Nick wearily watched from a distance as Savannah spoke with her brother, the two of them had been talking for about half an hour and from Nick could see that having Casper with her was doing her the world of good. She seemed more focused and less emotional which was a good thing as hopefully they would get to the bottom of things rather quickly as right now things weren't looking too good. In fact they were looking kind of bleak for Savannah and Nick had a feeling that tonight was going to be a very long night not to mention rather frustrating since he wasn't allowed anywhere near this. From where he was standing Nick could see a familiar figure arriving at reception and Nick debated whether or not to go over and talk to Tristan, one of Savannah's brother more specifically her twin brother who had just arrived and was handing over a bag which no doubt contained clothes for his sister. Nick knew he shouldn't but like he had done most of the night, he had went against his better judgement and headed over to reception where he as spotted very quickly by the elder Wilde twin.

"Nick." Tristan greeted in a frosty manner.


"She didn't do this. Whatever you guys may think Savvy did not do this, I know my sister better than anyone and I can tell you that she is no killer. You've got the wrong person. Savannah would never hurt anyone, let alone kill them. So you need to do something Nick because I will not let my sister be railroaded for something that she didn't do–" Tristan loudly said, the anger about the situation clear on his face and Nick wouldn't have expected anything less from him.

"–I believe her Tristan." Nick said interrupting Tristan midway through his rant. "I don't think that Savannah did this either."

"You don't?" Tristan slowly asked and Nick shook his head.

"This is Sav we're talking about, she wouldn't hurt a fly but I'm going to be honest herem this isn't looking good for her Tristan. Because of my relationship with your sister I'm not allowed to work the case, let alone be anywhere near it but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit around and wait for the worse to happen. But you need to know Tristan, is that Savannah was found at the scene over the body, although she is claiming that she was trying to save his life but they also have the murder weapon in evidence as well as motive." Nick explained and Tristan frowned.


"The guy who was killed his name was Harris Jacobson and he was suing Savannah for malpractice. I want to help figure this out Tristan and get Sav out but to do that I need to know everything. Any relevant information I can pass onto my team and they can hopefully clear Savannah of any involvement and find the real killer. Did you know that Sav was being sued for malpractice?" Nick asked and after a moment he realized what a dumb question that was to ask because if anyone knew about the malpractice suit then it would be Tristan. Savannah and her brother told each other anything so she'd definitely tell him about this. Just not him for some reason.

"I did." Tristan admitted after a moment and Nick could pick up from the elder Wilde twins, tense facial expression that there was more to this story then Tristan was currently telling him. Nick really wanted to know why Savannah was being sued first of all because she had never mentioned any of this before and now it seemed to be coming back to bite her in the ass and get her 25 to life in a state penitentiary.

"Why is she being sued for malpractice? She works with kids and most of them wouldn't know the meaning of the word malpractice and negligence."

"Parents are the ones who are suing her, in particular the father and the man who you seem to think my sister murdered." Tristan shot back in an accusing manner which Nick was expecting, there was no way Tristan was going to be his usual happy go lucky self when sister was in the situation that she was in. Nick perfectly understood but he needed Tristan's help to figure this out all out.

"Harris Jacobson."

"Correct." Tristan dryly said.

"What happened?" Nick asked and Tristan just looked away. "Tristan I know this is Sav and you just want to protect her but I need to know why this is happening to help her."

Tristan sighed and Nick could see that the older Wilde twin had believed and was going to start co-operating with him. "Eight weeks ago Savannah was paged to the ER for a trauma that had just come in, a head on collision involving two cars and one of the injured was Blake Jacobson, the seventeen year old son of Harris Jacobson. The two of them along with Mrs. Jacobson were injured when another car hit them, apparently the driver who hit them was on his cell phone at the time of the accident. I don't know the finer details of the collision. Anyway they were all brought into the ER and the driver was fine, as were Mr and Mrs. Jacobson, mostly contusions and scrapes although the mom had a broken collar bone. However Blake Jacobson injuries were more severe than everyone else's. He had been driving at the time of the accident and the other car collided with the driver's side of the car. From what I've been told his legs were pinned and fire-fighters had to cut him out of the car which took a while..."

"So after Blake had been cut out the car and brought to the hospital what happened?" Nick asked as clearly something had happened to Blake if his father was now suing Savannah for medical malpractice.

