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That's who is left so far!

Justin was ready to kill Owen. He told Justin he was only allowed to eat bread and fruit and yet Owen still managed to get gas! Not to mention he wasn't exactly ready to shower with Owen and he was pretty sure Owen hasn't taken a shower in a LONG time.

"Owen!" Justin sighed "What the heck have you been eating?! I told you fruit and bread!"

"That's all I've been eating!" Owen tried to tell him "Gas just runs in my family..."

"Dear god!" Justin sighed. "How does Chris expect me to win this when I'm attached to this!"

"Maybe Chris just figures he would attach us because we're such good friends?" Owen suggested.

"I really doubt that." Justin sighed.

Justin sat at the table in the dining hall where he was forced to watch Owen stuff his face with fruit. Justin really hated Chris. Heather and Alejandro walked in and Owen instantly perked up.

"Hey Al!" Owen happily waved "Did you guys come in here for a snack too? Justin and I had tons of snacks!"

"Owen had tons of snacks." Justin rolled his eyes. "I ate an apple."

"Fascinating..." Alejandro rolled his eyes. "Actually were here because of Heather..."

"Yeah, I didn't want to talk to Alejandro anymore so we agreed to talk to other people." Heather smiled at Justin. "I was thinking after this dumb game ends that Justin and I could hang out a bit more."

"Are you serious?" Justin asked her. "You and I hardly spoke at all during season 1 and 2."

"Maybe I never gave you a chance?" Heather smirked.

"So, you're into me?" Justin glanced over to Alejandro "And not him?"

"Him?" Heather laughed "As if I'd ever fall for a loser like him."

"Then why is he here?" Justin asked her.

"Duh! Alejandro and I are attached." Heather rolled her eyes. "He kinda has to be here."

"Which, I'm fine with." Alejandro smiled. "I'll just hang out with...Owen...While you two talk!"

"Oh boy, Justin!" Owen happily told him. "That sounds like fun!"

Both Justin, Heather and Alejandro mentally hated having to do this. Owen on the other hand was extremely excited.

DJ and Cameron eventually made it to the lake. DJ had on his life jacket and Cameron had on water wings. Neither of them were exactly excited to be at the lake.

"Why did we come here again if neither of us can swim?" Cameron asked him.

"I have no idea." DJ sighed. "Let's just go in and help each other swim."

"Swim buddies?" Cameron asked him.

"Swim buddies!" DJ agreed "We can to this together! Or die in the process of trying..."

Duncan was trying to cover his ears over by the bathrooms. He couldn't stand listening to her for one more second. She kept asking who was a male and who was a female on this show. He really hated Staci. Like really badly and he really had to piss but he wasn't going to expose himself in front of her because he didn't want to hear some story about how her grandfather was the first person to hold his dick to pee. Luckily for him Gwen and Courtney found him. Well...Maybe it wasn't lucky, Gwen looked pissed.

"Hey girls." Duncan greeted them as they approached him. "How are you two not killing each other yet? Oh, and do either of you have a tampon for blabby Mctalksalot?"

"Hey Duncan." Gwen greeted him. "Whose Candace?"

"Oh god, you two were talking!" Duncan groaned. "I can't win today can I?"

"I just want to see your phone." Gwen asked him. "Can I see it?"

"No!" Duncan told her. "I thought you weren't like Courtney. She always wanted to see my phone!"

"Well if you have nothing to hide that shouldn't be an issue." Courtney smirked at him. "I think you should show her the phone."

"My cousin Richard invented the cell phone and before that ever-" Staci went to say but Courtney stopped that.

"Shut up!" Courtney glared at her. "I don't care!"

"Look, Candace is just some chick I met at Juvie!" Ducan tried to tell them. "We're just friends."

"Who text all the time." Courtney reminded Gwen.

"Let me see your phone." Gwen put her free hand out waiting to get the phone.

"Hey are you boys?" Staci asked Gwen and Courtney

"Uh...what?" Gwen asked Staci.

"I think I have blood running down my leg!" Staci told Duncan. "Would you come with me to the bathroom and help me clean up?"

"No!" Duncan yelled at all 3 of the girls. "I've had enough from all of you! I can't take this anymore! I'm ringing the bell."

"Duncan you don't ha-" Gwen was going to say but Courtney shhh'ed her.

"Let him go." Courtney rolled her eyes "With them gone we can win!"

Duncan dragged Staci all the way to the dock of shame and rang the bell. Chef came over and unlocked them and Duncan was so happy! He pissed on the dock of shame and laughed like a lunatic as Staci kept talking. Duncan pushed Staci into the lake and Chef laughed.




"ATTENTION CONTESTANTS!" Chris yelled over the loud speakers. "Duncan and Staci are out of this! if you're listening to this, it means you're still trapped to someone you most likely hate!"

Sierra was sitting by the elimination fire on a log still crying about Cody getting eliminated. Eva was shaking her head. she really wanted to hit Sierra.

"I just don't think you understand!" Sierra sobbed to Eva. "Without Cody, I'm nothing!"

"You think I don't understand?" Eva asked her. "Nobody ever wants to date me! I have a crush too! At least your pretty and your crush may eventually like you!"

"Who do you like?" Sierra stopped crying and asked.

"Tyler." Eva told her. "But he's with Lindsay and he won't even notice me."

Noah was thrilled to death when they reached the camp. This was the first time they had seen something other than woods in the longest time.

"Finally!" Noah looked up into the sky. "Thank you, god!"

"Told you I knew where I was going!" Izzy laughed.

"Yeah? well I know where I'm going!" Noah glared at her "To ring that bell!"

"C'mon Noah!" Izzy told him "You don't want to be eliminated just yet!"

"I don't even want to be on season 5!" Noah told her.

"Let's get some food." Izzy ignored Noah and picked him up and ran to the dining hall.

"Oh god..." Noah groaned.

Tyler made a new shirt. This time he managed to spell his name accurately.

"That shirt looks so cute on you!" Lindsay told him. "Now all we have to do is find Tyler!"

"But, I'm Tyler!" Tyler tried to tell her.

"No you aren't." Lindsay frowned. "Tyler is the cute one!"

Tyler really wanted to ring the bell. But he didn't want to lose this challenge or his girlfriend.

"So, then I was like 'omg! it totally comes in peanut butter flavored!' and he was all 'Yeah, let's buy some!' and then we did! That's why Sadie and I love having gay friends!" Katie told Jo happily. "Are you gay?"

"No, I'm not!" Jo protested. "I'm a tomboy!"

"Isn't that like the same thing?" Katie asked her.

"Season 5 is so not worth it!" Jo glared and dragged Katie to the dock of shame and rang the bell.




Chef came and uncuffed them and Katie giggled happily

"Yay! Now I can see Sadie again!" Katie went to high five Jo.

"Suck it!" Jo glared at her.

"ATTENTION YOU FREAKS!" Chris yelled into the loudspeaker. "Katie and Jo are outta here! That means that your that much closer to winning!"

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Trent/Anne Maria






That's who is left so far!