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"If there's more than one way to do a job, and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will do it that way."
Rephrase of Murphy's Law by Robert Murphy

Past : Murphy's Law part 2

For the first time in his life Tsuna found he hated the lack of air and gravity. The secret passage was a small circular lift that was meant for one adult, two children wereno problem but five children was pushing it. The speed of the lift going down was not helping their predicament.

"Do you think they'll follow us?" Suoh asked with bated breath. He was in the middle of the pile.

"Nope." Nokoru who was the top of the dog pile chirped.

Hayato nodded in agreement, "This kind of escape route is designed to open once, so they have to use a different path to pursue us." Hayato who was the son of a prominent mafia boss explained the tidbit of how an escape route's mechanism works. His father built the same kind of escape route for their family after all.

By the way Hayato was the bottom of the pile with Takeshi, while Tsuna was under Nokoru.

"Makes sense, so no one can pursue her when she uses this escape route." Tsuna supplied, "Which also means wherever we end up, Casablanca will know."

The other four blanched, "We're not out of danger yet."

Tsuna's hyper intuition promptly agreed with Nokoru.

Somewhere in Tokyo, with Hibari, Nagi, Ryohei and ?

Four children plus one unfortunate taxi driver were speeding up through the busiest street in Tokyo. Yells of rage and blaring klaxon filled the road as the taxi zig-zagged and cutother vehicles' path. It was a miracle no accident happened yet.

The unfortunate taxi driver wondered what he had done to deserve this. He was an honest and hardworking father with two children, and he had been working as a taxi driver for five years. He was always polite with his passengers; he had never taken tips, and obeyed traffic lights.

So when four children hijacked his taxi, one of them threatened to bite him to death, and Oda Hiroshi could only wonder who he had wronged in his past life to deserve this. In the midst of his panic and horror, a small part of his mind wondered how many traffic rules he had broken today.

"Keep going, Herbivore." The ill-tempered child said from the passenger seat beside his. "Or else."

"Oi Hibari." The white-haired child yelled, "That's extremely rude to this nice guy who have let us hitch a ride!"

He didn't let them hitch a ride. They hijacked his taxi!


The red-haired boy whimpered, "Uhm… after the traffic light, please turn left." He said before once again pukinghis lunch to a plastic bag. "Urg…"

"Irie-kun, are you alright?" Nagi asked worriedly to the boy who sat on her left.

The newly revealed Irie Shouichi nodded, although his pale face said he was not okay at all. "Uhm… just a little more… the car that kidnapped Tsunayoshi-kun and co is already near."

Ever since he received the memory of his parallel self, Irie Shouichi had tried to get in contact with Tsuna and co but he had always lost his nerve before he got close. Today was the same, he went as far as skipping school to follow Tsunayoshi to Tokyo in hope that he could catch Tsunayoshi and co alone.

Imagine his shock when he witnessed a group of men kidnapping Tsunayoshi and his friends. He knew he stoodno chance if he confronted them head on so he opted with sneaking a tracking device on one of the cars they used. He had used one to track Namimori Elementary's bus and had spares to use on the kidnapper's car.

He was lucky that Hibari Kyouya, Sasagawa Ryohei and Chrome Dokuro appeared on the scene of the crime and he offered his assistance. He thought everything would go smoothly if not for Hibari, who instead of calling the police force had decided to hijack a taxi to rescue Tsuna.

"Are we extremely there yet?!" Sasagawa Ryohei asked impatiently.

Irie raised his right hand shakily, "In five minutes, urp!"

There goes his lunch.

Back with Tsuna and co

A freaking roof, this must be the joke of the century. Who makes their escape route exit on a freaking roof?! Tsuna and his friends thought incredulously as the warm wind of summer ruffled their hair gently, as if mocking them. An old mafia family like Vongola would make their exit to a cave, another manor and so on. However in the case of Casablanca's manor that couldn't be older than ten years, the exit was on the rooftop because she expected to use air transportation to escape.

Something they didn't have.

Nokoru pulled out a small rubber penguin, "Hm… I have an air balloon but it can only carry two people."

"People as in children our size?" Tsuna asked.

Nokoru nodded sheepishly, "Yeah… at most 70kg."

"They will shoot us." Hayato added.

"Which means air route escape is out of the option." Suoh cringed at the prospect.

Takeshi looked around, "This is too high to jump down, and I don't think we can climb down either…"

Tsuna tensed and in an instant both Hayato and Takeshi looked around in alarm. "They're coming! Hide! Quickly!" Tsuna barked as they scrambled to look for places to hide.

Nokoru and Suoh didn't even think to ask how Tsuna knew when they heard ruckus coming from the exit tunnel. In their haste to hide and no hiding place could be found, Takeshi and Suoh followed their instinct and grabbed their friends and jumped down.


Slightly ruffled Casablanca came out from the exit, a number of her subordinates followed closely from behind. "Where are they?!" She roared in rage.

"They're not here!"

"There's nowhere to hide here!"

Casablanca screamed in rage, "They must have been hiding inside somehow! Go back to the tunnel!"

"But miss! There's barely enough space to walk inside!"

"Shut up and look for them!" Casablanca roared as she shoved her subordinates down the tunnel.

Spell of silence fell in the air as the last man followed his boss back to the secret tunnel. After ten seconds Takeshi dared himself to pull himself up so he could see his surrounding and he didn't find anyone in sight.

"Take-nii." Suoh hissed, "Is it safe yet?"

Takeshi nodded, "Yeah, but I don't think going back up is wise."


Sound of a helicopter's rotor answered Suoh's question.

Hayato grunted as he tightened his grip on the roof's edge, "Damn them."

Tsuna huffed, "I'm sorry but… unlike you three." He panted. "Nokoru and I can'thold on hanging like this for long!" He gritted out.

Nokoru nodded frantically, one of his arm clung on Suoh's sleeve for assistance. "We have to think of something!" He had a harder time than Tsuna to keep hanging on the roof.

Hayato scowled, "What should we do now?"

Tsuna and Nokoru looked at each other then to the window that was located around four feet below them. It seemed theywere thinking of the same idea, and neither of them were capable of pulling the plan off. Their friends however…

Back with Hibari and co

"We are here…" Shouichi said as he and Nagi crawled out of the taxi, while HIibari and Ryohei looked as fit as ever.

The taxi sped up as soon as Hibari exited the car, and even though they had no intention to hijack and were willing to pay the fee the driver would rather to be as far as possible from Hibari Kyouya.

No one could blame his wise decision.

"We're extremely here!" Ryohei cheered as he rantowards the high classic fence that was no doubt worth a fortune.

"Wait!" Shouichi tackled Ryohei before the older boy could go far, "There's CCTV on the gate!" He hissed.


"I don't think we can worry about that now." Nagi said as she pointed at Kyouya who had knocked the fence down and smashed the camera to bits.

Shouichi once again felt the familiar pain on his stomach as they rushed inside. He hoped his stomach could hold on until they saved Tsunayoshi.

Casablanca's manor

"We should be trapeze artists!" Takeshi said as he hung upside down, hooking his leg on the edge of the roof while his hands were swinging Hayato's legs.

Hayato stretched his body as long as he could as he tried to reach for the window frame, "Shut… up!" He gritted out as he once again failed to reach the window.

"There's… nothing for you to hold on Hayato." Tsuna pointed out, "Use the kunai to get it." He suggested with bated breath, his hands were getting slippery because of sweat.

Hayato perked up and quickly stabbed the window frame with kunai he borrowed from Takeshi. "Nice! Kaichou!"

The window clattered a little but hopefully not noisy enough to alert their pursuer.

"Takeshi, pass me one more kunai." Hayato requested and Takeshi tossed him another.

The silver-haired boy used the kunai to cut the glass as fast as he could, and as soon as the glass was cut off he quickly inserted his hand inside and unlocked the window. Takeshi and Hayato quickly got inside with little difficulty before moving on to help Tsuna and Nokoru.

Tsuna and Nokoru sighed in relief as they sat on the carpeted floor. "We're saved for now…"

"I thought my arms were going to fall off…" Nokoru moaned as he massaged his sore arms.

Tsuna stood up, "My arms are sore too but we have no time to rest…"

Nokoru nodded in agreement, looking around the room. It was a spacious bedroom.

"Guys, help me take off the bedcover and curtain." Tsuna said as he tugged on the white fabric.

"Are we going to make the classic braided cloth to use as a makeshift rope?" Takeshi asked curiously.

