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Pre-Namimori Gakuen era

"What do you mean we're absorbing other school, Kochou-sensei?!" Tsuna asked, hoping he misheard that bits of information.

Imonoyama Reika didn't see why it was a problem. "Well, your current school is so… tiny~ it would be too lonely for four hundred or so students occupied such a big plot of land, and so… we're building kindergarten, middle school and high school division too." Tsuna gaped at that, "And… after that a university!"

"But… but- you said, there would be only one student council!" Tsuna squeaked, "Addition of middle school division is fine but…" Then hopefully he added, "Is that mean you're going to elect another council?"

She scoffed, "What are you talking about, Tsunayoshi-kun? Of course, you're going to be the Kaichou of the whole academy." Reika said as if it was as obvious as the sky is blue.

"That's impossible! There's only three of us!" Namely him, Hayato and Kyouko-chan in president, treasurer and secretary position respectively.

"That's easily solved if we just make a bigger council… you have a lot of capable friends! For example that magician girl, Katou-chan… it's a tradition to have a lot of school events, so why don't you make her an even planning committee?"


"And also Yamamoto-kun and Sasagawa-kun, they're talented sportmen… and you have a sport club committee…"

"But, Kochou-sensei!"

She pointedly ignored him, "It would be unfair if it's just from original Namimori school… there's Irie-kun and Miura-chan, that boy have a good head on his shoulders and the girl is good with numbers."

"Kochou-sensei! There's no way highschool students or middleschool students would agree their Kaichou is an elementary school student!"

The headmaster at last stopped ignoring his complaint and unfolded her fans dramatically, "In that case! Sawada-kaichou!"


"Your first task is to start a Champaign to gain approval of general population! Seventy percent approval rate! No more! No less!" She commanded with gutso.

Tsuna gaped, eyes wide in disbelief, "That's unreasonable! We can't just-"

"You're appointed for this position to overcome the impossible!"

"I am pretty sure that's not under my job description!" He yelled in protest but of course it was denied, and this time there was no way out as he followed his enthusiastic friends -who had been informed by Kochou-sensei- to plan his second campaign to be the president of newly build Namimori Gakuen.

Tsuna couldn't help but wondered if he could get himself hospitalized again to get out of it, but of course, no such luck.

"I think this bunny hoodie will appeal to student body, Tsuna-kun!"

"Hahii! It's so cute! You will get girl's approval on the bag!" Haru who in ten minutes flat after initial meeting with Kyouko-chan and Nagi-chan became their best friends squealed. "Maybe this Lion hoodie is better? It's cute and majestic!"

"No! No! This white suit will give professional image that would appeal to older students!" Hayato argued.

Takeshi disagreed, "Jersey for the win! Sport and energetic image!"

"Boxer to the extreme!"

Tsuna wept, why oh why… Clamp Gakuen had that stupid rule that says uniform is not mandatory?! What was the point of a uniform then! 'Why they start from my costume of all things?' Taking a deep breath, Tsuna voiced a protest for the first time. "I am going to wear my uniform! And that's final!"

"Why?" They asked in unison.

Tsuna fidgeted, "Uhm… because I am just like them? So even though I am going to be elected… I am still part of student body, and I'd like to have a populist image?" He made up a reason on the spot.

Hayato cried, "As expected of our Kaichou! You're appealing to the masses!"

"Awesome Tsuna!"


Haru and the girls however disagreed, "Eeh! But our uniform is so boring! Just plain crème jacket and blue pants!" Haru whined.

Kyouko deflated, "Hm, it's true… and I have to say the middle school uniform doesn't fit Tsuna's little body."

Tsuna stepped back, 'Since when Kyouko-chan can talk about my body?!'

Haru clapped her hands, "Oh, I know! Let's modify this boring uniform!"

Nagi eyed the uniform intensely, "We can add longer end on the back and on the rim…"

"A custom tie pin!"

"How about some embroidery in this part?"

And that was how the student council had their own custom uniform, instead of populist image however Tsuna somehow had set himself to be an idol in the school much to his chagrin.

"To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others."
Tony Robbins

Present Time: Perspective in Parallel

The plan was simple and in Dino's humble opinion was bordering to stupid, but from his brief meeting with Basil and Chi-chan -as the former hitman insisted to be called- they were not the sharpest tool in the box. Of course, Dino didn't mean Basil and Chinatsu were idiots. They were just too naïve to fall to simple deception that an elaborate plot worthy of a chess master was just going to be wasted on them. Or worse, they would completely miss it.

Dino sent a letter claiming their Boss was held captive by one of local yakuza gang. It was almost sad and somewhat touching how they didn't even think twice to run out of the class to save their boss. Dino didn't even kidnap Natsu in front of them blatantly or attach a photo, which was also double as a test for them. While they passed test of loyalty with flying colours, the same couldn't be said to their ability to assess situation and acting accordingly.

They had a long way to go for sure.

The boss of Cavallone was so caught up in his 'simple' ploy he failed to consider one vital factor. Namely Vongola's propensity for trouble, and even if some of them -mainly Tsuna- wished for life to be simple, it won't be.

Namimori Park

A long time ago their father bought the twins skateboards, rollerblades and a bike. Coolest toys that required fitness Natsu had in spades, while Tsuna had none. His older brother took one look at the presents their father presented with big grin before asking if Iemitsu could return them to the shop and used the money to buy automatic dishwasher for their mother instead. Iemitsu was touched Tsuna was so thoughtful for Nana and assured the older twin that he could but one for his wife so Tsuna didn't have to worry and play with them like Natsu did.

Natsu was trying to get the skateboard to flip over as he jump when his older twin and father talked.

"It's a waste of money." Tsuna insisted, "I don't like playing this kind of game, I am no good at it…" Trying meant scrapped knees or worse, "I'd rather to have more books…" Then Tsuna left the living room, the wrapped presents left untouched as he walked to the kitchen to help their mother preparing dinner.

Iemitsu sobbed, and Natsu quickly cheered his father up with showing the muscular man how happy he was with the presents. "That's my boy! You're really my son!"

Tsuna never spared a glance at them, and Iemitsu never remembered to return the unwanted presents or buying the books Tsuna wanted. Natsu never heard what Tsuna said under his breath as he looked at them with mix of sadness, envy and annoyance. "You never care what I want, do you father?"

Since then whenever their father came home Tsuna acted colder and colder to him, and Natsu felt even though it seemed nothing wrong in their loving family, there was a distant between Tsuna with him and their father. Gentle and kind brother of his shouldn't be so aloof and yet… That was why even though he was good at skateboard and rollerblades, Natsu avoided playing them around Tsuna. It was like a bad reminder and since he returned to Japan he had forgotten to play some with Tsuna's constant presence.

