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PAST: The Mist of Doubt (part 1)

"No Matter How Gifted you are... You alone cannot Change the World"
"L" (Death Note)

Tsuna always thought his father was a hero when he was but a five years old, then again which little boy wouldn't when his mother worshiped the very ground her husband walked in like Sawada Nana did. His father was strong and muscular, unlike his friend's father who wore suit and going to office everyday. He could lift both Tsuna and Natsu with one hand, letting them to play with him like dwarfs wandering around giant's body.

Even if he's rarely around, Nana always entertained them with story of Iemitsu wandering around the world to save the day. His father was never anything but a perfect picture of a hero.

Until one day…

He woke up in the middle of the night because of thirst, and he caught sight his mother crying in dining room in front of already cold dinner. It was their anniversary day, and father promised to come home. He apparently couldn't make it.

That was the first shattered piece of his perfect world.

Iemitsu did go home three days after that, he came with huge flower bouquet and a box of chocolate as apology for his precious wife. Nana and Natsu were overjoyed but Tsuna couldn't bring himself to feel the same. The image of his crying mother had been burned to his mind.

A hero shouldn't make his princess cry thus his father was no longer a hero. His simple childish mind concluded.

When he thought of it again Tsuna couldn't help but imprinted the feeling of betrayal on his mind, the first bitter taste of reality he could barely comprehend in young age. And since then he vowed to do anything in his power to make it right, correct the wrong of his crumbling fairy tale world.

When the memory of his alternate self came to him, all he was thinking was how many wrong and right that world was. He learned the world couldn't be as perfect as a story in book but bitter truth was always the hardest to swallow. He wanted it to be right, and what's wrong with that?

"Wrong." Innocenti said as he scribbled furiously on his paper, "Tsunayoshi-kun, you claimed you have no adventurous sense, unlike your father and brother…" The scientist said with a flick of his pen, "But here you admit you have heroic symptom."

"… But I think everyone's conscience work that way?" Tsuna pointed out weakly, lying down on the coach of Innocenti's study room for one of their counseling session.

Innocenti pulled a grimace, "If that's the case there would be no war and prison would be empty." He paused, "On second thought crime would never exist!"


The rainbow haired man sighed at the look Tsuna gave at him, "Now boy, this kind of thinking is going to ruin you." He began solemnly, "There is no such thing like perfect hero in reality, and if there is they would have been dead in young age for the sake of being that perfect hero."


"All you need to do is do your best to stay out of trouble Tsunayoshi-kun." Innocenti chided the brunette boy sternly, "You and your friends… especially Hayato and that homicidal Hibari boy." He added.

What's wrong with wishing everything to be right? His young mind couldn't comprehend how a right thing could be wrong to an adult like Innocenti.

"Don't let the knowledge of parallel world get into your head Tsuna-kun. You have your limits. And acknowledging your limits is also a strength, one you have yet to comprehend."

Why would he? Tsuna knew in spite of the knowledge he possessed there were things he couldn't change no matter what. He knew his limit! He knew he was just a kid!

Tsuna never thought that one line would haunt him for the rest of his life.

That morning Yamamoto came to school with a bigger grin than usual much to Hayato's annoyance. He didn't stop smiling as he presented five colorful tickets on Tsuna's table which quickly gained attention form the rest of his friends. It were tickets Tsuyoshi got from his friends, their family suddenly had an urgent business in Akita. Five tickets to Phantasma Circus, their ticket was already sold out the moment they stepped to Namimori.

Even Hana was interested to come, because it was not usual boring trip to zoo to see monkeys, as Hana put it. "At least the animals would be doing something interesting instead of eating and sleeping." Hana said coolly as she reread the copy of Tsuna's science note. Tsuna's note was always pleasant to read and she copied his even though she had hers.

"Uhm!" Kyouko agreed with a giggle, though to her it won't matter as long as they're cute. "What do you think Tsuna-kun?"

Tsuna looked up from the book he was reading, which made him the center of attention of his classmates because it was thick and big thus looked pretty comical on his small lap. "I am looking forward to it Kyoko-chan."

Hana rolled her eyes, "Sure… would it kill you to sound a bit more excited about it?" She asked out loud, and Tsuna was about to respond but she cut him off. "Forget it… our little professor is more interested in holing himself up in library instead of watching hippo in a skirt."

Tsuna smiled sheepishly at that, he had been called professor since his grade improved. His classmates started paying attention to him and always spotted thick book on his person. He didn't choose to read thick book and it was heavy to boot but every topic he wanted to read happened to be written in a thick book most of the time and he was just that petite to make the book look bigger than it was.

"As if Tsuna want to see hippo in a skirt!" Hayato scoffed, he had getting used to call Tsuna with his given name but in private he called the boy as boss much to Tsuna's chagrin."Or anyone for that matter… beside I doubt nowadays anyone would find that fascinating!"

"It's hilarious!" Yamamoto piped up.

The grey haired teen rolled his eyes, "Your sense of humor so… don't count!"

"Why?" Yamamoto Takeshi asked innocently.

Hayato snorted, "If you find Izuki's lame pun funny I think there is nothing to say about your sense of humor Takeshi…"

Takeshi grinned at that, "Well… what do you know? I thought you said you have no sense of humor?"

"Why you!" He growled angrily.

Hana rolled his eyes, "Oi Tsuna, stop your bodyguards before they get into another pointless argument."

"They are not my bodyguards, they're my friends." Tsuna said while in the background the argument had escalated to the best comedy show they had ever watch which hardly justify their sense of humor in Tsuna's opinion. "And while the argument is pointless they are having fun, what's the harm of letting them?" Tsuna wondered innocently, "That's a proof they are friends."

"What's the harm?" Hana snorted, "For one, it's getting on my nerves."

Tsuna smiled at that, it was a warning that she would throw a tantrum if the two boys didn't stop soon. "Hayato, Takeshi! What would you like to see in the circus? I can't wait to see the trapeze."

As one both of them stopped arguing then answered enthusiastically. "Clowns!" Takeshi chirped.

"I want to trapeze too!" Hayato added hastily.

"I know bodyguard is a fancy term of pet…" Hana muttered playfully.

"Hana-chan!" Kyouko and Tsuna were scandalized, while Hayato and Takeshi… much to Tsuna's chagrin, they didn't deny a thing. Probably because Takeshi was too oblivious and Hayato… let's not elaborate that.

Namimori Square

Circus they visited was like any other typical circus, it was held in a big circular tent with a lot of caravans parked around it. The tent was colored in orange, red and blue. Tsuna gazed at it in awe; he never saw a tent as big as this one. His gaping mouth closed as he blushed a deep red, when one of the clowns came over and offered a candy to him. He accepted the treat shyly and muttered a small thank you as his friends laughed at him, while Hayato fumed at them for laughing.

