Chapter Khanx: Settling In and Distress

"Guys! Guys!" All eyes in the Grey Area turned to see a certain pink-haired man run in, panting and leaning against the wall for support.

"Marluxia?" All the guys quickly dashed over to him, quickly grilling him for information. "What happened? Are all the girls okay?" Xigbar asked.

"They're fine. For now."

"For now?" Zexion asked, his hand clenching into a tight fist and his fingernails digging into his palm. "What do you mean, 'For now'?"

"Aw, never mind that." Demyx interjected before Marluxia could respond. "You were with the girls, right? So where are they? We can tell the Superior and go and get them." Most of the boys were amazed that Demyx was actually willing to go into what was basically a war zone.

"Uh…" All the figures gathered around him leaned closer to the pink-head, and Marluxia sweat dropped. "I don't know." He admitted.

"Don't know?" It was Axel, getting angry. "How could you not know?"

"He let me go, and I got out of there as fast as I could." Marluxia said.

"You didn't even think to look around or anything? Without you knowing the basic area, you can't even Corridor there!" Axel was glaring daggers into Marluxia and there were flickers of embers running down his arms and across his fingers. "Look, Marluxia, you don't have a girlfriend or sister. You don't have to worry about anybody. But my girlfriend and my sister are over in a place we don't know! I don't know if they're okay, or if they're even alive at this point!"

Axel felt a hand on his arm and looked down to see Roxas. After a quick glance from the blond, the temperamental redhead backed down. The blond asked his question. "When you say, 'He let me go', who is 'He'?"

"I'm actually not completely sure. He's a Nobody named Savtixan. He says he's got an 'evil plan'," he did finger quotes as he spoke, "but it really doesn't seem like he can execute said plan."

"Savtixan… Savtixan…" Zexion muttered. Nobody really paid him any mind, since he was really good at anagrams. Finally, the bookworm sighed. "I honestly have no clue who in all the worlds that could be."

Everyone's face fell. "So basically, we're still at the same place we were last time, huh?" Roxas said what everyone was thinking.

"I swear, if that guy lays one hand on Xenri…" Flames flickered in Axel's green eyes as he growled the threat.

"Whoa, Ax. Calm down." Demyx said, and the redhead backed off again.

"Besides, Xenri's a strong girl." Roxas pointed out. "It doesn't matter what she's up against. Worse case scenario, she spits on him."

"I swear if he gets within three feet from me, I'll spit on him." Xenri hissed as the girls walked down one of the long hallways in this… the girls could only call it a castle.

"I wonder if Marluxia looked around enough to be able to Corridor back here." Nijx said softly, still clinging to Dynilexs's arm.

"I hope so." Addixem murmured.

Xenri sighed and looked at the other girls. "Well… Marluxia seemed rather freaked out… and when that happens, he can be a bit… like Demyx…"

"You mean as in, 'Run, run away!'?" Raxsah asked. Xenri nodded.

Clairex huffed. "Great. We're screwed."

"Umm, guys?" Luxkls got their attention. "Why don't we just Corridor out?"

"You honestly think you can escape me?" All the girls jumped, gasping as Savtixan literally walked out of their shadows. "I control Shadow." He said with a creepy, possessive grin on his face. "I can see anything you do. You won't escape without my allowing it." He stepped back into their shadows. "Now, go to your rooms like good little girls and I'll see you all tomorrow." He literally disappeared into the shadows and the girls were alone again.

"Well, there goes that idea." Ularxa sighed as they shuffled down the hallway. "Unfortunately."

"Man, I hope those boys figure something out to get us back home." Kylixant muttered, looking at the other girls.

"I wanna go home." All eyes turned to Dynilexs, who seemed honestly distressed. "I miss my bed, and my brother, and the rooms' names we'd always mock… and Cholanxis."

At that moment, they reached the four bedrooms. "So, we divvy them up with four to a room."

Clairex grabbed Ruex's, Zepheix's, and Nexark's arms and pretty much dragged them into one of the rooms. The rest of the girls sweat dropped, and started to claim other roommates. Addixem and Ularxa quickly grouped up with Dynilexs and Nijx (who still was clutching Dynilexs's arm with the older girl swearing all circulation in that arm was cut off) and the four chose a room. Xenri met up with Xion, Kylixant, and Raxsah and they chose a room. The four remaining, Xemria, Luxkls, Naminé, and Torexalceh, shrugged and entered the last room.

