbolt he scurried out of the room as fast as a mouse. Linbolt open the box, and pulled out several thick pieces of parchment, and several small vials of clear liquid. The last two things he pulled out made Harry and Dean flinch. One item looks like the blood quill they had used in detention. The last was a vial of black liquid.

"What is all of that?" asked Hermione.

"The clear vials are magically imbued ink that has to have blood added to them. The sheets of parchment are made from the middle lining of a dragon's stomach. The quill is from a black unicorn horn, freely given before death. It is similar to a blood quill, except it leeches a bit of your magic instead of blood. The black vial is a cleansing agent for the quill. It has to be cleaned between each use. Now if those of you who are participating in the ritual would pick up a vial, we can begin," instructed Linbolt.

Each of them grabbed a vial and awaited further instructions. Linbolt walked over to Harry, and opened his vial. He then handed Harry the silver dagger and instructed him to cut his palm, make a fist, and squeeze until seven drops of blood went into the vial. He then had Harry pass the dagger to the others so they could do the same. When it came to the Twins, they put their blood into the same vial, and since Linbolt said nothing about this their grins were wider than a Cheshire cat. Linbolt then piece a parchment in front of each of them before handing Harry the quill.

"Clearly print your full name at the top middle of the parchment. Dip the quill only once in the vial. When each has finished I will cleanse the quill before the next one," instructed Linbolt.

Harry dipped the quill and began to print his name. As he wrote he began to feel magic flow through his arm to his hand. When he was finished Linbolt whispered something over it and went to the next person. When they were all done, with Fred and George signing the same sheet, Linbolt collected them and went back to the box. He pulled a small satchel out and opened the tie. Putting two fingers in it he pulled out a small pinch of silver looking dusts and sprinkled it on each sheet of parchment, while whispering something. When he was done he just sat back and said nothing.

"Well, what are the results?" asked Blaise.

"It takes a couple of minutes for the magic to complete itself," replied Linbolt. They all waited eager for the results. The door opens then and Bill walked in.

"Master Weasley, you are to take your father, Mrs. Griphook, and your team to the Black house at," Linbolt paused for a moment.

"Grimmauld place," interjected Mr. Weasley.

"Yes, and take down the Fidelius and put up a new one with Mrs. Griphook as a secret keeper," finished Linbolt.

"I don't want anyone, and I mean anyone to know you are doing this," stated Harry.

"But what about the Order, Harry? Do you not want them to know?" asked Bill.

"No, and I will need a vow of silence on what you are doing, and who is asking," stated Harry.

"It is official Gringotts business Lord Potter, so the oath he has with us will do. He can only say that he is doing what he was ordered to do by Gringotts. He may if you wish see that it was requested by Lord Black," informed Linbolt.

"That will be fine then. I just don't want certain people knowing who is behind it," replied Harry.

Maud and Arthur got up and left the room with Bill. Linbolt then pulled the top sheet out and read it before passing it to Blaise. He followed this with each sheet until he came to Harry's.

"Lord Potter, when you are finished viewing this, I will need to show a copy of it and the others to the Director," stated Linbolt before handing Harry his.

When Harry looked his over, his eyes began to bolt. There were some big names on it and some more than once.

Harold James Potter

Potter Family (Fathers Side)

James Potter
Charles Potter – Dorea Black
Godric Gryffindor – Helga Hufflepuff
Griff of Kent – Dora (granddaughter of King Heugist of Kent)
Ignotus Peverell
Claudius Ptolemy – Morrigu
Andros of Greece
Turgitious First King of Skythia (a son of Zeus)

Evans Family (Mothers Side)

Lily Evans
Colas Evans – Marie Thomas
Duke Marlet Evans of Orkney - Princess Victoria Lilly of Wales (a descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw)
King Heugist of Kent
Myrddin Emyrs – Nimue

Black Family (Blood Adoption)

Sirius Black
Orion Black – Walburga Black
Corlion Haust
Kaldor the Black
Cadmus Peverell

Slytherin Family (Blood Adoption)

Salazar Slytherin Kaldor the Black (by rape of) – Dora (granddaughter of King Heugist of Kent)
Griff of Kent (by blood adoption) King Heugist of Kent
Myrddin Emyrs - Nimue

Everyone seemed surprised of the outcome of their own rituals. Many had names that were very old, but unknown to them as to whom they were. Blaze had Tole Akongo from Africa, Dean had Bemay Darcaulimy, Luna had Mashi Narada, Tracy had Bolan Mani, Hermione had Felina Manerva, Daphne had Kalte Theth, Susan had Lokine Ahuu – Chamchez, and Hannah had Painal Uzza. These were all strange names, but the twin stood out with what they said was the daughter of Loki God of mischief, Pri Freyia. Neville looked a little lost. He knew the name his line started with, but was still at a loss.