The laughter ceased when Kyouko curiously looked at the clown that gave them candy, the clown was approaching another group of children with a basket of sweets. "Their face is so white! The looks really funny but that one clown is so pretty!" She gushed out as flushed a deep red.

Hana raised en eyebrow, "I fail to see how a clown can be pretty."

The clown Kyouko was referring at was indeed stood out even in a group of bring colored dressed clowns. He dressed in red and orange with frilly collar, juggling balls gracefully with a basket of sweets on his arm. The make up on his face was thick with red nose, his eyes and lips were outlined with deep red, but even so they could tell the person beneath the thick clown make-up was beautiful.

"A whiteface clown…" Tsuna said with awe, "It's the first time I see one closely."

The inside of the tent was massive, somehow it felt bigger than what they saw from outside. Tsuna and co sat in the first row, which in their opinion was not the best seats but not the worse either since any entertainment that taking place on the ground could be seen up close. They would have a neck pain to watch trapeze later though.

Takeshi was really fascinated by the sea lion that displayed its juggling skill and wondered if they can play as a pitcher. Hayato grumbled that the baseball idiot's imagination was getting too high. While the rest of them laughed at the snide comment Hayato made at Takeshi.

The show went smoothly until the tiger show started, and one of the tigers knocked over the ring of fire. The tamer was of course not pleased especially since the ringmaster quickly cut the show short and ushered the tamer and his tigers back to the backstage. The tiger show was quickly forgotten when the trapeze took their breath away with skillful acrobat in the air.

At last the show reached its peak and the ringleader that dressed in suit stood in the middle of the ring and announced their main show would begin soon enough. The children of course was excited to see the show the ring leader claimed more interesting than one they had watched. For a few moments nothing happened when the spotlight darted to every random direction till it centered on a small circular stage in the middle of the ring. A black box with question mark was on top of it, which they recalled was not there before. It might be placed there when they were distracted by the myriad colors of spotlight. The group of clown was surrounding the stage as their arms opened as if presenting something to the audience.

Suddenly the black box busted open, smoke, confetti, ribbons, flowed and doves flew out of the box. The audience broke to a round of applause when a girl dressed in magician suits hopped off of the box, smiling charmingly to her spectators.


Tsuna, Takeshi and Hayato's eyes widened when their eyes locked on hers, and the twin purple orbs widened in recognition.


The girl looked distracted for a moment before she caught herself then placed her hand on the waiting hand of the whiteface clown. The girl they recognized as Chrome was indeed looked like the eye-patched girl they knew from their parallel world dream. She had deep purple eyes, pale skin and dark hair with purple sheen. She was dressed in typical tailcoat and white undershirt but instead of pants she wore a purple leotard.

Tsuna watched Chrome pulled out a long string of colorful flags out of the whiteface's ear then made his stuffed stomach burst and doves flew away out of his clothes. The clown then ran around in circle as covering his face as an expression of embarrassment.

The magician girl giggled at the whiteface then turned to other clowns that were preparing her next trick. The whiteface had returned to her side and this time was walking on top of a very big ball. She was about to tap her hat with stick but froze when a roar echoed through the ring.

Three tigers, one male and two female entered the ring as roaring at the audience. No one react and thought it was part of the show until one of the tigers charged to the fences that separated the seats and the ring. Realization dawned on the audience, the tamer was nowhere in sight and the lions had escaped.

It was an instant pandemonium as the audience screamed in horror and rushed to escape. Hana being the sensible girl calmed panicked Kyouko down, none of them moved while the rest of audience ran as fast as they could.

Hana gritted her teeth, "The fence is high enough! They wont reach here but…" Not to mention the tigers were focusing their attention to something else. "The girl and that clown are still there!"

Tsuna's eyes widened when he saw the state of the ring, the other clowns had escaped and only Chrome and the whiteface left there. The whiteface was hugging trembling Chrome on his hands as if trying to shield the girl from hungry eyes of the predators. The girl looked too scared to move and her face was as pale as sheet. Tsuna was about to yell at the clown to bring her out of there. He closed his mouth when he saw the whiteface was limping. It seemed the first roar startled the clown; he fell from his ball and sprained his leg.

"Hana-chan, bring Kyouko-chan out of here!" Hana would have protested why they would left the boys behind but looking at Kyouko who was trembling and hugging her close it would be best to do what Tsuna said.

"Fine! Come Kyouko!" Hana said as she hoisted the frightened girl up then went to the exit after she spare one last glance at the brunette.

The brunette saw the ringmaster on the corner of his eyes, the ringmaster was a plump man in his late forties and dressed in suit. He was shouting at the whiteface. "Allen! Get the hell out of there, you idiot!"

Tsuna gritted his teeth, can't the ringleader see that clown was injured?! And where's the tamer? Or their security staffs?! "Mister! Where's your security staff! Do something!"

"Ah… Uh…" The ringmaster stuttered, "They are on the way!"

As if on cue three men armed with sniper riffle came running toward the ring, ready to shot the enraged tigers. Much to their shock the lions quickly turned their attention to the staff and pounced at them. Two of the tigers scratched the their arms, and they dropped the riffle and clutching their bloody arm while their friend was engaged in a tug of war with the male tiger over his riffle. The staffs were caught off guard, especially because trained beast they had usually was submissive. They usually won't dare to attack an armed human but for some reason the tigers were more vicious than usual. The third man at last managed to pry his riffle off of the tiger's teeth then he shot the tiger before it could pounce again. The tiger he shot fell on the ground unconscious, and he quickly aimed for the next tiger, which also fell as soon as the tranquilizer hit its body.

He moved on to help his other friend but the shot miss, and the tiger changed its target to him. Faster than he could react the tiger pounced and scratched his face, and he screamed in pain.


Irrationality thrown out of the window they fled and dropped their weapon, fortunately for them the feline had no interest to chase after them. They turned their attention to the magician girl and the clown. Chrome had recovered from her shock and was struggling to help her clown friend to escape. The only way to backstage however was blocked by the feline while the door to audience's seat was locked. Chrome dragged the whiteface clown to the door, and the lone tiger was approaching fast.

Tsuna gritted his teeth, "Where's the key mister! Give it to them!"

"Ah right! Nagi-chan! Hang in there!" The ringleader shouted in horror, he rummaged through his pocket in panic as fished out three rings of keys. "Uh... ugh... I left it in my office!" He shouted in horror again.

Hayato snapped, "Useless old man!" He would have chucked dynamites to the ring but looking at the close proximity of Nagi and the clown were with the tiger that would be the worse idea to do.

Takeshi looked at his hand which were empty, "This is bad…" The dark haired boy was weaponless, Hayato scoffed at him. What a good day to leave his weapon at home.

Gokudera pulled one stick of dynamite, the small one that barely longer than his forefinger. "Oh, we can use this..." He murmured thoughtfully, "Tsuna, we can..."

