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Past Prologue: Sky in different axis

Byakuran, as one of the Skies of the Trinisette, knew for all resemblances they bore, there was one thing that set him apart from Tsunayoshi and Yuni. He had absolutely no qualms about using his power for selfish reasons, not even after Tsunayoshi defeated him and Yuni saved him Byakuran had not lost his mischievousness. As a bearer of the Trinisette they had a very big burden, one that was almost impossible to bear on their young shoulders. His insanity and God complex was undeniable proof, he sometimes wondered how Yuni-chan and Tsunayoshi-kun could stay sane and bear said burden with pride. While he had no wish for world domination anymore Byakuran thought they had privileges to abuse their power at least a little.

So when Byakuran came across knowledge of one parallel world he couldn't resist abusing his power a little, or so he thought. Of course he was careful and weighted the pros and cons of doing this, he was sure this was harmless and if anything Tsunayoshi-kun should be grateful. On second thought, Tsunayoshi-kun didn't even have to know and Yuni wouldn't know either, it would be his little secret with…


Byakuran pouted, "Why not Shou-chan? Think of how interesting this project would be!"

Shoichi had to admit his scientist's sense was tingling and he was very tempted to accept the offer just for the sake of science alone. He had to remind himself how that might upset the balance of the parallel world, or how it might start the Trinisette policy all over again. "No means no Byakuran-san."

The white haired Mafia Boss huffed, "I assure you it's safe! No harm done to anyone! If anything… I am helping Tsunayoshi-kun!"

"A help he's never needed." Shoichi pointed out, ignoring the hurtful look Byakuran shot at him. "Anyway… Tsunayoshi-kun is my boss, he will not be pleased if I do this kind of experiment behind his back!"

"But Shou-chan!" Byakuran whined, "Think about it! The possibility! The new discovery!" He smirked when he saw Shoichi's eyes light up with a visible lump in his throat, "I am sure you will not be in any trouble with Tsunayoshi-kun! He is too kind and gentle!" Byakuran gushed out.

Shoichi rolled his eyes, "This coming from someone who got beaten mercilessly after he pissed off said kind and gentle man?" His voice was dripping with sarcasm.

Byakuran ignored that comment, "So…?"

"NO!" Shoichi refused firmly.

Unfortunately, Byakuran was very persistent about his grand plan, and he was also very persuasive. Irie Shoichi questioned himself for the thousandth time just what possessed him to be Byakuran Gesso's best friend, said best friend who had no qualms blackmailing him to get him to cooperate. Shoichi would forever regret letting his curiosity and teenage whim eat at him, how Byakuran got that photo of when he was dressed in a visual kei costume was beyond him. He would be damned if he let that photo go out on the black market though, he had a reputation as Vongola's strategist to uphold.

Damn Byakuran…

It was easy enough to get Tsuna to lend him his rings for a couple of hours; his Guardians were another matter entirely. It was easy to get Gokudera's belt buckle and Yamamoto's necklace because they would never say no when Tsuna himself asked them to, Lambo was also easily separated from his helmet when bribed with sweets, Ryohei's bangle was slightly difficult to get but as long as you were patient enough to wait for him to finish his extreme rant he was a very agreeable person, the last two Guardians though… Shoichi had to resort to extreme bribing for Hibari, he promised the man an upgraded training room and tonfas and even then Hibari was still glowering at him when the Cloud Guardian reluctantly handed his bracelet to Shoichi. And Mukuro… thankfully the Mist Guardians were taking turns wearing their earring every day, so Shoichi could easily borrow it when it was Chrome's turn.

Shoichi only hoped this experiment was as harmless as Byakuran said, Tsuna was very kind, no doubt about it, but not really someone you should cross. He was still a Mafia Boss, after all, and pissing him off meant you had a death wish.

Past (Sawada Tsunayoshi 10 yrs old)

Sawada Tsunayoshi watched as his mother gave a sad smile as she answered his father through the phone. "So you can't make it this year, Dear?" Nana asked with a faked cheerful tone, Tsuna absently wondered how many times his kind mother faked her cheery demeanor in front of his father. Sawada Iemitsu was rarely home and even if he was, it would be for just a few days and only months later did he return. This year too, his father had business to attend to and couldn't be home for their wedding anniversary. What was more important than their anniversary? Tsuna didn't want to know. It pained him to know his father had something he prioritized more than his family.

