Chapter Luxkls: The Problem

Axel woke up on the floor. This wasn't normal, as you might've guessed. Not for any of the Organization members. Except Luxord. So, when he woke up with a splitting headache, Axel concluded he had passed out in a drunken haze. Then, he traced back his memories to find that the Organization had thrown a party the previous night.

And somehow he had gotten drunk. That was odd, since after Roxas showed up, all of the Organization's beverages had to be non-alcoholic. Heh. Luxord must've poured a bottle of rum in the punch bowl again. The poor sucker would be on probation for a month, at best.

Wait. He'd gotten drunk. Does that mean… Axel quickly looked down at himself. No, perfectly clothed. She wasn't there either. She had probably gone to her room to sleep. "It's a damned better place to sleep than the floor." He muttered, popping his back, before starting up towards the bedrooms.

He started down the long white and gray hallway, walking a path he had walked every day since the original fifteen new members had arrived (unless she slept with him in his room and vice versa).

He stopped outside of a room with XIX on the door. With a smile, he knocked. "Xenri?" He called quietly. Nothing. No matter. Axel put a hand on the doorknob—it turned. Axel froze a moment. Xenri never left her door unlocked, even when she was awake and inside. A closer look told him that the wood was chipped in places that it hadn't been before.

Getting more and more worried by the second, Axel pushed the door open, and no one was inside. His emerald eyes widened as the redhead scanned the area. Xenri's sheets were knotted and twisted, unlike normal. Yes, Xenri slept in a 'nest', (she bundled up her sheets like a bird's nest and slept in it) but there was no remnants of that nest.

"Xenri?" He called, a bit louder. Then he asked, to no one in particular, "Where is she?" And that's when he spotted something: a lone piece of paper lying on the mass of blankets and sheets.

The redhead slowly stepped closer to the note. It could be from Xenri, explaining where she was and apologizing for worrying him, or… his eyes scanned the note; only three words were there, but those words tore him apart in despair. He quickly turned back to the Party-Room of Endless Pity—Luxkls, hush!—and started shouting.

"Everybody, wake up! Now! I am not kidding! It's an emergency!" He screeched, adding to his headache as he did so. But this was more important. Far more important.

"Goddammit, Axel." Luxord groaned. "Stop makin' my hangover worse."

Xemnas slowly sat up, rubbing his forehead, and looked at Axel. "What is it, VIII."

"Xenri wasn't in her bed this morning. I found this instead." The pyromaniac handed his Superior the note, tearing his nonexistent heart in half once more as Xemnas read the three words. Words that stung him.

The note was passed through every guy there, and every last one of them gasped. Because of those three words. "They're mine, bitches."

A young blonde opened a pair of acid green eyes, wincing at the throbbing pain in her head. She looked to her right and saw another girl on the floor.

"Raxsah, Raxsah! Wake up!" The small red-haired girl opened her eyes and frowned, her hand feeling around for her glasses and finding them and bringing them up to her face.

"Kylixant? Where are we?"

Kylixant shrugged. "I have no idea." The two then noticed everyone else sprawled across the floor.

The two girls went around, waking everybody up in a matter of minutes.

Nijx seemed the most scared. "Where are we?" Dynilexs noticed the young girl shaking and quickly moved over to her, wrapping and arm around her shoulders very comfortingly.

"Wait a minute…" Xemria said, looking around. "We're all girls! I think. Is every girl here?"

"No." Raxsah was quick to respond. "Larxy's not here."

"Neither is Axav. Or Kuxira." Clairex added. Sure, she was normally bitchy by now, but her fear overpowered her usual grumpiness.

"Melixssa's not here either. And Nexitala's gone too!" Torexalceh noticed.

"Hang on." Xenri said. "Head count." She quickly counted sixteen. "Sixteen? Who else is here?"

"Ugh. What's with all the shouting?" And then, one last person showed up.

"Mar-Mar?" Xenri asked. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't know!" Marluxia yelled. "Um, where exactly is here?"

"I haven't the slightest idea."

Nexark gasped. "Someone's coming!"

"'They're mine?' Who are?" Timex asked.

"Well, where are the girls?"

"Over here!" Five girls walked up. Nexitala, Larxene, Melixssa, Kuxira, and Axav.

"All right! Everyone stay still! I am doing a head count!" Zexion yelled. After he was done, he quickly checked the numbers. "Okay. So, all the girls are missing except these five… and one other."

"Where's Marly?" Larxene asked. "Marly?"

"Why would they take him?" Axel asked aloud.

"They probably thought he was a girl too." Xemichal said.

"Hello, Ladies." A young man with spiky red hair and yellow eyes said as his entered the room. "I'm pleased to see your all awake. I am Savtixan, the most evil person alive, and with the help of all you girls, I WILL RULE THE WORLDS!" Behind him, in a window that the authoress magically made appear out of nowhere, lightning flashed, and the window disappeared.. Marluxia raised his hand. "Yes, pinky?"

"Uh, I'm not a girl. Can I go home?"

Savtixan rolled his eyes. "You're excused." Marluxia ducked out of the door and promptly summoned a Corridor, returning to the castle.

"So, Ladies, with your help, I WILL RULE THE WORLDS!" The window reappeared, the lightning flashed, and the window was gone again. "Because I have a plan. An evil plan. A plan so evil, you won't believe it!"

Xemnas looked at the half-empty (he angsts, so it must be half-empty) Room Where Nothing Gathers. "Friends, a crisis has befallen us. All but five girls have been kidnapped, along with XI. And thus, I am creating 'Operation WTF?'."

"WTF?" They all asked, and then burst out laughing.

"It stands for Where Are the Females." Xemnas hissed, twitching. "Anyway, along with your usual missions, you will also be searching for the girls. Understand?" He was met with nods. "Then you all are dismissed!"

Destiny: Operation WTF? is here!

Kylixant: Who's Savtixan? Who's his Somebody?

Destiny: You'll see (if you haven't figured it out yet). But the personalities between the two are waaaay different.

Marluxia: And what was with that window?

Destiny: Dramatic Effect.

Xenri: Review, everyone!