A young turian by the name of Meln sat on the side of a sand dune. Away from home for the first time, he was enjoying the human equivalent of 'spring break'. Several other aliens were doing the same sitting around a campfire, singing, talking, and drinking the night away. During the night an asari had caught his eye.

Meln didn't have much experience with aliens since leaving the turian homeworld Palaven. Still, he found her very attractive despite the odd human-like face. When she asked him to join her on a more remote part of the beach, he didn't hesitate. The asari raced up over the dune wanting him to give chase.

"What's your name again?" asked Meln bounding after her.

"Eria!" she giggled stripping off her clothes.

Despite the trail of clothing, Meln was falling behind. Over the last few hours he had been drinking heavily and tried red sand for the first time. Running got his blood pumping and circulated the drugs to his brain faster. Getting sloppy, he blurted, "Where are we going?"

"To the volcanic sand," said Eria running naked into an endless sea of sparkling black sand.

They were located on a small moon resort called Amity. It was anchored to the planet Tharopto in the Century system. A super volcano had created a vast ocean of ultra fine sand. It's quality was like powder and was quickly becoming a top tourist destination. The fine sand was bordered by rock and thicker grains of sand typically found on most moons. This allowed developers to put up stable buildings.

Eria slowly sank into the dark powder up to her waist and kept trudging further out away from the resort. The more compact sand underneath kept her from sinking up to her head. Looking over her shoulder she shouted back to Meln, "Come on out here!"

"Take it easy," murmured Meln sitting down on the dune again. The red sand he ingested earlier was taking affect. Slowly he started to lose consciousness.

Continueing on, Eria snuggled into the sand. During the day the sand captured heat from Century's sun. It felt good against her bare skin and was noted to be therapeutic. Although it would be more fun if that turian hadn't passed out on her. She gazed up at the night sky and the large red planet looming overhead.

A light vibration deep underground disturbed Eria. She could sense something large moving around yet she couldn't see it. The vibrations became stronger sending the asari into a panic. Struggling in the waist high sand she tried in vain to run back to the 'beach'.

Bursting up from the sand was the largest thresher maw Eria had ever seen. It roared, opening its big flourescent mouth. She screamed trying desperately to escape but there was no out running the beast. The maw spit a glob of toxic mucus onto the asari burning and melting her skin.

"Ah! Help me! Help!" Eria thrashed around in intense pain as her skin bubbled and dropped from her flesh. The thresher maw moved in swallowing her whole before disappearing below the sand.


"More colonist duty?" sighed Ashley Williams sitting down at her desk on the Citadel.

"You want to be a Specter don't you?" said Chancellor Udina in his usual harsh tone. "You're the new face of humanity. You need to show the other races that you can get the job done."

"Yeah." Ashley exhaled sharply in annoyance. "Just like I got the job done on Horizon?"

"Shepard betrayed us when he joined Cerberus. You're the one we need now." Udina dropped a dossier on Ashley's desk detailing the mission for Amity.

"What if Shepard really is right? The reapers could be behind the attacks..."

Udina slammed his fist down on her desk. "Damn it Williams, the reapers are a myth!"

Ashley became quiet but stared back at Udina seething. Everything had changed so drastically in the last two years. The reapers had become an unspeakable word. No one in the Alliance was willing to look into it. She could at least take comfort in knowing Shepard was out there doing what he could.

Picking up the dossier, Ashley glanced over the description. Feeling irritated, she said, "A thresher maw attack? That's why I'm going? This is grunt work. Send a squad of marines."

"There are politcal implications here Williams," began Udina. "Amity is close to the Terminus systems, plus it's a multispecies moon. I don't want Alliance forces running around down there. People might think we're posturing for war. That's why you need to go. Plus you have experience dealing with these creatures."

Ashley rolled her eyes but he was right. While working with Shepard they had taken down dozens of thresher nests. This should prove to be a piece of cake. A section of the dossier caught her eye prompting her to ask, "I'm working with a salarian and a krogan?"

"Admiral Anderson selected them to help you. They will meet you at the hotel on Amity. The krogan appearently has his own vehicle. All you need to do is be there and take credit for it," explained Udina.

Before Ashley could ask him anything else he left. Leaning back in her chair she stared up at the ceiling. If doing this meant gaining Specter status then it would be well worth the trouble. Then maybe she could go find Shepard on her own.

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