Tsuna shook his head, "No way… this mansion is ten storeys high! It's too dangerous to climb down even if we have enough cloth for that."

"We're going to make a makeshift parachute from these!" Nokoru informed them cheerfully.

Tsuna's eyes shifted to the side, he didn't really like the idea but they had to act fast.

"Eh… we're done." Suoh and Takeshi chorused.

"Fast!" The other three were shocked the cousins could make it in record time.

Takeshi grinned as he showed them the three parachutes they made. "We used to do this when we were five as a game!"

"It's fun." Suoh admitted shyly.

The other three couldn't help but wonder what kind of game the two ninja cousins played when they were young.

"Okay!" Tsuna snapped them out of their musing. "I am sure Nokoru and I need assistance, and since Suoh and Takeshi has experience we will pair up with you." He turned to Hayato, "Are you okay going down alone?"

Hayato nodded, "No problem, Kaichou!"

"Let's go then." Tsuna said as Takeshi flanked him.

Suoh opened his mouth, "Takeshi-nii you…"

"Takeshi." Before Takeshi could grab him to go down with their handmade parachute, Tsuna warned him. "No shouting 'watch out below' please."

It seemed Tsuna didn't need Suoh's warning that Takeshi was going to yell that.

"He he he…" Takeshi rubbed the back of his head sheepishly before he grabbed Tsuna and they jumped down.

Tsuna had to bite his bottom lip to stifle his scream as they descended to the ground, it was a slow descent but not slow enough for Tsuna's taste. His heart was beating loudly in protest against his ribcage as gravity slowly pulled them down on its embrace. Tsuna guessed they had fallen down at least twenty meters from the top floor of the mansion and that's a few meters from the ground left. As they landed not so gently on a bush Tsuna ignored the small scratches and the shame that Takeshi had to drag him off of the bush with carrying him bridal style.

"Are you alright Tsuna?" Takeshi asked cheerfully, "We have to do this again some time! This is fun!"

Tsuna's eyes shifted to the side as he refused to face Takeshi's cheerful grin. "Let's not talk about it now but later… much… later."

If he gets acrophobia from this, it would never be spoken of again.

"That was fun! We should do this again! Or better! We can add this as part of a sport festival!"

Apparently Nokoru was in the same book as Takeshi, or worse he was going to make a festival out of it. He really missed his home now, but for now he'd settled on saving themselves and back with their friends and teacher.

Speaking of friends, it seemed he had forgotten about some peoples that no doubt wouldn't stay idle after he was kidnapped. He had a feeling, which in his case was very likely true. His friends, namely Kyouya, Ryohei and Nagi hadsomehow managed to be in close proximity with this mansion.

"Guys." He called out, "I have a feeling that…"


"Is that Hibari?" Hayato guessed as he squinted his eyes at the pillar of smoke in the distance.

Tsuna face-palmed, "Very likely so… did he ever learn the meaning of subtlety?" He wondered as they started running towards the source of the explosion.

"I don't think that word even exists in his dictionary, Kaichou." Hayato muttered.

Suoh and Nokoru looked at them curiously, "Who is Hibari?" Nokoru asked curiously.


Hayato turned around, jerking his thumb at the new rising pillar of smoke, "That's Hibari."

Nokoru blinked owlishly, "A bomb?"

"Close." Hayato muttered, "On second thought a bomb would be less destructive than Hibari."

Tsuna sighed wearily, "Let's just forget stealth, with Hibari-san around it's impossible."

They had learned that the hard way when they infiltrated Phantasma Circus. They didn't want to blame Hibari that rescue mission turned into a disaster, but let's face the fact, it's Hibari who beat people to half-dead left and right. They would have gotten away unscathed if Hibari could keep his tonfa to himself. Hibari could keep secrets, but in action he was never subtle.

Since then itwas a unanimous vote to keep Hibari out of everything that needed subtlety. So Tsuna decided since sneaking out of this place was rendered impossible by Hibari, they may as well barge their way out under Casablanca's nose.

"They're here!"

"Get them!"

Meanwhile with Innocenti and Rin, on the way to Tokyo.

"I can't believe this!" Innocenti cried in frustration.

"It's Monday and we're on the busiest road to Tokyo." Rin deadpanned, "We should totally take the train not car."

Innocenti snarled, "Are you mad?! On the public train that is packed like a sardine can?! We're carrying firearms and the likes, and you suggest we take the train?!"

Rin banged her hands on the steering wheel, "And now we're stuck here! Stupid traffic jam! ARGH!" She cried out in frustration.

Hibari's team

It was fortunate the ten-storey mansion stood out in the middle of the vast forest they called a garden. But it was unfortunate that Hibari at this age couldn't be stealthy even to save his life (if he ever needed to do that) so in his every step he triggered one alarm and another, trap after trap, and so on.

They might as well use a speaker to announce their arrival and carry a billboard.

It was purely brute force that let them advance towards that mansion, courtesy of Hibari and Ryohei while he and Nagi stood on the back watching the carnage. He wanted to go home already…

"Hic!" Shouichi whimpered as he and Nagi hid behind a tree as Hibari shed more blood to the ground, teeth flying, bones breaking and so on. At least he was not alone and Nagi was not going to join them.

Or so he thought.

Nagi pulled out her card gun and aimed, "Fire!"

There goes his only harmless companion, who had never been harmless in the first place.

Tsuna's group, ten minutes later…

Their pursuer at last caught up with them.

Tsuna sighed as he didn't even bother to turn around to look, "Hayato, just blow them up." Never would he imagine he'd give Hayato permission to blow things up, but in this situation he couldn't bring himself to care about material casualties.

Hayato complied gleefully, "Yes! Kaichou!"


"Burn in hell bastards!" Hayato cackled evilly.

Suoh looked at Hayato warily and scooted closer to his older cousin. "Take-nii, I think…" He stopped when he saw Takeshi was spreading caltrop to the ground. "Take-nii…"

"Hm… do you have any smoke bombs with you Suoh?" Takeshi asked as he rummaged his pocket for more weapons. "I have some flash bombs though." If Tsuna gave Hayato permission to blow things up, so did he.

"Since when you're this inclined to make so much chaos?!" Suoh asked incredulously.

Nokoru laughed cheerfully, "This is fun!" The most he had ever experienced even though he was running for his life in the midst of explosions, fire and smoke.

Tsuna face-palmed, Nokoru would fit in Vongola easily. "I hope this chaos is enough to attract Hibari."

The faster they could reunite with their friends, the sooner they could get the hell out of here. Never mind the destruction and half-dead body trails they left. He hoped it wouldn't be a routine, and he promptly stopped that line of thought. He'd be better off not hoping for this kind of thing because it tended to end up horribly wrong.


Faster than they could see, a yellow blur crashed towards a thick tree before it bounced back towards their direction or rather crashed on Tsuna this time much to Hayato's horror.

"We extremely found you Sawada-Kaichou!" Ryohei roared as he gave Tsuna a crushing hug.

Tsuna struggled to breath, "Yes, thanks… for finding us..."

"Oh, it's Ryohei-senpai." Takeshi chirped, as if that explained why the boxer crashed on a tree and squeezed the oxygen out of Tsuna's lungs.

"Get the hell away from Kaichou! Turf top!" Hayato scowled as he pry pried Ryohei off of Tsuna.

Ryohei huffed as he let go of Tsuna, "Tako-head! Your temper is extremely as bad as ever!"

"Senpai!" Tsuna called his attention, "How did you find this place?"

Ryohei grinned. "Irie helped us! He is extremely good!"

As one Tsuna, Hayato and Takeshi tensed, there's was only one Irie they knew in common. "Irie Shouichi?"

"Yes…" A timid voice replied, "It's me…" A red head followed by Nagi came from behind a tree and walked towards the clearing they occupied.

"Kaichou!" Nagi called out before she too gave Tsuna a hug but much gentler than Ryohei's. "You're alright!"

"I am." Tsuna said as he gave Chrome's shoulder a comforting pat. "Uhm…" He glanced at Shouichi who looked ready to curl up in the corner to hide his nervous face. "Thanks for your help."

He nodded hesitantly, "I understand we have so much to discuss but…"

Tsuna nodded, "This is not the correct time." He continued as he glanced at the side where Hibari was wreaking havoc in the distance. "Let's get Hibari first."

"I agree to the extreme!" Ryohei agreed, "Hibari beat up extremely too many people already!"

