So, here's the deal for all those that decide to click on this story. I was a Twi-hard back in sixth and seventh grade. Actually, the only reason why I created a fanfiction account was to create a story for Twilight. I'm pass that phase in my life, but I decided to create this story after a crazy idea I wrote down on FlyingFyre's awesome fanfic "Decisions"! So, this is for her! This fanfic shall be like five chapters or so! Get ready for some crazy shitz.

Warnings: Yaoi, Slash, Boy Love, homosexuality, whatever the fudge you call it, OOC characters, and whatever other stuff I put in here.

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Dearly Beloved

Chapter One:

Vampires Can Faint?

"Felix, I'm warning you. If you try to put that damn thing on me, I will fucking bite you! No! Stop! Ahh! Help! I'm being tortured! Put me down, Fe, no!" Alec's yells sounded through the corridors of Volterra's biggest castle.

Jane rolled her eyes at her twin brother's dramatics. She strolled down the hallways to her brother's bedroom. It wasn't like he needed one, but Aro was all about maintaining human appearances. Why, she couldn't say especially since all their human guests and employees ended up as food eventually. Their secretaries didn't know that, but what they didn't know wouldn't harm them… yet.

She pushed the grand French doors open, entering her brother's room. It was designed like a teenaged boy's complete with all the newest game systems you could ever think or heard of, and messy clothes all over the floor. Today, her brother wasn't playing with his systems, no, he was standing in front of a large body mirror in disbelief and repulsion. She barely managed to maintain her cool mask when she saw her brother dressed in a short black dress with tasteful cuts around and a bit below the waist area and on the left shoulder, Jane believed the dress was called a Barracuda.

"Why don't you look ravishing, Alec?" Jane teased. She enjoyed the horrified look etched on her brother's face as he spun around to face her.

"Jane! This isn't funny. I look like a mortal whore!" Alec screeched. He tried his hardest to not rip the awful piece of clothing off of him.

"Don't be silly, brother dearest. You're not a whore you get paid for that. You're look and act more like a slut." Jane said with the smallest of smiles.

"Jane!" Alec crouched down getting ready to pounce on his sister and bite the hell out of her. Felix appeared at his side in mere seconds, he grabbed the irate immortal teen in an iron grip. "Felix, if you don't get the fuck off of me, your senses will be cut off." He threatened as he continued to struggle out of Felix's insanely strong hold.

Felix blanched but didn't budge. He was scared of Alec and his awesome power, but Jane was terrifying. Felix decided that he was going to follow Jane's orders. Her crimson eyes told of horrible pain if he let her brother get escape. His grip on Alec became tighter, so that only the strongest of vampires could free themselves. He breathed a sigh of relief when Jane nodded to him. He had her approval.

Jane had the hardest time trying not to laugh, in her opinion her brother was going overboard. He was like a small kitty just showing its itty, bitty, teeny, weenie claws. It was cute considering her brother rarely let his emotions run free. Unlike her, Alec was the picture of emotionless most days. Alas, she couldn't dwell on how amusing her brother was; she had a job to do. "Felix, please continue restraining my brother. My brother's doggy has planned a special "dinner" in the dining hall. I bet there's going be a lot of doggy drool when he sees Alec. We can't let him escape now can we, it would be rude after all."

"!" Surprise crossed Alec's face. He tried to wiggle and squirm out of Felix's grip with renewed vigor. For Seth to see him dressed like this. That would be the worst form of humiliation, "Dammit Jane and Felix. Damn you guys to Hell!"

"Stop acting like a spoiled brat. You are going to going to dinner with your doggy mate, you will enjoy it even if we have to place Chelsea in there, then you are to flirt shamelessly until doggy boy can't take it anymore and takes you right in the dining hall. It's going to happen, you might as well accept it! By the way, I'm already in Hell and serving Lucifer himself. I enjoy it~."

Alec went slack, although his glare still told of torturous death by Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, and the High School Musical crew. Nobody could handle that much preppy and happy singing... well maybe the Cullen's with their picture perfect family and sparkleness.

Alec sighed as he crossed his arms, "I'm not getting out of this, am I?"

"No, you're not." Jane replied succinctly.

Alec huffed before he glared up at Felix, "Take me to Seth and bring me a particularly interesting human. I do not want an innocent mortal. They taste like candy. I want something darker." Alec commanded.

"Yes, your highness." Felix mocked with a small tilt of his head.

Alec scowled, but kept his tongue. He just wanted one normal day where he could lounge in his room without dealing with someone, and settle down for some peaceful screaming matches over Modern Warfare 3, or play some soccer with the guys. You know, regular stuff that any teenaged vampire wanted to do, but no. He was being forced into a dress, manipulated by his sister to eat dinner with Seth, and worst of all, his pride had committed suicide and he doubted that it would ever come back.