So today was an opportunity he won't miss. Natsu was having fun, borrowing a skateboard from a group of elementary school kids and showing them a couple of tricks. They didn't even ask why a middle school student like him was let out earlier, though Natsu supposed the kids most likely thought he was skipping class. He did, but for legitimate reason! Reborn even approved!

After all, a mafia boss was idol of children of the slump. Well, Namimori was a quiet suburb rather than a slump but he had to practice his boss charisma, and there was no better starting target than impressionable kids.

"Natsu-niichan! That's so cool!" One of the boys clapped as Natsu ride the skateboard sliding across the handrail.

"Teach me! Teach me!"

It was a fun way to spend time until his senpai -Dino- arrived, and entertaining the brats with some cool tricks was not so bad. Especially since he got to compete with this boy.

"What's your name again?" Natsu asked after the younger kids left the playground.

He couldn't recall specifically when this boy joined them. The white haired boy just appeared out of the blue and one-upping his cool skateboard moves one after another even though he was younger. Natsu was sure this boy was just a few years younger than him, sixth grade perhaps?

The boy smiled and it made Natsu frown because the smile didn't feel… natural. Those dark eyes were cold in contrast of easy smile painted on the boy's lips. "I am Killua, nice to meet you!"

Was it just him or the cheery voice sounded somewhat forced? "Nice to meet you too Killua, I am Natsu… are you in sixth grade?"

He beamed, "I am eleven years old!" He was pretty tall for his age, with pale skin, matching his white hair, but with deep blue like eyes that stood out in contrast of his pale complexion. His street clothes was simple, baggy shorts with lavender top and dark turtleneck shirt.

So Natsu's guest was correct then! "Killua… that's an unique name."

Killua grinned, "My family have a unique taste."

Natsu supposed he could relate to that, considering it was a tradition in his family to name the oldest son after Tokugawa Shogun. Though ironically, he was the heir of the family, not Tsuna. Then again his name Natsuhiko was pretty old fashioned like Tsunayoshi too.

Beep! Beep! The sound of his phone interrupted his musing, it was email from Dino informing a change of rendezvous place. "Oh, I have to go soon… I got an appointment with my senior."

Killua pouted, "That's too bad, and right when I get you alone."

A gleam on his eyes sent alarm to Natsu's mind. "Eh?"

"I have a mission to kill you, but since you're such a fun guy I want to play some more first." He said in deadpan voice. "Oh well, it seems we can't have second round of skateboard match. So let's start your assasina-"

Natsu didn't wait for Killua to finish, and run for all his worth. "Bye-bye!"

"Wait!" Killua hopped to his skateboard and gave a chase.

In normal situation Natsu would fight and not run for his life, but he was pretty uncomfortable with beating up an assassin that was still a kid or a girl. It didn't go well if he fought them sober without dying will bullet. Not to mention there was something really wrong with this kid or right if Killua waited to have fun first before trying to kill him.

Whoosh! Something grazed his cheek, and Natsu jumped to the side to avoid colliding with skateboard riding Killua. On the boy's hands were a pair of yo-yo that sparked electricity, and Natsu belatedly noticed the stinging of electrocution on his cheek. It was not bleeding, and not a cut but a burn.

"You're pretty agile." Killua commented.

Natsu groaned, "Can't you stop killing me?"

"Well… I am hired to kill you and stopping now means my family won't get paid." Killua pointed out. "So sorry Onii-san."

"If you're sorry, stop trying to kill me!" Natsu yelled as he dodged another barrage of yo-yo. "Those yo-yo hurts!"

Killua grinned, "That's the idea!"

Namimori Gakuen, 2nd Indoor Basketball Court

Momoi Satsuki, the heir of local yakuza group Momokyoukai and proud of it. She didn't let the fact she was a girl was any hurdle, if anything her cunning and beauty serves her well. However, at school, she was just the manager of prestigious basketball club of Namimori Gakuen. She knew the student council was aware of her family business, and Hibari Kyouya had warned her to not cause any trouble. Well, her family didn't deal in drugs and other grievously harmful illegal business. Kaichou was especially fair to her, treating her as normal student of their academy regardless of her family background.

"He is not in his office now, so you have to pass it to me, Momoi-senpai."

She frowned at ever smiling Yamamoto Takeshi. "What do you mean Kaichou is out?" She asked with a cute pout on her peach like lips, "I asked Kyouko-chan and she said he should be free today!" She whined, waving her clipboard petulantly.

"Maa~ Yagami-kaichou called him, something about negotiating with stubborn peoples." Takeshi explained with a shrug, "You know how the other Kaichou works in tandem with ours, Yagami-kaichou investigate, Imonoyama-kaichou invest and… our Kaichou deals with diplomacy and PR… he can get calls outside of his scheduled works."

Momoi huffed, "But I want to ask for more budget! It's for new training menu and camp!"

Takeshi shook his head, "Well… I can pass the message to Hayato, you know he is our treasurer." Though his position was called vice-prez, he and Shouichi technically were their treasurer and secretary respectively.

"Haggling about money with Gokudera-kun will get me nowhere!" Momoi pointed out, her ponytailed hair swayed in tune with her shaking head. "He will just say 'I allotted you enough fund, use it wisely!' and won't listen to my proposal first! He is so uptight about everything! It's not like Akashi-kun and I are splurging our club money!"

"Personally, I don't get why you have to go all the way to Kyoto for training camp, Momoi-senpai!" He beamed innocently.

Momoi halted, there was a good reason why she rarely tried to consult directly with Yamamoto Takeshi even though technically it was his job as leader of sport committee. She couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or genuinely clueless, and he was an even more unmoveable mountain than Gokudera Hayato in some cases.

It wasn't uncommon for any club to demand more privileges, especially if they had achievements like basketball club. In fact, it was encouraged to haggle and compete for it with student council members, some sort of mock exercise for management personnel like her on real life situation. Which suits her just fine, because she took her job as manager as seriously as her players.

However, Yamamoto Takeshi was not the most generous Iinchou (committee leader) when privilege was concerned. To this guy, diplomacy was a serious game and he was determined they had to work for it and no amount of cunning and diplomacy could convince him otherwise. He and Sasagawa Ryohei didn't believe in pampering athletes.

"We want to play against Rakuzan in Kyoto… and it's not like we're going to rent an expensive lodging." She argued back, pouting like a chipmunk.

"Subpar lodging could affect player's condition, ya know… Have you discussed this with Sei yet?"

It also didn't help he was their captain's relative! If anything, the relation made this guy to be harsher on them! As if anyone would suspect nepotism! This was why she wanted to talk with Kaichou! He was more fair and lenient, as long as her request made sense and justified Kaichou would grant it! With this guy, it was more like a contest of patience and stubbornness!

