Hey everyone! This was originally supposed to be rewrite of Hot Cocoa, but it had a mind of its own and became a oneshot! I don't own Danny Phantom and enjoy!

The tiny snowflake danced to the white ground as it joined many others of its kind in a spectacular display. A door slammed as a girl trudged outside to the forest; and sat down on a log; marveling at its beauty. She was so lost in it, in fact, that she didn't notice the mischievous boy sneaking up behind her. He gently tapped her shoulder, causing her to gasp with fright.

"Ah! YOU!" scolded the girl as he tried to contain his snickers behind his blue gloves.

"Yes?" he asked. His face feigned innocence as she smiled and rolled her eyes. Her eyes focused once more to the miracle of the tiny snowflakes.

"They're beautiful..." she exhaled, a puff of cold air escaping from her mouth. The boy's mouth twitched upward into a tiny smile.

"Who's they?" he asked as his eyes squinted for the tiny objects. A light laughter filled the air as she grabbed his hands and held them out. A single snowflake fell into his palmed hands as he grinned widely.

"They're beautif-" he began to say. He looked up and gasped. Her face was a rosy red as her violet eyes danced in delight. She was smiling like a light in the darkest night as she attempted to capture the snowy angels falling from heaven. A strange grin fell upon the boys face as he admired the girl and her simple joy.

"Your beautiful..." he murmured as she looked up in surprise.

"Really?" she asked as a blush began to crawl across her face. The boy gawked and nervously began to rub his neck.

"I-uh-I just said that out loud, didn't I?" he muttered. The girl nodded and pulled his scarf towards her. The snowflakes began to dance around them as two pairs of eyes connected. Ever so slowly they became closer and closer, until they were entranced by a snowy bliss that even Aphrodite would have been jealous of. Well, was until a giant snow pile fell on them from the great pines above, but that's another story...

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