Author's Note: I read a pretty good Twilight/Sailor Moon Crossover earlier that had the same pairing. Of course, they never actually interact and I felt kind of disappointed, despite my love for Darien/Serena and Bella/Edward. So, in a flight of fancy, I decided to write this. I may continue it, but if you've read my stories before, then you know how flaky I (unfortunately) am. Still, I'll be crossing my fingers.

Bella Swan crossed her arms as she walked, hoping to banish some of the cold clinging to her skin. The sun had set not too long ago, leaving her to make her trek in the dark. Although she knew that what she was doing was undeniably stupid, she hadn't really been thinking.

She had only been feeling, clinging to the rare spike of adrenaline that came when she found herself in a dangerous situation.

Okay, so maybe she had put herself in a dangerous situation rather than just finding herself within one, but that hardly mattered.

The point was that the listless numbness she had been trapped in for months now was finally receding. Without moments like this-where she blatantly disregarded her promise to Edward not to do anything reckless-she had nothing.

His departure had left her feeling as raw and painful as an open wound, but as time passed, she had found herself falling deeper and deeper into depression, eventually slipping into apathy. She cared about little these days, and even felt rather horrifyingly disconnected when she dwelled on memories of him.

That realization was what had prompted her current course of action.

Logic had recently abandoned her, otherwise why would she have chosen to walk the same dark streets that she almost become a victim of assault in? Surely, the emotion was hardly worth placing herself in such danger.

That was what she knew she should be feeling, but really, she kind of felt...relieved.

It had very nearly scared her when she noticed that she suddenly felt nothing when her thoughts shifted to Edward. Often the thought that he had taken a good chunk of her heart with him had crossed her mind, but now she wondered if he hadn't taken it all.

Bella was pulled out of her thoughts when the distinct sound of footsteps made themselves known. She glanced around, seeking out the source of the noise. Although she couldn't see anyone, the chill climbing up her spine spoke otherwise.

She picked up her pace, changing streets quickly in the hope that she would lose them. Despite whatever may have prompted her journey here, this really wasn't a game and she really needed to get somewhere safe before her new 'daredevil' tendencies went a little too far.

The steps were growing louder now and when Bella looked over her shoulder this time, she could see a man quickly pursing her. She abandoned her swift, but forcedly calm gait, instead opting to run.

Bella turned a corner and dove into an alley, hoping that he wouldn't notice and unknowingly pass her hiding spot. She waited with baited breath, watching as he looked around confusedly, before doing just that.

She sighed quietly in relief, moving up from her crouched position behind a dumpster. She would wait a few moments for the man to get farther before ducking back out and fleeing the way she came.

"Gotcha, Sweetheart."

The sudden sound of a deep voice below her and the harsh grip on her ankle caused her to jerk in surprise, falling backward. The angle of her decent resulted in a shot of pain shooting up her leg, making her cry out.

Despite her shock, the adrenaline in her veins allowed her to think quickly, as she brought her other foot toward his face in a forceful kick. The man howled, unintentionally releasing her leg as he cradled his nose.

Bella scooted back and attempted to stand, but quickly collapsed from the pain in her ankle. She had gotten injured enough to know that it was probably sprained, which left her with very few options. Aside from crawling, she had no means of escape.

Still, this realization didn't deter her from trying, her sense of self-preservation keeping her fighting to get away, even if she had to crawl. She didn't get too far however, as the man she had evaded earlier was now standing in the mouth of the alley, blocking her only exit.

"What's with you, Joe? Couldn't handle the girl?" the man smirked at his friend, who was still huddled near the dumpster, worrying his nose.

"The bitch kicked me," Joe explained, glaring at her.

Bella backed up against the opposite wall, staring at the scene before her with wide eyes. She couldn't run, she couldn't fight-and win-and no one knew she was here, having come alone and lied to Charlie about her plans for the night.

As the men slowly stalked toward her, Bella found her voice.

"Leave me alone."

"You hear that, Joe? She wants us to leave her alone," the man chuckled to his friend.

"Fat chance, Sweetheart. Might've gone easy on you, but that kick changed things," Joe sneered, pulling out a knife.