"Grams, did you know I was the last descendent of Celus Latinos, first King of Latium?" he asked.

"No dear, I know you're grandfather's lineage went way back, I just didn't know how far. Why do you ask Neville?"

"Because it is rumored that he was a son of Zeus," replied Neville.

Augusta looked shocked at this, and could say nothing in return. The others were a little shocked at this information to.

"Linbolt I would like a listing of all properties I now own, and I want to know what I'm worth in Galleons," stated Harry.

Linbolt rang assignment Bell again, and the little goblin came back in. He had a long whispered conversation with him, and then handed him a small piece of parchment. Little goblin then rushed out faster than before.

"Lord Potter you will have to acquire and audience with her Majesty the Queen for any inheritance of that royal line. We do not have any information on the Muggle Royals, and are only required to inform them if a relative comes up in a ritual. I also cannot tell you how to go about getting said audience. We do not have that information either, only one other person has ever fulfilled the request, and that was your mother," stated Linbolt.

"Thank you for the information Linbolt. Do any of the rest of you have any idea how to go about getting an audience with the Queen?"

Everyone except Augusta shook their heads no.

"I believe that's the only thing you can do at the moment is to speak to your solicitor about tomorrow," stated Augusta.

"I will do that then. By the way, can we get them to come here, instead of going to their office? I feel safest here, and the less traveling I do at the moment, the less 'certain people' will discover that I am not at Privet Dr. Linbolt, may I acquire the use of a decent conference room from the bank for the meeting?" questioned Harry.

"Lord Potter I will relay the message to your solicitor, and to Director Ragnok. They should have an answer for you in an hour or two," replied Linbolt.

He then rang his silent bell, and another goblin came in and had a whispered conversation with him before scurrying back out of the room. Is that goblin left, the little one from before came in and handed Linbolt a stack of parchment, before leaving once again. Linbolt took a few moments to overlook the documents for speaking.

"Lord Potter your current accounts are as follows:

Potter properties: One house and 500 acres in Godric's Hollow, Château de Pando in southern France, and Tibblor isle off of Jamaica.

Potter businesses: Seven muggle businesses owned outright, Lockesure Inc., Burling manufacturers, Grunning, Squee clothing, Rockford shoes, Cornants shipping, and Paralite chemicals. 25% ownership of Mundoria greenhouses, Porlin's fashions of France, and Eyelop's owl Emporium. 50% ownership of Dalin's armory, Argeneos e Dalu of Spain, and Bertie Bott's. 75% ownership of Cleansweep, Meclete's books in the colonies, and Quality Quidditch Supplies. 100% ownership of Sepmoder's diamond mine.

Potter hard assets value 457 million galleons.

Potter liquid assets: 4,637,345,128 galleons, 12 sickles, and 20 knuts. Of course you also have of your own accord 33% of WWW, it is not valued at this time however," lectured Linbolt.

"Damn Harry, I knew you were rich, but this is beyond that!" exclaimed Blaise.

"I don't really care about how rich I am, I just want to know what I have that will help us in this war," stated Harry.

"Well I think with just what you got from your parents alone will do a lots of good if you use it right," stated Hermione.

"Now Lord Potter, the Black assets:

Black properties: Château de Amonde, somewhere in France. This property is up for a deal and will, so it may not be available. 12 Grimmauld Pl., Morscie isle of the Virgin islands, Norcoses fields, which is 100,000 acres of farmland parceled out in Poland, and 15 buildings in Knockturn Alley.

Black businesses: 50% ownership in Botis Rare Herbs, Oronia's Rare Books, Purtash Preserve, (this house is rare magical animals), Cutana's Potions and Potion Supplies, Musgrovo Imports and Exports, and Paltees acquisitions.

Black liquid assets: 5,363,433,026 Galleons, 12 Sickles, 5 Knut."

When Linbolt finished he then handed both sets of documents to Harry. Harry just stared down at the documents speechless.

"Well Harry, at least," started George.

"We know who to come to," continued Fred.

"For supplies," finished George.

"And probably just about everything else you might want or need," teased Tracy.

"You don't say," stated Daphne with amusement. "Maybe we should ask Harry to get us some new outfits!"

"Ask and ye shall receive, maybe," commented Harry light heartedly.

"Now Lord Potter for the founders and those that we have access to," began Linbolt.

"Wait! What do you mean by 'that you have access to'," interrupted Neville. "Why would you not have access to a vault in Gringotts?"

