While grabbing his light saber Brayden grabbed three battle orbs and watched as each one hovered in the air he then put on his helmet and let the force be his eyes. Sensing the first zap he deflected it easily. He proceeded to do this over and over none of the zaps ever hitting him. He did this until he realized that he was doing it subconsciously, he then put them up and looking around the room began to focus his force power until everything in the room was floating he moved them around each other while doing this he let his mind wonder, but only slightly otherwise everything would fall. His mind wandered to his dream from the night before. He had dreamed this dream many times but this time had been different some how. He went through the events in his head. Then suddenly it hit him, and in the instance that he lost total concentration on what he had been doing all the objects fell to the floor. What he had realized was that the guy that had taken him was none other was Master Kien. He ran as fast as he could to Master Kien.

"Master Kien you were there that day". Brayden said

"I thought you would ask about this sooner or later, yes I was there and I will tell you everything that I know after you go pick up everything you dropped in the warm up room". Master Kien replied

Brayden walked back to the warm up room in a daze. All the questions he had had about his parents and the day that they had all been massacred. It all was so much and everything was happening so fast that he didn't know whether to be happy or cry. As he got to the training room he lifted everything with the force and put it back in it's place. He walked back slowly to Master Kien. It was time for answers.