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Bo sat sideways on the edge of Kenzi's bed, staring down at her best friend. Once she and Lauren had finished slipping Kenzi into a pair of comfortable pajamas, Hale offered to carry her upstairs to her own room to rest. Lauren hooked up an IV, wanting to start getting water and nutrients back into the girl's body. None of them held any false hopes that Kenzi would have been given water or food while she was the Torturas' prisoner. Why would they when they never expected Kenzi to survive? Bo bit her bottom lip at the thought. What if she had been too late? What if her powers hadn't kicked in and taken over? There was no possible way Bo could have saved Kenzi in her condition without her power surge. The circumstances were similar the last time it took over, when Lauren was about to be killed by the lich. She had no idea why it kept happening to her, or how to control it, but she was forever grateful that it had. Without it, she would have lost the two most important women in her life.

Lauren stood in the doorway, watching the woman she loved caress Kenzi's cheek. It was easy to see how much Bo cared for her. Lauren only wished there was more she could do to help. Bo's head turned, looking at the doctor. Lauren frowned, seeing Bo's bloodshot eyes. It was obvious she had been crying. It broke her heart to see Bo so upset. She took a quick few strides over to the brunette, pulling her into her arms. "Oh Bo," she said softly.

Bo's head snuggled into Lauren's warmth. She leaned back, reclaiming her seat next to Kenzi. Her brown orbs shifted between the two women. "Is she going to be okay?" her voice cracked at the end.

Lauren pursed her lips, trying to figure out how she should word what she had to say. "She's stable. She's in no immediate danger. I need to keep an eye on the infection in her shoulder, but we caught it in time to save her arm."

"If she's fine, then why do you look so worried?" Bo questioned, picking up on the subtle expressions and changes in body posture from the blonde. "Why hasn't she woken up yet? Lauren, it's been five hours!"

"She's very weak Bo. Her body has been physically assaulted and deprived of the nutrients it needs. It's going to take a while for her to regain her strength," Lauren tried to explain. In the back of her mind, she had a bad feeling she knew what was wrong. She didn't want to worry Bo anymore than she already was. "Give her time," she said gently.

Bo took a deep breath, attempting to calm herself. "How's Dyson?" she asked, her attention still focused on Kenzi.

Lauren was glad for the change in subject. She didn't want to divulge any more information pertaining to Kenzi until she could find out the facts. "He's healing. He has three broken ribs. Well, technically he had three broken ribs; they've already fused back together so that they are merely fractures now. I popped his shoulder back into place and bandaged the large gash on his forehead. On a human, it would have required stitches, but with his fast healing, stitches would have only been a hindrance to him. Besides some scraps and a few bruises, he seems to be in good health. He hasn't woken up yet either, but he should soon. He's been a bit restless for the past twenty minutes. Hale is keeping an eye on him."

Bo nodded, "good." Lauren turned to leave. She made it about halfway across the room before Bo called after her, "Lauren, wait." The doctor immediately halted her movements while the brunette caught up to her. "I'm sorry, I know I've been difficult and having mood swings these past few hours. It's just-"

Lauren smiled sadly, putting a finger up to Bo's lips to pause her rambling. "It's okay. I completely understand and it's a normal reaction. If you weren't acting this way I would be worried, especially since this is Kenzi we're talking about. Anything but you being absolutely frantic would worry me."

The corner of Bo's lips turned up, "I do get kind of crazy when something happens to her huh?"

Lauren chuckled, "just a bit. But I wouldn't expect any less. She means a lot to you. She's your family."

Bo took the blonde's hand, "you all are my family."

Lauren placed her other hand over Bo's, "I know," she smiled. "But she's your sister. You two have a special connection that no one can replace."

Bo looked back at the sleeping girl, a small smile on her lips while she considered Lauren's words, knowing them to be true. She refocused her attention on the doctor. "I just wanted to say thank you for helping Kenzi, for everything you've done for her. I know you're disobeying the Ash to be here, to help us. It's a huge risk and I'm sorry to put you in this situation. I'll help you in any way I can to make things right with Lachlan."

"Thank you Bo." Lauren kept the content look on her face, but deep down she doubted there was anything Bo could do. She knew there would be consequences for leaving the compound to treat a patient the Ash specifically forbid her to help. If given the opportunity, she would do it again in a heartbeat. She didn't become a doctor to let an innocent person die, nor did she become one to watch her friends suffer. The Ash wouldn't see things this way; Lauren was his property to do with as he wished. Saving Kenzi's life was worth whatever punishment he could come up with.

