It's been a really long time since I wrote a Flight 29 Down fic. My old ones were my very first stories, written about five ago. They're awful. I'm hoping my writing has improved some over this time. I just recently was roped into re-watching the series and realized I still love it. I hadn't thought of it in years, but when I started watching it, it all came back to me. The characters, the episodes. I can remember nearly all of the dialogue, the episode names, the fics I read, and the pennames of the authors who wrote them. It was a weird, but good, blast from the past.

Also, if any of you know how to make gifs (and screencaps), would you mind making some of the series and putting them on tumblr? I'm sure plenty of us would love it.

Abby doesn't blame her.

Not really, at least.

Abby knows it was her own idea. She was the one who first brought up using the money to bring someone else on the trip. If she's looking for someone to blame, Abby knows it's just as much her fault as it is Melissa's.

But Abby also knows that her whole "give back to school" idea wouldn't have happened with out Melissa. No one else would have cared enough to sacrifice their comfort for someone else. No one else knew someone who couldn't afford it, who deserved it. No one else even noticed Jackson beyond him being new at school.

So maybe it is Melissa's fault.

If it hadn't been for her, they would have been on the bigger plane. They would have been altogether. Everyone would have had a blast in Palau and been back home by now. She wouldn't have been lost in the jungle for days. She wouldn't have nearly starved, nearly died. Ian and Jory and Captain Russell would be safe.

Abby wants to blame Melissa.

She needs to be able to blame somebody for this. Needs to be able to know that what she went through in the jungle was the result of something. Needs to know that what happened to her wasn't her own fault for going off alone. And everyone knows that it's okay to blame someone for something that's their fault.

But she can't.

She watches Melissa from a distance. Not purposely or anything like that. She was just observing life at camp. Melissa was tending the fire and looked over at Jackson, who was about fifteen yards away, coming toward the camp with arms filled with firewood. This trip has changed Melissa. She's stronger now, more intense. Less of that good-natured, somewhat insecure girl she was only a week and a half ago when Abby was here last.

So Abby doesn't blame Melissa, because Club 29 Down had it as hard as she did.

I'm not really sure where I wanted to go with that, but I hope you enjoyed it.