Tsuna face-palmed and all of them started running towards the direction of the explosion and chaos. What did he say again? It's their enemy that needed saving from Hibari.

"Here I thought we could just run towards the exit, but nooooooo!" Hayato moaned, "We need to save our kidnappers from Hibari!" He grumbled as he ran not far behind Tsuna and the rest.

Nagi glanced at Tsuna, "I don't think we can pry Hibari-san off of his current opponent until he is done."

"Why not?" Tsuna queried curiously.

"His opponent is…" Nagi trailed off but a pained shriek cut her off.

Tsuna and his friends jumped away from a half-battered middle-aged man who suddenly ran towards their direction, flailing in panic before he fell down and crawled to get away from whatever that chased him down. The old man looked at them gleefully, a mad gleam on his eyes as he reached out for them.

Tsuna's eyes widened as he realized who it was.

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
Vincent Van Gogh
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''What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"
Vincent Van Gogh

Future: Normal Days in Student Council and Mafia

A certain event was forever etched into the mind of the Chief of the CIA's Europe Division.

It had happened during his visit to Tokyo, Clamp Gakuen for the purpose of settling the disputes between the CIA's Asian Division and the Security Department of Clamp Gakuen in regards to one of their experiment stealth jets being shot down when passing by the school ground without permission. It was not on purpose though as the said jet was supposed to fly around International waters. However somehow it passed by Japan's territory and crashed in the school area. The latter was not their mistake as the jet was shot down by the school's security system.

Apparently it was not stealthy enough to bypass the school's system, and while both sides were willing to keep it quiet, they wanted compensation from each other.

CIA was unhappy for the lost prototype, and with it, millions of dollars. IOn the other hand Clamp School was unhappy the said automatic stealth jet bypassed their territory without permission. Money was not an issue for them, but paying for CIA's mistake was an insult. Not to mention a number of their staffs and students were there when said stealth jet crashed on their garden. To avoid international conflict the school was forced to lie to cover it up, and on top of that CIA dared to ask for compensation.

Bookman was a shrewd negotiator, and he was sent in the hope that the CIA could win this case. NASA had been pining for Imonoyama's youngest son, and it would be a waste to not use this chance to secure a contract. That was when he met that boy. The event in question was regarding a boy whose status and age should not make him a threat: Sawada Tsunayoshi.

The leader of the Student Council of Namimori Gakuen, one of the three largest branch schools of Clamp Gakuen. This boy looked like your everyday smart and model student boy, not someone the headmaster should bring along in a negotiation ion this scale. He was dead wrong to assume that. The headmaster didn't even bother to put down her fan and let the boy take the reign of the negotiation.

It started with a narrative talk about the said incident from the Council President boy, however he spun the story in such a way that while nothing was omitted, altered or anything, it sounded like the CIA was a villain who tried to bully Clamp Gakuen to pay for their mishap.

There was nothing degrading said to CIA, but the fact remained CIA was not better than a schoolyard bully if they continued their attempt to make Clamp School pay such an unfair compensation.
That was the first time George Black learned he could lose in a negotiation, and the boy who taught him that was Sawada Tsunayoshi.

In the first place the Headmaster had trusted the boy to manage a giant school, a boy who was trusted to do a job that even by people twice his age would find difficult. Tsunayoshi was gifted with the ability to easily manage a large number of people efficiently and effectively. Even without hiding his true feelings and intentions, once a person managed to glean the true intentions hidden within their conversations with him, they would be unable take any action except continuing the conversation. Sawada Tsunayoshi was truly an individual who could slyly talk his way through anything. If they were not careful, one would not even know the true conditions were for what they were agreeing to.

But to the Chief of CIA, that was not what had left the greatest impression on him.

"It would be nice… if everyone could just talk everything out instead of raising a gun to each other."

Tsunayoshi whispered when he walked past George Black after the negotiation that ended in Clamp Gakuen's favor. "Then this world would be more beautiful and gentle to us…"

Surprisingly for a boy who could foil almost anyone in negotiation, his wish was so pure.

George Black didn't know he had to be amused or annoyed the moment Tsunayoshi refused to be recruited to CIA, or when the boy somehow managed to get so much blackmail materials on him to get his cooperation instead of the other way around.

Like now for example.

"Yes Mr. Black… I know, I will not ask your… cousin in the FBI to do this favor for me." Tsuna said in an amused tone. "And yes… I owe you one favor, and you can call it anytime I am available for you."

The boy knew there was a not so friendly rivalry between his cousin, James Black from the FBI and him. In fact the boy had been playing ping-pong of favor with them since the first time he met them. Unfortunately it was as clear as the day that Sawada Tsunayoshi liked James more, the kind, stoic, collective agent and a perfect grandfather figure to the young boy

He was a father too but he doubted Tsunayoshi would be impressed if he tried to act fatherly on the boy. He was fine with friend-enemies, give or take relationship they had now.

"Of course… I will get the info of that legendary doctor for you, but the negotiation of course is yours alone." Bookman smirked, "I'd like to see how you get that famed Heaven Canceller to work for you, boy."

To think the boy wanted Heaven Canceller after he fired Trident Shamal, Sawada Tsunayoshi always surprised him. Then again considering Shamal's background, no matter how talented he was, it's better to keep him away from school ground.

He could almost see a nod from the other end, "Yes, of course… have a nice day Bookman."

Tsuna sighed wearily as he ended the line, Kyouya was tapping his foot impatiently. The head of DC was unhappy he had to wait for the call to end, Bookman called in the wrong time for him.

He sighed again, "About Seto Chinatsu…" Kyouya trailed off.

"If she misbehaves the responsibility rests on me, got it."

Kyouya glared at him coldly, his lips pulled to a thin line. This was the closest of Hibari Kyouya to pouting, and it was only years of trained self-control that stopped Tsuna from laughing.

"You granted her entrance to this school, a criminal… an international criminal."

The brunette leaned back on the backrest of his chair with a sigh, "What do you expect me to do? One way or another Reborn would have made a way for her to be in close proximity with my brother, so rather than putting up a fight and risking Reborn taking an undesirable alternative I'd rather make it easier for him."

"Hoo… are you sure it's not for keeping your brother safe?" Kyouya queried coldly.

He raised an eyebrow, "That would mean I'm doubting your security system, Kyouya." He pointed out with a smile. "I would never… this school is the safest place in Namimori, no… the town is safe thanks to you and your committee."

Had Kyouya been a lesser man he'd have been flustered by the flattery spoken so casually and sincerely. Kyouya had known Sawada Tsunayoshi for two years to take a compliment from the president council in stride.

"Of course, it's my duty Kaichou." His eyes narrowed, "Then why?"

Tsuna gave him a melancholy smile, "Because no matter how much I don't want to acknowledge it, I… I can't protect my brother forever."

Back then in Tokyo against Orchestra, he almost failed to protect his brother. Tsuna was reminded that no matter how careful he was, no matter how hard he tried he could still fail.

"… Do you regret it then." Kyouya murmured, "Taking this path?"

He shook his head weakly, "Never… the only thing I regret is the fact that no matter how much I love him, one day I will have to let him go to that dark world…"


"That's why…" He drawled, "I will watch over him as much as I can as his older brother, and hopefully the moment I have to let him go I can do it with a smile."

That was a lie, and Kyouya knew they both knew it was. As there was no way Sawada Tsunayoshi could let go of his brother to that dark world with sincerity in his heart.

"If you think so." Kyouya began, "Next time, you should try to let him face a danger on his own."

Tsuna opened his mouth to protest.

"You were a herbivore, itwas because of facing danger you grew up… let that brother of yours do the same."

"I know."

He knew but…

He was lost, completely lost as in he had no idea in which part of Namimori he was. On top of that when he took the train from the airport to Namimori he fell asleep, and when he was woken up by the announcer's voice that the train had arrived in Namimori he forgot to take his luggage with him in his haste to alight from the train. It wouldn't be a problem if he reported the problem as soon as possible, but he was too excited to see Namimori that he completely forgot that he had luggage with him.

Thankfully his passport and wallet were in his pocket, but it was really a stride of bad luck.

GROWL… his stomach protested.

He was hungry too; he had forgotten to eat breakfast in his haste to go to Japan. Unfortunately he got lost in a housing area so there were no restaurants as far as he could see. It seemed he was walking in circles since it had been more than an hour but he had passed this public phone three times already. He wanted to ask for directions, but it was 10 AM, most people would be at work and school if not at home for most housewives. There was no one on the street.