"This Gringotts is the first branch of the original main bank. We do not have access to the main bank, because it has been lost to us for many, many generations. Its location is unknown to any of the current living goblins," replied Linbolt.

"How do you lose a bank? What did it just disappear?" questioned Dean.

"As a matter of fact, yes it did, and the location of where it was also vanished from our minds," replied Linbolt.

"Okay, enough, back to business please," intoned Harry.

"Yes Lord Potter, properties are as follows: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and all lands surrounding it, including the Forbidden Forest. Hogsmeade and 1000 surrounding acres, Godric's Hollow and 1000 acres surrounding it. Helga's Hold and 500 surrounding acres, the Snake's Den and 250 acres surrounding it. You also will have access to all faults of the four founders. Blood verification of each fold is required to enter. All hard assets grow return to the volts upon the blood verification. Liquid assets total in excess of 7.3 billion Galleons," finished Linbolt.

"Harry with around 17.2 billion Galleons in cash, you should be able to do anything you need or want to do in the war. You could buy a fully equipped model Army and still have more than ten times more left over then the average wizard," stated Hermione emphatically.

"Nice picture there Hermione, Harry had the head of an army of tanks," stated Hannah.

"If that don't scare people, nothing will," interjected Dean.

"Okay, okay, I have more than enough to live 100 lifetimes, I get it," stated Harry. "Linbolt I would like to appoint Jon Griphook as my account manager and financial advisor, assuming he would like the job."

"I would be honored Harry. I am sure I can make your gold double in no time," replied Jon.

"I am sorry Lord Potter, but due to the recent demotion of master Griphook, he is ineligible for those positions," stated Linbolt apologetically.

"He will be given the jobs, or I will withdraw everything I own, and move it elsewhere. I hope I have made myself clear," threatened Harry.

"I need to speak with Director Ragnok on this matter. Only he can authorize it," stuttered Linbolt.

"You do that, and why you're at it, ask him if he has the time to see me. I have something important I'd like to run by him," Harry commanded of him.

Linbolt just sat there looking at him with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

"Now would be a very good time to do it, so don't let us hold you back," commented Harry.

While Linbolt got up to leave the others were giving Harry a strange look, and he noticed the looks.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

"No, we have just never seen you speak so forceful, or with such commanding presence," replied Hermione.

The others nodded their consent that they were also thinking along the same line.

"I'm sorry if you think I'm being too authoritative, I did not realize it," replied a surprised Harry.

"We aren't complaining Harry, we're just surprised, as we have never seen it from you before," stated Tracy.

"I'm still sorry; I didn't mean to change on you all. If I change too much, you might not stay with me. You might not want to be my family anymore," Harry said solemnly.

"That won't be happening Harry, I won't let it. I will be with you and help you through everything. I will never ever abandon you," stated Tonks in a loving manner.

The others around the table voice that they too would always be there for him, as he would for them.


Director's Office, Gringotts

Ragnok was sitting at his desk relaxing after all the paperwork he had finished. His thoughts were on what occurred earlier that morning. He was certain he was going to have to keep a close watch on Mr. Potter. He was starting to believe that Harry was going to end up turning the Wizarding World on its ear. He was interrupted in his thoughts I knock on the door to his clerk.

"Enter!" he barked.

"Sorry to disturb you Director, Master Linbolt is here to see you, and he insists that is of the up most important. He is refusing to leave until he has seen you," stated the clerk.

"Make him wait another 7 min., and then show him in. Make him think that I am very busy, with little or no time," commanded Ragnok.

The clerk closed the door and Ragnok looked at his desk. He decided to move things around and spread them out in order for it to seem as if he was overwhelmed. The door finally opened, he looked down at his desk, put a frown on and mumbled to himself to give the effect of working.

"Director, I am sorry for interrupting your work, but this could not wait. We have a major situation brewing, and if we don't do something fast it could get way out of control," stated Linbolt nervously.

"What are you babbling about? What in all Under earth could get out of hand from your office?" inquired Ragnok.

"It is Lord Potter, Director. He is making demands that I am not of rank to authorize. Then there is this," he said handing Ragnok a stack of documents.

Ragnok looked over the documents, and when he came to the last one, he began to sweat profusely.

"What demands is he asking for?"

"Well besides having all of his friends to take the heritage ritual, he wants to make Griphook his account manager and financial advisor. I told him that it would not be possible and he threatened us," stated Linbolt even more nervously.

Ragnok looked up sharply at this statement. He didn't see Harry as one who would threaten violence to get what he wanted.

"What was his threat, that has you in an uproar, and so nervous?"

"He threatened to withdraw all his assets from Gringotts."