He clicked his tongue as Felix continued to carry him like a freaking baby throughout the great marble halls of castle. Did being an infamous Witch Twin mean nothing these days? Pfft, he answered his own question with the position he was in. "Alec." Felix said before setting him down in front of two tall, golden doors with carvings in between each panel. The doors resembled the 'Gates of Paradise' at Florence's Baptistery. Behind the ornate doors was where Seth was, probably pigging out on whatever the human chefs decided to create. Alec was supposed to go in there. That was easier said then done. Unfortunately, he knew that he would have to go in there eventually. He should face it like a man, sort of. Alec stood upright and pulled his dress down as far as it would go (Not very far, mind you.). He inclined his head to the left dismissing Felix before he pushed the door open, strolling in.

He bit his bottom lip as he immediately spotted Seth. The young shape-shifter was fiddling with his maroon tie as he sat in a heavily decorated throne-like chair at a long oval-shaped table. He could sense the nervousness exuding off of Seth in waves. Alec immediately pushed his own problems to the back of his mind, and walked over to his young mate to find out what was wrong. He softly touched Seth's right shoulder suppressing his laugh when he nearly fell off of his chair. "Hello, Seth, I hope I'm not disturbing you."

"N-N-No, sit down." Seth stammered, blushing lightly. He moved to get up from his seat and pull a chair out for Alec, but he was pushed back down. Warm brown eyes met slightly annoyed ruby ones.

"I can pull out my own chair. I'm not a girl."

Seth nodded; inwardly his mind scolded him at his idiotic mistakes. Of course Alec wasn't a girl. He was a strong, male vampire that didn't need anybody showing chivalry or any form of politeness that a man usually showed a woman. His fists clenched. Already was he messing up. Perhaps, he needed to break the ice first.

"So, uhh, nice outfit. You look good." Seth praised. His eyes roaming Alec's lean body. He was surprised at how the outfit fit snugly on the eternally young vampire.

"Really," Alec sniffed, "I look and feel like a tramp. I didn't realize you like these sort of things."

Seth froze at Alec's words. Alec probably thought he was some sort of pervert now! This was all wrong. He knew that as soon as he fell out of bed this morning, pissed off Aro by accidentally ruining a supposedly priceless item from Julius Caesar, and tripping over several random articles of clothing, today was not going to be his day. He knew he should've checked his horoscope before he decided what he was going to do today. He just knew it!

Alec meanwhile kept his blank mask on as his mate displayed a wide-range of emotions. Surely, Seth knew that he was just playing. He didn't think that could make Seth feel so flustered and out of place. Finally, he broke Seth out of his berating, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong." Immediately came Seth's reply. His body was tense as he tried to uphold Alec's piercing stare.

"You can't lie to me. I know you better than you know yourself." Alec snapped. He hated the insolence the youth displayed these days. He had been around for over a thousand years. As if he couldn't tell when someone was lying. Ha! What a laugh.

"I'm sorry, Alec. I messed up everything." Seth's shoulders sagged as he said those words. "You do know me better than anyone else, and that's why I have to ask this question."

"And that is?"

Seth abruptly stood up and pushed his chair back. He bended down on one knee while his hand dug into his black dress pants' front pocket groping for something. He pulled out a midnight blue velvet box, presenting it to Alec. With a trembling hand he opened the mini-box to reveal a small silver band with small rubies running along its sides and a 3-karat princess-cut diamond nestled directly in the center. A sincere smile painted it's way onto Seth's lips. It felt like it was just the two of them. Nothing else mattered.

"Will you do me the honor in becoming my wi - I meant husband?" Seth asked as he grabbed Alec's left hand sliding the ring onto his ring finger.

Alec was completely silent. He slowly lifted his hand to his face, drinking in the sight of the ring before his eyes turned back down to Seth's. 'This is real' ran through his head as he opened his mouth hoping that his answer would come out. Instead, Alec's vision went in and out until his world grew dark. Alec felt his body free falling before he fell until oblivion.

Seth immediately caught him in his arms, staring at his lover in surprise. A small sound made him sharply turn to the front of the room where Felix stood with a ragged man at his side. Before Felix as so much said a word, Seth asked, "Did you know vampires can faint?"


Seth stood up with the unconscious Alec in his arms.


"So, should we get someone?" Seth questioned, shifting Alec into a more comfortable position.

"Yeah, I think we should."

Felix spun on his heel, forgetting about the mortal until he spoke up. His eyes were wide, "Excuse me. Not to be rude or anything, but someone please tell me what's going on!"

Felix grinned sadistically at the man, "Oh, you're going to die."


"It's a real pity, but it can't be helped. Let's go!" Felix said cheerfully as he pulled the human with him. Seth only rolled his eyes as he followed behind. Normally, he would have protested that poor unsuspecting humans should not be food to hungry vampires, but it was a food chain thing. A cycle.

Besides. The guy probably didn't have anything to contribute towards the betterment of society.