From afar basketball players watched the proceeding, taking generous gulp of water for their canteen after vigorous workout. "Our manager is going at it with Yamamoto-iinchou again."

"Do you think she can win this time?"

"Nah~ there's a good reason why Yamamoto and Sasagawa are both Iinchou for sport committee…" The other add his own two cents. "With Sasagawa it would be like trying to dent a wall with your head, you won't get anywhere with him unless you're extreme enough…"

"Like that one-time karate club's captain almost bash his head open to convince Sasagawa-iinchou to get them a new set of gi for them?" No one had a clue how giving himself a concussion could make Sasagawa-iinchou to say yes.

The other shrugged, "Our manager is not going to crack her head for sure. But Yamamoto-iinchou will smile and smile… then she will just…"

What the basketball player said was mirrored by the two before them, at last Momoi backed away from smiling Yamamoto.

"…lose her will to argue…"

It was still amazing how their persistent manager retreated so quickly with just Yamamoto smiling and laughing goofily at her argument. "And we used to think that's a carefree smile."

His smile was so sunny, they could almost imagine 'aha ha' onomatopoeia hanging around his person. Most of the time it was hard to treat the jovial boy seriously when council business was concerned but most manager personnel of sport divisions learned quite early that while Yamamoto was not Gokudera or Irie, it didn't mean they could underestimate his authority.

Momoi learned early on her charm and diplomacy skill bounced off of Yamamoto like a tennis ball against a brick wall, it didn't make her stop trying though. Few times she won his approval was satisfying, and-

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The manager picked up her phone, frowning when she saw it was from home. "Moshi-moshi?"

"O…ojou-sama! Help!"

There was sound of pain and commotion in the background. "What's happening over there? Youhei?!"

"A boy and a girl! They claim we kidnap the heir of Vongola and demand us to return him or else!"

Vongola? Since when they had anything to do with the biggest mafia famiglia in Italy? And who the heck would be crazy enough to kidnap their heir?! Momokyoukai was just a small time yakuza group in quiet suburb! Granted, it was a quiet suburb that was HIbari's territory but still…

"Since when we have a business with Vongola?" She hissed back? "And kidnapping? We didn't do ransom or the likes!" Hibari would annihilated them if they did, and Kaichou won't save them!

"Momoi-senpai?" She froze at the change of tone in Yamamoto, "Is there something wrong?" Momoi's pale pink eyes looked up slowly to meet Yamamoto's, and her knees felt like jelly when she saw the steel like glint. "Perhaps… something our Kaichou need to know?"

She hoped with all her heart that her family was really innocent, a bunch of idiot with brawn and ego they were but Momoi knew they were pretty helpless without her. She was not going to leave them to death. "We will handle this ourselves!" She began to dial a number on her phone. "Code red, everyone go to our office and subdue the intruders!"

Takeshi snatched the phone but it was too late, the line was already cut. "What have you done, Momoi-senpai?!"

"What?! It's my family business!"

Takeshi lamented his oversight not stopping the yakuza princess from contacting reinforcement, this couldn't be good. Tsuna would be very upset once he heard that his brother's famiglia had picked a fight with a yakuza family, one that led by their student no less.

Momokyoukai Office

"Look!" The man who confessed he was the second in charge of the yakuza group in absence of their Boss. "We didn't kidnap your Boss! We don't even know you guys are in town!"

The crazy girl didn't lower her gun yet, "Who says I will believe you just because you said so?"

"Chinatsu-dono! Please calm down! You're going overboard!" Basil pleaded. Granted she didn't kill anyone yet, only because most Yakuza duck at first opportunity and not because of her non-existent restrain. No casualties yet but the same couldn't be said to Momkyoukai's office which had more holes than swiss cheese.

Youhei, the man called himself as just snorted. "I'd like you to believe our self-preservation… we're a small yakuza group! Why the heck would we want to get in trouble with the Vongola, you ask?!"

"To make a name for yourself?"

"In our tombstone?" He retorted, "We'd rather be small time group and living, thank you very much!"

Basil cupped his chin, his triangular blade tucked under his elbow. "That's true… you guys are too low level to attempt anything on Vongola." Youhei was ticked, even if that was true and he admitted as much these teenagers are beyond rude! "Not to mention how did you even manage to infiltrate Namimori Gakuen?" The school's security was top notch, and Basil had met Hibari Kyouya and his band of disciplinary committee that functioned more as police force. Basil shuddered at the memory, they had been warned to not break school rules or else.

"As you can see… we don't have your Boss! Shouldn't you… I don't know, looking for him somewhere else?!" He pointed out what should be their main concern. "And that uniform… you kids are from Namimori Gakuen, won't you get in trouble with your disciplinary committee for not informing them of a missing student and skipping class yourselves?" The last part was Youhei's small vengeance and he admitted to himself he felt more than small amount of pleasure at the sight of their paling visage.

"Shit." Chinatsu cursed, her animal like instinct had warned her that HIbari Kyouya was a bad news so she should never challenge him.

They did exactly that with breaking at least a dozen of rules with coming to Yakuza's office and ransacking them. Yes, she knew how many rules because after the stern warning from the skylark himself she memorized the student book by heart to avoid trouble.

She didn't do a good job at it for the last two hours, ten minutes and… seventeen second.

"What did you do to our comrades, you brats?!" Basil and Chinatsu turned around as one, and greeted by the sight of strong looking men with tattoos and scars glaring at them as cracking knuckles threateningly.

Basil swallowed, not out of fear but at the prospect not only they got the wrong group, the possibility of getting out of this mess peacefully was close to nil. "We're really sorry for the misunderstanding we caused, we will pay the medical fees and everything we broke… so can we solve this peacefully?" He offered timidly.

Chinatsu groaned, couldn't he sound more confident when he offered that?!

"After you humiliated our comrades you think money could help you?!" The toughest looking man growled, "We, Yakuza men have more pride than that…"

Damn it.

On the way to Namimori Gakuen

Tsuna never had a delusion that he could control everything that was happening in his town, his school, or his home. Even so, he would like to believe leaving Namimori for a few hours would cause any disaster that was worth mentioning, or anything the rest of student council couldn't handle. Not with Hibari prowling in Namimori for law breaking prey.

Vongola just had to exceed his expectation once again, and it seemed his faith in Dino's common sense was misplaced. "So, in my absence Dino-san has purposely pit Basil-kun and Chinatsu-chan against Momokyoukai as a test of loyalty?"

"Yes." Their rain was groaning, "Momoi-senpai is furious… and Kyouya fortunately is occupied with disciplining Chemistry club for their experiment again now, but it's just about time! He will find out eventually." Disciplinary committee was a very independent group, so Takeshi had no way to intercept their information network.