Not to mention the sun was pretty unforgiving as Japan was on the peak of its summer. The summer in Italy was worse but he had always kept himself hydrated in that condition.
He had left his water bottle inside his luggage. He felt his sight begin to blur as sweat drenched his whole body. He could barely see the black blur from afar. It could be a tree or someone walking with their back facing the sun.

He reached out for the said person to ask for directions but he lost his footing and slumped to the ground. No good… he had promised Oyakata-sama that he'd be fine coming alone and yet…

"Anoo… are you alright?" The approaching figure from before was already right in front of him, and was holding out something to him. "Heatstroke perhaps? Here is some water for…"

For the first time in his life he forgot his manners, snatched the offered water bottle and promptly emptied the content. "Glug! Glug! Ahh…" That was one problem out of the way.


And here comes the next one.

"I was worried that you got heatstroke, but it seems it's another problem entirely…" The kind stranger said with a smile.

He flushed a deep red, looking up to thank the stranger and ask for directions. The word died on his throat the moment he laid his eyes on the stranger's face, a stranger with a face so familiar to him. It took a full minute for his mind to reboot and came up with one conclusion. "Am I in heaven?"

"Eh? No, I don't think so… you're currently in front of my house." The stranger with the familiar face informed him, and as an afterthought added the address of the said house. "Are you lost?"

No, not anymore, the address was a perfect match with the one he was given by his master. "I… I have been looking for this place! Oyakata-sama sent me to come here, my name is Basil." He introduced himself cheerfully. "Pardon me, but could it be… thou art Tsunayoshi-dono?"

"Dono?" The presumed Tsunayoshi-dono echoed, "Well… my name is Sawada Tsunayoshi, nice to meet you Basil-kun. Are you a friend of Natsu?"

"Uhm! Yes!"

At last Lady of Luck smiled to Basil.

Sawada Household

Basil swallowed his saliva the moment Tsunayoshi-dono put the mouth-watering cold pasta in front of him. He even got a glass of cold green tea to go with it.

"I hope you don't mind that I can only serve something simple." Tsuna said apologetically, "My mother is going shopping at the moment to resupply our ingredients, so we only have leftover salmon salad from last night and I just throw that in together to make this cold pasta."

Basil waved his hand in a negative gesture, "It's fine, itlooks so delicious!" He clasped his hand together, "Itadakimasu!" He dug in and almost moaned the moment the cold dish hit his taste buds. "Hm… it's really good!"

"I'm glad to hear that." Tsuna couldn't help but say.

As he watched the Italian ate, he couldn't help but wonder why Basil was here. The Vongola ring conflict was supposed to be one year from now, there shouldn't be any reason for Basil to be here. Basil undoubtedly didn't have the fake Vongola rings with him, as the Varia would have after him if he did.

There was one more probable reason for Basil to be here though.

Basil munched the last bite of his food and clasped his hands again. "Thanks for the food."

Tsuna just smiled in response, it never failed to make him happy to see people enjoyed his food.

"By the way Tsunayoshi-dono, dost thou know me as Natsu-dono's friend?"

Tsuna blinked at that, "It's just a wild guess to be honest, you're a foreigner, around our age and looking for my house. I just put two and two together, and guessed that you're my brother's friend."

"Ooh…" That sounded like a very simple deduction than what he expected, "By the way, why thou art at home at this hour Tsunayoshi-dono?"

He smiled at that, "I was excused from class for today as I'll have to stay overnight at school to prepare for an event." Tsuna explained. "And I am glad I did, it would be bad for you to keep walking under this heat with an empty stomach."

Basil flushed a deep red, "Uhm… yes…" He stood up and bowed deeply, "I am really grateful, I owe thee my life Tsunayoshi-dono!"

Tsuna sweat-dropped, "There's no need to go that far, and why do you call me with the honorific –dono?" His parallel self had been tempted to ask that for a long time but never got the chance.

"And no offence but while you speak Japanese fluently, your way of speech is a little… old." Around 5 centuries too old, his mind added.

"Oyakata-sama taught me to speak like this, Tsunayoshi-dono." Basil explained with a fond smile, "He said this is how a samurai would speak!" He beamed.

Yes, back in the feudal era they did. "I see…" Inwardly Tsuna was seething that idiot father of his dared to mislead innocent Basil to speak like this. "At any rate please address me as Tsuna or Tsunayoshi instead, calling me –dono sounds awkward to me."

Basil contemplated the request, hesitating before he relented. "Uhm… Tsunayoshi-san then."

That's a little formal but better than –dono, "Well then, if you're done with your meal I will wash the plate."

Basil stood up hastily and picked his plate and utensils, "Oh, there's no need Tsunayoshi-san. I can wash it myself if thou show me the nearest well."

"Well?" Tsuna echoed.

"Or perhaps thou hast prepared a bucket of water on the back?" Basil queried.

Tsuna stared at Basil in confusion, disbelief, and most of all anger towards his wayward father, although the last one was carefully hidden underneath his exterior. "Japan already has indoor plumbing Basil-kun." He informed the misinformed boy with a genial smile. "Just put the plate in the sink and I will wash it for you. It would be improper for me as the host to let a guest wash dishes."

Basil opened his mouth to protest but a certain someone suddenly hopped to the middle of the table, wearing a teapot costume. "Ciaosu." Reborn appeared out of nowhere in a funny costume for the umpteenth time for this week alone.

Tsuna didn't even flinch at the sudden intrusion, and neither did Basil. He was used to it already and he had never seen anyone from Vongola finding this habit of Reborn weird. "Oh, hi Reborn." Or anyone else for that matter.

"Reborn-san!" Basil exclaimed happily, "I am so glad to see thee."

Reborn nodded, "So am I, welcome to Japan and by the way Basil… where's your luggage?"

Basil tensed, "Well… I left it on the train by accident." He admitted timidly. "I still have my passport and wallet but…"

"That's a problem." Reborn grumbled.

Tsuna pulled his phone and dialed a number, two pairs of eyes instantly drawn to him. "That's unfortunate, could you describe how your luggage looks like? And also… around what time did you alight in Namimori?"

Basil nodded, "It's a trunk around this big." He stretched his hand to describe the rough size. "It's dark blue with the silver logo of CEDEF on the right upper corner. I alighted around nine o'clock in the morning."

Tsuna nodded as he waited for someone to pick up the call. "Hello, this is Sawada Tsunayoshi… no problem, it's my pleasure to help Namimori Transportation advance. No… nothing much, I'd like to ask for your assistance, Wakamori-san"

"Could you help me check if there's any report about a medium-sized trunk left behind today? Blue with the CEDEF logo… around two hours ago." Tsuna nodded after a few moments of pause.

"Thank you very much, we will pick it up as soon as possible." He ended the line and turned to face the two Italians. "Someone dropped your trunk on the next station, you can pick it up later."

Basil sighed in relief, "Thanks goodness! I thought I had lost my trunk forever!" He bowed again to Tsuna, "Thank you very much Tsunayoshi-san!"

"You're welcome although it's all the station staff who kept your trunk with them," Tsuna corrected with a wink. "By the way, are you staying at a hotel?"

Basil tilted to the side, "I… don't know."

"You don't know?" Tsuna echoed in confusion.

Reborn hopped to Tsuna's shoulder and tossed him a manila folder. "Everything is already arranged for Basil, please take a look Tsuna."

Tsuna glanced at Reborn and then to the folder, he had an idea of what was inside already. He opened the folder and pulled out a stack of paper, it was Basil's application file to Namimori Gakuen and other necessary files for his enrollment.

"Basil Erbont… " Tsuna read, obviously it was a fake surname.

Basil nodded. "Hai."

"Hm… in here you included a special request to be put in ID class, the same class as Natsu. I can understand you want him to be in the same class as Natsu but… addition of Seto-san, that class is already full."

Basil blinked owlishly, he already knew he was going to be enrolled in the same school as Natsu but…

"Uhm… why did you give my file to Tsunayoshi-dono? Shouldn't you give it to the headmaster, Reborn-san?" He asked curiously.

Instead of Reborn it was Tsuna who answered him.

"I guess that's how it works in a normal school, but since Headmaster is in Tokyo she delegated almost everything to me as President of the Student Council, of course approval of this application will still be forwarded to her but knowing Headmaster she won't bother to read it for a while."

