Fire was everywhere the young boy looked into his mothers deep brown eyes as she ran frantically hugging him close. Suddenly one of them, the horrible robots that were destroying the village, was right in front of them the robot shot and the woman cried out as if it were the end. But the shot never reached her for her husband took the shot to save his wife and only child. The woman ran again and when she arrived at a ship she placed her son into the arms of an old family friend. She then rushed of to find her other family. The ship hovered in the air and the boy saw his mother running, but that was not what captured his eye for what he saw was a bright line of red whizzing at the woman who loved him the most…

Brayden woke up realizing that it was just the same nightmare he had over and over again. He knew that his whole family had given their lives for him and the though just brought more grief to him. So he did what he always did and pushed the idea from his mind. He pulled on his padawan robes and boots and went out of his room. He walked down the hall until he reached the elevator he rode the elevators to the 18th floor and went into the cafeteria and found his friend Rosalinda sitting at their table enjoying her breakfast. He sat next to her with his plate of fruit and nuts.

"Good morning Rosey" Brayden greeted.

"Good morning" Rosey replied. Rosalinda or "Rosey" was 15 years old with blonde hair blue eyes and a sunny disposition.

"So how is Master Lay-ton"? Brayden asked.

"She is doing better but you know being 987 years old takes its toll after that stroke they don't know if she will even be able to continue teaching me". The cleaning druids came out to collect the eating trays and utensils.

"Well I guess I will se you later I should not keep Master Kien waiting" Brayden said. And with that he went running off to the training room. Feeling with the force that his master was already present. He opened the door and entered after closing the door he heard Master Kien say with his comforting voice

"Brayden go warm up". Brayden went and grabbed his light saber and began his warm ups.