Tsuna sighed, glancing at his vice prez. "Oh dear… and Hayato?"

Takeshi didn't answer right away, 'In the office, working on proposal for incoming autumn seminar perhaps…"

"Let him work on that." Tsuna himself had his own share to work for said event, and he didn't wish to delay it. "Kuroko-senpai didn't stop Momoi-san?" It was no secret the manager was in love with Takeshi's cousin and vice-captain of Basketball club.

"Tetsuya is out with Sei and their coach to scout competition."

Tsuna supposed there was no easy way out this time. "This is Vongola's problem, I'd like to believe it will resolve itself eventually so tell Momoi-senpai that her family would be compensated one way or another."

And with that he ended the line, frowning at Shouichi's inquiring look. "I am surprised you didn't try to help your brother."

The president shook his head, "As if… it's not like Natsu is in real trouble, my parallel self is relatively safe during Dino-san's test. The only victim in this episode is Momokyoukai members… and perhaps Basil-kun and Chinatsu-san because Kyouya would be unhappy a crime syndicate he tamed is attacked for no reason."

"And you believe Kyouya could discipline them appropriately?"

"He would be harsher but also fair… they will survive." Tsuna assured Shouichi.

The scientist snorted, "You can call half-dead survive too… but I suppose sooner or later the budding Vongola famiglia need to learn there're boundary in Namimori they shouldn't cross." Especially pertaining wellbeing of Namimori citizen, even if they were just small time yakuza group.

The brunette inclined his head in agreement, "I don't like it though." Putting his brother and friends in difficult position. As a leader, he had learned to put his personal wish aside. He never wanted to lead, but for his friends he had to.

"Still… less than a day you're out of town Vongola trashed a yakuza's office." Shouichi shook her head exasperatedly. "Unbelievable."

Tsuna crossed his arms, "That's one word to describe them."


As predicted Hibari eventually found out from his subordinates that…

1. Student under surveillance number 1, 2 and 3, which were Natsu, Basil and Chinatsu respectively weren't in school ground even though it was still school hours.

2. Momoi Satsuki of Momokyoukai was very upset that someone attacked her family and she was throwing a tantrum now.

3. There was a discarded note found by his subordinate that said student number one was kidnapped by Momokyoukai.

Hibari was beyond furious, as fact number one meant the herbivores was misbehaving under his watch. Fact number two meant someone had done something stupid and disturb peace in Namimori, and third… the note was written in Italian of all languages. The two herbivores under Kaichou's brothers must be pretty stupid to think whoever abduct their boss would be very accommodating to send a letter in their native language. He recognized the writing from distant memory of his parallel self, the same one sent to ask parallel Hibari to come to rooftop for training before Varia battle, though it was in Japanese but written in roman letter.

He had promised Kaichou to tolerate Bucking Horse Dino's presence in their town for the sake of peace, however Kaichou didn't say anything about the bastard disturbing the peace. So he didn't waste his time to stay idle and went in search of the herbivore.

He found the blond together with Reborn easily, at the right moment Reborn revealed a tiny mishap in Dino's test. "What do you mean Momokyoukai is a real yakuza group?!"

"Exactly what I mean." Reborn deadpanned, "They're a real yakuza group based in Namimori, and they're pretty strong in combat."

"God, Reborn! Why did you always do something as extreme as this?" The blond moaned, "This is not a joke! Putting Natsu's family in unnecessary danger like that!"

As if on cue panting brother of their president arrived on the scene, it seemed he had been running for his life. "What about my family?!"

Reborn kicked his shin, "You're late!"

"Hey! I was busy saving myself from getting killed by my new friend slash assassin! You won't believe what did I go through to escape him!"

Dino eyed the wet tower that got stuck on Natsu's watch and soap foam on his hair. He could imagine some. "An assassin?!"

"Yeah! A kid that crazy good with skateboard and yo-yo! And I am not fighting a brat sober!"

He had heard enough and made his presence known. "Sawada Natsuhiko from class 1-D, middle school division… this is still school hours, so care to explain why are you here?" In other circumstances Hibari would charge with his tonfa first and ask question later but as Kaichou repeatedly warned him, as Iinchou of disciplinary committee Hibari had to be an example of upstanding citizen when on duty. In which if he resorted to violence first, he would make it seems it was okay to bare their fangs all the time.

He didn't like it but he understands the logic, so he withheld his fang and approach with diplomacy -read warning- first. "Well, it's my fault not Natsu, you see." The annoying blond admitted.

His restrain was admirable, because Hibari wanted no more than knock that row of grinning white teeth off of Dino's mouth. "Are you his family?"

"He is my surrogate little brother."

"Then it doesn't count, for what purpose you call him out during school hours?"

"Well… for important discussion…"

"Of what nature."

"It's private."

Hibari levelled a glare at Natsu who made impressive attempt to stand still and not run for cover. "That means you skipped class not for legit reasons stated in our rules." Not to mention the boy looked pretty healthy. "And you lied to your teacher about your health." Natsu flinched. "Kaichou would be disappointed."

Usually Hibari won't use Tsuna's name frivolously but as leader of disciplinary committee he wanted to see Natsu's reaction. This time it was just something as simple as skipping class, and inevitably something bigger in the future as the heir of mafia family. Hibari wanted to know if the younger twin cared about Tsuna's opinion.

Natsu grimaced, "I…"

"Look." Dino stepped forward, standing between Hibari and Natsu. "We have an emergency in our hands that concern member of his family, so if you please let Natsu go this time? I will take responsibility as an adult for this mishap." He offered sincerely.

Hibari raised an eyebrow, "Does it have something to do with two of our students ransacking Momokyoukai's office I heard from my subordinate?"

"What?!" Natsu yelped, "What's going on Dino-san?!"

He looked sheepish, "Well… Reborn lied to me that Momokyoukai is a made-up name he come up with and not a real yakuza group. I accidentally sent Basil and Chi-chan to them to look for you…"

With other people, he would ask 'why' but when Reborn was concerned he and Dino knew, it was a 'test' mostly and partly for shit and giggles. "Reborn, you!"

Reborn of course was not listening anymore, it was his naptime and even though his eyes were wide open his snot bubble said otherwise. Dino and Natsu wisely stepped away in fear of accidentally waking up napping Reborn, which was more dangerous than sleeping dragon.

"Let's go save your friends, Natsu." No need to question Reborn, and fix this mess like a Boss should.


Hibari reminded them he was still exist. "I am not done yet-" The mafia boss and heir however had run off, leaving Hibari and still sleeping Reborn in dust. "Those two… next time I catch them, I will bite them to death."

"If you can." No longer sleeping Reborn interjected, "Natsu might be no match against you." Not yet. "But Dino is pretty strong you know."