"How about Natsuhiko?" A pause, and the downhearted look his mother had spoke thousands of words. "Oh… Tsuna and I will miss him." Sawada Natsuhiko was Tsuna's younger fraternal twin. Natsuhiko looked like their father's copy with their mother's coloring. Tsuna never understood why his younger twin had to stay with his father, but it had something to do with that little flame accident they had last year.

Tsuna didn't really remember the details but apparently his brother had accidentally burned a small portion of their yard. Tsuna recalled how his father was very pleased when he heard it, though Tsuna was puzzled with the disappointed look his father gave when he looked at Tsuna. Whatever reason Iemitsu had to take Natsuhiko away from home Tsuna was thankful he was not taken away too, he was glad to be here where his mother needed him.

"Oh yes… I will remember to send Natsuhiko's favorite food, my homemade pickle and apple jam." Nana's smile turned nostalgic, it was good to know his brother didn't forget the taste of home. Natsuhiko had a contrasting personality compared to Tsuna, he was brash, loud and always had a goofy grin on his face that he inherited from their father. His relationship with Tsuna was not bad like brothers who keep fighting with brotherly rivalry, Tsuna was too timid for that. Tsuna loved his brother but their personalities clashed so they couldn't relate at all, and Natsuhiko himself preferred to be in the company of his friends rather than Tsuna's, playing soccer and hanging around in game centres. The older twin on the other hand preferred to be at home, helping his mother do chores and spending his spare time reading manga and gardening. The only thing that was similar between the twins was their horrible performance in school, thankfully Natsuhiko made up for it by being a star in soccer and Tsuna won a couple of literature competitions. While Natsuhiko had a lot of friends, Tsuna had none and for as long as he could remember Tsuna hoped one day he could be as good as Natsuhiko in making friends.

The white haired boy sighed as he ran his fingers through his messy hair, his pale skin and white hair made him look like he'd fade into the background of that white room. He always thought hospital rooms, no matter how luxurious, had the smell of death. He never liked it even though he spent most of his life trapped in that room. The only thing he liked about the room was the silence so he was really irritated at the slightest noise. As long as the noise didn't bombard his sanctuary he didn't care.

"The Gesso family paid a lot for your research so you could heal young master Byakuran!" Byakuran blinked. He recognized that voice, it was Sebastian the family butler. "And you dare to tell me the best you can do is prolong his life?" He wondered why Sebastian even cared, hell, his own father didn't even care in the slightest, and never would.

Byakuran could heal himself, he knew how but unfortunately he couldn't do it for many reasons. One: he was too young, not to mention the disease weakened him to the point he couldn't walk without the help of an electric wheelchair. Two: even though he could tell the doctors how to heal him, they wouldn't be able to follow his instructions because of the lack of technology. Three: he knew that in a few months his disease would be incurable even with his knowledge.

This was just him being unlucky to be born with a disease since young age, almost all of his alternate selves were much older and healthy.

He knew the next two years would be long and painful just to struggle to survive, but the little experiment one of his alternate selves conducted would probably make the last two painful years enjoyable. Byakuran Gesso had nothing to lose, and with this he could die without regret.

He smiled when he saw two pink haired girls appear from the thin air right beside his bed, "Hello Cervello…"

They nodded, "What is your decision Byakuran-sama?" One of them were holding a familiar black box in their hands.

Byakuran smirked mischievously as he raised his right hand to them, "Put the Mare Sky ring on my finger." He paused, "And sneak some marshmallow in for me later!" He whispered, "Sebastian won't give me any!"

They sweat-dropped, "Byakuran-sama…"

"Always remember, a cat looks down upon a man, and a dog looks up to a man, but a pig will look a man in the eye and see his equal."


It might be a funny quote at first glance, but Tsuna liked it for it's deeper meaning. He always observed how most people looked down upon him like a cat and how his literature teacher and mother looked at him in the eye. Tsuna doubted he would ever find anyone who would look up to him. He definitely had no answer to what this toddler's, dressed in a suit with a fedora on his head, way of looking at him was. It seemed the depths of those dark eyes confused his trained eyes.