"Chrome!" Tsuna took off his outer white shirt off then before any of his friends could react he had jumped to the ring.

"TSUNA!" Gokudera and Takeshi screamed in horror.

Nagi grabbed the lock and tried to pick it with a pin of her toe ribbon, she was decent in escape trick but at this situation where panic was doubled she couldn't think clearly. "Nagi-chan! Just leave me and run away!" The clown said weakly.

"I won't leave Allen-san here!" She said as clutching the lock tighter, her mind already blank and she couldn't recall clearly how to do it.

"Foolish girl…" He hissed in desperate voice.


The tiger was already near, Nagi let go of the lock and backed away as hugging the clown tightly on her arms. Tears pooled on the corner of her eyes as the tiger licked its lips.


She pried one eye open when she heard a pained roar coming from the wild beast, all she could see was blur image of the beast roaring and moving wildly to pry something off of its back. Nagi gasped when he saw a brown haired boy on top of the tiger's back and desperately clung on the scruff of the beast's neck. Tsuna had his outer shirt taken off and was trying to tie the beast mouth's eyes and mouth. Nagi let out a silent scream when the tiger jumping wildly in hope to throw Tsuna off of its back. Tsuna almost hold his hold but he managed to tie the sleeve of his short over its mouth. Tsuna was well aware it was a stupid idea to apply taming method for crocodile he saw once in discovery channel, not to mention the target was not a slow crocodile. It was a big cat with powerful jaw and very... very angry at him.

Tsuna knew it was too late to back down from this stupidity, he had to finish this or risk to be killed for real. He could see from the corner of his eyes that Hayato and Takeshi also had jumped to the ring and running to his direction. He was scared the tiger would be angrier and attacked them but ironically his friends' entrance made the tiger turned to see the newcomer and temporarily forget about him. Tsuna did everything on impulse and before he knew it, his hands had moved to tightened the bind and covered the feline's eyes. The tiger once again reminded it still had an unwanted rider on its back and found its sight covered and its jaw was locked. The tiger did what its instinct told it to do, jumped then flipped its body, had it not for Tsuna released his hold in time he would be crushed under a tiger that at least weighted around six to seven times his weight.

His body roughly thrown to the mid-air, Hayato and Takeshi ran to Tsuna, unfortunately not fast enough to cushion his fall like they intended as the boy's small body collided with the ground to their horror. "Ouch..." Tsuna groaned in pain. "Ugh..."

Tsuna's eyes were blurry because blood dripped to his eyes. He tried to shake off the pounding on his ears, he almost thought he was dreaming when he saw Hayato was shaking him and crying. Takeshi was crying too and they were calling him names. "Stupid Tsuna! Why you did such dangerous thing?! Stupid! Idiot!" His face felt wet, something warm was soaking his face and it's not his blood. Did he make them cry? Like that man did his mother?

The last thing he heard before everything went dark was a sound of gunshot, it reminded him a lot of Reborn.

Namimori Hospital

His head was pounding and whatever he did before going to sleep, it was not pleasant and definitely stupid enough for the Hayato of all people screaming at him. The moment he regained his consciousness, the first thing he noticed other than merciless pounding on his head was unpleasant smell of antiseptic. He had yet organized his mind so he had somewhat forgot what made him landed in hospital in the first place. Whatever it was, he could recall that later and hoped he didn't screw up too much. Tsuna braced himself when he pry open one of his eyes, before him was something monstrous looming over his bed with colorful locks dancing in the air wildly like tentacles.

It took him full three seconds to stop himself from screaming and recognized the monster as the very irate Professor Innocenti. "Ugh... " His throat was hoarse so he croaked, "Professor? Err... is everything..." He gulped, even swallowing felt painful. What the hell he had gotten himself in to, that warrant the normally gentle scientist to emit such a terrifying aura? "All right?" He finished.

Innocenti smiled, a 'you're so screwed' kind of smile he usually wore when Hayato or Lambo exploded something in his mansion. "Isn't it fortunate you're ten years old thus I shall refrain from cursing in every profanities I could think of on the top of my head." That meant at least cursing and swearing in nine languages, from Italian, Esperanto, Chinese, Swahili, Hindi, Spanish, English, French and Japanese.

Tsuna gulped again, almost choked on his own saliva when he felt the pain when swallowing. He coughed violently, and Innocenti quickly handed him a glass of water. Tsuna drank the water slowly then sighed in relieve as the pain on his throat subsided, "Aah..." Tsuna took a deep breath and at last noticed his surrounding. Someone was sleeping by his bedside with her arms folded as pillow, Tsuna's breath hitched when he saw his mother sleeping soundly. Her eyes were swollen and her cheeks were wet. "I..."

Innocenti sighed then turned to the side, where on a coach Hayato and Takeshi were sleeping. Their eyes were swollen too and sleeping soundly like his mother. "I have to say... facing a tiger is so not on the list of what a ten years old should do." Innocenti began, "And what you did is really stupid Tsuna."

Then Innocenti went on explaining what happened after he lost consciousness, how the stupid pudgy ringmaster found his gun somewhere on his coat and shot the tiger. Then after they moved Tsuna to hospital the police investigate the cause of the tigers suddenly running wild. Apparently the tamers used the money circus gave him for his tiger's food for gambling, that's why the performance of the tigers were horrible that day because of hunger. Driven by hunger and terrible treatment of its tamer, the tigers took their chance when their tamers was going to punish them for the performance. The tamer of the tiger was found dead after the incident.

The boy was about to open his mouth but the scientist cut him off, "Yes! You saved that girl and her clown friend but my point is... you did something stupid and there's nothing you could do to remedy that Dame Tsuna!"

The boy flinched, he hadn't heard that nickname for a long while and Innocenti used it to snap some sense into him. "Professor... I..."

"Do you know who you hurt the most with your recklessness?" Innocenti asked testily.

Tsuna shook his head, he knew who was hurt because of him but should he knew who was pained the most? He was guilty enough without knowing that. "I don't..."

The scientist sighed, "It's Hayato... Tsunayoshi-kun."


Innocenti crossed his arms, "Hayato... you know he had explosive with him all the time right?"

"But that time..." Tsuna protested.

"Yes, it's dangerous to attack the tiger with dynamites with that girl and clown so close with it however..." Innocenti trailed off, "You can draw its attention away from them with explosion and they will have plenty of time to escape."

"..." Tsuna flushed a deep red.

"But what I want you to know is that..." Innocenti trailed off, "You're never alone Tsunayoshi... they're there for you and yet you bear all burden by yourself..."

Tsuna looked down in shame, "I am sorry..."

"Apologize to them not me." Innocenti corrected, "You know how Hayato and Takeshi are..." It was an unspoken, you're hurting them with not relying on them.

"Yes..." Tsuna muttered sadly.

Innocenti stood up with a sigh, "I am going to buy food and refreshment, I am sure they'll be hungry later..."

