Las Vegas was commonly known as 'Sin City' as it was a grown person's playground, it was a place where practically anything could happened and you would never be short of finding entertainment no matter where abouts you were. Not to mention trouble which is what kept Nick Stokes in a job and he had not long just come off a shift but instead of heading straight home to catch some sleep Nick had gone out with the rest of his team for some breakfast. The rest of the team had left moments ago but Nick had stayed behind in order to take care of the bill. After coming off a long shift the team had gone to the diner to have breakfast together before they all went home to get some well-needed and deserved rest before their next shift. After steeling the bill all Nick wanted to do was go home and sleep but after the scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and toast that he just had, Nick figured it was best to hit the gym first and then go home and then rest. But as Nick thought about it as he left the diner, he figured that he would forgo the gym and head straight home given how tired he was, his shift seemed to drag on endlessly tonight especially when it came to the scene he and Greg had been processing. The two of them had been called to a store robbery where the cashier along with the two customers had been killed in the middle of the robbery. The scene was real messy one, gun shots everywhere which lead to there being spillages of milk being mixed together with milk amongst other things.

The scene had been a real doozy and it had taken Nick and Greg about two hours to gather all the evidence, take photos and do a sketch of the scene. Nick had found it to be rather long and tiring but he did feel for the guys who did the crime scene clean up as it was going to take some time to clean up. But the money was probably good enough that it would be worth for them although not for Nick. Whilst his salary wasn't the most impressive, even after all these years and everything that had happened he still enjoyed his job. Caught up in his thoughts about his crime scene as he walked towards his car, Nick failed to notice the woman walking towards him and so he accidently walked into her. Despite the fact that he hadn't been paying attention when he had walked into her, Nick quickly reacted to the situation by grabbing the woman's hand and preventing her from falling by pulling her towards him. Unfortunately her handbag and the brown paper bag she was carrying didn't quite make it.

"Nice save cowboy." The woman quietly chuckled and Nick smiled at the woman in a rather bashful manner as he let go of her hand, she was clearly impressed by his heroic save of her despite the fact that it was his fault that she had almost fell to the curb.

"I am really sorry ma'am, I wasn't looking where I was going Are you okay? Nick began as he bent down to gather up the woman's belongings, which he inadvertently spilled one of which was the brown bag which seemed to contained about at least third off lollipops. As Nick began to start putting the lollipops back in the brown bag he became aware that the woman had bent down too and was kneeling right in front of him.

"First thing you can do is stop calling me ma'am, because nobody has ever called me that before and I'm rather hoping they don't call me that for at least another thirty years until I'm old enough to be addressed as ma'am." The woman quipped as she caught Nick's eyes and he was kind of taken aback by them as this woman had the most hauntingly beautiful pale blue eyes that Nick had ever seen and this seemed to contrast with her dark hair and pale skin. She was certainly very attractive with her soft features and the pink lips that curved into a smile when she noticed that he was still staring at her and Nick couldn't help but smile back as she started to gather up some of the remaining lollipops. So far she was defiantly the highlight of his day.

"So what should I call you instead of ma'am?" Nick questioned as he figured the least he could do was get her name after all the trouble that he had caused her. Nick wanted to be able to apologize again and be able to add a name into it to make it more sincere.

"Try Savannah as that tends to work pretty much most of the time."

"Savannah. It's a beautiful name which seems to suit a very beautiful women." Nick stated trying his luck and apparently it seemed to work as yet again Savannah laughed in amusement.

"Why thank you, I'll be sure to pass that compliment along to my mother the next time I speak to her." Savannah replied in a warm manner as they had finally picked up all the lollipops and put them back in the bag. Nick quickly stood up first and offered his hand to Savannah as helping her up was the least he could do after he had almost knocked her down. Savannah waited a moment to pick up her handbag before she took Nick's hand and allowed him to help her up and as he did Nick couldn't help but take note of Savannah's hands, which seemed pretty small in his. Once Savannah was up, it took a moment before she removed her hand from Nick's own but he didn't focus on that for too long as he was too caught up in Savannah grinning at him. "Now that you know my name I think it's only fair that I learn yours? I can't keep calling you cowboy."

"My name could be cowboy, you never know." Nick quipped in a teasing manner.

"Well I'm hoping that it's not cowboy but if it is who am I to judge? It would certainly be one I haven't heard before. Kind of like that kid called Apple, so what is it? Cowboy or not cowboy?" Savannah questioned

"It's Nick, unfortunately it's not as interesting as cowboy."