"Ciaossu! I am Reborn."

What kind of name was Reborn?

"I will be your tutor."

What kind of sick joke was this?

The last thing Tsuna remembered was the baby ordering him to die with a gun pointed at him, he was sure he saw the bullet right between his eyes. He wakes up in a cold sweat, and wonders 'what was that dream about?' Nevertheless the dream has ended and he was back in the real world. Tsuna thought it would be the last time he would dream of a cocky baby pointing a gun at him. For the next three weeks almost every night he dreams of getting shot at and running around in his boxers.

Present prologue: The Sky of Summer and The Peaceful Sky
(Sawada Tsunayoshi 13 years old)

Natsuhiko munched on his toast heartily, sighing in delight as the sweet and sour taste of apple touched his tongue. Nothing could beat the taste of home, of his mother's cooking. He had so much to tell his mother and brother, though the latter was not a priority. Sometimes he wished Tsunayoshi and him were more alike in personality, then he could share stories about his training and studying as the next Mafia Boss. Tsunayoshi would freak out if he knew his little brother was a Mafia-Boss-in-training.

Speaking of Tsunayoshi, his older twin was nowhere in sight. Natsuhiko didn't see him last night either, while his mother had been awake to welcome him even though it was late. His kind mother told him that Tsuna was sleeping over at his friend's place, and will see him in school. There was nothing much Natsuhiko knew about his twin since he left Japan, his father had deemed it important to limit their communication with family for safety reasons.

"You are in for a surprise at school Nat-kun…" Nana said cheerfully.

Natsuhiko blinked, "A surprise?" He scowled, "And stop calling me that Kaa-san! I am thirteen years old! Call me Natsuhiko or Natsu for short!"

Nana giggled, "I still call your older brother Tsu-kun, I don't see why I have to give you special treatment young man…" Nana chided jokingly,

The older brunette was happy her son was back. It was unfortunate though that Tsu-kun had slept over at Yamamoto's house. Over the years Natsuhiko had grown to be almost an exact copy of her husband. Nana thought when they were just babies Natsuhiko would be the one who was more good looking of the two, Tsuna looked very much like her. But now…

"You have rice stuck on your cheek." she said as she pointed at her own cheek to indicate where the piece was, "Very mature indeed."

Natsuhiko could only blush as he hastily wiped his dirty cheek; it was good to be back in Japan. In Italy the food was amazingly luxurious but his mother's cooking was much better.

On the way to school Natsuhiko couldn't help but think about the surprise his mother told him about. It was undoubtedly related to Tsuna, and Natsu wondered what kind of surprise his older twin had. His thoughts were interrupted when a tiny shoe rammed itself straight into his nose.

"Baka-Natsu, don't space out in the middle on the road. That's unbefitting for a boss-in-training." Natsu groaned as he nursed his bleeding nose. "Stupid-Natsu, wipe that with a handkerchief, not your hand!"

Natsu growled, "I am not a bloody girl! I don't bring a handkerchief around with me all the time!" He yelled indignantly.

"Ano…" His ears perked up at the melodious voice called from his back.

"Yes?" He turned around to find two of the most beautiful girls he'd ever seen, both of them was wearing Nami-chu's uniform. The first girl had orange hair cut just below her face and light brown eyes, she was smiling at him and Reborn. The second girl had dark brown hair that was styled in a high ponytail and had equally dark cat like brown eyes. A sheepish smile was on her lips as she nervously stretched her hand to offer her white handkerchief to him. "Thanks…" He accepted the handkerchief. "Sorry for this, I will buy you a new one later." he promised as he wiped the blood off of his face.

The ponytailed girl's smile became wider in return, "Don't worry, you can just throw it away… Haru has a lot of handkerchiefs at home." Then she fished out another handkerchief from her pocket, "And I have a spare with me now, so you can have that one. Haru gives it to you, so feel free to use it desu."

Natsuhiko thought it was very cute she spoke in third person, "Ah okay, thank you very much… err… "

"Miura Haru…" She introduced.