"Thank you professor." Tsuna looked up timidly, only to find the scientist was still frowning at him. "Professor?"

He took a deep sigh, "Nothing... by the way, be thankful that I asked Rin to stay at home with Lambo, that nephew of mine will freak if he saw your head."

Tsuna cringed, "Ah yes..."

Phantasma Circus Tent

Pained groan and grit of teeth echoed through the dim lighted backstage, accompanied by sorrowful plead of hoarse voice of a girl. The ringmaster still dressed in suit was whipping a young man who was curled in fetal position on the ground. The young man's shoulder was marred with ugly scar of whip mark. Pained groan erupted from his throat when one of the muscular trapeze artist kicked his stomach, and the young man had to rolled back with his back on the ground.

"Please! Forgive him!" The dark haired girl begged desperately as her small body curled up in petal position in hope to shield larger body of her friend. "He is already very sick, so please..."

Her hands was a bit red from being hit by whip but nothing worse than her companion, the ringmaster was about to raise his whip again but folded the leather weapon neatly then tucked it under his arms. "I can't hurt you too much on visible area such as hands... Nagi-chan's body is very precious for your magic show after all..."

Nagi sniffed, "Yes ringmaster... I will work harder so please spare Allen-san..." She muttered in trembling voice.

He snorted, "Well... if keeping your useless friend will make you behave, why not?"

"Sir, she has not spill anything about that!" One of the Auguste clown pointed out, "We keep her because of that!" The clown reminded the ringmaster.

He snorted, "I know that! But well... it seems she really didn't remember about that phantom document." Nagi yelped when the ringmaster roughly grabber her delicate chin, forced her to look up with fearful eyes to him. "But one way or another... she will recall about her daddy's precious document." He said as roughly threw her to the ground and collided with unconscious whiteface clown. "Ah and one more thing girl... be thankful that tomorrow afternoon we will visit your little savior, it won't be good for our reputation if we don't." He growled, "Just show one or two tricks to made your savior happy and feel rewarded for his bravery." It would save their face too.

Nagi nodded slowly as her face just inches from the ringmaster's, "Yes... "

He sneered, "Good girl."

And with that the ringleader left the backstage, then one by one the circus member left Nagi and her clown friend alone. Nagi hugged her only friend inn circus close, tears soaking her cheeks. "I am so sorry... so sorry... I can't protect you..."

Tomorrow, she thought with renewed hope. "I will see boss tomorrow... he will help us, I promise..." It was a faint hope from unexplained dream she had since few month ago, It was a very happy dream to her because in that dream she had friends, she could protect them and vice versa. Unlike the reality where she could do nothing but beg and beg without able to fight back for her friends. It was a hope she desperately clung onto when she was so close to break down under this pain.

Namimori Hospital

Light concussion, the doctor said, which explained so much about his pounding head. After his friend and mother wake up at delicious smell of food Innocenti brought they had fret over every single bruise he had, especially the wrapping on his head that made him partially mummified. Tsuna thought he should be happy to get so much attention from his precious family but for some reason there was a numb pain on his heart that suffocate him every time he saw Takeshi or Hayato smiling at him.

For some reason he felt he didn't deserve them.

That night after everyone fell asleep in spare bed and couch the hospital lend them Tsuna wake up then quietly went to the rooftop of the hospital. The chilly air feel fresh unlike the air conditioned room he occupied. Much to his surprise that night the weather was misty, which pretty unusual considering the season. Tsuna could barely see the scenery of Namimori Town from here because of the weather. Speaking of mist, they had found Chrome... but she was in a group of traveling circus which will be gone a day after tomorrow. It was fine if she won't stay like Takeshi, Hayato and Lambo. If she is happier with her circus group, he shouldn't...

"Good night Tsunayoshi-kun... "The boy almost jumped when familiar masculine voice called him.

Tsuna turned around, "Professor... you startled me..." He stammered as leaned against the wire mesh fence.

The scientist crossed his arms, eyes never left the boy before him. "I heard from Hayato that you find another friend from that parallel world dream..."

Tsuna's breath hitched, "Ah... yes... Chrome, she is working as a magician in Phantasma Circus."

Innocenti raised an eyebrow, "I see... that traveling circus?

The brown haired boy nodded, smiling brightly. "Yes... she is really cool on stage." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"... Then Tsunayoshi-kun, will you talk to her?"

Tsuna stiffened, and he couldn't believe an answer that crossed his mind the moment Innocenti asked. No, he wouldn't. "I... " She had a life in that circus and she will leave soon, who was he to intrude on her life?

Innocenti crouched them so he was in Tsuna's eye level, "I will be honest... since I met you two months ago I admired you as a child who can deal with so much problems dumped on the top of his head..." Tsuna stared at the scientist in confusion, "Few months is not enough to know someone and I definitely couldn't understand you even though I am a psychologist... but Tsunayoshi-kun... even though you said..." Tsuna stiffened and his mind went haywire as each passing word was heard, "You don't want to be the same as your alternate self could it be deep down... you..."

Tsuna yelled, "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!"He covered his ears

"You admire the Vongola Decimo your alternate self have become..." Innocenti finished as he stood up, "Unlike you... he has power to protect and to you... your friend."

Tsuna curled up, unable to show his face. "I know... even friends I have now... I am so confused..."


"I thought with knowledge I have... I could make things better... I think that I could do it... in the end I am just... " Tsuna muttered as a soft laugh emitted from his lip, devoid of feeling.

Innocenti crossed his arms, he didn't meant to brought this up so soon. But at this rate he feared the boy would get himself killed, not for reckless action like he did today but the lost of himself. Innocenti wished the boy could acknowledge his sense of self identity apart from his alternate self. Tsuna seek for his friends because he long for them but some part of him seek to be the same as that alternate self of his. Tsuna who started to aware of this felt guilty and tried to make himself worthy. That he could call himself not taking everything for granted.

"Tsuna... I want you to realize you are not the same as the you in that parallel world..." Innocenti began, "And then you can start to find yourself first... "

Tsuna looked up, his eyes were red after crying. "Eh? Find myself?"

The scientist grinned, "Yes... to find yourself that you will love... one that you won't be ashamed of." He paused, "A child always dream of they want to be this and that when they grow up..." He turned around, hands tucked inside his pants pocket. "But in the end all children grew up to be themselves and no one else..."

Tsuna blinked at that, all his life he had always thought he had to be like someone he looked up to. Amazing characters he read from the book or even that alternate self of his. "Growing up to be myself?"

Innocenti nodded, "You can wish to be anyone you wanted Tsunayoshi-kun but in the end... no matter how great your alternate self is... you befriend Hayato, Takeshi... Lambo, that brash boy Ryohei and also homicidal prefect... Hibari? You did that out of your free will and no one force you... "

"But I... " Tsuna stammered.

