Star of Revolution

By Hero Genkaku

As another day ends, a new horizon dawns in my heart. In my soul grows a light, awakened by the cries of many. They call out for a power that is strong enough to move history in time with destiny. In my eyes the flame of courage is sparked as I begin to weave an undefeatable future. All lives woven in fate's intricate pattern will begin to beat as the spirit of change flows foretelling of shadows to come.

My voice will pierce the through the silence and chaos to reach the skies, unifying different bodies who rise with one heart. These stars who wander the heavens freely will gather at the sound of my voice to form a single strength enveloped in the thoughts and wishes of many. The storms of fate begin to rise, leaving pain and suffering that will not be calmed. A cruel destiny forces me to walk forward and turns against me, he who has traveled the same path as me for so long. The flame becomes a raging fire as the promise is embraced in my heart.

In one clear moment I step forward as passion that stands alone, one symbol of hope who suffers long and whose hands bound in the chains of sadness. As darkness closes in, the light I bear is released, to carve out a new future, to change the world. It's brilliance destined shine in the pages of history forever. I am the first star of heaven, the star that sparks revolution.