Hibari narrowed his eyes, "Hoo…" He had seen Dino's strength in parallel world, so he knew Reborn was speaking the truth. "Interesting…" He commented lightly, inwardly calculating the chance to test his strength against Dino.

"By the way." Reborn's squeaky voice cut his musing short. "What are you going to do to my students, Hibari Kyouya?"

The cloud just smirked, "Punishing them accordingly…"

Reborn's beady eyes narrowed a fraction, "Accordingly to your school rules huh… a pity, you have so much potential and yet you remain a civilian." Hibari glanced at Reborn. "Is it because of Tsuna?"

A smirk pulled his lips, "What a foolish question." Their president didn't make them choose anything, he was their choice. It was as simple as that.

Namimori Gakuen, Student Council Office

Gokudera Hayato wondered how much irony loved him because after years apart he was in contact with his step-sister, and in extended period no less. "It's autumn already Aneki, so I think you should go to Hokkaido for some potato of theirs. I heard there's a new breed that you could be used for delicious udon."

"Really,Hayato?" Bianchi asked enthusiastically. "You're such a supportive brother, what would I do without you?"

Wreaking havoc in Namimori with her poison cooking, that was what she would do. Of all things that could get him out of perpetual state 'I never exist to you' in regards to his family, he was doing this to keep Bianchi far from Namimori for as long as he could. "Oh, and I think you should try Okinawa too… I heard there's a new blend of Civet coffee imported there, Reborn-san may be interested in exotic blend like that."

Bianchi squealed and Hayato had to put his phone away from his ears so he won't hurt his eardrums. "Hayato, you're the best dear little brother! I will cook a feast for you once I come back to Namimori! Bye-bye! Chu❤!"

The silver haired boy grimaced at kissy sound his sister made, as the line ended he couldn't help but sigh. "It's just sad that she is this oblivious…" Then again if somehow Bianchi managed to worm her way to Sawada family's home, he didn't think Kaichou would appreciate poison cooking invading their sacred kitchen. Their Kaichou could tolerate Bianchi of course, being an accepting sky he was but the kitchen was entirely different matter.


The door opened revealing their leader, followed by his fellow Vice-prez of Namimori Gakuen. "Welcome back, Kaichou… I hope you had a pleasant trip."

"Far from pleasant but I will manage." He'd like to check on latest fiasco Natsu had gotten himself into but alas he had another appointment to attend to. "I suppose my guest have been waiting for me for quite some time?"

Hayato tapped the end of stack papers on his hands lightly against his desk to even it before setting it aside to finished pile of paperworks. "I hope it helps that we make sure his wait is comfortable, he is waiting in our terrace and we provide adequate refreshment as company."

Their office was in higher level than their terrace that connected to school cafeteria so from the window Tsuna could see his guest was not alone as certain someone was sitting with him. "Is that Hana-san I sees sitting with Yagami-kaichou?" He recognized the seaweed like curly hair of the newspaper club's buchou. "In the middle of interview, I guess?"

Hayato nodded, "Your next seminar is on information gathering through records in public library, which is relevant to Yagami-Kaichou's skill in investigation… It seems Kurokawa wants to hear his opinion."

"Oh dear, should I wait for Hana-san to finish her interview?" Tsuna wondered out loud.

"Kaichou." Hayato warned him sternly, "Yagami-kaichou would be displeased if you delay your report on your meeting with Scarecrow any longer."

"Indeed." Shouichi agreed with his fellow vice-prez. "Even though you'd rather put your time with that troubling individual at the back of your mind, it's your job… Tsuna."

The brunette grinned sheepishly, it was not in his nature to shirk from his duty but sometimes… "Okay! Okay! I am going! I am going!" He said, hands raised in placating gesture as he once again exited the room and off to his meeting.

Once their leader was out of sight and hearing range Shouichi groaned. "He is distracted, no matter what he says… he is very concerned with what's going on in Momokyoukai's office now."

"Or to be precise, what's his younger twin is doing." Hayato sighed, "Something I can't relate to, because I'd rather my family to forget I ever exist." Which was why, he was in perpetual state of telling his father nothing about his life since Innocenti took him as a ward.

"Neither can I… my family is not what you can consider close-knit."

He had a normal family but his sister never really cared about his life, even more so since he got closer to the rest of student council. His parents believed he could take care of himself, and his independent position made them forget he was still in middle school. If Shouichi didn't know better he'd think he had been emancipated as an adult already, especially since he had not received any allowance for the last two and half years. Heck, when his mother's household budgeting was in red he helped them to pay!

"Well, we can't understand but I know it's getting hard for him to turn a blind eye from what's going on with the budding Vongola famiglia in our town." They were right under his nose and he had to pretend being ignorant. Not an easy job to do when your brother was repeatedly dying in each hurdle Reborn threw at him. Literally, because of Dying Will Bullet of Reborn.

Shouichi snorted, "You'd think that Sawada Natsuhiko-kun being a willing heir would make his life easier…"

"Or he would fare better with additional training he got." So far Hayato didn't see how he was better than parallel Tsuna in overcoming his hurdle. "He is still fighting in his boxer." And by his estimation it was just about time Natsu would get sick from all that Dying Will Bullet.

Somewhere in France~


Mukuro promptly ignored the childish caller and proceeded to continue his task on his doorhickey, or the piece of technology the four eyes duo stubbornly called N-pad. He had to install that stupid N-chat application or whatever that Hayato insisted as a must to have to make their communication easier. Now, if he could figure out how to install security application...

"Pineapple-shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihou ~"

Mukuro gritted his teeth in annoyance, hoping he could end the miserable existence of his disciple. "Fran." Mukuro tried to rein his temper, because he was on his own to keep himself in line and not committing homicide in his wake. "Be quiet."


Why did he take this brat under his wings again? Talent be damned if the brat never learned how to respect him. He didn't ask much, seriously. He didn't need the brat to grovel in his glory. He only needed Fran to stop nagging him, insulting him, acting ridiculous. In overall, he should try to be a decent disciple. Was that too much to ask? At this rate he would murder the brat, his sky's warning about homicide be damned.

"Hayato-san sent an email~" Fran continued, he was used to ramble on and on even if his master's attention was somewhere else.

He should have known what to expect of Fran the moment he accidentally came across the brat in the very same river his parallel counterpart did. It was by sheer miracle and a lot of conviction in Tsuna's part that Mukuro didn't murder Fran and let the corpse float in the very same river.

Who knows accompanying Tsuna to a business trip in French few months ago could meet him with Fran? Back to his first question, why did he take this brat under his wings again? Right, Fran out of the blue decided to follow pineapple fairy and the pretty boy fairy (much to Tsuna's chagrin) and Mukuro almost forgot to kill the brat because of the amusing nickname he gave Tsuna. Mukuro smirked in an almost maniacal glee at the memory.