"I don't know about that as all names have a meaning and a reason behind them, just because some names aren't bizarre unique names that no one has really used before it doesn't make them boring or uninteresting." Savannah pointed out as Nick had to admit that he liked her way of thinking, she didn't see things from a normal perspective. Savannah didn't call his name common, she just said that it wasn't interesting in it's own individual way. Nick had never heard something like that before.

"Savannah can I ask you question?"

"Sure I think we're kind of part the idle small talk so shot cowboy, although just to clarify I don't mean literally." Savannah commented as she idly glanced down at Nick's gun.

"I'm curious, what's with the bag full of lollipops." Nick questioned, as it wasn't everyday that he bumped into a stunningly beautiful woman who he discovered was funny and quite interesting after knocking her bag full of lollipops to the floor. Nick was interested as to why she had so many on her as off the top of his head he couldn't remember ever seeing something like this. If he did it was possible he would remember as this was Vegas and anything was possible in this town, Nick would known given the things he had seen in his line of work.

"Don't worry Nick none of these are for me, they are actually all for my kids."

"Kids?" Nick asked, he would have never have guessed that Savannah was a mom but she certainly looked good for one although it did make Nick wonder how many kids she had given the fact that Savannah had at least over thirty lollipops in that bag. Despite this new information it didn't change the fact that Nick liked her and the idea of asking her out was tossing about in his mind. He hadn't really dated any 'moms' before but he was getting older. So maybe it was time to start broadening his horizons. There was a quiet laugh on Savannah's part and when Nick wasn't too sure about what he had missed but whatever it was, it had caused her to laugh.

"Not mine as I don't have any and I don't think my body would be able to handle giving birth to that many kids. I actually mean my patients but I refer to them as my kids frequently as even though none of them belong to me they are my pride and joy. As for the lollipops I carry them around with me and hand them out to the kids to cheer them up as I can't do my job as well if there unhappy and given how many kids I see on a daily basis I tend to run out every four days so I'm kind of stocking up." Savannah explained and things cleared up a little bit better now as he know he knew that the woman in front of him wasn't a mom but she did work with kids and rather passionate about it judging by the lengths she was going to for the kids she worked with,

"So you're a pediatrician?" Nick gathered making a educated guess based on what Savannah had just told him especially because of the lollipops as Nick could recall from his own childhood that his pediatrician used to hand out lollipops whenever he had to get a shot.

"Pediatric surgeon and a rather kick ass one if I might add at that."

"Arrogant much?"

"I'm a surgeon, it comes with the job cowboy especially when you work in one of the most intense and hardcore areas of surgery. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can cut open someone's heart but peds is where the best of them go to work." Savannah retorted and Nick couldn't help but smile as Savannah continued to surprise him. Nick had to admit that he was rather impressed by it all, Savannah had no problem holding her own and seemed to like coming back with witty responses. Now he really wanted to ask her out as Nick hadn't met a woman like her in a really long time and he liked her even more as the conversation went on further.

"A hardcore surgeon who works with kids and spends her day handing out lollipops to sick kids? I'm cool with that…"

"I'm glad to know that." Savannah began before a beeping sound came off her belt and Nick watched as she pulled out a pager and sighed. "These kids seem to have some kind of radar for when I buy them candy, it's going to be like the super bowl when I get back…"

"Is that so?" Nick questioned as the mental image of Savannah being tackled by a bunch of small kids over a bag of lollipops popped into his head and caused him to laugh. It was admittedly a rather funny mental image given that he had almost done the same thing less then ten minutes ago.

"Afraid so, which means I've got to run despite how much fun I've having but the job is calling…" Savannah stated in an amused manner and Nick decided he would defiantly ask her out now that Savannah had said that she been enjoying this.

"What if I want to bump into you again?" Nick asked and immediately cringed, that was perhaps the worst pick up line had ever used and it was bound to get a few chuckles at the lab. If Warrick was still alive then he would have definitely busted Nick's chops about coming out with a line that bad. "Maybe take you out to dinner sometime? Lollipops or steaks, it's your choice…"

"Nice save cowboy, that bumping into you again line was pretty awful but you redeemed yourself with the lollipops and steaks line. Not to mention you've got a nice smile and a cute accent so I would love to go dinner with you sometime. So pass me your arm." Savannah instructed and intrigued as to what she wanted with it Nick handed it over. He watched as Savannah pulled out a black marker from her purse and scribbled something on his forearm rather quickly before giving Nick his arm back.

Nick watched Savannah walk away until she was out of sight before turning his attention to back to his arm and there it was; Savannah's number written up his arm along with her name and underneath written in brackets was the phrase 'the kick ass peds surgeon' with a smiley face. Nick couldn't help but laugh as this hadn't definitely been a very interesting morning, made all the more better by him meeting Savannah.