"It wasn't good, Blake had sustained a lot of damage to his leg during the accident, it was partially severed and despite her best efforts to try and save the leg. Eventually Savannah and the orthopaedic surgeon she was working with had no choice but to do an above the knee amputation as it was deemed upon further examination during the surgery that the leg was too far gone to be saved. So they made the call."

"So why the malpractice?"

"Mr. Jacobson believed that my sister promised him that she'd be able to save his son's leg."

"And did she?" Nick asked and Tristan vehemently shook his head, it was like he took any kind of thing that sounded like an insult about his sister personally. Nick knew he had to be careful here as if Tristan got the wrong idea here, he would stop co-operating with her which was the last thing Nick needed.

"No. I wasn't there myself as I had my own patients to deal with but my sister would never promise something like that Nick. You don't make promises to patients, as things are sometimes not what they seem, I've known people to die from a simple appendectomy. As surgeons we're cocky and confident but one of the first things we learnt as interns was to never make promises to patients of families about treatment. As we never know what could happen in the OR, which is why my sister would not make a promise that she could save a leg especially if it was a child or teenager she was dealing with especially in the condition the leg was in when it arrived. Savannah never makes promises like that when it comes to her patients, she learnt that the hard way when she was an intern." Tristan explained.

"So Harris Jacobson was suing Savannah because according to him she promised him that she'd be able to save his son's leg and then she couldn't? Is that even enough to sue?" Nick asked as it seemed rather farfetched.

"It's not, to prove that medical malpractice occurs you've got to show that a doctor-patient relationship existed, that the doctor was negligent and that the doctor's negligence caused the injury and lastly the injury led to specific damages. The basis of the malpractice suite is based on that last one; that the injury results in specific damages. Apparently Blake was a football player and was in line for a football scholarship and with the amputation it's not going to happen. Savannah is being sued for the physical and mental pain that Blake's going through, the cost of his medical bills along with both his parents lost work and earnings because they've been caring for him. Along with the cost of Blake's college tuition and any money he could of earned if he had gone pro." Tristan said as he pinched the bridge of his nose.


"Yeah, in my line of work medical malpractice is a cold hard bitch and Mr. Jacobson is going after my sister, Dr. Copeland the orthopaedic surgeon who worked with her and the hospital are being sued for about $15 million dollars."

"Wow…" Nick slowly said as that was a lot of money.

"That's not even the best of it Nick, Blake Jacobson and his mother don't even support the claim. They don't feel that Savannah deceived them in any way, they believe she did everything she could and Mrs. Jacobson is just happy that her son is alive. Yes, the amputation has changed his like but this seventeen year old kid is working through it all and is determined to not let it ruin his life." Tristan replied with a frown.

"So why was Mr. Jacobson suing then?"

"Typical dad of a football player, he believed that his son was going to go play in the NFL and the loss of his son's right leg had destroyed all his dreams for his son. I'm sympathetic to the situation but the blame is not to be placed on Savannah and Dr. Copeland, it's on the driver who crashed into them. They did everything they could to try and save the leg but it was too late to save it. The leg was practically dead as the nerves had been practically destroyed due to the amount of trauma it had gone through.

Nick nodded, that did kind of clarify things up all they needed to find out was why Savannah was at Harris Jacobson's house and who did actually kill him. "Thanks Tristan."

"How's she doing?" Tristan asked.

"I saw her for a minutes and she was very emotional and confused, barely holding it together but she did managed to tell me she didn't do it before I met your brother Casper. He's pretty intense…" Nick noted and it caused Tristan to laugh and the worry about his sister slipped away for the briefest moment.

"I know it may not seem like it but my brother is a good guy Nick, it's just that Casper has a tendency to turn into a bit of a hard ass when he's playing lawyer and given that he's here because of Sav it means he'll be very defensive and worse than he usually is. If you hadn't already noticed, we are all very protective over Savvy and it's nothing personal it's just that our parents have always told us that it's our responsibility to look at Sav as she is the baby of the family. It's always been Casper's responsibility to look after us all, he takes the whole looking out for all of his siblings very seriously. Now Casper is just doing something that he never thought he would have to do and that is being the big brother and lawyer at the same time. He's just doing whatever he feels he needs to do to protect Savvy as right now he is the only one who can.

"You don't have to explain it to me Tristan, I'm you the youngest of seven myself…"