'What a cute name for a pretty girl.' Natsu thought.

"Miura-san…" He smiled charmingly, "Thank you for your kindness." It puzzled him slightly when the girl didn't even blush at the sight of his smile and only replied curtly before she bid him goodbye since she was in a club and so had to be in school early. Natsuhiko was surprised to find the second girl Miura Haru dubbed as Kyoko-chan put three candies wrapped in brown wrappers in Reborn's tiny hands, Haru did the same and then they quickly rushed in the school's direction, leaving the hitman and boss-in-training alone.

Natsuhiko whistled, "As popular as ever with the girls aren't you Reborn-sensei?"

Reborn, surprisingly, unwrapped one and popped the orb shaped, dark brown candy into his mouth, "Hm… it's espresso flavored."

'How did they know Reborn's favorite flavour?' Natsuhiko wondered in confusion, not to mention it was weird they gave coffee flavored candy to random babies. Reborn was not a baby but, still, he looked like one. Usually girls were very careful about giving sweets to children.

"Did you notice something unusual Baka-Natsu?" Reborn asked calmly, the sound of his teeth crushing the hard candy could be heard.

Natsu raised an eyebrow, "They give coffee candies to babies? That's weird I admit…"

Reborn scowled, "Good grief, both you and Iemitsu are so dense." He licked his lips, unwrapping another candy. "Those two wore the Nami-chu uniform but theirs was not the usual regular uniform." Natsu raised an eyebrow, "For one, the fabric theirs were made of have better quality than the usual one, their jackets were rimmed in orange and there is a school badge on the knot of their ties."

He smiled sheepishly, "I didn't notice… but what does it have to do with anything?" he asked, "You know, it's not unusual to modify school uniforms in Japan."

The hitman clicked his tongue in irritation, "Why do I bother?" he wondered out loud, "Do you know the background of your school?"

Natsu shrugged, then started to read his short research out loud. "Namimori Gakuen. Two years ago it was just a small school that was, overall, pretty average. There is also an elementary school and a high school that shares the same name and are also under the same board governor though they were located in different places in Namimori. It's been two years since the Imonoyama family took over ownership. Imonoyama is one of the riches families in Japan that's rumored to be ruling Japan's economy from behind the scenes. So now the Namimori Gakuen has become the branch school of Clamp Gakuen in Tokyo. Since Namimori now belongs to this flamboyantly rich family, it's reasonably big with the kindergarden, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school in one complex." He took a deep breath, "I heard they will be building a university next…"

Reborn scoffed, "Reasonably big you say? While it's not as big as the one in Tokyo, the school is easily in the top five of the biggest schools in Japan."

"Wow!" Natsu was impressed.

"And, I ask you to pay attention to uniforms because the student council wears distinctive uniforms." Reborn pointed out with a smirk.

Natsu blinked, "So those two are on the student council? Well… so what? It's not like I'm aiming to be the boss of the school or anything so why do I have to watch out for them?"

Reborn's kick once again landed on his face, "Because Baka-Natsu, the president of the student council was handpicked by the headmaster and the other members were picked by the president. They are the best of the best in your school." He explained in a tired tone, "The unique characteristic Namimori shares with the main school in Tokyo is how the student council governs their school. They are given full authority, their decision making power outranks those of the board of directors, PTA, and the faculty." Natsu gaped at Reborn's explanation, he heard the student council of this school was good but he didn't expect them to practically own the school. "Yes… they own the school and run it as they please. I believe Imonoyama called it the democracy of youth."


"Oh, and remember to look at student council members for potential guardians." Reborn reminded him, "You will be surprised with what kind of people you could find…" The boss-in-training had an uneasy feeling at the sight of Reborn's smirk.

Class 1D

The sound of chalk grazing the surface of the black board was the only thing that could be heard in class 1D, though from the look on their faces Natsuhiko suspected his new classmates were holding back to keep from bursting into chatting with each other. They also had disbelieving looks on their faces as their eyes traveled back and forth from his name on the blackboard to him. He suspected that was surely not because he was good looking or anything, or maybe there was something stuck on his face? Rice again?

