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Dearly Beloved: Love at First Sight

Eight Years Ago

"Pests, the lot of them," Alec groused as he stared at the large mixed coven across from him and the Volturi. For the third or so time in two years did the Volturi have to deal with a particular coven: the Cullen Coven. As always, it seemed that the Cullens did not seem to understand the vampire laws the Volturi had established for their safety. Carlisle, the most reasonable vampire in the Cullen clan understood well enough, but the man could undoubtedly be swayed if his family's happiness came into play.

Alec's gaze strayed from face to face; he didn't bother to even give his attention to the scant dogs on the plain. His straying ceased at Edward Cullen and his once human mate, Isabella Swan nee Cullen. Those two who broke another law, calling for their attention to clean up their mess before it got out of hand. Isabella was the main reason for this because Edward Cullen was so interested in her. As a human she wasn't anything overly special. Her looks, brains, even her flowery scent (Alec's had smelled better) all of it - she wasn't as the mortals say 'one-in-a-million'. Any teenaged girl could easily replace her and yet, Edward risked the Volturi's anger for her. Personally, Alec thought the boy was in love with the idea of love. He was but a lonely, naive child who forced himself to be so dogged on this one girl so, he'd live a vampire's existence with someone.

Marcus once told Alec that this boy's love for the girl was as intense as the love he felt for Didyme. Alec doubted the fact. Those two... it was nothing more than an obsession on both parts. And in their twisted obsession, those two created a monster that could potentially reveal their existence to the entire world. Alec's keen eyes caught the tiny movement of the abomination on the giant rustic colored wolf that stood next to Edward and his mate.

"Jane, Chelsea, the time for talking has passed. Our friends have made their decision. Let us make ours," Aro said, a tinge of disappointment in his voice. Chelsea and Jane gave Aro imperceptible nods. Chelsea, as always, went first; she narrowed her eyes over at the awaiting group of vampires. Alike his gift and his sister's, Chelsea's gift was silent but her's was mental. It crept into the mind and blurred lines of loyalty and faith.

Alec waited for Aro's most sought after prizes to step forward and do away with their former clan, joining the Volturi, but the seconds passed and nothing happened. "Chelsea," Jane said questioningly. Even Aro looked toward the light brunette who shook in fear and desperation, her bottom pink lip trembling.

"There's something or someone blocking me. I can't move past it!" Chelsea said hysterically. "My gift!"

Aro laughed airily, clapping his hands. "Marvelous! Just marvelous! You've acquired a shield! I wonder who it is?" Aro tilted his head, clearly gleeful. "Jane, your turn."

Jane smirked and Alec shifted. His older sister, the strong twin, would be the one to break down the meager shield and destroy the thorn in their side once and for all. No one denied his sister's precious talent. Jane's gift only required a second or two. Alec waited for at least one of them to double over in complete agony, but none did. They all stood strong and upright, not one of them wincing.

Jane let out an audible roar. "Her! It's her! She's blocking me," Jane pointed a slim finger at the worm of a newborn vampire. Alec forced himself to hold back a threatening growl. The child had the audacity to show his sister a smug smirk like she won. Her smirk only served to become wider. In response, Jane crouched down, the loudest growl Alec had heard from her in years ripped from her throat. She hunched forward, close to springing when Alec caught her by the shoulder. "Calm, sister," Alec murmured. Jane nodded, relaxing as she stood back up.

His talent slithered on the very edges of snow. The mist, near translucent, was silent as it snuck upon their enemies. Alec frowned. His mist bounced back. A shield or wall prevented him from getting through. His red lips twitched downward. He willed the mist to swirl around the area, testing how far the shield extended and not really to his surprise, because honestly the Cullens needed all the help they could get, the shield wrapped around every single person fighting against them.

"Impenetrable from attacks involving mental and illusion abilities, I highly doubt it's a force field. Physical attacks are most likely possible," Alec summarized. Aro nodded. His attention still glued on their enemies.

"Isabella, you've developed a fantastic gift. Who knew your simple skill of protecting yourself from others would transform into this? You'll make an extraordinary addition to the guard. That is if you want too, my dear, and that extends to all of you, my special friends!" Aro chittered.

Alec surveyed the group. All of them looked ready to maul them from limb to limb. "No?" Aro frowned, dangerously close to pouting. "Hmm. Shall we vote then? Caius." He inclined his head toward the white-blond who curled his lip at Aro. He was the favorite out of Marcus and Aro for Alec, and they, Caius and him, occasionally shared a bed together.