The scientist sighed, "You're thinking too much... and no matter what I don't think they will leave you anytime soon... or ever actually."

Next Day

Tsuna was reading a book Hayato brought for him from Innocenti's library while Hayato was reading on the coach and Takeshi was doing his math homework. It was an uncomfortable silence, the noise that could be heard was flipping page and scratching sound of pencil against paper. The brunette didn't know why but this silence hurt but more than anything their eyes that looking at anything but him hurt even more.

Tsuna dropped the book to his lap and blurted out.


Hayato and Takeshi as one stood up or rather jumped off of their seats then stared at Tsuna in bewilderment, they had no idea what's with the sudden apology or what they should do in response. "Uhm... I forgive you?" It was Takeshi's reflex answer when someone asked for an apology to him, though it sounded like a question in the same time.

"He don't have to apologize to you!" Hayato snapped at the baseball club ace.

"I have to." Tsuna corrected.

Hayato's reflex response to Tsuna's correction of course was agreeing with his with enthusiastic nod. "Of course." He paused, "Why?"

Tsuna looked down, "For being an idiot and take it upon myself to get myself in trouble, forgetting you guys are always by my side... " He clenched his fist, "I always said I trust you with all my heart but... it's a lie, some part of me is doubting you... and myself." Tsuna muttered sadly, "Someone who can't believe in himself... how could I... "

Takeshi laughed out loud suddenly, "Geeze... Tsuna, you scared us for a moment there!"

Hayato sighed, "If that's why you apologize to us... boss, I am sorry but I am disappointed at you."

"..." Tsuna blinked owlishly at them, "Eh?"

"You should spill this insecurities of yours sooner." Takeshi said as he ruffled Tsuna's spiky hair, "So... is this doubting yourself means you kind of confused with yourself and your alternate self?"

Tsuna nodded hesitantly, "Yes."

Hayato sighed at that, "Boss... " He paused at the look Tsuna gave him, "Okay Tsuna... all of us do, after all we're ten years old kids with the memory of our alternate self that four years older than us, and even by mafia standard our alternate self have been through a lot."

"Right!" Takeshi agreed readily, "To be honest I am almost scared with our smooth sailing, with captain Tsuna in charge." He sang, "Our captain always looks confident and stuff that I almost sad we have to leave everything to him."

Tsuna blinked owlishly again, "I am afraid I am a bit lost."

Hayato and Takeshi laughed at him and Tsuna almost scared that they acted so out of character, they never agreed with each other but now they acted like they were two peas in a pod. "Usually I would never agree with baseball idiot over here, but I have to agree... " He looked up to Tsuna as he crouched down on the floor, "I have always look up at you, both me and my alternate self... always insecure if this person ever need me. Especially... when he take it upon himself to bear every responsibility and take the lead." He paused, "What I am trying to say is that... we are here for you, and it have nothing to do with our alternate selves... does it matter why we gather together in the first place?"

"In the end..." Takeshi continued, "It's us who choose to follow you, to stand by your side..."

Hayato nodded, "Isn't that enough? For us... that's all we need... " He grinned sheepishly, "Since Hibari and Ryouhei aren't here..." He trailed off.

They knew Tsuna was in hospital. Ryouhei was asked by Kyouko to not visit Tsuna unless he could restrain himself from shouting, while Hibari... he was somewhere near probably to make sure the interesting herbivore made it alive after challenging a carnivore.

Takeshi hummed, "If we can speak on their behalf... those two would never even think or confused with themselves, and since they unofficially stand by your side already... " If constant invitation to boxing club Ryohei made and somewhat awkward acknowledgement Hibari had were anything to go by. "I can safely say... all of us are in the same boat and trusts you with all our heart."

Tsuna didn't know how to respond but his eyes had the idea, he cried. "Hic hic..."

Takeshi and Hayato were stunned, "We made him cry!"

"That's tears of happiness!" Takeshi said with a grin as he patted Tsuna's back.

Tsuna nodded, "I... don't know what to say... but I am also partly sad."

"WHY?!" They looked scandalized that Tsuna was sad after all that speech.

"For being an idiot to not realize your feeling sooner..." He sobbed, no longer care for dirtying the hospital blanked as he used it to wipe his tears, "I am so stupid, I thought I am no longer Dame-Tsuna but I still am... "

Hayato looked relieved but also partly guilty. "Uhm... err... " Nothing came out so he opted to offer Tsuna a pack of tissue from his pocket.

"It's happens to the best of us... you know, being an idiot..." Takeshi tried to console the crying boy, "But there's always a next time."

"Uhm... " Tsuna hiccuped, "Hayato, Takeshi... "


Tsuna smiled at them, his eyes were teary and his cheeks flushed a deep red as he said. "Thank you..."

Their cheek was tinged with pink as they replied, "You're welcome."


They almost jumped when they heard someone knocking the door, Tsuna quickly wiped his tears and hoped he looked decent and not a wreck. His mother shouldn't come back for another hour so who was it? "Come in." Tsuna said timidly.

The door opened and revealed the plump man they recognized as the ringmaster they met yesterday, Tsuna frowned at the man as he greeted the boy. "Hello Tsunayoshi-kun, I am the ringmaster of Phantasma Circus. My name is Thomas Fudge, you can call me Thomas-san." He winked.

Tsuna didn't know why but there was something in this man's body language he disliked, Innocenti once in a while teach him about body language and micro expression but he was still in process of learning and far from mastering it. But still... with that minimum knowledge Tsuna could tell this man was a liar. "Nice to meet you Thomas-san. " He said in an almost forced polite tone. "What bring you here? A Ringmaster of a big circus must be a very busy person." Tsuna said in faked innocent wonder. Takeshi and Hayato were on guard when they saw how Tsuna behaved, Tsuna rarely took instant dislike on someone if not never and when he did there must be a reason.

Thomas beamed at the boy, "I come to say thank you to our young brave hero of course!" He said with a theatrics that could put even Innocenti to shame. "Nagi-chan, come in!"

The three boys perked up when they saw the shy girl hesitantly came in as ordered, Tsuna smiled at her. "Hello... "

Nagi bowed, "Thank you for saving me... " When she looked up she was smiling brightly and a hat and a cane on each hand. "And to our brave hero, let me show you a magical time!"

Something was strange, he couldn't put a finger on it but he just knew it. The steely glint on her eyes, it was determined and sorrowful eyes that tried to convey something to him. She was smiling but it didn't reach her eyes as she tapped her hat with her cane, Tsuna would feel bad for not paying much attention to confetti, ribbon, roses, and pigeons that burst out of her hat. All his attention was captivated by her eyes, sorrowful eyes that full of hope. She had prepared the next trick, revealing a coin on one hand then put it on another hand. Her fist clenched and when she opened it, the coin had multiplied to six coins. Three coins on each hand then she showed skilled coin roll, flipping the coins through the back of her fingers with practiced ease.