"That would be most devastating to us, and most of the Wizarding world. I see no reason for Griphook not to have the job. His crime had mitigating circumstances. He was actually saving the life of Lord Potter at the time. Had Potter died, all of that gold would have been sealed away and inaccessible until and heir was found. That would have the same effect as his threats. So that is an easy fix. What are your other problems?"

"Did you not just look at his heritage ritual? If he discovers what it all means, we've could lose Gringotts."

"Yes, I know about the prophecy.

{… You will know him for he has in him blood of Kings and of the greatest Wizarding leaders. He will gather to him the last descendants of the lost ones… Should he be blood bonded…}

Yada, yada, yada. If he is truly the one it speaks of, I have no fear. I believe that Potter is better then you make him out to be. I have seen him react with other goblins. He shows great respect, when he is in turn given it."

"Director, when he placed the ring of the Black and Potter family on his hand, I thought I was going to be permanently blinded afterwards. I have never in all my years seen such. Whatever really happened, it gave Potter a headache after each ring."

"Yes, that does sound highly unusual. Still, I believe everything will be fine. Anything else?"

"Yes Director, he commanded me to ask you if you might have a time to speak with him. I think he meant now though."

"Well anything I might have been doing can wait. Lead the way, Linbolt, best not keep our largest depositor waiting too long."


Conference room, Gringotts

Harry and the others were having a conversation on how to accomplish the task Salazar had given him. They were currently at a stall point, when Maud, Bill, and Mr. Weasley returned. Maud walked over and whispered something into Harry's ear.

"Thanks Maud, when Linbolt returns, I'll have him give you quill and paper to write down notes for the others. In the meantime, Dobby could you go to Winky and see if she would like to work for Tonks and I?" asked Harry. "Let her know that she may have the same deal as you, or something else is she prefers."

"Dobby be being back soon Harry sirs," he stated and then popped away.

"Once I have finished my business here for the day, Maud will be passing out a note to you. Memorize it and then destroy it," stated Harry.

At that moment the door opens and Linbolt followed by Ragnok. Harry stood quickly, and move towards them.

"Ragnok, I had not expected see you so soon, I hope I have not taken you away from anything important," he stated in a chummy manner. "Master Linbolt, I would like apologize for being so demanding earlier. I hope I did not demean you in any way, I meant no disrespect."

"I believe he will be fine Harry, you have every right to be demanding, since you are our largest depositor," replied Ragnok calmly. "Now what is it that you wanted to see me about?"

"Well I have a couple of things, one is a request and the other is a business proposition."

"Go on," stated Ragnok as he chose a chair and sat down. "You have my undivided attention now, but I bet you knew you would by mentioning a possible business opportunity."

"Well then I think I will start with my request, that way you won't be distracted about business later," knowingly replied Harry.

Ragnok chuckled, "it seems you have learned a lot about goblins. I suppose I have the Griphooks to thank for that."

"Yes, you do. Now with that knowledge and some I have received, from where I do not know, I give you my request. Generations ago, though very seldom today, wizards preformed a ceremony much like the goblins do, that ceremony, I wish to have performed tomorrow after my meeting with my solicitors. That also reminds me of another request, but it can wait for the moment." He paused to catch his breath and order his thoughts." I would like for you to oversee and perform the ritual. I have recently become betrothed, and would like for you to preside over the goblin blood marriage ceremony."

"Before you consent or not, I want to make sure you fully understand how consequential this ceremony is. There is no divorce, nor annulment. It is said that this bond transcends life itself. Of those who go through this ceremony, seldom does one partner live if the other dies. In those that do live, they never have another romantic relationship again."

"I do understand this, and I believe," he said as he looked at Tonks. "That she understands this also." Tonks gave a slight nod. "My intention is to mate for life; there could never be another for me."

"If you are both certain of this, then yes I will perform the ceremony," stated Ragnok, satisfied with what he saw. "Now what is next?"

"I need to borrow a conference room tomorrow, or appointment with my solicitors. Also I need them informed that the meeting needs to take place here. I do not feel safe going out right now and I believe Gringotts to be the safest place anywhere."

"I believe we can accommodate you in this matter. I have also authorized Griphook to take the position you have offered him. Give Linbolt information for your solicitors, and it will be done right away."

Harry requested a quill and two pieces of parchment. After writing down the name of the solicitors, and the time of the appointment, he handed the quill with the other piece of parchment to Maud. She began scratching down what was needed right away. Linbolt left as Maud began chairing the parchment into strips.

"Now for my business proposition to you, I believe I will take up page from your own book on this. I have been told that the goblins are known to be one of the best when it comes to making weapons and armor. I have an interest in such, especially armor."