"I think we should kill it. She's an unknown factor and therefore poses a threat to us. Anyone who tries to oppose our decision should be dealt with immediately," Caius said as honest as ever, his bloodshed tangible. Alec shared a long look with Caius, who briefly winked in his direction. He addressed Aro yet again. "She dangerous and will eventually try to uproot us like the Roman Coven!" Caius hissed.

Aro visibly stiffened. "Marcus?" Aro turned to the statuesque of a nineteen-year-old, his face set in stone.

"We may look into this matter later. For now she poses no threat to us. Let us leave until we are needed, brother," Marcus said apathetically. Aro simply blinked at him.

"So, it seems my vote will be the one to decide the matters," Aro said, rubbing at his chin. Neither Alec nor the Volturi guard was fooled by this. Aro liked to be in these positions where he held the uttermost power, if only for a little while. Aro had to be the deciding man, the piece that mattered most.

"Be done with this charade and kill her!" Caius yelled from his spot and Aro continued on with his dramatics. Alec's ears caught the sound of rapid movement and the fast-paced thrumming of a human heart; it resembled the thing on the wolf's back.

"Hear that, sister?" Alec asked and Jane nodded.

"Someone's coming," Jane alerted.

"Our proof that Renesmee isn't harmful!" the boy, Edward, said loudly. "Come out, Alice!"

"Alice," the mixed coven murmured in unison. Aro even said her name. Alec breathed, more children that Aro had taken a special interest in. The one who was able to see the future, Alice and Jasper, bounded from the trees, two vampires following her path. Alec wasn't interested in the girls. He was solely interested in the dark-skinned boy who appeared sixteen. The boy was the one who's heartbeat like the monster. So, there were others in existence.

"This is Huilen and her nephew, Nahuel. Nahuel is a hybrid," Edward said like he was proud of the very fact.

"Nephew?" Aro inquired. "Huilen speak; enlighten us with your tale." Aro motioned to Huilen who stepped forward. She wrung her long dark brown hair in her hands, clearly scared. As she should be, Alec thought dryly. He tuned out Huilen's story, waiting for this whole situation to blow over. He had already guessed how this would end. He knew Caius wouldn't be pleased. Nahuel was called next. As soon as Alec heard only he was venomous as opposed to his sisters, it solidified it. The child was safe… for now.

Joham, the child's creator on the otherhand... Caius' bloodshed would be sated soon. "Dear friends, a blessing is upon us. There's no need for bloodshed. My brothers and I should take our leave, but before we depart, friends, you still have a spot in the guard." He wore a benign smile as if he his original visit wasn't a ploy to kill them all.

"Aro, I think it's best if you leave," Carlisle said softly and Aro sighed. He motioned for his brothers to head out, Aro at the front, Marcus behind him, and then Caius who snarled, trailing afterwards. The wives were next, Felix, Demetri, Jane, and then him. A piercing howl stopped Alec in his tracks and he turned around to face the source. His eyes flitted from wolf to wolf until he stopped at a shaggy grey-colored one with big expressive brown eyes.

And it happened.

Alec wobbled forward and placed a hand to the left side of his chest. His heart. He had felt his heart beat against his chest. The wolf who he shared this stare with seemed to be the cause of his heart beating after a thousand years. The shaggy wolf dashed into the forest to the left. He only had to wait ten seconds before a young boy around fifteen jumped out. He had deep russet skin and pitch black shiny hair. Alec clutched his shirt. His heart beat again. This boy... what in the world did he do to him?

He came to the conclusion that the boy somehow played his emotions like the light blond empath, and Alec didn't take well to that. He ran to the boy with a frightening speed, ignoring the cries of protest from Edward. He bypassed all the vampires that tried to catch him, pouncing on the boy, hissing loudly like an agitated viper. To his slight amazement the boy moved not a muscle nor did he shake in preparation for his shape-shifting form. "Do it," the boy murmured. "Kill me. That's what you want, right?"

"Alec! You don't understand, he's..." Alec didn't bother to listen any further.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY BROTHER, YOU NASTY BLOODSUCKER!" a female screeched. Alec glanced up at the running female who resembled the male below him. His upper lip twitched, there would be no interruptions. His gift flared out to affect everyone but him and the boy. The vermin newborn had stupidly let her shield down.