Or not at all, there was a reason she set a very high standard to be part of the student council of her school. She put the highest trust on them to run the school unsupervised for most of the time.

Tsuna paused from his reading, "Erm… why did you call me Tsunayoshi-dono again?"

And why did Reborn got get to be called –san? His alternate self never figured that one out.

"Because someone with a high status like thee deserve to be addressed as such." Basil answered in a determined tone, it seemed this time he'd not agree with changing honorifics.

Tsuna blinked at that, "Eh well, I don't think my position could be considered as high status… but if you prefer to call me that." He replied evenly as he flipped the file he was reading. A special request written on the bottom made him frown.

"Does Basil-kun really have to be in Natsu's class? I understand it will be easier for him to be in the same class with someone he knows, but Natsu's class is full."

Reborn frowned, "Can you add an extra seat for him?"

Tsuna's eyes shifted as he mulled the suggestion over, "Well… if he doesn't mind sitting on the back." He offered, it was only because Spanner moved to Z class that Seto Chinatsu got the last spot in Natsu's class.

"I definitely won't mind as long as I can be in the same class as Natsu-dono!" Basil chirped, "Even if the extra seat is as hard as stone and the table is made of spikes!"

"We will give you a standard seat like everyone else." Tsuna interjected. "And as for your dorm application, I am sure we still have empty rooms but since you came so late… you will get one room that is meant for two people all for yourself."

Sounds wonderfully private, but Basil had to clean up two persons'worth of space.

Basil nodded, "It's fine."

Well, there's no problem admitting Basil in their school. Kyouya won't complain as much as he had with Seto Chinatsu. Basil was arguably saner than most Mafioso.

Natsu had been pleasantly surprised to find his best friend from Italy was the one who answered his 'Tadaima' with 'Okaeri' instead of his mother. Tsuna was downstare preparing for his student council business, which would require him to stay overnight at school. Natsu offered to accompany Basil to the station to take his luggage, and they thanked the nice station staff for keeping Basil's luggage.

Basil was sincerely grateful that because of Tsunayoshi-dono he got to spend his first night in Japan in a comfy futon in Natsuhiko-kun's room instead of the street and he even managed to get his luggage back. Now he could spend the night talking with Natsu and filling each other in about Japan and Italy. Natsu was downstairs taking a bath though, so he had Reborn-san as company.

"It's surprised me." Basil couldn't help but say. "Natsuhiko-kun's older brother… Tsunayoshi-dono looks so alike with Vongola Primo." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "I thought I was dead when I saw him."

No wonder Oyakata-sama was so secretive about Tsunayoshi-dono. With a face like that, there was no way he could walk in Italy without Mafioso noticing him.

Reborn gave Basil a long stare, "Even if you're dead, do you think an illustrious leader like Vongola Primo will come to guide you to heaven?"

Basil laughed sheepishly, "Eeeh… that's presumptuous of me." He admitted, "But still… Tsunayoshi-dono is such a beautiful person."

"You too?" Natsu who had just entered the room eyed Basil incredulously, "You're not batting for another team, are you?!"

Basil shook his head frantically, "I didn't mean it like that!"

"Well, my brother is still a pretty boy…"

"You acknowledgethat and yet you're unhappy whenever anyone calls your brother pretty." Reborn pointed out.

Natsu huffed, "It's a fact I can't deny, but anyone who has impure intention towards my brother when they say it…" Natsu trailed off, cracked his knuckles. "I won't have any mercy on them…"

He cackled evilly, and then added as an afterthought. "Of course I will welcome any girls! I don't want to come out as a cockblock for my bro."

"What a complicated brotherly love you and Tsuna share." Reborn couldn't help but commented.

Basil had stars on his eyes as he gazed admiringly at Natsu who was striking a good guy pose. "Sugoi! Natsuhiko-kun!"

"So, Basil." Reborn called out the star struck boy. "What do you mean Tsuna is a beautiful person?"

Basil blinked at that, "Uhm… His looks aside it's mainly the way he acts."

"The way my brother acts?"

He nodded, "When I passed out in front of your house the first thing he did is was offering water to me, and then after that he so naturally helped me again and again."

"Tsuna liked being helpful since forever." Natsu said with a huff. "That part of him has never changed."

Basil shook his head, "That's not how I see it, Tsunayoshi-dono helped me not because he feels obliged or he feels likes it. He is just… well… being helpful because it's in his nature?" He concluded hesitantly.

"I don't get it."

The rain flame user hummed, "Let's see… if you are in a train and sees a granny standing, your stop is still far away, won't you contemplate whether or not to give your seat or wait for someone else to give up the seat?"

Natsu nodded, "If there would be someone whose stop is nearer than me, why not?"

"I don't think Tsunayoshi-dono would even contemplate that before he gives up his seat, in fact he won't even think at all." Basil said thoughtfully.

Reborn nodded, "If you pay attention to your surrounding you will notice no student in your school dares to litter."

"So? DC is crazily devoted in their job, that's enough reason." Natsu pointed out.

"Partly it's because of them but mostly because your brother in his first year as Namimori Gakuen's Kaichou picked up those trashes." [Trash is an uncountable noun. I think, to refer to lots of trash, perhaps you could say 'those pieces of trash'?]


"He didn't scold those who litter or tell them to pick it up… he just pick the trash and put it where it belongs.
That tugged their heartstring much better than scolding or warning, no one dared to make their esteemed Kaichou lower himself doing it for them."

Natsu narrowed his eyes, "You know… that makes my brother sounds even more dangerous than if he just scolded them to not litter."

"Well…" Reborn trailed off, "You can say your brother can do a better job in disciplining people than the Disciplinary Committee."

"That's a scary thing you say now Reborn."

Reborn shrugged, "If there's one thing your brother can teach you better than I could, it would be how to grab people's hearts."

"Is that so?" Natsu sounded disinterested by the idea.

I kid you not Baka-Natsu, that one talent is the reason I find your brother as one of the most dangerous persons I have ever seen in my life.

Of course Reborn didn't voice it out loud because like any other people with a slow brain, Natsu saw Tsuna as a kind gentle soul who couldn't even harm a fly and loved him very very much. It's partly true, Tsuna loved Natsu with all his heart and would go to extreme lengths to make Natsu happy.

"By the way Natsuhiko-kun." Basil pulled out two books from his bag, "Tsunayoshi-dono gave these to me."

Daily Conversation in Japanese and Japan Society Today

Natsu blinked owlishly at the two books, "Why?"

"Why don't you ask your father what he has taught Basil about Japanese and Japan in general?" Reborn muttered, "Your brother didn't find it funny, and I suggest you keep the identity of 'Oyakata-sama' a secret."

Natsu and Basil stared at each other.

"Is Oyakata-sama in trouble?"

Reborn shrugged, "He will be, if Tsuna finds out the one who told you that Japanese wash their laundry in the river and by hand at this modern age was Iemitsu."

Natsu stared at Basil in disbelief, "Tou-san told you what?!"

That was the first time Natsu learned his father made unfunny jokes and his sense of humor was screwed. It would be funny had it been anyone else, but when it happened to his best friend, Natsu couldn't find help but find it downright embarrassing. Fortunately his brother caught this blunder his father had caused quickly. Basil had almost become the joke of the year.

Elite school or not, he'd rather not riskBasil's reputation.

"At any rate I'm glad Tou-san let you come to Japan."

Natsu changed the topic abruptly. This was one thing he dreaded to ask since he saw his friend in his house.

"Did Tou-san…" He swallowed, "Give you an OK about my request?"

Basil blinked owlishly and then looked down. Natsu was ready to hear a bad news but Basil suddenly beamed at him. "Yes, Oyakata-sama said I will still be part of CEDEF for now but the moment the ceremony begins I will be part of your family! Boss!"

Tsuna could hear the sound of laughter and joy coming from Natsu's room in the hallway, together with family, boss and CEDEF. It seemed Basil was going to be part of Natsu's mafia family. He looked down at the tea and night snack he prepared for the two boys and Reborn. He had perfect timing it seemed.

If it's Basil, he could entrust his brother to the blue-eyed boy.

Few days later…

As expected there's no difficulty to Basil to integrate with a new environment, he slipped into his ancient Japanese sometimes but he was doing well in learning to speak normally. Thankfully his slip made people think he was actually a rich boy who was taught to speak formal Japanese, and it was endearing.