Dyson moaned, grumbling in his sleep. Hale rolled his eyes, "man, do you always talk like this in your sleep? No wonder you live alone." Dyson growled. "Okay okay, my bad," he said raising his hands in the air in a show of surrender while rolling his eyes. The shifter had been antsy for a while now, but had yet to resume consciousness. Hale could see his injuries were healing. It would take a few days for him to be back to normal, but Dyson would be okay.

Hale's eyes wandered towards the staircase, his thoughts back on Kenzi. He wanted to check on her, to see that she was still breathing. Lauren had recently gone upstairs and Bo was already in the room with her. He didn't want to intrude. Alone with his thoughts, he couldn't stop the slew of unwanted images and sounds that attacked his mind: Kenzi being tortured, a fae sexually assaulting her, her terrified screams echoing off the walls. He had watched the video Dyson sent him earlier of Kenzi being tortured. It chilled him to the core. Based off of that, he could only imagine what else those bastards did to her, and he did not like the scenarios he came up with. A chill ran through him, one that had nothing to do with the current temperature of the broken down building. He placed his head in his hand, sighing. The enormity of what had happened to his favourite human weighed heavily on his shoulders.

"Hale?" a gruff voice asked softly.

Hale immediately turned his attention to his partner, who was beginning to stir. For the first time since he had arrived back at the clubhouse, he smiled. "Yeah man, it's me. Welcome back to the world of the living."

Dyson blinked a few times, his eyes adjusting the lighting. He sat up, wincing as pain raced up his abdomen. "Damn," he muttered. He looked down, noticing he was shirtless with white bandages wrapped around his mid-section. "What the hell happened?"

He glanced around, "and what am I doing at Bo's place?"

Hale leaned forward in his chair. "You don't remember?" The shifter shook his head, instantly regretting it as his headache began to throb. "You and Bo went after the Torturas."

Clarity quickly settled into his eyes, "Kenzi!" he exclaimed, jumping up. He ignored the pain that erupted within his body at the fast movements. "Where is she? Is she okay?!"

"Whoa whoa," Hale said, standing up. He placed his hands on Dyson's shoulders. "She's alive. She's upstairs-" before Hale could finish his sentence, the shifter broke away from him, running up the staircase towards Kenzi's room. "Dyson! Wait!" Hale yelled, running to catch up with his partner.

Lauren closed the door to Kenzi's room. She only took two steps before she heard the commotion downstairs and saw a worried Dyson quickly approaching her. Knowing his intentions, Lauren held her hand out, her palm planted in the middle of his chest, effectively stopping his forward progression.

She could feel the vibrations of Dyson's growl rumbling underneath her fingers, "move out of my way Lauren."

"No," she said firmly. "You're not going anywhere near Kenzi until you calm down." They glared at each other, both of them refusing to back down.

"I need to see Kenzi, now," he reiterated demandingly.

Lauren's gaze shifted to Hale who was now standing directly behind the wolf man. "You didn't tell him, did you?"

The siren shook his head, "I didn't get a chance to. He remembered what happened and came up here."

Dyson's dominant attitude faltered, "tell me what?"

Lauren bit her bottom lip, wondering if right outside Kenzi's room was the best place to have this discussion. Dyson was determined to see Kenzi, but there were certain things he needed to know before doing so. "You have to promise not to get hot-headed and fly off the handle."

The more she stalled, the more Dyson's anxiety grew over what she was about to tell him. "Lauren, what happened?"

"After Michael knocked you out, he and Bo fought. One of the wounds he gave her was fatal."

A possibility entered Dyson's mind that had not previously been there, "fatal? Is Bo okay?"

"Yes, she's fine. She's with Kenzi in the room behind me. She hasn't left Kenzi's side since you two found her." She paused, returning to the story she dreaded retelling. "While Bo was immobilized but still conscious, Michael tried to have his way with Kenzi."

Dyson's breath caught in his throat, knowing exactly what the doctor was implying. "Tried? Lauren," he spoke slowly, attempting to control his emotions, "what exactly did he do? Don't sugar coat it for me."

Lauren pursed her lips. "I don't know for sure; understandably, Bo doesn't want to talk about it. She only told me that he didn't enter Kenzi. While tending to Kenzi, I did notice substantial bruising, especially on her breasts."

Dyson's eyes turned yellow as his anger threatened to takeover. "That sick son of a bitch touched her?" he snarled.

"Dyson," Lauren started out slowly, raising her hands slightly in a claming manner. "You need to reign in your emotions. Kenzi needs support, not an out of control wolf. I won't let you see her or Bo until you calm down. They've both been through enough."