Screams of outrage poured into the air, Alec cared for none of that, too focused on the boy who once against arrested his attention. "You have ten seconds, boy, to tell me what you've done to me and perhaps, I'll consider showing you mercy. Fail to give me a proper answer… death by my sister shall seem like an angel's blessing," Alec crooned in a sickly sweet voice.

"You'll give me a chance?" the boy below him said, excited for some odd reason.

"Eight seconds," Alec said snippily. His mouth began to fill with venom.

"Alright! So, I'm going to presume you know about werewolves? Well, we have this bond called Imprinting. It's where we find our soul mates. We become whatever they need us to be. Friend, brother," the boy below him glanced at Alec through his eyelashes. His cheeks turning a darker russet color. "Lover. So, uhh, I imprinted on you. I'll do anything for you in order for you to be happy. If you want to kill me, do it."

Alec stared at the boy curiously. He smelt no lie from the boy, so, what he was telling him had to be true. However, he wanted to know more about this Imprinting. True werewolves were Bonded and this Imprinting was considerably different from Bonding. He mulled heavily on the matter; he needed more information on what the boy called Imprinting, but he hadn't the time or the patience to wait and find out more information.

"What's your name, child?"

The boy underneath him grinned brightly, "You wanna know my name? It's Seth Clearwater, but I'm fine with any name you give me. Well, almost any name, but again, I'm fine with whatever! I already know your name, the Cullens informed us about you guys. You aren't as scary as you are in real life,"

"Shut up," Alec commanded. Seth snapped his jaw with a click as soon as the words came from his mouth. He shifted uncomfortably under him, appearing put out. Alec had the strange urge to reach out and comfort the boy but he kept to himself. These weren't his true emotions or urges; they were nothing but an illusion of the mind created by the youngling underneath him.

"You're coming with me to Volterra either by free will or force," Alec finally said and Seth froze.

"What about my family? Can they come along too or can I write to them? Are you going to keep me prisoner for the rest of my natural human life, or am I going to have serve in your army?" This boy, Alec mentally sighed, eyeing him lazily.

"My concern and I use that term loosely, lies with you and you only. Your family may come along, but I can't promise nothing will happen to them," he gave the boy beneath him a sardonic smile. "No harm will come to you during your time at Volterra if you stay at my side."

The images sudden blurred together and Alec gasped as he bolted upright. His vision took a couple of seconds to come into focus. He groaned, clutching at his forehead. "Oh, my head, I haven't felt this sort of pain in over a thousand years. Jane... Seth?" He arose from his seat on the airplane, stumbling every few steps. When in the world had he gotten on an airplane?

"Seth," Alec called again. Where was his mate when he actually needed him? Oh god, his vision was getting blurry again. He wheeled back, close to tripping, when two steel arms wrapped themselves around his waist. Alec turned his gaze upwards, calmed by the sight of his mate: Seth. Seth's big brown brimmed with concern. He dragged Alec over back to his seat. Seth plopped down first, tugging Alec onto his lap.

Alec attempted to get up, hating the feeling of being all babied and treated like some precious doll. He crossed his arms, leaning back against Seth's broad chest. At the moment he fought the urge to relax. He was still mad dammit. He muttered under his breath, without a thought switching his position to get more comfortable. He curled under Seth's chin, pressing his nose deep into Seth's chest. He inhaled the heady scent of his mate, loving the decadent aroma of the forest, fresh snow, and the sweet scent of honey mixed in with an overpowering hint of procaine, which was his marker to anyone that Seth was his and his alone.

Just as Alec had gotten his fill, his nose picked up a new scent. Alec bared his sharp teeth on alert. Who dared to touch what is mine? ran through his head as he acted like a fervent bloodhound following the odd new scent that was slowly, but surely covering his own. His mouth filled with corrosive venom as his nose led him to Seth's lower abdomen, above his hairline. "Seth," he growled throatily, staring at his mate dead in the eye.

"Yes?" Seth smiled innocently, a spark of apprehension in his eye. His young mate reached up to pull on his right ear. A sign that Alec had come to associate with Seth being anxious. "Whose scent do you carry? It's neither mine nor yours, in fact it isn't anyone that I recognize," Alec whispered, his words laced with a promised threat of death should Seth's answer be unfavorable. Seth thumped his foot on the carpeted ground several times. His brows knitted together and then unknotted. He's clearly thinking how to word his betrayal to me, Alec thought, agitated. A minute or so passed before Seth gently grasped Alec's jaw, pulling him back up to his eye level.

