My Super Psycho Sweet 16: A Killer Party

This story is basically a redone version of the Super Psycho Trilogy, but one giant slasher. It is set before Part 1 where all the characters from Part 1, 2 and 3 are still alive. Every character is featured. The story is set at a lake where different parties are occurring. Madison is having a party at her Lake House with friends Olivia and Chloe, her boyfriend Brigg, Brigg's friend Kevin and Kevin's girlfriend Lily. Zoe is having a sleep over at her cottage with Molly and Alex. Brynn is having a end of summer party with her friend Ami, her boyfriend Nico and mutual friend Leo. Skye and Derek are also having a mini vacation at Aunt Sarah's cabin. Meanwhile Jams, Courtney and Sienna all from different houses join the mix and one killer named Charlie Rotter going in for the kill.

A car turns the corner and drives down the long driveway towards a beautiful lake house. The car comes to a halt.