Tsuna would like to think she was enjoying herself but... he couldn't shake off the feeling something was amiss. It was not until Nagi ended her short show and bowed he confirmed his suspicion. She was smiling at him but her eyes were glassy with tears, "Thank you again for saving me... " There was a pause before she added, ."Boss."

And with that the ringmaster bid them a good bye then ushered the magician girl out, and not in gently manner as he almost shoved her out. Hayato and Takeshi were amazed by the show but confused why Tsuna looked like someone just dropped a bucket of ice water on his head. Hayato yelped in shock when they saw a dove flying out from under Tsuna's bed and perched on his lap, it had a folded indigo colored paper tied on its leg. Tsuna untied the paper and unfolded it, his eyes widened in shock.

Boss, if you know who I am... please help me.
It's selfish of me to ask for more after everything you have done to save me yesterday, but I don't know who else I can ask for help.
I want to escape from the circus before it leave Namimori by tomorrow night.
I can't explain the full details of my situation, but the ringleader and circus members are after something from me... something that belonged to my deceased father and that's the only reason they let me to stay alive. My only friend here is Allen-san the whiteface clown who protected me yesterday. At this rate they will really kill us, their effort to force me to give in my father's legacy is futile so far since I don't even know the whereabouts of this legacy.
You're my last hope Boss...

Nagi (Chrome Dokuro)

Hayato and Takeshi who were reading the letter over Tsuna's shoulder paled, Hayato cursed. "That bastard FOX! I know that guy is fishy!"

"What should we do Tsuna?" Takeshi asked, panic was written all over his face.

Tsuna took a deep breath, "We will save her of course but... we're not going to do it alone."


Innocenti opened the door and came in before anyone in the room could greet him, Rin trailed behind him. "What? You guys looks so tense." The scientist commented then turned his head to the side, "By the way... I met the ringleader and the girl you guys spoke of yesterday, I have to say... he looks disgusting."

Hayato snarled, "Not just disgusting in looks, the inside also rotten!"

"Huh?" Innocenti blinked owlishly then realized the boys looked furious for some reason. "Did I miss something?" He asked curiously.

Tsuna hopped off of his bed, his fist clenched on the letter Chrome gave him. "Professor... I need your help."

Innocenti was quiet for a moment, hand cupping his chin as he stared at the determined boy before him. "I guess... you have learned something after all."

Sky was vast and limitless, but without storm, rain, sun, lightning, cloud and mist it was just a meaningless blank canvas without harmony.

FUTURE: Brothers of The Sky

"Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands."
― Anne Frank

Shouichi hated himself so much now, especially since he had played a villain role like his alternate self did. It made him felt sick and if he had a choice to keep Tsuna's brother away from them without doing this, he would do it in a heartbeat. The problem was, he had none. Shouichi and the rest of student council knew it was inevitable to not be involved at all with mafia. Some of them was born and raised in mafia, some was related to a mafia like Tsuna and any other factor that relate them to the industry of violence.

Sure they won't involve themselves at any way if possible and so far they did a good job to be under their radar, added with Imonoyama protection over them. About the protection Imonoyama provided, it was not like security police that followed them every day. They liked their privacy too much for that. Imonoyama was a giant business empire of Japan and pretty well known in the world, and why they were so well known? Because they were eccentric and enjoyed every chance they had for festivities. That included as tradition in their school and by extension all Student Council under them was well known for participation in said festivities. It's not like they were so famous that people flocked after them when they walk through the street like some sort of idol, but no one with high standing position in their chosen field didn't know them. In short, they were the center of attention of their chosen field and the world was pretty much watching their growth closely.

To mafia, a secret society of underworld they were virtually untouchable. Or so Shouchi hoped.

"Shouichi..." The genius inventor snapped out of his thought then turned to the other occupant of the SC's office. The student council president was sitting on his chair, arms resting against the glass surface of his desk. Tsuna was looking at Shouichi with those gentle eyes of his, while it was so warm Shouichi felt hurt that Tsuna was looking at him that way even after what he had done. "You did your very best... regardless of my feeling I shouldn't be angry at you. Thank you for choosing this painful choice for me. "

It was painful but in the same time it relieved him, "I am so sorry..." He muttered weakly but loud enough to be heard by Tsuna.

"Don't be..." Tsuna waved his hand in negative gesture, "Since I chose to place myself in this position, I am well aware... that my brother and I could never be honest with each other. That there would be always a wall between us..." And his brother one day would distant himself further than Tsuna, just like what their father did.


"At one point... he will leave me for Vongola, and I am in no position to stop him without losing what I hold dear..." Tsuna looked down, his eyes covered by his laced fingers. "But regardless of what the future hold..." He trailed off then looked up to Shouchi, the mechanic could see strained smile on his face. "I still have the present, and I should do what I could for him... that's the most important thing right?" Future was still so far away but now was just within his grasp.


Three weeks later

"I will not pry." That was what he said three weeks ago to his younger twin and as days and then weeks passed. He had started regretting saying that after the first week passed with Natsu acted like nothing happened and somewhat avoided him. It was not possible for Natsuhiko to avoid Tsuna, they lived in the same house and study in the same school after all. But it was pretty obvious Natsu started to keep Tsuna at arm length, he greeted and chatted with Tsuna normally but Tsuna caught Natsu tried to avert his eyes when talking many times.

Tsuna knew he promised to not ask, but the way Natsu acted worried him. Natsu was the worse liar Tsuna had ever known, he was as good at lying as ostrich hiding its body. However in the same time Natsu was good at hiding his feeling and trouble when he felt cornered, he would keep smiling and acted like his usual self. He at first thought it was because his friends told Natsu something along the line 'don't drag your brother down' or something... but he doubted Natsu would be so depressed just because an outsider told him how to behave with his family. Natsu was too stubborn and proud to beat just like that, but most of all Natsu was strong. Tsuna always knew his brother was his opposite and if there was one thing they shared, it was their desire to be strong and stubbornness they inherited from their parents.

Tsuna had been looking forward to make up the time they had lost once Natsu returned to Japan, but what he got were two okay days, one shitty days and 18 days of being somewhat ignored by Natsu. He didn't know what made him could hold his patience for three weeks to not snap and yelled at Natsu, then again with Reborn hovering over Natsu for the last three weeks they didn't get much of private time to sort things out. Call him stupid but desperation called desperate measure!

Especially after conversation with Mukuro three weeks ago...