"You know how a couple of months ago you wanted to top me? You said I was glowing and all that shit?" he asked Alec. The vampiric teen nodded minutely.

"Well, uhh, how do I put this? I smell like this because-,"

"Seth's a breeder and you got him pregnant," Jane chimed in, strolling into the compartment seating herself in front of Alec and Seth. She viewed them calmly an amused smirk on her face. "Dear brother, while the scent is indeed foreign, you can't tell me that doesn't smell like you and doggy boy."

Alec merely regarded his sister; a rare confused look crossed his angelic features. "Huh?"

Jane reached out to pat Alec on the arm. "You're going to be a daddy," she chirped. Alec's gaze flowed from his sister's pretty face to Seth's sheepish one. His young mate seemed to be biting his lip, smiling the tiniest bit.

"Does she speak the truth?" Alec asked hollowly.

"Yes," Seth said brightly. He noticed the way his mate's eyes seemed to twinkle and his face was flushed a light pink, warmth seemed to just radiate from him. He may have loathed it, but whatever it was it happened to be infectious. It was bubbled deep within him, churning his stomach, oh Gods, was he going die? The thing inside his mate was killing him slowly. Oh God! Oh God! He shifted uncomfortably… he told himself to breathe. He was overreacting but the odd feeling. What was it!

"Oh! That clairvoyance girl managed to pick out the perfect dress. Even better than the one you're in right now!" Jane crowed.

"Dress?" By now Alec had seated himself back on Seth's lap, nuzzling into the shape shifter's neck near the jugular vein and carotid artery, loving how his scent was concentrated in that particular area.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten, brother. Look down at yourself," Jane said, her hand rested beneath her chin.

Alec pulled from Seth (reluctantly) and arched eyebrow at his twin. What was she talking about? Dress? He took a curious glance downward expecting to see some his regular attire instead he was met with...holy shit! In all his years he had no words whatsoever to describe what he wearing! That movie made by the director Tom Barton, Alison in Crazyland: he was dressed in what Alison wore when she stayed with that bigheaded heart thing!

"Mmm, yes, I like it better than the Barracuda. You are utterly riveting in black and red." Jane laughed airily.

"Seth?" Alec started slow, "what am I doing in this atrocity?"

"Calm down, I had no say in that matter and I thought you wouldn't, you know, notice. After the pregnancy and the plane ride…" Seth chattered, desperately trying to appease him.

"Let's not forget the marriage!"

"Marriage," Alec echoed and he heard Seth groan. His sister waggled a finger in front of him, a gesture to him to do the same. Alec mirrored her, his jaw dropped. He had an engagement ring. When did he get an engagement ring?

"Seth," his voice laced with panic, "when… what… father… d-dress… married!" Internal animated Alec was running amuck inside his bigger self. His hands were clutching his dark hair, ripping the dead cells from the scalp. Alike some dramatic movie he fell to his knees pleading to the Gods' above why they chose him! He'd been a good evil terrorizing vampire, hadn't he?

"Babe, are okay?" Alec vaguely heard his mate say in concern. Oh no, the edges of his vision were beginning to become fuzzy. He tried and failed to stay conscious, the world around him was growing dark. He felt himself tip forward, back, and then forward again - he tried. He honestly tried to stop his body from falling. His hands reached out to soften the impa -

Jane stared at her brother's prone form cradled in Seth's arms. The shapeshifter had caught him before he hit the ground. "I would think my brother was the pregnant one. He keeps passing out!" she exclaimed.

Seth merely nodded, brushing a stray hair out of Alec's face. Hopefully, Doctor Carlisle would be able to figure out why his beloved kept passing out like some human. "Well, look on the bright side. If last time was anything to go by he'll be awake to meet the Cullens and your old flame!" Jane laughed, clapping her hands together. Oh! What fun the next day or so shall be. "Mwuhahahahahahahaha~"

"You're pure evil," Seth said, feeling a bit intimidated by the evil chuckle from the girl.

"Thank you, doggy," Jane purred.

That wasn't a compliment, Seth deadpanned, yet he felt the immortal girl found joy in that.