"Sawada Natsuhiko, a transfer student from Italy…" Their teacher, a middle-aged man called Hishigi-sensei said as he finished writing Natsuhiko's name with a flourish.

Natsuhiko nodded as Hishigi-sensei told him to introduce himself, "My name is Sawada Natsuhiko, I've live in Italy for almost four years because of family matters." Then he winked, "I am pretty fluent in Italian of course, and I am looking forward to spending the next two semesters in this class especially because the girls in this class are all belle signore." A pause, "I mean kawaii ojousan-tachi…" As if on cue, all thegirls blushed deep red while most of the boys in class groaned, and the rest of them snickered. He was about to ask if anyone had any questions for him but Hishigi-sensei decided he had made enough ruckus so he was quickly ushered to sit beside a blond boy who had a lollipop in his mouth. He had a very bored look on his face and barely spared a glance at Natsuhiko as the taller boy sat in the seat next to his.

"I am Sawada Natsuhiko…" He offered a hand. "Nice to meet you."

The blond took the lollipop out of his mouth; Natsuhiko raised an eyebrow at the pink wrench-shaped sweet. "Mi Chiamo Spanner, Molto lieto."

Natsuhiko's jaw dropped, but he quickly put it back since it was unbefitting for a boss-in-training. "Parla italiano?" he asked hesitantly, voice low because he didn't want to attract attention.

Spanner nodded, lollipop placed on his bottom lip. "Si, parlo italiano…" he answered lazily, and then he switched to Japanese. "Anyway… you shold turn around and pay attention to the blackboard or else… Hishigi-sensei is glaring at you."

Natsuhiko hastily turned around and smiled apologetically to the glaring teacher, he tried to strike a conversation with Spanner when Hishigi-sensei wasn't looking, but Spanner ignored him all throughout the Japanese Language period, the blond barely acknowledged his presence in Science class much to Natsuhiko's irritation. Natsuhiko, despite being irritated at Spanner, was very curious about the blond boy, especially because all the teachers ignored the fact that Spanner was eating sweets in class. Their Science teacher, Maiko-sensei didn't even care Spanner answered her question in front of class with a lollipop in his mouth.

At break, Natsuhiko decided to look for his brother but to no avail he couldn't find his brother's spiky hair in any of the first year classes. He wanted to ask around but if his brother was anything like when Natsuhiko left Japan no one would care enough to know where he was. Tsuna was good at fading into the background like that. Natsuhiko knew, by all rights, the moment the Ninth's sons were killed it should've been Tsunayoshi, as the older of the two, appointed as the next boss, but Iemitsu, as CEDEF leader, suggested Natsuhiko instead because he was the stronger one. Not to mention that when Tsuna was young he had a weak body and got sick easily. Natsuhiko would never admit it but he was happy to be appointed as candidate for Boss instead of Tsuna because, just like any normal brother would, Natsuhiko felt happy he was acknowledged as someone better than his brother. He was special while Tsuna was normal, if not a failure.

He was quite tired of looking so he sat on a bench in Nami-chu's garden. It was sunny outside, and since now was summer it was quite humid. He was quite used to it though since Italy was much hotter than Japan in summer.

Natsuhiko almost jumped out of shock when someone patted his shoulder, "YO!" It was the boy who sat behind him, Natsuhiko recalled. If only his hyper intuition had awakened. He was sure no one could catch him off guard then, he was also sure Reborn would give him a beating for this lapse later. The boy was a few inches shorter than Natsuhiko, with spiky brown hair and coal black eyes.

"I am Huzimori Mitsuru, call me Mitsu. Can I call you Natsuhiko?" He offered his hand that Natsuhiko shook firmly, the other boy winced but noted it was probably because of his rather muscular built.

Natsuhiko noted the boy was very friendly, a type that was easily popular in school. "Of course…" Becoming this boy's friend would make it easier for him to find friends and recruit potential Family members. "Just call me Natsu… it's shorter, Mitsu."

Mitsuru grinned, "Are you looking for someone?" At the sheepish look Natsuhiko had Mitsuru laughed, "I thought so. My guess is you are looking for Sawada Tsunayoshi-senpai right?"

Natsuhiko blinked, "How did you know?"