Basil gained quite a reputation as Natsu's best friend. Girls love it to see two good looking boys as best friends, and *cough-imagining-it-cough-as-something-more-cough*

Natsu threw quite a tantrum when he heard the girls speculating that Basil was secretly his lover who came from Italy to be with him. Basil had flushed a brilliant red and was flailing around like a headless chicken, and failing to defend their heterosexuality. Chinatsu unexpectedly became their savior, not intentional, or it was intentional but lookedunintentional.

Basil in his panic ran towards Chinatsu who just finished her lunch, and had no way to dodge the panicking boy. Chinatsu was taller and an assassin but Basil in spite of his frail look was stronger and in an adrenaline rush so the result was pretty obvious when the boy crashed into her.

Like in an ecchi anime the boy and the girl ended up in a compromising situation, in which Basil was accidentally crushed on Chinatsu's bosoms. Basil's nosebleed was enough proof for his heterosexuality much to the fujoshi society's disappointment. Natsu had not so discreetly asked about 'how it feels' also saved his masculinity.

However unlike innocent Basil, Natsu was not spared from the wrath of the female population in his class for being a pervert. It's still up to debate that Natsu asked Basil to erase the suspicious in his sexuality, or he was purely curious as a hormonal teenager.

Kyouya was unhappy with the rising noise level and chaos in Natsu's class. Class ID now held the title as the noisiest class in Namimori Gakuen, courtesy of the budding Vongola famiglia in its midst.

In fact Tsuna was a little jealous since his class was… uhm, a little too proper and prim as II Z housed the most talented batch of students. Then again he and the rest of the student council spent most of their school time in their office, and with Kyouya around you didn't get to be rowdy or noisy.

It didn't stop Haru and Hayato from arguing over the budget in every single event they held in school. Or other arguments, most were about their school.

That was the only one noisiness Kyouya could tolerate, as it was for the good of Namimori Gakuen.

"GAH! REBORN! STOP IT!" Natsu yelled helplessly as he ranwith three heavy sacks of sand and Reborn standing on top of one of them.

"That's three extra laps for you." Reborn said gleefully as he whipped his Leon-whip to the air.

On the sideline Natsu's classmates, Mitsu couldn't resist commenting. "There's still a few months until Christmas! Do your best Rudolf-san!"

The PE teacher let Natsu have his own training, they had odd numbers so even if Natsu joined their tennis class he didn't get anyone to pair with left.

Somehow just like in the other world, Reborn managed to worm his way into the faculty members. No teacher questioned his constant presence, it was as if Reborn had become a regular fixture in Namimori Gakuen since forever.

It's been only one and half months since Natsu and Reborn arrived in Namimori.

Tsuna couldn't help but smile as he watched Natsu's PE class from afar. Hopefully these peaceful days could last.

"Heh." Tsuna let out a chuckle, "I wish it could last forever…"

As Murphy's Law stated, it did not. On the way back to school the first sign of trouble appeared before him.

"Here, you must be thirsty." A beautiful red-haired woman was riding a bicycle, and she was pretty familiar. She tossed him a can of soda with a smile on her lips.

If he didn't know the dream had stopped long ago, he'd think it was a re-chap. "Thank you." He returned the generosity with a genial smile.

As the sound of the bicycle's bell faded and the red head was assured out of sight and earshot, Tsuna sighed wearily.


Once again his face made him be mistaken as the heir of Vongola. He didn't know he should be happy Natsu was spared from Bianchi's assassination attempt or saddened he was not spared from mafia problems because of his face.

He sighed again and pocketed the poisoned can of soda to be researched by the Namimori Medical Department, just in case Bianchi managed to poison Natsu.

Hayato was going to be furious if he heard Bianchi hads arrived in Namimori. It's not like Hayato hated Bianchi. The problem was Bianchi had tried to kill him, a mistake or not Hayato wouldn't be happy with Bianchi for sure.

"Midori~ Tanabiku…"

Good timing as always, then again Hibari assigned one or two of his flock to patrol the city so it's not weird to find them around. Especially near his house and other council members'.

He whistled the same tune, a signal for the little bird to come to him.

"Kaichou~ konichiwaaaa…" Hibird no 07 according to its chocker sang as a greeting for Tsuna.

He smiled in return, "Konichiwa Hina-chan." He'd use his phone but to Hibari who trusted the Hibird Network than cell phones, this was better. "Code SB."

"Code SB." Hina, Hibird number 7 parroted. "Code SB! Hai~ Alert! Alert!"

As Hina flew away, Tsuna tucked the stray hair behind his ears.

"Now then…"

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and typed an email for the staff from the Medical Department to send people to pick the poison sample up from a locker in a nearby station along with the number and code to access it. He walked to the station and contemplated how he had to deal with Hayato's sister. After he locked the rented locker he checked his watch and decided to go home to face the next assassination attempt. Reborn would correct Bianchi later when she came to their house anyway.

Twenty minutes later…

"You met a red-haired foreigner who gave you a can of soda?" Natsu summarized his story in an incredulous tone.

Tsuna nodded, well aware Reborn was scowling in the background. Good to know Reborn already got the problem. It was one thing if Bianchi tried to poison Natsu, and an entirely different problem if she tried to poison Tsuna.

Sawada Tsunayoshi was a civilian and not supposed to be involved.

"Yes, but I felt she was a little off so I threw the soda can away." Tsuna said with a shrug.

Not a lie as he did throw it to that locker.

He was carelessly displaying his hyper intuition in front of Reborn. If anything Reborn finding it out was more of an advantage than a crutch, as he could blame it all to his gut instinct whenever he did something suspicious.

Natsu smirked, elbowing Tsuna's side jokingly. "Oh come on… I am sure she was just a babe looking for bishonen."

"On a bike?"

"Kinda weird, but hey… who knows she is a supporter for Go Green and riding a bicycle as part of the Campaign?" Natsu suggested.

he was polluting the air ten times a car would in one year with her poison cooking. She was anything but a Go Green supporter.


Bianchi? SIt almost took all his strength to not run down and greet Bianchi and her poisonous pizza himself, but Kyouya's words echoed on his mind.

"Itwas because of facing danger you grew up…
let that brother of yours do the same."

"I need to do revision, answer the door Natsu." He forced his voice to stay calm and his logical part reminded him that if Dame-Tsuna could survive Bianchi, Natsu could do better. "I will be upstairs."

"Haaai…" Natsu stood up from his seat with a lazy reply.

When Natsu was about to exit his room Tsuna swallowed. "Natsu."


"Call me if you need me." Tsuna offered as he walked to the door across Natsu's room. "Okay?"

Natsu shrugged, "Yeah, sure."

There was a ruckus a moment later from downstairs and Tsuna struggled to stay still in his chair, and until Bianchi's presence disappeared Natsu didn't call him at all. He frettedtoo much, there's no way Reborn would let Natsu to be killed by his ex-lover.

If this was how he actedwhen Natsu was facing danger head on with Reborn around, he didn't know how he could stay still when Natsu faced something worse. Bianchi was one of the mildest dangers his parallel self had ever faced. Thanks god there would be no Kokuyo incident, Mukuro had jokingly offered it much to Kyouya's ire.

And there's Xanxus.

He had prepared precaution for Varia and ring conflict, but still…

"It's pointless to fret over something that will happen next year, now…" He tapped his forefinger against the book he was reading. "What should we do with Bianchi…"

The next day 10:30PM (second period)

Natsu's class was having a home economics class, which meant the girls were cooking. Tsuna didn't know if deities above were laughing that Natsu's class had such a convenient timetable for Bianchi to sneak in.

In the other world Bianchi's infiltration to Namimori-chuu could be laughed off as comical.

However it's another matter entirely when you see it as a professional hitwoman infiltrating Namimori Gakuen to kill one of their students. Not to mention the method was poisoning, and Bianchi's cooking was not dangerous only for those who ateit, the fumes could kill.

That was a disaster with a capital D.

So instead of spending his time in class, listening to teacher like a role model student he was supposed to be. Tsuna was in the surveillance room of their school, surrounded by screens and electronic devices.

"No sign of target in Area H02." Kusakabe reported.

"Area M05, all clear." Another DC members reported.

Hayato who stood by his side scowled, "I have never imagined we're going to arrest my sister of all people."

"I am sorry Hayato."

"Don't be, it's so messed up… my sister is trying to kill your brother." Hayato looked very embarrassed by the whole ordeal. "Now that I am the vice-president who is responsible for the whole school's wellbeing, I can't help but seehow stupid her love plan is."

