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"So, that's the only way to get into season 5?" Heather asked

"Yep" Chris told them all

"You've got to be kidding me!" Courtney complained "There must be a rule against this!"

"I think it could be fun" Owen smiled

"You would" Noah rolled his eyes

"If you don't want to do it….." Chris told them "Then that means you don't get a spot in season 5 and you are done!"

"Done?" Dakota asked

"I can't be done!" Zoey added in "I just got here!"

"This is low!" Duncan glared at you "Even for you!"

"Remind you of old times?" Chris smirked at Duncan

"YES!" Duncan bitched

"So?" Chris asked "Who's ready?"

"I think this could be kind of Kinky" Alejandro smirked

"That's what I'm hoping for" Chris agreed "Either way this is gonna be great!"

"What are the rules again?" Trent asked

"You and your partner will be handcuffed together at all times" Chris told them "If at any point you have had enough of your partner you can quit, That being said you will not be in season 5, You will sleep and shower together until you eventually crack! The final 6 of you left get a guaranteed spot in season 5!"

"I'm not doing it" Heather told him "I refuse"

"You don't have a choice" Chris laughed "It's in your contract!"

"I call Cody!" Sierra pulled Cody close to her

"I call Gwen!" Duncan added in

"I want Tyler!" Lindsay added in

"No!" Chris laughed "That would be way too easy! You don't pick who your cuffed to…..I do"

So here's what were going to do, You guys review or message me the couples you want to see in this story, depending on what you guys like and don't like is what I'm going with. Let's say I do Mike/Zoey and everyone likes them in this fic it will center more around them! So whoever is in this story that you like let me know! It will center around whatever you guys want and like! Couples with the most people asking for it will get it. If you have a funny couple that I really like I will toss it in. It can be anything Male/Female Male/Male Female/Female don't be shy! It's up to you guys!