Mitsuru laughed some more, "You are one oblivious bloke! Why do you think those girls were staring at you the whole day? I just guessed you are looking for him because you share the same sur-name, I wasn't sure though…"

"They stared because I am good looking." Natsuhiko stated, he had a lot of female admirers in Italy so he didn't see anything weird with them staring at him. "Wait." He paused, realizing there was one word Mitsuru said that he almost missed, "Why did you call Tsuna 'Tsunayoshi-senpai'?"

The brown haired boy blinked, "Erm, are you related to him? Sawada is a fairly common surname so I am not sure…"

Natsuhiko sighed, "We might be not identical but we are twins."

Mitsuru gaped, his jaw dropping to the floor. "You are Sawada-senpai's twin? Seriously?" Then he raised his hands in a placating gesture as if afraid Natsuhiko would be offended, though the boss-in-training wondered why the boy thought he would be offended Mitsuru was in disbelief that he was Tsuna's twin. "No offence man… you're not that bad looking if the looks the girls in our class has is any indication, but you really don't look like him at all."

"No sweat…" Natsuhiko assured the shorter boy, "I take after my father, and my twin looks more like my mother." A pause, "So care to enlighten me on why you called my brother senpai? Last time I checked he was born only twenty minutes earlier than me, so he should be in the same grade as us."

The brown haired boy raised an eyebrow, "You... really don't know?"

"Family matters…" Was his smooth reply.

Mitsuru quickly dropped the idea of questioning Natsuhiko about why he didn't know about his own twin, he didn't like to pry into other people's business simply because it was too troublesome and not to mention rude. "Okay, about your brother... he skipped a grade."

"My Dame-niisan skipped a grade?" Natsuhiko slipped the old nickname he used on his brother in shock. "How is that possible? Tsuna is Dame-Tsuna, always the last…"

Mitsuru for unknown reason paled, and Natsuhiko froze in his tracks when he felt cold steel pressed against his neck. He quickly backed away, wincing when his arms collided with hard steel, blocking the weapon but overestimating his arm's strength and underestimating his attacker's power. "Hn…"

His attacker was a black haired youth with cold eyes that Natsuhiko was familiar with; he had seen those kinds of eyes in the mafia world, the eyes of a vicious and experienced killer. Natsuhiko thought he was an assassin but halted his accusation when his eyes fell on his attacker's uniform then to the tonfa that was being held expertly.

Mitsuru sputtered, "We are sorry Hibari-senpai! We are not crowding! I swear! Only two of us! No crowding!"

What was MItsuru talking about? "Why did you attack me?" he asked calmly, trying not to flinch under Hibari's cold glare, it was nothing compared to Reborn's but still pretty impressive for a boy who was still in junior high.

"Insulting Kaichou (Student Council President) in public (A.K.A my hearing range) warrants you to be bitten to death by me." he replied coldly.

Natsuhiko blinked, "When did I insult this school's Kaichou?" Heck, he didn't even know who the president of this school was! "And who gave you right to bite me to death?" he asked, crossing his arms haughtily.

The boss-in-training quickly regretted his action when he barely ducked out of the way so the end of Hibari's tonfa collided with the bench backrest, leaving a big hole in the wood just a few inches from Natsuhiko's torso. "You were saying…?" The prefect growled threateningly.

"He is a new transfer student!" Mitsuru said, at last finding his voice and quickly pulling Natsuhiko out from Hibari's line of sight. "He doesn't know!"

"What are you…?" Natsuhiko was about to ask but Mitsuru covered his mouth.

He hissed, "He is Hibari Kyouya, the leader of the Disciplinary Committee! Don't talk back to him and apologize if you still want to see the next sunrise!" Mitsuru warned the taller boy.

He was a Mafia-Boss-in-training! He shouldn't have to bow down to a civilian and definitely not to a prefect of all people. Natsuhiko however knew this man was no slouch, even though Natsuhiko's hyper intuition still stayed dormant he could tell that much. Natsuhiko had also just noticed the boy didn't wear the standard uniform of Nami-chu, he was wearing an unbuttoned gakuran with a red armand pinned to the sleeve, pretty ironic for a Discipline Committee member to not even obey the rule of standard uniform.