Three weeks ago

Tsuna wanted to disbelieve what he heard from Mukuro, he hoped he could afford that luxury but he couldn't. It was nothing surprising since once the heir of Vongola was out of Italy, one way or another the information would get out soon. It was just just an information in that magnitude even Vongola couldn't hide forever. Reborn of all people had a neon sign on his head that said 'I am number 1 Hitman in the world!' and no way there was nothing fishy Reborn suddenly change residence from Italy if not on mission. The concern would be if there was anyone who dared to piss Vongola and Reborn off, now that the biggest famiglia was getting paranoid since the death of Frederico. The last report he received from Mukuro, one famiglia was annihilated after they got their hands on info about the new heir of Vongola. If just knowing Natsu's existence flared such reaction from Vongola, it would a pandemonium if the news of assassination plan got out.

Whoever planned the assassination was discreet enough with hiring a mercenary instead of dirtying their hands. However according to Mukuro, the mercenary they hired was as discreet as a five years old Lambo and his grenades.

Orchestra, Musica ex Machina.

Well, it was no wonder Mukuro got this information so easily. This particular mercenary group was indeed as discreet as Lambo when he was still a brat armed with grenades. They were more of a duo actually since their not so discreet assassination method and penchant to create havoc had reduced their number from eight to two. The two photos Mukuro (in Mitsu's body) produced with illusion made his mind almost go haywire. The first was a fair skinned man with short, brown hair and a goatee with eyes in lighter shade. He had shark like smile and teeth like one, just from one look Tsuna could tell this was a blood thirsty type of assassin who killed just for the heck of it. The other was a girl with fair skin, hazel eyes and light brown hair. Tsuna's eyes were wide when he guessed how old the girl was, she couldn't be older than twenty and at most was in her late teens.

These two was planning to assassinate his brother?

"They were psycho type of assassin." Mukuro informed Tsuna, "Mind you... they called mission as concert and their weapons latest mission involved gun fight in the coast of freaking Dubai."

Tsuna rubbed the bridge of his nose, taking his glasses off beforehand. "I am sure Reborn could handle them just fine..."

"If he didn't decide taking on Orchestra would be a good test for your brother." Mukuro pointed out mischievously.

The amber eyed teen scoffed, "Reborn won't let the only heir of Vongola and his student to take on something he is not ready yet."

"I am fail to see how a brat that fight in his boxer is ready to take on Vindice' escapees." The illusionist retorted smoothly, referring to his alternate self battle with Kokuyo gang.

Tsuna sighed at that, "... It's not his choice and you know it, beside at that point my alternate self is 'somewhat' ready..." Leon was ready to enter cocoon state at that time after all.

"Somewhat indeed." Mukuro agreed with a smirk. "My point still stand, your brother is not safe at all from Orchestra." The illusionist snorted, "I suspect this duo is chosen because they're flashy and tend to kill just for the heck of it as you can see from Opera Massacre incident last year." Mukuro pointed out, "Thus... why they go after your brother can be waved off as them looking for a challenge..."

Tsuna frowned at that, "I am sure they charged extra fee for boasting about killing the heir of Vongola as a challenge to any unfortunate witnesses in vicinity."

"If the duo left any..."Mukuro couldn't resist to point out.

"I doubt even Orchestra is dumb enough to charge head on against an arcobaleno." Tsuna drawled almost testily."And they don't know Reborn, if anything they'd assume Reborn would guard Natsu and trying to charge head on would be suicidal."

Mukuro smirked, "So true... and it's not like certain someone would stay idle when his precious brother is threatened."

He couldn't deny that. He didn't want to be involved in mafia business but his brother was another matter entirely, "...I'll not but I hope... it won't come to that." Tsuna muttered.

"Whatever... your brother is your business not mine, but remember..." Mukuro said in threatening tone. "You have an oath to keep, caro il mio cielo"

Tsuna laughed softly, "Like I could forget that..."

According to Mukuro, due to their already tight schedule Orchestra was planning their concert in Japan would be by next month. That was one week from now, and whatever Reborn would do they would have chaos on their hand soon. He would have to sort whatever problem Natsu had with him soon and just for today he'd screw being discreet.

With that in mind Tsuna went to Natsu's class which located in the first floor, he was concentrating on planning what his next step and pretty much auto-pilot on the way from his class to Natsu's. He vaguely recall returning greetings and refused an offer to visit tea ceremony club. He planned to get his brother to talk in school because at home his brother could always lock his room then pretend to sleep or any other excuse with Reborn in tow. At school however Tsuna knew Natsu's schedule and he somewhat owned the school. Using his authority for private need wasn't something he liked to do but for his brother an exception could be made.

Class ID

Huzimori Mitsuru in fact was pretty smart for someone who didn't belong to Z class like Tsuna or the rest of student council, Natsu felt a bit stupid for not noticing that even with growing friendship he had with the boy. Mitsu apparently belong under Irie Shouichi's department or rather a club that gained enough reputation to be considered as a department within their school and funded themselves with sponsors. Unlike Irie who had sponsor throwing themselves at his feet to let them to pay for him to do his project, Mitsu and other students in the same department but not belong to Z class were not as fortunate. Then again according to Mitsu, no sponsors meant they were not good enough to work on real project.

However it didn't mean they were completely jobless within the department, they mostly working on what so called design concept. They were selling concept of invention which feasible but not in prototype state yet, and compete in competition to gain attention from sponsors. According to Mitsu all students here had clear career path since they were young and club or any department they belonged to was a some sort of trial workplace to them. In fact most alumni of Namimori Gakuen and Clamp Gakuen worked in their school after graduated.

Reborn said it was one of many reasons Vongola took trouble to pull strings to get Natsu enrolled to the school since just like mafia academy in Italy, it was a good place to train as a boss and forming alliance.

Mitsu huffed as he reread article on his N-pad, his bag was already packed and ready to go but Natsu was still packing his belonging. "What a shame... a floating capsule shaped car win this competition?!"

The other classmate of Natsu who also in the same department as Mitsu rolled his eyes, "What do you expect? This Car Company is a sucker for anything that looked futuristic..." His name was Fukube Satoshi, he had light brown hair with the same style with Natsu's but a bit longer with eyes in darker shade.

Mitsu snorted "And also... I heard G country's company invented a anti-tornado house! Imagine my surprise when I saw it was actually a Star Trek phaser (type ll) that could hide it vulnerable head like a turtle!" From how Mitsu talked, Natsu thought the boy was scandalized about the said Star Trek shaped house for some unexplainable reason.

"What a shame!" They chorused then turned to Natsu who stared at them unblinkingly, "So, what do you think?"

At least they stopped talking about mechanical stuff and go to parts Natsu could catch on, "I guess from how you sounded it's lame... but I don't get how floating car or Star Trek shaped house is lame..."

"It's totally is!" They chorused as Natsu shoved his notes to his bag faster.


"Hello Natsu..."

The said boy froze in the mid of packing his belonging and stared at his brother who stood beside the door of his class, which effectively blocked his escape route. "Tsuna?"

Tsuna smiled at him, then approached his younger twin gracefully. All eyes locked to them and Natsu swore they were waiting for some sort of drama or something, then again it was their beloved Kaichou coming to their class. "What are you doing here Tsuna?" Wrong thing to say, since majority of students looking at him weirdly as if his question was a dumb one.