Room 1: Clairex, Ruex, Zepheix, and Nexark

"Okay, so this is our room, then." Clairex announced to the other three, dumping them on the floor in a messed-up heap.

"Why us?" Nexark asked.

"If I room with anyone else, I'll end up strangling them." Clairex said darkly.

"Well, you know…" Ruex said. "Not to sound morbid or anything, but that might be better than what's going to happen."

The four quieted, thinking about Ruex's words. "Kingdom Hearts, I hope not." Zepheix murmured.

"I guess all we can do is try to get some sleep and hope we don't die tomorrow." Nexark murmured and the four started to get ready for bed.

Room 2: Dynilexs, Addixem, Ularxa, Nijx

"Ew! Holy Kingdom Hearts, what is this doing here?" All eyes turned to Ularxa, who then proceeded to pull out a dress with an impossibly low v-neck, and a skirt that seemed to be about half an inch long.

"What in the name of all things good is that?" Dynilexs gasped, shielding Nijx's eyes so she wouldn't see it.

"A dress for a whore." Two sets of eyes widened and looked at the last girl, Addixem. "What? That's what it is."

"I never thought I'd hear those words come out of your mouth." Ularxa said.

"Um… can I look now?" Nijx asked, squirming lightly in Dynilexs's hold.

"Ula, trash it." Ularxa didn't need any further prompting and quickly stuffed the dress down into the garbage bin. Dynilexs released Nijx, who then plopped on one of the double beds. Dynilexs sighed in relief and rubbed her arm, restarting the circulation.

"I guess we should try to get some sleep." Addixem suggested. Dynilexs quickly shed her cloak, leaving her in a black spaghetti-strap top and comfortable black shorts. She crawled into bed beside Nijx and pulled the covers over her. She was out like a light.

Nijx quickly shed the cloak, leaving her in a t-shirt and black jeans. She took off the jeans and slowly reclined back in her bed.

Addixem and Ularxa got into their bed too, and slowly, the four drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

Room 3: Xion, Xenri, Kylixant, Raxsah

"He's probably worried sick about us, you know." Xenri said to Kylixant as they stripped of their uncomfortable clothing.

"Yeah. I'd be surprised if someone's not in the ER right about now." The blonde replied.

"You guys talking about Axel?" Raxsah asked.

"Yeah. I'm worried about him." Xenri replied, crawling into the bed she was to share with Xion. "You know how his temper can be; and whenever I'm not there…"

"It skyrockets." Xion finished, sliding under the covers beside the dark-haired girl.

"Precisely." Xenri said, nodding.

Kylixant looked nervously at her shadow. "It seems like he'll pop in at any moment." She murmured warily. "No nightlight?"

"There's not one in here." Raxsah pointed out, setting her glasses on the nightstand. "We should try to get some sleep, at least."

And those four slowly drifted off.

Room 4: Xemria, Torexalceh, Naminé, Luxkls

"I miss the Castle." Naminé murmured and sat on the bed, looking down at her lap. Luxkls quickly walked over to the blonde and set a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry. Either we'll find a way out of this hellhole, or those guys are gonna come over and get us. You'll see. We won't stay long."

"No point in moping about it either." Torexalceh said, her voice still having a light cheer in it. "Might as well make the most with what we have."

"You're still so cheerful, Tore." Xemria noted with a light chuckle. "And it rubs off. But like you said, there's not really any point in moping and whining, so… let's get some rest. We can worry about this more in the morning." The four girls divvyed up the beds with Xemria and Naminé in one and Luxkls and Torexalceh in the other. And with that, all the girls fell into a deep, dark, dreamless sleep.

Destiny: I would've gotten this out last week, but I was skiing and I fell and… Vexen, physics lesson!

Vexen: You see, children, inertia is the tendency of an object in motion or rest to stay in motion or rest. When you trip, your inertia is the reason you fall over and face plant on the concrete. Now, Destiny was skiing and she toppled over backwards and hit her head. She was wearing a helmet, but the inertia of her brain (yes, the brain can move around in the head) carried it so it hit the sides of her skull, causing what is known as a concussion.

Destiny: So, I was banned from reading, writing, video games, TV… all the fun stuff. I'm better now, but I can't do anything too athletic or fall and hit my head again… but I'm writing now! So… yeah. Review.