Main Title: Unleashed

Main Rating: M

Main Summary: Life has so many possibilities. So when Tim and Gibbs love one another, there are so many things that can happen.

Main Warning: Language, Pre-Slash, and Slash

Series of one-shots and if it's a two-shot then I'll label it as such.

Title: Tags

Rating: M

Summary: Tim couldn't help it. He saw it and took it. He just hopes Gibbs doesn't freak.


For probably the twentieth time that day, he ran his hand down his chest and sighed. He knew he had to stop, the others were noticing and kept looking at him funny. But he couldn't help it.

Knowing that they were sitting right there under his shirt, right on his chest, it was both reassuring and nerve-wracking. It was only a matter of time before Jethro found out and he wasn't sure how the man would react. He hadn't exactly asked to wear them. He kind of saw them, took them, and went on like nothing happened.

Tim typed at his computer, before, again, his hand found its way to his chest to rub against what was underneath the shirt.


Jumping, he looked wide eyed at his boss and lover of six months. "Yeah Boss?"

"With me."

He gulped before getting up and following Jethro to the elevator, ignoring the snicker coming from Tony. They weren't in the elevator for a minute before Jethro flipped the switch and turned to him. "You gonna tell me what's going on?"

"Don't know what you're talking about."

Jethro rolled his eyes before stepping forward, Tim taking a step back. He didn't know why he did this. He always ended up trapped with Jethro smirking like the predator he was and pinning him to whatever surface he was trapped against. And sure enough, his back hit the elevator wall with Jethro smirking at him and his body pressed against his.

"Tell me."


His lover smirked before leaning forward, trailing his lips against his. But when Tim tried to kiss him, the bastard pulled back with a teasing smile. "Tell me."

"…No," he whimpered. Again he tried to catch those lips, but again they were pulled out of reach.

"Then show me."

Tim nibbled on his bottom lip. "No."


"You may get mad."

An eyebrow was raised. "I promise I won't."

Sighing as he knew Jethro wouldn't let him go until he did it, he hung his head before reaching up to start unbutton his shirt. After it was unbuttoned halfway down, he looked up to look at Jethro and saw his lover standing frozen, staring at the metal against his skin. Jethro gulped before asking, "Where did you find those?"

"In the back of one of the drawers." He nibbled on his lip, looking down at the dog tags that sat in the middle of his chest. Tim had found them that morning, and instead of telling Jethro or showing him, he had put them on before putting on his shirt. "I-I wanted to wear them."

Jethro's hand came up, his fingers fingering the tags before his hand grabbed the chain. Tim was worried he'd angered Jethro and he was going to rip them off his neck right there and then, but instead, Jethro pulled him by the chain until their lips were connected and Tim instantly felt the need in the kiss.

"Jethro," he whispered.


He chuckled but quickly groaned when Jethro thrust his hips to meet his. "Words, caveman, words."

Blue eyes pierced his green ones and the rough voice that fell from Jethro's lips had his cock hard in a second. "Seeing you wearing my dog tags makes me want to fuck you right here and now." Tim groaned and went weak in the knees, Jethro easily holding him up. "That enough words for you?"

"Y-No." Maybe he could get Jethro do some more talking.

A growl escaped Jethro before his mouth was assaulted by the older man's lips; that tongue easily getting past his lips and into his mouth. Tim's fingers grabbed Jethro's pepper colored hair, gasping when air hit his hot and needy cock.

"Can't take you here and now, like I want, but I can do this."

Jethro's thick and heavy cock pressed against his own and he groaned at the sensation, thrusting his hips up for more. His lover's rough hand wrapped around their cocks, stroking them as they thrust. Tim clawed at Jethro's back, grunting and mewling at the heat he could feel gathering in his gut.

"Fuck," he whimpered.

"Can't wait to get you home," Jethro grunted, stroking, "lay you out on the bed, all naked and all for me. Gonna take my time with you, taste you all I want." Tim gasped when Jethro's thumb ran over the sensitive tip of his cock. "I'm gonna suck your cock till you beg me to stop, or beg to cum, but you won't." Oh that sounded bad. "I'll just flip you right over and tongue that delicious hole of yours."

"Ah!" he gasped and whimpered as he could feel his release coming. Jethro didn't rim him a lot, but when he did, Tim was a mess afterwards.

"And I'll keep tongue-fucking that hole until you cum all over our clean sheets." Jethro stroked faster, his words choppy and Tim nearly went cross-eyed at the description of what the night was going to be like. The older man leaned forward and roughly spoke in his ear, "Then I'm gonna spread you open and fuck you until you don't know your own name. Cum for me, Timmy."

And Tim exploded.

When he opened his eyes again, Jethro was tucking him back into his pants and buttoning his shirt back up. Jethro gave him a light kiss that Tim sighed at and ran a hand over his chest, right over the tags. He smiled and Tim smiled back.

"Come on. Back to work."

"Then home," he grinned.

Jethro stared back with dark passionate eyes before he smirked and turned the elevator back on.

The End.

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