Back then when they had the dream, it was hilarious but in reality it was not.

"Aha ha…" There's no humor in Takeshi's laugh.

"She infiltrates a school full of children carrying poisonous cooking that could kill with its fumes!" Hayato hissed, "Stupid Bianchi!"

Tsuna sighed, "Hayato… Bianchi is a mafia woman, she is an assassin." Of course he didn't have to tell Hayato this, the silver-haired boy knew better. "She makes money out of it, so she doesn't find it weird at all to kill people she dislikes as she please."

Casualties were the least of her concern. A messed up logic, but that's how mafia rolls.

"Namimori has a different set of rules." Kyouya who stood in the corner of the room said. "No matter who it is, those who break our rules shall be bitten to death."

Hayato narrowed his eyes at Kyouya, "We agreed on me to be the one who stops Bianchi."


"Kyouya." Tsuna called him out in a warning tone and the prefect tensed a little. "Let Hayato protect our students from Bianchi for today."

"Are your sure Hayato-nii is enough?" Lambo's voice echoed through the matching earpieces they were wearing.

On one of the screens, which displayed an art workshop Lambo was in the middle of painting something abstract.

"He should be." This time it was Shouichi's voice, on the screen he was writing down a copy of what teacher was writing on the white board.

"We need to be discreet, if there's more than one of us walking around when it's studying period people will notice…" Nagi muttered, she was doing the same thing as Shouichi in her class.

Tsuna shrugged, "Thanks for the dummy, Nagi…"

"I don't recommend using my illusion to skip class, Kaichou." Nagi reminded them jokingly.

"Why can't I go with you guys?" Lambo whined, jabbing his brush with a huff.

Tsuna sighed, "Lambo… that piece you're working on is due next week, today is already Friday."

Lambo growled, looking at the giant canvas before him. It was three times his height in width and one and half in height. Two thirds of it was still in base color.

"Grr… Can I just do this James Pollock's style?"

"Are you James Pollock?" Hayato asked coolly.


"Then don't." Hayato scoffed, "The theme of the Summer Art Exhibition is 'Passion of Summer' and… Pollock is not exactly sunny."

"Unlike me!" Ryohei chirped, he was standing on a pedestal in the same workshop as Lambo. "By the way if Lambo is painting abstract why am I here?"

"Well… you're sunny and passionate." Lambo offered lamely. "You're a good inspiration… Ryohei-nii"

What he was painting lookednothing like Ryohei but the color kind of lookedlike Ryohei's aura, sunny and fiery.


NGIIIIIIIIIING as one all student council winced.

"Ryohei! Mind your volume when speaking to us! You're yelling right to our ears!" Hayato gritted out.


"Arrgh! I told you!"

As they were holding their ears in pain no one noticed a red-haired woman melting the outer wall that separated Namimori Gakuen's yard and the street.
However one of Hibird's flock members did.

"Alert! Alert!" It sang, "Intruder! Intruder!"

Hayato ran out of the room at top speed the moment Hibird number 05 "Higou" alarmed them of Bianchi's presence. But before he was out of the room he had time to yell, "Idiot turf top! We almost missed Bianchi because of yooooooou!"

"I will bite you to death." Kyouya growled, pissed beyond words that Ryohei almost burst his eardrums.

Tsuna shook his head exasperatedly, "Commence operation, target's destination… kitchen of building B Middle School Division."

"Hai, Kaichou."

"As briefed beforehand, direct contact with target is prohibited for all of you except for Vice President Gokudera." Tsuna recited, "I repeat, direct contact is prohibited."

"Hai, Kaichou."

Takeshi craned his neck to the side, "Well then Tsuna… hopefully Hayato can catch up with his sister before she gets to the kitchen."

"He will."

"Of course."

Middle School Division (Garden)

It was strange how her path was always blocked, and even disguising herself as a student didn't work.

"Sorry miss… this road is closed, we're preparing it for the Summer Festival."

"I see… I will just take another path." Bianchi said in a bored tone.

There was a sign that the lift was under repair, both of them.

"Woah, use another stair!" A member of music club called out when Bianchi was about to go up using the same stairs they used. "We're moving heavy instruments down, it's dangerous! Move!"

Bianchi scowled, "Fine."


"The whole hallway stinks because someone mixed the wrong chemicals." A teacher in lab coat said, covering his nose with a handkerchief. "Please don't walk around here until we clean up this mess."

"Yes, sensei." Bianchi gritted out.

She had enough! Time for plan B, and screw incognito! With that in mind Bianchi pulled out her climbing equipment and climbed the outer wall from the second floor to the fourth floor where the home ec class was. She threw the claw-like hook and score! She got it hooked to an open window of the fourth floor. With a determined look on her face to get to her target, she began to climb. It was not difficult for an athletic woman like her, she still remembered how Reborn could do this five times better than she could.

She was about to reach out for the opened window's frame, but faster than she could react a strong hand caught hers in an iron grip.

"What the… let go!"

One hand caught and another holding the rope, Bianchi had no way to defend herself when she was sprayed with sleeping gas and her eyes fluttered. She wiggled around, trying to fight off the sleepiness. The last thing she saw was a blur of silver and the deep voice of a boy.

A voice she last heard last year by phone, but she couldn't forget it.

"I have captured our target, condition: unconscious, casualty: none."

"Ha… ya… to…" She murmured as her eyes fluttered shut and she knew no more.

Class ID

Even though Bianchi was arrested (kind of) it didn't save Natsu from the predicament of tasting horrible food. Chinatsu had the cover of a frail and gentle sick girl down pat, so even though she disliked it she gave her rice ball to Natsu and Basil to fit the image. They were her closest male friends after all.

The rice ball looked normal enough, albeit it's not a perfect round or triangle but acceptable in aesthetic. However Chinatsu's choice of filling was unique.

"Yikes! There's chocolate paste inside this!" Natsu spat the chocolate that was mixed with vinegar rice, earning him a glare from Chinatsu.

Basil sniffed, "Hic hic… my tongue has gone numb." His had wasabi on it.

"Shut up." She hissed, "Just eat and give me a compliment if you don't want to blow my cover!" She said in a low voice.

Natsu whimpered under her glare. He had been spoiled by his brother's and mother's cooking and she expected him to compliment this shit?!

While Natsu was blissfully ignorant he had been saved from something worse, the Student Council of Namimori Gakuen secured his would-be assassin swiftly. And Reborn wondered why Bianchi had not come yet to try to kill Natsu again.

When Bianchi opened her eyes, she found herself laying on a couch and staring at a plain white ceiling. She quickly sat up in shock as she recalled what happened to her before the black out. Someone sprayed sleeping gas on her!

"You're awake." A masculine voice said.

Bianchi's eyes widened when she saw the speaker, she had not seen the boy for years but she couldn't forget the face of her half-brother. "Hayato! You… are alive."

After the complete loss of contact she thought he had died, apparently he was very much alive.

"I am." He said curtly.

She tensed when she noticed he didn't turn green or froth at the sight of her face.

"I am not an impostor if that's what you think." Hayato grumbled, "I am still sick of your face, but it seems as long as my eye focus is not on your face I can function perfectly without frothing."

Bianchi turned her face away, she felt guilty for making her brother sick of her face. When Hayato was frothing or raving she could laugh his fainting habit around her as hilarious but when he saidit in such a serious tone, itwasno longer a laughing matter.

"Hayato." She smiled sadly, "It's been a while… brother."

Hayato adjusted his glasses and sighed. "Yes, it's been a while."

She noted his hairstyle wasn't looking like Shamal's anymore. He grew it out and tied it in a low ponytail. "I am so glad to see you again."

"I am not." Bianchi flinched guiltily, "You infiltrated my school and tried to poison one of our students. What's your excuse?"

"… I… I want to take Reborn back to Italy." She confessed. "But Nonno assigned him to teach Vongola Decimo so I…"

Hayato snorted, "So you decided if Vongola's last heir died, Reborn would be left alone and come back to you instead of punished for failing his mission."

Bianchi tensed, her eyes were wide in shock.

"Sawada Natsuhiko is the only heir Vongola has left, don't you think his death will do wonders to Reborn's unblemished record?" He asked sarcastically, "Smooth, Aneki… really smooth."