Fran rolled his eyes when he saw his master's expression, no doubt he was recalling an amusing and sadistic memory. "Pineapple shihou, you won't be smiling if you read what he sent me." Fran continued on, "He said the info you made a mistake again… there was one time you told them about Orchestra is lacking a lot of details, you got the date wrong by one week too late and now CIA's Scarecrow is…"

Mukuro spun around so quickly that Fran almost afraid his master would accidentally dislocate his hip joint. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Mukuro roared to his disciple.

Fran thought he was almost deaf just now, considering his ears felt a bit funny that might be the case. "Read it yourself." Fran passed his cell phone to Mukuro, which snatched roughly by the illusionist. "He also said something about 'that person' is involved, how come I don't know you guys have code word?"

The illusionist gritted his teeth when he read the email; it took a considerable control to not crush the phone when his temper shot up. "That bastard!"


Mukuro threw the phone back to Fran who caught it with ease, "We're going back to Italy! I have to recheck my contacts!"

Fran frowned at that; he didn't like Italy because the food and weather were not to his taste.


"Damn mafia! Acting high and mighty as if they're worth something, while they're rotten to the core." Mukuro ranted as he packed his belonging to a medium sized leather suitcase. "I should have investigated the upper echelon, that bastard... I should know he has been spreading his influence to mafia cronies like incurable plague! I'll never live this down, damn it!"

Imagine what that bastard skylark would say, why oh why... that bastard had to develop sarcastic tongue in this world?!

The last time he messed up, that bastard commented. 'Hn, apparently you're not as subtle as you thought Herbivore… then again it's hard for a bright fruit like you to hide.'

Why? Oh yes… because their sky was sick with their violent tendency whenever they shared breathing space, so he proposed them to have verbal fight first and the one who draw their weapon first lost. Surprisingly they enjoyed the banter a bit too much. He should have known the skylark to grow a brain bigger than his carnivorous bird brain.

"Shii~ shou~" Fran sang, snapping him out of his musing.

"Now what?!" Mukuro snapped.

Fran pulled another satellite phone, "If you're going to Italy, the least you could do is cancelling your appointment as Renato Socci…" One of his master's many aliases. "With DGSE… I thought you need info on CIA from them?"

"Information that obviously fed to their intel!" Mukuro hollered.

"You still need to cancel properly though." Fran reminded his master. "If you damage reputation of your fake identity, it would get harder to gather information for Kaichou…"

Mukuro resisted his urge to bang his head to nearest wall, but this cheap inn had thin walls.

Someone chose to open the door of the room they rented, revealing their older brother figure, he was carrying a paper bag filled with food to the brim. "Now what happened? Mukuro… you look like you want to bang your head to a wall again."

"That's exactly I want to do, brother Lancia…" He hissed.

Lancia sighed, "Perfectionist fit of yours strike again? In gathering intel, it's not unusual you mixed up genuine information and information your opponent fed to you… Tsunayoshi-kun is not angry at you, is he?"

"You know Tsunayoshi… when any of us fail, he will just go 'it can happen to anyone, do your best next time' and smile at us as if there is nothing wrong!" Mukuro growled, crossing his arms almost petulantly.

He shrugged, "Then nothing is wrong… Don't overwork yourself Mukuro."

The illusionist sighed exasperatedly, "We're still stuck regardless… I even missed that Bronco Horse Dino's arrival."

"Whatever you say Shishou… but-" The phone was ringing and neither Lancia nor Mukuro noticed.

"And there is another incoming assassin to Namimori I emailed to him just now!" He bemoaned. "I don't even know this is Reborn calling the assassin or they're genuinely in Namimori to kill that Natsuhiko."

"Vongola never gives you warning…" Lancia nodded sagely, "The boy will survive I am sure."

Mukuro rolled his eyes, "Like we even want to imagine what if that little brother of his didn't…" Mukuro shuddered. "Tsunayoshi said that he will grief and hate his father if that happen… but who knows…" His sky was unpredictable in regards to the younger twin.

"Anoo…" It was still ringing.

"Have more faith in him." Lancia advised.

He snorted, "My faith in him is selective… life can be entrusted to Tsunayoshi, but I have zero faith in him quitting his trouble magnet status."

"It's in his blood."



Mukuro whirled around so fast and stabbed Fran's apple shaped head. "Idiot disciple you-"

Fran raised the ringing satellite phone. "You have a call!"

Mukuro growled, taking the ringing phone off of Fran's hand. "Hello!"


It took a long while for Mukuro to compute who was calling him and which alias the feminine voice was addressing. He switched quickly from English to French. He cleared his throat, "Ah… madam Torohovsky It's been a while!"

Fran raised sketchbook made of illusion and wrote, 'At the rate Shishou is amassing alias, he will lose track of them soon.'

Lancia opened his palm and another sketchbook materialized courtesy of Fran, and he wrote a reply, 'I don't even know who is this Donato again.' Why his surrogate brother insisted on taking so many fake identities instead of sticking with a few again?

Oh right… Mukuro had a thing for complex game. Even though their leader told Mukuro repeatedly, sometimes keeping things simple was the best and then Mukuro won't drive himself up to the wall. Even though Tsunayoshi tried his best to delegate each of them to specific field to oversee, so no one would be overwhelmed.


Mukuro ended the line with a sigh.


"Ah~ Hekmatyar-san!" Mukuro switched his act to Chinese merchant, pleasant and obviously flattering his customer to buy his goods. Lancia almost expected Mukuro to bow and rubbing his hands together.

"It's been a while! Liu Wei! About the one we talked about last week…"

"Oh! The shipping you asked-"

Fran raised his sketchbook, showing 'Who the heck is Liu Wei?' to Lancia.

Lancia sighed as he replied, 'I think it's his third Chinese alias, or his second one…' Then Lancia rushed out of their room, he didn't buy enough chocolate to soothe Mukuro's temper today. He swore, at least half of their expense was spend to satisfy Mukuro's sweet tooth.

Then again… considering existence of other kind of addiction to youngsters nowadays, maybe Mukuro's sweet tooth was something to be thankful for.

Meanwhile back in Namimori

They arrived just in time to see a standoff between Natsu's guardians and Momokyoukai's top member, Natsu couldn't choose between feeling pride or exasperation. They were amazing, both as friends and guardians, in the other hand they beat up innocent Yakuza members. Just another poor soul that got unlucky enough to get involved in Reborn's machination.

Still, he was touched Basil and even Chinatsu cared so much. "I am glad you guys are fine, thanks for coming to my rescue… though I am not in danger."

Chinatsu glared at Dino, "You lied to us! You're such a mean bastard! Ally of Vongola my ass!"