Bella's frightened gaze remained fixed on the knife even as they moved closer, unable to look away. A small voice in her head couldn't help but wonder if she deserved this for being so careless, but the majority of her thoughts were centered on the deafening realization that she was helpless to whatever they would do next.

"Cornering young women in alleyways? Don't you two have any shame?"

Bella's attention shot to the shadowy figure behind the two men at the sudden sound of his voice. The men quickly whipped around too, less concerned about her with the presence of hidden stranger.

"You'll walk away if you know what's good for you," Joe snarled, having lost his patience a while ago.

"Yeah, this doesn't concern you," the other man added.

"Oh, but it does concern me."

The shadowy figure shifted into the light and Bella felt her eyes widen even further at the sight. The man looked to be wearing a black tuxedo with a dark cape attached. As odd as that was, however, the added accessories of a matching top hat, a white mask, and a cane, were infinitely more so.

The two men snickered as this was revealed, nearly guffawing at the ridiculousness of his outfit.

"Who the hell are you?" the man asked, with more humor than seriousness.

"I am Tuxedo Mask," the dark-haired stranger announced in a powerful voice.

Bella was beginning to wonder if she had unknowingly been stabbed and lost a lot of blood because the scene before her was beginning to seem entirely unreal.

"Well, Tuxedo Mask, you've got the next five seconds to leave, or my friend and I are gonna make you wish you had," Joe threatened with a touch of amusement, brandishing the knife in his hand.

Tuxedo Mask's cane suddenly whipped out, slamming the weapon out of Joe's hand. The movement was so quick that neither man had time to react.

Joe hissed at the throb that now filled his hand, the added pain of his nose making him angry.

"You're gonna pay for that, you masked freak!" he yelled, barreling toward him.

Bella watched in astonishment as Tuxedo Mask easily dogged the attack, delivering a few quick blows that rendered the man unconscious. The other man stood stoically, staring at his crumpled friend with equal shock.

"Joe?" he mumbled, looking pole-axed by the display.

He held up his hands then, attempting to back out of the alley.

"Look man, it was all a joke," he tried to explain, though Bella could easily see that his words stemmed from fear rather than sincerity.

Apparently, the masked man agreed with her because he quickly brought his cane down upon the man, knocking him unconscious as well. Bella could only watch as he then began to deftly tie the two men together, leaving them in the middle of the alley with a note tacked on them, explaining what they had done.

By now, Bella was feeling extremely bewildered, unsure of how to process what had just happened.

The masked man approached her cautiously, unsure of her current state.

"Are you alright, Miss?" he asked politely.

"Um...yeah," she answered reflexively, though a sharp pain in her ankle made her rethink her words. "I mean, no. My ankle...I think it's sprained."

Tuxedo Mask frowned, glancing out of the alley. Bella watched as he seemed to decide something, before looking back toward her, kneeling down.

"We should get you to a hospital."

Bella assumed that he meant to help support her leg while she walked, and was therefore surprised when she suddenly found herself cradled in his arms. A squeak slipped out, causing her to blush.

"It will be faster this way," he explained, noting her discomfort.


He seemed to carry her effortlessly and the feeling of the muscles in his arms against her back made her blush even more. Noticing her shiver, he had wrapped his cape around her, which she was surprised to find felt soft like silk.

The masked man jumped, and suddenly Bella found herself looking down at their previous position from the roof of the building she had been leaning against. Her arms wrapped around his neck instinctively, her breath rising in a scream that was difficult to restrain from slipping out.

"We're... But how...?" she breathed, too astonished to finish a thought.

She could feel the rumble of his chuckle within his chest, where she was currently pressed rather intimately to. Her blush returned, though she was too worried about falling to her death to put any real distance between them.

"Just a little trick I picked up," he replied.

She looked up at his face, waiting for him to elaborate. He didn't, though he did seem to be withholding a grin. His eyes were full of amusement, which she noticed were an interesting shade of blue, almost like ice.

Bella clung to her masked hero as he continued to jump from building to building, feeling more than she had in months.