The red-haired Italian clenched her fist, ashamed of her ignorance of what would become of Reborn if Sawada Natsuhiko died. It was not like she was stupid but in her eyes Reborn was an omnipotent being that to him the death of the future boss won't affect him at all. Reborn was an exception to a lot of things, failing his mission however was not one of them. He had never failed, and Bianchi had never imagined he could. However what she was trying to do was the same as trying to fail Reborn, and that was…


"What should I do now? Apologize to that Natsu-brat?" Bianchi asked in a miserable tone.

Hayato blinked, he had never seen Bianchi so distraught. Bianchi in this world at least, as he had seen it in the other world when Reborn died.

"Well… it's a start."

If Bianchi wanted to make amends with Kaichou's younger brother, who was he to stop her? That was a fast improvement from trying to kill him.


Hayato didn't have a good look of her face but judging from her mumbling, she was trying to think up a plan to get on Natsu's good side. He could imagine Bianchi worming her way again to the Sawada family with acting as another tutor for Natsu. Unfortunately they needed her to stay away a little longer.

"You see Aneki… Kaichou told me that Decimo's favorite dish in summer is Eel cuisine." Hayato said in an even voice, "And I believe it's Reborn's favorite too… and it's the perfect dish in this heat of summer."

It was not a lie, as Tsuna did tell Hayato that Natsu loved Unagi. Reborn he recalled from parallel memories had made Bianchi go in search of eel for the same reason.

Bianchi as expected perked up at the suggestion, "Really? My… I should go as soon as possible to Hamana Lake!"

Actually Bianchi didn't have to go all the way there as even in Namimori they had some eel from there. But Hayato won't tell his sister that.

"Rather than the commonly known Hamana Lake…" Hayato trailed off, "According to my trusted source, there's a sighting of a dragon in Iwate prefecture." He informed the eager sister of his in a sly tone, showing her a picture of a snake-like creature hidden in heavy mist. "But you see sister, I know this is actually a rare giant eel… the best ingredient for the greatest hitman like Reborn-san."

Bianchi nodded in agreement with sparkling eyes, and Hayato couldn't help but wonder if his sister was ever this gullible. Then again it's Reborn, his sister thought the sun rose to shine in Reborn's glory.

"Tell me where I can find this dragon eel." Bianchi demanded impatiently.

And just like that Bianchi mirrored her parallel counterpart in search of eel for her beloved Reborn. The difference? She went somewhere twice the distance from Namimori to Hamane Lake, she won't be back for a long while.

Hayato bid Bianchi a goodbye as she sped up with her trusted bicycle to the direction of the setting sun, and a very small part of his heart felt guilty for fooling his sister. Then again he didn't really send her to a goose chase, he knew that legendary eel existed and he pointed her right to the right direction.

That UMA magazine was trustworthy, no matter what Takeshi and Lambo said about it.

"Hayato." Tsuna called out when Bianchi was nothing more than a dot in the distance. "I can't believe you really sent her to catch a giant eel of all things."

They had discussed this, but Hayato really pulled it off.

The Vice-president shrugged, "It works, and that eel exists so I didn't lie to her."

"But Hayato." This time it was Takeshi who spoke. "That mysterious snake-like creature is actually a giant eel is your theory, and that UMA magazine is 70% bullshit and 30% misunderstanding."

"It exists." He insisted.

"Hayato…" Tsuna and Takeshi sweat-dropped.

"By the way… where did she gether uniform from?" Hayato wondered out loud. "I forgot to ask her to return it."

Tsuna sighed, "Oh well… I have to ask Nagi to fetch one quickly from storage for Chinatsu then. Knowing that temperamental girl, she will raise a fuss that someone stole her spare uniform from her locker."

And Kyouya would be pissed, they had averted one disaster and had no wish to welcome another from their very own cloud.

His hyper intuition didn't alarm him yet, but Tsuna was already fretting for his Cloud's temper. Tsuna at that time was too relieved Bianchi didn't poison anyone in their school. He had completely forgotten of a certain mafia boss who was even clumsier than his Dame counterpart and very good at making his Cloud's temper sky high.

Well, our Kaichou was not the all-knowing almighty so we should forgive this one mishap in his part. That was what Hayato and the rest of the student council assured him later.

Narita Airport (A week later)

Dino Cavallone took a deep breath, as if the air in Japan was any different with his homeland. Perhaps it would be different outside, but in an air-conditioned space like this it's the same. Too bad Reborn called him to greet his fellow 'tortured soul' read: 'Reborn's student'in summer, if it's spring he will be able to see Sakura.

"Here I come Japan! Dino Cavallone is here." He muttered with a grin, his subordinates, Romario and Marc stood a few feet behind him.

The rest of his subordinates were around, hidden in plain sight. He thought it would be better if they didn't come in group, dressed as typical mafia suit. At least not until they arrived in the Sawada household.

"We're so proud to see representatives of Clamp School in spite of their young age participating in strengthening our relationship with Country B."

Dino glanced at the wall on his left, they were broadcasting two Japanese boys shaking hands with a foreigner in business suit.

"Ooh… so young." The blond boy and brunette boy couldn't be older than fifteen, and yet they're handling such a big contract.

Romario shrugged, "I even heard of this academy from Japan, they're really active in campaigning their young talents."

"Clamp Gakuen…" Dino murmured, "My little brother is schooled in the same school, right?"

"Not exactly Boss, according to Reborn-san's email it's Namimori Gakuen… a branch school of Clamp Gakuen."

"Oh…" Dino hummed, "A fitting school for a future mafia boss to make connections I see…"

"And here we have the representative of Namimori Gakuen, Sawada Tsunayoshi… this admirable young man will begin his speech to us
who are present to witness this historical moment for Japan's next generation.

Dino blinked owlishly as the brunette Japanese walked to the podium and the camera zoomed in to his face. A very familiar face wasseen in Vongola famiglia's gallery hall.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi?"

"It's an honor to represent our school and Japan as a whole to strengthen the diplomatic relationship between our countries." Sawada Tsunayoshi said in accentless English with a gentle smile on his lips, his soft voice echoed through the conference hall. "In order to protect their research facility, the director of VRI entrusted us…

The three Mafioso stared at the screen, the speech fell on deaf ears.

"Wow." Dino's mouth opened in perfect O shape, "Isn't that my fellow poor so… I mean disciple?"

"I thought Reborn-san said his name is Natsu?"

"Na-Tsu-Na-Tsu…" Dino laughed, "I probably misheard Reborn or something!" He said cheerfully, pointing at the screen. "Just look at his face, he looks eerily alike with his ancestor albeit his hair is brown and he has glasses on."

Romario adjusted his glasses, "Really? I thought Reborn-san said he is almost as helpless as you used to be, not as clumsy but loudmouthed and brash?" He listed on what Reborn told them. "This Tsunayoshi boy looks nothing like that."

Marc nodded in agreement, "He looks… uhm… like a studious and composed boy."

"Don't you think Reborn-san would never let his student appear in an International broadcast like this?" Romario added, "A mafia boss is supposed to be a secretive figure, and this is anything but that."

Dino frowned, "True… this is the very opposite of what a future boss should do."

Sawada Tsunayoshi was putting himself on a pedestal; a figure the public was familiar with. Reborn would never let his student do this. So why did this boy dare to flaunt himself like this? "Boss." Romario's voice snapped him out of his thought. "Isn't that…"

Dino followed Romario's index finger, his eyes widened when he saw a brunette boy who had just walked out an opposite hallway for an international flight. The boy donned a light grey trench coat, with dark orange rimming. Inside the coat the boy was wearing a white shirt and orange tie. The attire stood out because it was unusual for a boy in his early teens to wear such formal attire in Narita airport. He was also dragging a small luggage along. His attire aside, his posture was also drawing attention, straight back, even steps and a regal air. Instead of walking it was more fitting to say he was gliding.

"So that's… " Marc trailed off.

Dino nodded, a grin on his face. "The son of Vongola's young lion and the sole heir of the Vongola famiglia." Dino craned his neck. "I am going to say hi to my brother in arms!" He exclaimed as he ran towards the presumed Vongola heir.

Tsuna from afar shuddered suddenly and quickened his pace, almost half running towards the immigration checkpoint, not so blissfully unaware of Dino on his heels.

And that's the start of the first memorable first encounter between Sawada Tsunayoshi and Dino Cavallone, which started with another round of misunderstanding and misinformation. Just another normal day in his life as Kaichou, with mafia thrown in the mix.

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