"Chinatsu-chan language! Shh! Please don't be so mad at Dino-san!" That's an allied Mafia Don she was talking to!

Dino laughed, "She had quite a mouth, but her heart is in the right place." He turned towards still very angry Yakuza, clearing his throat. "As the adult in my group I will be responsible for our mishap, I am really sorry for the misunderstanding that cause my brother's family to hurt you all." He apologized. "I am the tenth boss of Cavallone Famiglia, as an apology I will pay medical fee and cost to repair your office. Please accept it."

They weren't convinced. "It's the matter of pride." The toughest looking yakuza Dino guessed was their leader. "These kids came in out of nowhere and accuse us kidnapping their Boss and attacked my comrades without provocation. My friends won't need medical help or fixing our office if they tried to ask nicely first."

"We thought you kidnapped our Boss!" Chinatsu yelled, "Will you ask someone you suspect as kidnappers nicely?!"

Dino groaned, "That's beside the point Chii-chan! We're in the wrong here!"

"Glad we establish that one fact at least!" The gruff man scowled, "Kids or not we demand at least three fingers for this insult!"

Natsu paled, "Fingers?!"

Chinatsu stuck her tongue out, "Meh! As if I will let you cut my pretty fingers!"


Dino sighed, "It seems negotiation is over, this means you guys won't back off without a fight… a shame." He pulled out his whip, "I wish we could go through you with diplomacy instead of violence…"

Natsu gaped at him, "He is going to face all of them on his own?!"

"Here I come!" Dino yelled out a battle cry as he lashed out with his whip.


However instead of hitting the yakuza the whip hit Basil between his eyes, the top of Chinatsu's head and Dino himself.




Natsu was the only one saved from Dino's mishap because he was standing right behind the blond, and belatedly the younger Sawada twin remembered. "Oh yeah, Dino-san is a clumsy guy without his subordinates around." Then he turned his attention to laughing Yakuza group and gulped, 'Damn, and now I'm on my own.'

Or so he thought when he felt the familiar pain of Dying Will Flame. 'About time, Reborn.'

With Reborn and… someone else…

"So, what do you think?" Reborn asked to his companion as they watched Natsu beating up the Yakuza group using enlarged fist.

"He is fighting in his boxer."

Reborn nodded, "Lame and uncool but that's not the point."

Deep blue eyes narrowed in contemplation. "I don't know yet… he is fun I suppose but no idea whether he is worthy or not."

Back in Yakuza office, Chinatsu and Basil had joined force with their boss and winning. Dino was not left behind for long as his family also joined as spectator, giving the blond the boost he needed.

"Natsu will show you his worth soon enough." Reborn was sure of that.

His companion hummed, "Vongola's young lion gives me a chance I can't refuse… an escape I wanted for so long. It would be a shame if his son is not worth it, and that means I will miss my chance…"


"…If that's the case I can kill him, right?"

Reborn's onyx like eyes narrowed a fraction at the sight of innocent smile, but there was no mistaking the murderous glint and killing intent he sensed coming in waves from the boy. So young, even younger than Reborn's student but already a talented assassin.

He only had one answer to that question, "You're welcome to try…"

Neither Reborn nor his companion noticed fluffy yellow bird with hidden camera on its choker watching them silently. The bird after all was just a harmless being with no strong intent other than following its master's order to watch over the target, it was also very quiet and blending well with surroundings.

The master of the bird narrowed his eyes as he saw everything through his fluffy companion, "It seems you're right after all Kaichou, the path of your parallel self and your twin starts to drift apart…" And nothing that man could do to change it.

Student Council's terrace

Yagami was not happy and Tsuna was sure today there were a lot of unhappy peoples. Life happen and when diplomacy was concerned, Tsuna had learned a long time ago that most of the time when a compromise was reached it was more likely everyone to get upset than happy.

"You give him a warning, and that's it?" Yagami frowned deeply at him, "I want him out of Japan."

Tsuna crossed his arms, "What do you expect me to do Yagami-san? On the record, he is on vacation, and unless you can get him banned from Japan we can't deport him. Surprisingly Scarecrow hadn't done anything to get him in that much problem in Japan like what happened in Bombay last year…"

Yagami rested his chin on his laced fingers, "He got curious about this school, whatever he had in mind would be your business… Sawada-Kaichou."

"I am well aware of that, Yagami-kaichou." Tsuna returned evenly. "Rest assured, the moment we spotted him in Namimori we will put him under surveillance."

Yagami sipped his tea, calming down at Tsuna's assurance. "You mean someone is already keeping an eye on him by now."

Tsuna grinned sheepishly, "Well, perhaps there's anonymous note sent through a little birdy to National Police Agency Security Bureau… and I may or may not spotted one of their agent in Narita when I left."

The older brunette snorted at that, "I see… then perhaps I could ask my father about it and relay it to you." He set his cup back on the saucer. "So, Scarecrow won't be a major concern for us for this term?"

"I hope not..." Tsuna heaved a sigh as he relaxed, leaned back against the comfortable back cushion of the car seat.

Raito who was sitting right across gave Tsuna a sideway glance before turning his attention to lush arch of wisteria flower below. "What else you're worried about?"

"Industrial spy…" That wouldn't give up and leave Shouichi and his fellow young scientist alone. "CIA in general and other Intelligence Agency…" They didn't get the clue that he was fourteen and more concerned on his school life than career. "Our students' antics…"

Namely the budding mafia family of Natsu…

Yagami sighed, "What do you want to be in the future anyway… if you make it clear those agents would stop bothering you."

"They're not entitled to hear what I am planning to be in the future… my obligation to them…" He trailed off, adjusting his glasses. "Is limited on business in the present not the future…" His eyes narrowed dangerously. "Are you implying it should be otherwise?"

The detective cringed. "No… it's up to you."

Crap… he stepped on that landmine again. Sawada was a saint most of the time, and couldn't even hold a grudge –as far as Raito knew at least- even if it was forced on him. However, Sawada never let anyone to have a say in their future… he and the rest of his council and Namimori Gakuen.

It was mystery where this hatred of being controlled coming from… not teenager rebellion phase for sure. Tsuna didn't hate rule and regulation; he followed them to the letter most of the time. Maybe… he didn't like walking on the path someone else prepared for him?

Yagami himself walked on the path his father prepared, to be a cop. It was nothing wrong following that tradition. But Tsuna seemed to do his best to deviate from that…

Yagami eyed the smiling boy who was opening a book to read, 1934, a dystopian novel by George Orwell. What a curious choice of reading. Came to think of it again, Tsunayoshi's taste was something more… classic like Souseki Natsume's works not George Orwell dystopian literature.

"I thought you prefer… something like Natsume Souseki's Ten Night Dream?"