Hibari was about to approach them; Natsuhiko was on his guard while Mitsuru squeaked in fright, "Kyouya…" A smooth, serene voice called and Hibari stopped and straightened from his attacking stance. "I take my eyes off of you for a few hours and you go off on your own to beat someone up again." Natsuhiko's eyes went wide when a brown haired boy stepped out from behind a tree. Since when was he there and why did he look so familiar? "I've told you many times you shouldn't punish students for every single offense, a warning is good enough, don't you think?"

"Kaichou…" Hibari gave the president a curt nod, Natsuhiko was surprised the prefect had some respect for someone else. This Kaichou was undoubtedly a big shot. Note to self: Never cross this Kaichou in school. "This boy dared to insult you, disrespecting a member of the student council is a serious offense, even more so when it's the president to boot. This herbivore here has guts to insult you within my hearing range." The older boy growled at Natsuhiko so badly that he had just to take one step back.

Natsuhiko turned his attention to anywhere but Hibari. He blinked when his eyes landed on the president of the student council. No wonder the boy looked familiar, it was his older twin Sawada Tsunayoshi! He was the president of the student council?

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Next: Past (Reunion with Blessed Shower of Tranquility)
Present (The guardian of Namimori Gakuen)

Next: Past (Reunion with Blessed Shower of Tranquility)

Tsuna blinked, "You… you… have dreams too…? He stuttered, "Yamamoto-san?"

"Don't be so formal with me!" Yamamomoto said, "I am your best bud, along with that Goku-guy! We play mafia RPG together, remember?"

Present (The guardian of Namimori Gakuen)

Natsu growled, "I have nothing against gay Mitsu, considering my background… but if you get any idea about my brother, I will make sure your life is a living hell!" Despite the fact they were never get along before, Natsu was still a brother and he was reasonably protective of his brother.

The shorter boy blanched, but quickly recovered. "Hey! I am straight! And for your information, more than half of the school would blush in your brother's presence!" Natsu had to admit that might be the case, his brother from what he saw just now could charm almost everyone. "He is just so… so…"

Natsu sighed, "Pretty? Handsome… yeah, he is really pretty to look at. " Though Tsuna didn't look like their mother anymore, but strangely Natsu had a feeling he ever saw Tsuna's face somewhere in Italy. His face was eerily familiar… in Vongola Mansion Timoteo almost swore that he saw the portrait of Primo was sneezing just now.


As you can see I would like to separate this story in two parts, one where Tsuna was ten and he start reuniting with his guardians and then one when he was 13 yrs old. I planned to do Daily Live arc and I am sure "Past" would be finish by then before we enter Varia Arc. We maybe would never see Kokuyo arc here -.-'

Note that even though Tsuna in this story in the past was dame too he was not as bad as Tsuna in Canon, it's just me want to emphasize on parallel-ness. For Natsuhiko... Maybe you can pick Kurosaki Ichigo as the base character I use, though Ichigo even though I am not bleach fan I believe is pretty smart. Three years in Italy with Nonno and Reborn should have some effect~ Don't assume Tsuna is as powerful as Canon Tsuna TYL, he is thirteen and memory will only get you so far... his body couldn't keep up with memory of Canon Tsuna TYL.

Imonoyama belongs to CLAMP, yeah that CLAMP! The school in their story is pretty much like Namimori Gakuen though in larger scale, CLAMP school is practically a small city. Go read the manga Clamp Detective School, though I have to admit it's not the best work of Clamp, more like them playing around.

Please help me if anyone is interested to beta this fic XD though all I can give are gratefulness and drawing fanart you like ^^/I AM LOOKING FOR A BETA FOR THIS STORY!

Last but not least, I am opening a poll suggestion for Natsuhiko's guardian. Here is the criteria ^^

-Preferably KHR character that overlooked in Canon, from other series also fine and if I don't know the series please give a detail characterization for me to use ^^

-Position for Rain and Mist is closed (I already decided DX sorry)


-Not I-pin, Bianchi, Fuuta, or CEDEF member in canon. This is because I want all guardians around Natsuhiko's age.

-If no suggestion I will go ahead with using random character from KHR game (you can vote for them too)