author's note: I noticed a lack of Kenzi/Bo friendship action stories, so I decided to fill the void.

Chapter 1

Kenzi grabbed another beer bottle from the fridge before plopping down on the couch. She sighed, flicking through the few channels on the television they had. "Bor-ing." Bo had specifically told her this time to stay home since the succubus was meeting with a Dark Fae known for torturing humans to death. Kenzi knew it was for her own protection, but even meeting with that sicko had to be better than watching the pre-school shows that normally aired this time of day. She couldn't guarantee the tv would be in one piece by the time her roommate got home if she saw a teletubie run across the screen.

A pounding on the door broke her out of her reverie. She jumped up, eager to have something more exciting to deal with. She cracked open the door, "Yes?"

She heard a male voice respond, "Is Bo here?"

"Sorry dude, she's not-" Before she had a chance to say more, the guy slammed the door open the rest of the way. Kenzi jumped back to avoid being hit by it.

"So I do have the right address then," he grinned, showing his numerous fangs. The girl took a step back every time the fae took a leering step towards her. "You must be her human then." Kenzi felt her back hit the wall behind her. Her hands scoured the empty space in the broken wall behind her, trying to find an object. Her eyes never left his in order to keep his focus away from what she was doing. His hot breath came down on her face as he towered over her. "Imagine that, Bo leaving her pet unattended." The back of his hand ran down her face, "and such a pretty pet at that." He smiled at the involuntary chill his touch elicited from her, the control he had over her already.

The man's hand slowly moved down to her neck, before engulfing it completely. She squeezed her eyes shut tight against the pain. He clenched harder, enjoying her suffering. At that moment, her hand found the hilt of her sword. Her eyes popped open, locking onto her target. She pulled her arm back, stabbing him in the abdomen. His eyes bulged, his hands instinctively releasing the girl. Kenzi stumbled away off to the side, one hand gently massaging her throat as she gasped for air. "What is it with fae and the choking thing?" she mumbled to herself.

The fae grabbed onto the hilt, slowly pulling the sword back out. He let out an unearthly scream in the process. "Little girls," he panted, "shouldn't play with sharp objects." He drew the red-stained sword up, pointing the tip towards Kenzi.

Her eyes grew wide, "oh shit!" There was no way this man should even be able to stand with that kind of injury let alone attack her! Sometimes she really hated fae and their special abilities. It left her with a crappy disadvantage. He swung violently at her, forcing her to fall backwards over the couch. Her head slammed hard into the coffee table on her way down. That would definitely leave a mark. Looking back at the table, she saw her abandoned beer bottle. She grabbed it, smashing the glass into the side of the wood. She stood back up, brandishing the jagged edges of the bottle she held tightly in one hand. "Okay that's it fae freak! What the hell do you want?"

His eyes ran up and down her body, "Why, you of course."

Kenzi faltered at his answer, "Me?" Fae were usually after Bo, not her! "What did I ever do to you buddy?"

"It's not what you did to me," he growled, "it's what that traitor unaligned succubus did! And now she'll pay for her crimes against her own kind. Choosing to protect filthy humans over Fae," he spat on the floor, "it's disgusting." At that moment, Kenzi thought his spitting on her floor was more disgusting. "And you!" She straightened up when he swung the sword in her direction again. "You're her favourite! Her special. little. pet. It's time to teach your owner what happens when she messes with the natural order of things!" He threw the sword to the ground, charging at Kenzi. Before she could even blink, she was being thrown against the wall. Wood planks splintered under the force.

The young girl groaned, trying desperately to get back up. "Humans," she moaned, "aren't the problem. It's assholes like you that make what Bo does necessary." She could almost hear Bo in her head telling her to just shut up before she provoked her own death, but it just wasn't in her nature.

A feral growl echoed through the house. Once again, the man was on top of her. He wrenched the broken beer bottle out of her hand. Bending down to her ear, he whispered, "scream for me." The sharp edges easily pierced Kenzi's skin. The Fae rammed the bottle as far as it would go into her shoulder. She bit her tongue to keep from yelling out. An evil grin spread across his face before twisting the bottle. Unable to contain it any longer, Kenzi screamed at the searing pain ripping up and down her arm. It felt like her limb was on fire. She could feel the glass tearing through her muscle. The man relished in her screams. The last thing Kenzi saw before the darkness consumed her was the glint of excitement in his eyes.