Tsuna hummed, not taking his eyes off of the book. "I do… it's an aesthetic and whimsical work, very profound like well-aged wine~"

"You never drink wine." He pointed out.

"I mean… the poetry will make the reader drunk with its passionate narration." Tsuna elaborated with a smile.

Right… he really couldn't get how this guy's mind worked sometimes, or rather most of the time, if not all the time. "So why you're reading '1934' by Orwell?"

He hummed again to some nonsensical tune, "Hm… as literature researcher, my taste is irrelevant to my choice of reading material. I even have to let myself taste something as bitter as chopped liver…"

"Then as literature researcher, have some respect and don't compare a novel with chopped liver." Yagami couldn't help but say, frowning at boyish grin he got in respond. "You read all the time… but from our short-but constant- interactions… I noticed you only read that kind of literature when you're concerned about something."

Anxious was a better word to describe his state of mentality but Yagami was not going to call Tsunayoshi out on that.

He inhaled slowly, eyes still glued on the book on his lap. "Books are not something that you just read words in. They're also a tool to adjust your senses." He quoted profoundly. "Someone I wish I could hate with every fibre of my being said this once…"

Silence fell as Yagami mentally griped, 'Wait; did you just say you wish to hate someone?'

He cleared his throat, "I don't want to admit it but… in a sense that's especially true to people like me. When I read Natsume Souseki's work I couldn't help but enthralled… Paul Gallico's work warmed my heart with how he laid emotion of his character… And George Orwell's work…" Tsunayoshi trailed off with a depressed sigh, "Make me couldn't help but think, the world is a depressing place and I feel grim even over little things…"

You never backed down in any negotiation and won't let even people like Bookman to influence you but you got knocked out by classical literature?!

"Maa… so reading this more or less is so that I keep my mind sharp." He narrowed his eyes. "In which… in this situation everything can go horribly wrong or right."

Why Yagami felt like he missed something again? And not to mention it as if the younger Kaichou was seeing something he couldn't, a wave of change in their generation or was it something else? "Are you telling me your feeling is easily influenced with what you read?"

Tsuna beamed, "As a literature researcher, I have to be sensitive at heart."

"A researcher has to be logical, if he is subjective… his research would be taken with a grain of salt."

He shook his head, "That's how it goes when you're a detective in a scene of a crime… the weight of your deduction is based on logic… however when reading a book it's about the matter of heart, how a narrative stir your imagination as you read them… making you a part of the story."

Yagami snorted, "I am afraid I can't follow, I rarely read fiction…"

"My apologies, but I didn't mean becoming part of the writer's imagination… but immersing yourself in the word created inside the book." Yagami wondered what the difference. "The easiest way to imagine it… is the setting where the story take place. It's a shame though that in the large literature on environmental quality, relatively few works attempt to understand how people feel about space and place…"

"And?" Yagami pressed on.

Tsuna hummed, "Let me come out with something… hm, for example…"

"From the edges of the cold, steel door, a familiar smell overcame me with an unfamiliar shock. The clean, reassuring smell I knew because of my occupation it was completely out of place here. I suddenly realized why my patients didn't like it. To them, it was not a smell of daily routine, it was a smell of sickness and mortality. This was not a place one wanted to be. The strong, antiseptic smell reeked of the unpleasant possibilities of this place. The monster was in the smell, in the light, behind that door."

"A hospital?" He stated rather than guessing.

The younger president nodded, "Story of a nurse that couldn't comprehend her patient's discomfort when they're sleeping in their sick bed, she sees them every day but she couldn't comprehend why the situation and condition she took for granted in her daily routine could cause discomfort in their patience so much…"

"And only when she got sick too, she understood their feelings…" Yagami concluded. "Their fear of monster called death, illness and weakness…"

He nodded, "In perspective of a nurse the patients are there to recover but in opposite point of view to patients, the sensory perception in this paragraph… just from the sense of smell hit the feeling of helplessness home. Mere scent of antiseptic is discomforting because it's a scent of a place that closely associated with illness and death."

The older president narrowed his eyes, "And the point of this analysis is…" He pressed on, getting impatient.

He held up his copy of dystopian novel, "A book… a story is a universe where a reader become part of it depending on how much we immerse ourselves within, when two persons read the same book, same plot… getting attached to specific character within the book I wonder if I can see through more about the other person."

"Are you saying… you're trying to understand a real person through a book?"

Tsuna laughed, "Aha ha ha… of course not! Even close friends have hard time to understand each other sometimes! If one can understand another human through a book there would be no war and conflict in the first place! You're so funny, Yagami-kaichou!"

He stared at the laughing teen in disbelief, "Sometimes… I really can't follow your logic, you damn literature nerd."

"Thank you, I tried my best to not be predictable… nerd or not."

'He talks about something deep and then waived it off as something that sound insignificant in the next line AGAIN!'

Tsuna was well aware Yagami was upset getting thrown off of his smooth path of logical deduction, served the older right for throwing him to the mess with Scarecrow and CIA. He didn't mean to confuse Yagami though, he was trying to share his observation about certain white devil, hoping Yagami could give him an insight.

It seemed the older president couldn't give him that.

What did he expect? Even with hyper intuition, the power to see through all… Tsuna had gotten nowhere to understand the devil who called himself Shougo.

Somewhere Unknown (BGM: Wheatland)

Two identical faces stared at each other, unmoving from their respective place. Same amber eyes, pale skin and snow shite hair to the last strand. However, when one's gaze when lower below the neck, you could see one of them was just a head. The other's hand was strained with blood and sinew as he held the severed head of his twin.

It was a macabre sight that resemble nunnery scene of Hamlet, in the background a pale silhouette was sitting behind a white piano playing a serene yet joyous tune that fit the picture like badly woven tapestry.

"To be, or not to be, that is the question!" He began to recite.

"Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep,
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to: 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub:
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause—there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life..."

Pale face craned his neck to the side as he finished reciting, another set of identical face mirroring his watched emotionlessly. "You guys supposed to be a copy of me… in a sense you are all my twins, but I'd rather the word burns before letting any of you to take my place under glorious fate…"

None of the copy responded, staying as silent as a statue.

He sighed dramatically, tossing the severed head carelessly like one would a trash. Flopping down back to luxurious day bed, his long limb dangling by the edge of the bed to pick up one of many books discarded all over the floor. The top of his finger brushed against the spine of the book, and he picked it up to read. Opening the hardcover book, his bloodied finger dirtying the pristine paper of Natsume Souseki's Ten Night's Dream.

"Tsunayoshi-kun… I don't get you at all…" The white devil said as tears streamed down his face.

At this point we're around chapter 28 in manga... I will see how much I can differ from canon. And there's Mukuro's arc...
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