"Is a boon to us to be in such high regard. May I inquire to the type of armor you are looking for, and what it will be used for? Although not often, we do sell a certain type," said Ragnok slyly.

"Oh no, I think you misunderstand Ragnok," Harry replied passively. "I do not wish to buy any armor, I wish to purchase the use of one of your best smiths or artesian to make some armor with my own material."

Ragnok looked thoughtful at this statement. He frowned for a moment, wondering if he had a smith or artesian good enough to work the material, they figured Harry had, into a goods set of armor. Weapons he knew he had one for, but that kind of armor was not a specialty of theirs.

"I think we might have a metal smith that could accommodate you, but…"

"Metal smith?" interrupted Harry. "No, I am looking to have the large amount of basilisk hide that I have turned into armor. Metal armor would not be flexible enough for my needs."

Ragnok's eyes brightened at that. "Now that is something we can do. Where dwarves excel in metal armor, we are even better with leathers and hides. I will speak with our best artisans and get a price range for you!"

"If you could make me an appointment with your top five, say in two weeks' time, I would be very grateful. If the armor made is to my standards, then I will pay you a commission fee of 5% of the total cost."

Ragnok looked at Harry with a grin, "30%!"

From earlier experience, and the training Maud and Jon gave him, Harry knew where this was going.


"27 ½."

"7 ½."


They're interrupted in their negotiations by the appearance of Dobby and Winky in a double pop.

"Hold that thought a moment Ragnok, I really need to take care of this," stated Harry calmly.

Ragnok nodded to him, he had just begun to enjoy the game, but could wait to finish it. Harry turned to Winky.

"Winky, I am looking to extend my family, and I thought of you."

Winky's eyes widened a little and began to glisten with tears.

"I would like you to come and join us, so I am asking you if you would like that. Before you answer, I have two tell you that I have rules that you must be able to obey, even if they don't sound right to you. Are you ready to hear them?"

"Yes Mr. Harry Potter sir, Winky is ready."

"The first rule, I am not to be called master. Family, do not call each other masters. Next rule you must always wear clean and decent looking clothing, and they will occasionally be purchased and given to you by the family. This is not a form of dismissal. To be dismissed, or 'freed', there will be a special phrase made for that. Next rule you are to never punish yourself, or harm yourself. Last but not least, you have to care about the family, as they will about you. If you think you want to do this, then I will give you a one-week trial to see if you can. If it works, then we will make it permanent, if that's what you desire. What say you?"

Winky had gone through several emotions at what Harry was saying, yet the something that stood out to her was a family. She did not like being free. Her minor bond with Hogwarts only gave her enough magic to barely live, and she always felt drained. A family would be wonderful. She knew Harry to be kind and gentle with dobby, even though there was no family bond.

"Winky would like to do this Harry Potter. Winky wants a family again."

"Good," Harry said as he handed her a slip of parchment. "Read, memorize, and destroy that. Then go with Dobby. I need that place cleaned, fixed and decorated in all Hogwarts houses' style. Just make it look good. Move all dark objects to one location and seal it until later. Tonks and I will be there sometime tomorrow. Dobby, find Kreature and see what can be done. Now go both of you."

Harry shooed them off, and then turned back to Ragnok and just said, "11." They played back and forth until he agreed on 13 7/8%.

"That was fun Harry, I see you have learned much from the Griphooks. I just hope they didn't give away all our secrets," stated a chuckling Ragnok.

"I don't believe I acquired any secrets, just the teachings of how to properly treat and talk to others of your race. I have always had a profound respect for goblins, but now it is more than that," replied Harry seriously.

They went on talking for a while about traditions and plan structures. Sometime later they were interrupted by Linbolt returning.

"Director, Lord Potter, the solicitors will meet here in this room for the appointment tomorrow. The time has not changed. I went to the liberty of having portkeys made to bring you directly here to this room. They will activate 20 min. prior to the appointment time."

"Thank you Linbolt. May I ask you how many portkeys you made?" inquired Harry.

"Well Lord Potter, I assume from things that occurred earlier today, that you would want most or all that are here today to be present tomorrow. So I had enough made to get you all here."

"Thank you Linbolt," replied Harry.

"Fine job Linbolt. Now I must move along, before the paperwork builds up to be taller than me," stated Ragnok as he got up to leave.

Harry thanked him, and told him he was looking forward to tomorrow. After Ragnok left, Linbolt handed Harry several small metal loops that looks like key rings, before he excused himself and left. Harry turned to his friends.

"So is there anyone who does not wish to be here tomorrow?"