Dyson's chest heaved, the wolf inside him begging to be released. He took a deep breath, closing his for a moment to gather himself. His yellow irises returned to their normal colour. His eyes no longer held any rage, only a deep sadness. He fought to keep the bile down that kept rising in his throat. "Lauren, I assume you know what happens when a Tortura has sex, and what that would do to a human?" he asked softly.

Tears swirled unshed in the doctor's eyes. "Yes," she said, barely audible.

"Fuck," Hale swore, having been so wrapped up in the concept of Kenzi being violated that he forgot to think about who it was with. If Michael had been able to go through with the act, there was no way Kenzi would have survived the ordeal. He couldn't imagine the pain she must have felt.

"Please Lauren," Dyson begged. "I just need to see her." His eyes pleaded with her.

Lauren nodded, understanding his need to see her with his own eyes, to see her alive. "Of course. Before you go in though, just know she has yet to wake up."

Dyson studied her, waiting for further explanation but received none. Lauren opened the door for him to go inside. "Thank you," he told her earnestly. He stepped over threshold, Hale close behind him.

Bo turned to face him from her spot on the bed. "Dyson," she said surprised to see him awake. "I'm glad you're okay."

"I'm glad you are too," he told her, his gaze moving to rest on the sleeping figure next to her. "Kenzi," he whispered. Only her head was visible from under the covers. Bruising marred her perfect complexion. He went to kneel by her side, stopping just short of touching her. "I'm so sorry Kenzi, this is all my fault."

Bo reached out, putting a hand on his arm, "no Dyson. If anything, it's my fault."

Dyson met her eyes, her brown orbs heavy with guilt. "Bo, don't blame yourself. I acted rashly by attacking Michael like I did. You saved her."

Bo shook her head, biting her lip to keep from bursting into tears again. "No, she saved me."

"What are you talking about?"

"Michael was coming for me. I was laying on the ground, unable to defend myself let alone move." Tears spilled over. "Kenzi grabbed him to stop him. She…she offered herself to him to save me."

"Jesus," Lauren whispered from her spot in the doorway.

Bo looked back at Kenzi, "she's like this because of me. I tried to stop him from hurting her, I swear I did, but my body was too weak to do anything. I saw what he did to her, I saw the pain she was in, and there wasn't a fucking thing I could do about it," she covered her mouth, trying to stifle a sob.

"Bo," Dyson started, his voice soft yet adamant, "this is not your fault. It was Michael, not you."

"But don't you see? Kenzi would have never let him do that if I wasn't there."

"Bo," Lauren spoke, gaining the succubus's attention. "She did it to protect you, not because she had to, but because she wanted to. To her, you're worth whatever punishment he could force on her. The bigger punishment would have been losing you." She tried to get Bo to see what Kenzi was thinking. "You know if things had been reversed, you would have done the same for her." Lauren knew theoretically that Kenzi would do anything for Bo, but for her to actually prove it and throw herself away for her best friend made Lauren's opinion of the young human rise greatly. Bo was lucky to have someone like Kenzi in her life.

Bo knew Lauren was right, but it didn't make her feel any better. "I still should have been able to do something. I'm supposed to protect her."

"You killed him before it went too far," Hale added. "You were there for her when it counted."

Bo just nodded, not fully accepting their responses but also knowing that they would not give up until she relented. No amount of words could take away the gnawing guilt and sadness she felt.

"Bo," Lauren began. "If you were immobile, how did you save Kenzi?"

"I did it again," she looked at Lauren, knowing the doctor would understand. "I lost control, like I did with the lich. When I heard her scream, something just snapped inside of me."

"Lost control?" Dyson questioned, never having witnessed it himself.

Bo glanced at Lauren, not wanting to go into detail right now. "Bo's succubus power sometimes manifests itself without her being able to control it or herself," Lauren answered for her. "I'll explain more later." She refocused her attention on Bo. "Bo, we should really-"

"Run some more tests, I know," Bo finished for her, a small smile on her lips. "Later, okay?"

"Of course, I didn't mean right now," Lauren corrected herself. "Kenzi is and should be your first priority.

"Thanks," Bo replied, grateful to have her friend's understanding. "Can I just be alone for a little bit, please?" she asked them all.

"Sure," Dyson replied, getting back to his feet. They all exited. He took one last glance at her before closing the door behind them.

Bo sighed, brushing a stray hair out of Kenzi's face. "I'm so sorry Kenz, I'm so so sorry." She leaned forward, hugging the girl to herself carefully as her tears flowed unchecked. She cried herself to sleep, still holding on to her best friend.