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Trent/Anne Maria








That's who is left so far!

8 hours have passed since the last bell ring. Nobody wanted to be the one to ring it next. Alejandro and Heather were plotting what to do over by the Elimination Area.

"See?" Alejandro smirked at her "I told you! They'll snap on each other one by one! All we need to do is wait!"

"We need to do something" Heather rolled her eyes "Why don't we just make the others ring the bell faster?"

"How do you suppose we do that?" Alejandro asked her

"Easily" Heather rolled her eyes yet again "Courtney likes you, Make it work!"

"I suppose I could..." Alejandro evilly smirked "What are you going to be doing while I flirt with her?"

"Let's see..." Heather thought for a moment "I can flirt with Justin! Then we have Trent..."

"What about that B?" Alejandro asked her "I'm suspicious of him..."

"Then we can take him out after that" Heather laughed "We are so going to win this!"

Izzy and Noah managed to get lost in the woods even deeper than they were before. Izzy made a compass out of squirrel poop and sticks and it worked just as well as you would think it would...

"Izzy!" Noah yelled at her "That's the same tree you peed on 2 hours ago!"

"Can you prove it?" Izzy asked him

"Yes!" Noah yelled at her "It's still wet from when you peed on it! Remember you said the wet spot looked like a deformed bicycle!"

"Yeah..." Izzy examined the tree "But this wet spot looks like a deformed balloon! Obviously this isn't my tree mark!"

"Ding!" Noah yelled "Ding...Bell ring!...Uh...Defeat!...Ding-Dong! We quit!"

"What are you doing?" Izzy laughed "That's a bad bird call"

"It's not a bird call" Noah rolled his eyes "It's me trying to make bell sounds admitting that we are going to lose and I want to get out of here!"

"Noah!" Izzy yelled in his face "We are going to win this! Because we aren't fighting and we agree! If you just pee on that tree our DNA will be mixed and it will guide us back to the camp!"

"Seriously?" Noah sighed "If I pee on the stupid tree will you take me back to camp?"

"Pinky Promise!" Izzy forced Noah into making a promise with her and then Noah went over to the tree and unzipped himself in hopes this would convince Izzy to get him out of the woods.

"Don't look!" Noah glared at her

Duncan and Staci had managed to make it back to the camp and found the bathrooms and Justin and Owen.

"Are you guys females?" Staci asked them pointing to Justin "You have really nice hair!"

"Thanks" Justin smirked at her "I use a lot of hair gel"

"My great aunt sally invented hair gel" Staci proudly told him "Before that everyone just had really bad hair!"

"Tell her I said thank you!" Justin gave her a thumbs up

"I will" Staci agreed "Do you guys have Tampons?"

"Uh...No" Justin frowned "I'm a guy..."

"See?!" Duncan told Staci "This is awkward! Plus you are asking guys!"

"I see everything is going well with you two" Justin smirked

"I heard you and Owen got to clean the bathrooms" Duncan laughed

"I said I was sorry!" Owen told him "I ate a lot of Mexican food before the challenge!"

"Yeah, I'm going to go find girls..." Duncan grabbed Staci and pulled her with him.

"Have fun!" Owen waved "Justin and I hate girls!"

"I'm getting some food" Justin rolled his eyes "You're going to eat what I tell you! Meaning nothing that will make my attachment to you any more stressful or gassy than needed"

"Okay!" Owen happily agreed "Does that mean I can't have any of Chef's mystery stew?"

"Exactly!" Justin told him "If you and I are winning this you can eat fruit and bread"

Back at the Cabin's DJ and Cameron were still trying to figure out sleeping arrangements but the two of them just couldn't agree on anything!

"Listen, I know what I'm talking about!" Cameron told him "We should sleep on the floor! it would help us win this!"

"How do you figure that sleeping on the floor is helpful?" DJ asked him "My momma always says that a good night sleep in a soft bed is helpful! Plus, we have a bunch of beds to sleep on and you pick the floor?!"

"Okay, Okay!" Cameron sighed "Why don't you take the bottom bunk and I'll sleep on the floor?"

"Fine!" DJ agreed "Do you want to go look at the lake and check out the lovely view?"

"Do we have to?" Cameron sighed "The lake makes me nervous!"

"But it's so peaceful!" DJ assured him "C'mon! Let's just try it!"

"Okay..." Cameron sighed.

Dawn and B were meditating peacefully in the woods. B tapped Dawn on the shoulder and she opened her eyes and looked at him, The two looked as if they were having a staring contest.

"I agree, That Trent has a very confusing Aura!" Dawn giggled "Okay, If you have to go to the bathroom I guess we could head back to camp..."

Dawn and B got up and walked back to the camp.

Trent was ready to choke Anne Maria if he could ever stop coughing! Anne Maria got sick of Trent talking about Music and peace and sprayed him in the face with hairspray at least 7 times in the past 20 minutes!

"My eyes are...Bur-Brrr...BURNING!" Trent managed to yell at her "What the hell? I'm going to need to go to the bathroom and wash my eyes out!"

"Good!" Anna Maria yelled "At least we can finally get ta a mirra!"

"I hate you so much!" Trent used his free hand and grabbed his guitar and swung it at Anne Maria's face

"Watch it!" Anne Maria yelled "Are ya tryin' to hit me?"

"Yes!" Trent laughed like a maniac swinging at her until she started spraying him more, The two ended up rolling down a hill and into the lake.

Tyler was in the arts and crafts tent with Lindsay. He spent the last 4 hours making 3 large signs with his name and picture on it. He even made a T-shirt that said Tyler on it and got a name tag. He finally finished and proudly showed Lindsay

"Who's Tayler?" Lindsay asked him and looked puzzled

"TYLER!" Tyler pointed to his shirt "I'm Tyler T-Y-L-E-R"

"You're shirt says Tayler" Lindsay frowned "I think you misspelled your own name! Or are you just trying to confuse me?"

"Shit..." Tyler sighed in annoyance when he saw he did add an A to his name and grabbed a sharpie and scribbled all the A's out.

Gwen and Courtney were sitting down at the table in the cafeteria since nobody else was there. Courtney and Gwen haven't said a word to each other in over an hour when Gwen finally sighed

"Can I ask you something?" Gwen asked her

"No" Courtney rolled her eyes "I thought we said we weren't going to talk!"

"You said we weren't going to talk" Gwen smirked at her "How about I just ask you something and you can ignore me all you want"

"I'm good with that" Courtney sighed in annoyance

"This is about Duncan" Gwen sighed and blurted it out "Did you ever feel like he wasn't in to you?"

"Really Gwen?!" Courtney glared at her "That's what you wanted to ask me?! He cheated on me with you so he obviously wasn't into me! So, Yeah, I felt like he wasn't into me!"

"I just don't always feel like he's into me..." Gwen told her "Ya know what I mean? I see him checking out other girls all the time..."

"How is that my problem?" Courtney asked her "Has he been texting that girl, Candace?"

"I don't know who he's been texting" Gwen admitted "But who's Candace?"

"Some girl he met at Juvie" Courtney rolled her eyes "She's a tattoo artist and he says they're just "friends" but I have my doubts, Always did"

"He never mentioned that to me!" Gwen yelled "Why wouldn't he mention her to me?! I wouldn't be jealous!"

"Like you aren't now?" Courtney smirked

"C'mon!" Gwen dragged Courtney out of the dining hall "We're going to have a chat with Duncan..."

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