"You see... today Kaa-san is going to spa with her friends and I have a business to attend, so your dinner..." Tsuna trailed off with a smile.

"TV dinner?" Natsu gave a wild guess, he hadn't had that for a while since he came to Italy.

Tsuna crossed his arms at that, "No one in Sawada Household would ever eat unhealthy meal, Kaa-san would be so angry if you do." Tsuna said in brotherly tone, "So you are coming with me today."

"Where?" Natsu asked in alarm.

Tsuna grinned boyishly, "We are going to Tokyo, Clamp Gakuen."


Natsu didn't know since when his twin could make him so obedient like a good little brother. For the better part of his life, Natsu had always been in charge in their brotherhood relationship. Tsuna always the one who throttle from behind with tiny steps when they went out to play with other children. Or rather he went to play while Tsuna watched from sideline, under a three shade or sitting on the swing. If Natsu was tired from playing Tsuna would come and timidly offered to buy him juice or any refreshment he wanted.

Tsuna was a target for bullies, especially in third grade when both of them weren't in the same class. The new classmates didn't know Tsuna was the brother of popular Sawada Natsuhiko, Sawada was a pretty common surname in Japan after all. Tsuna's timid personality and likeable attitude in class that the teachers loved made him a very likely target. Natsu would be the one who charged and fought with the bully, but that time Tsuna refused Natsu to get into trouble because of him. Tsuna managed to stop the bully himself, but not in a manly way Natsu liked. Tsuna reported the bullies to teacher and they were scolded for it. The homeroom teacher of third grade was the Japanese Literature teacher, and the said teacher was very fond of Tsuna.

Natsu frowned upon Tsuna's action because to him it was cowardly of Tsuna to involve adults, he had refused Natsu's help so why did he ask a teacher to help him then? Since then their bond wavered as Natsu distanced himself from his coward brother. Tsuna did nothing to discourage Natsu, then again Tsuna was too timid. Added at that time Iemitsu started going away more often and the two brothers had different opinion about their father and strained their relationship even more. Natsu liked to think their father was traveling around the world doing heroic and cool stuff, while Tsuna thought their father abandoned them. They didn't hate each other, but since then they just found each other incompatible. And then... the day Iemitsu took Natsu away from Japan came.

It was not until the end of his first year in Italy Natsu realized why he was angry that Tsuna asking for help from an adult and not him, it was a childish jealousy. He didn't know since when but he took pride in protecting Tsuna, that he was a hero to his weak older twin. Tsuna had taken that pride away from little Natsu, thus the hero no longer had anyone to protect. Natsu was ashamed he pushed his brother away for that childish pride of his, and once he was presented to his duty as Vongola heir Natsu desperately clung to another thing he could protect. But even then he realized his way to be the tenth boss was long and pressure from every side felt like about to crush him.

When he was asked to go back to Japan he was relieved to be away from prying eyes of subordinates who expected him to be as good as his father. He wanted to see his brother, blissfully oblivious it was his pride wanting to see his inferior brother. And then the supposed inferior brother had grown became someone else. This brother not even belong to him anymore, Tsuna had someone else he had to dedicate himself to. He was the precious president of Namimori Gakuen, he had no business with Natsu who in spite of being the heir of Vongola was no one in Namimori Gakuen society. Part of him wanted to rebel, he didn't want to be in his brother's shadow or his father's... his brother's kindness felt like salt on his wound, especially the smile and numerous help Tsuna tried to give in the last few weeks.

This was just another helping attempt Tsuna made and he would brush it off again, his brother acting all brotherly like this after being ignored for weeks made him felt guilty. "What do you mean I have to go to Tokyo with you Tsuna?!" Natsu blurted out in a huff, Reborn was sitting on his head as usual since who knows when.

Tsuna in the other hand was staring into empty space with his back facing Natsu, "What do you mean the meeting place is changed?" He asked incredulously.

Reborn sighed, "Your brother is speaking to his phone you realized?"

Natsu flushed a deep red, he was to caught up on his thought that he didn't notice Tsuna's phone was ringing just now. "I was spacing out out."

The hitman would have berate his student for spacing out that in battlefield would get himself killed however he didn't, in the last few weeks had tone down being spartan with Natsu. The boy had became a bit too obedient to his liking, and Reborn wondered if getting his pride crushed was not a good thing after all. Natsu was still a brat and nothing could make him mature overnight, but still... the brat tried to be mature with being someone else was getting in Reborn's nerve. He had this airhead aura and acted oblivious of his surrounding, just like that man...

Reborn wondered if Natsu noticed his mask crumble the moment Tsuna stepped in, whatever made Natsu acted strangely had something to with Sawada Tsunayoshi. The hitman looked at the older twin, still conversing on his phone. "I don't mind changing the meeting place but Nokoru-kun, please... please don't be up to something now of all times." He paused, "No no! What make you think of that? I just have something I need to do afterward so any unscheduled party like usual is not favorable."

Natsu stared at Tsuna, "This Nokoru he's talking to was a elementary student right? Tsuna speak to him as if this Nokoru is some sort of business partner."

Reborn scoffed, "Don't talk like this Nokoru is a brat in your point of view, in case you forget... you are an elementary student yourself less than half a year ago."

"Exactly... " Natsu jumped when his older twin piped in, Tsuna was still talking to his phone but it sounded like he was agreeing with Reborn for a second there, "If we go over that much topics in one go it would be ineffective..." Tsuna paused again, "Aa... about that..." Tsuna trailed off, "Very well, pick us up then..." And with that Tsuna ended the line then turned to his younger twin. "Sorry about that Natsu, eh... did you ask something?"

Natsu shook his head, "Never mind that... " Then he turned to the side, "Eh.. is it okay for me to join you guys? I am not part of student council..."

Katou Nagi who stood by his side smiled, "It'll be no problem... "

. "Oh..." Though he wondered which part was no problem.

"Nah... it's not like anyone other than Tsuna and other president will have anything to do." Takeshi, the sport committee leader said cheerfully.

Out of his brother's council the girls and Yamamoto probably the only one he was not nervous to be around with, since the former was not in the same room in his last encounter with SC and the latter he had not much contact with since the encounter in music room. But still... the sheer presence of theirs was unnerving for some reason.

Currently they were standing on the terrace cafe and Natsu wondered why they didn't go to the school gate and wait for the school car to pick them up, but Tsuna decided they had to wait here. As far as he could see on the side of terrace cafe was a big garden with pathway that in no way fit for car to go through. Natsu blinked when he realized suddenly it became a bit dark, a cloud maybe? He swore the weather today was cloudless the last time he checked.

"They're here..." Tsuna said.

Natsu looked up, he was sure no cloud could look like a zeppelin. His eyes widened, the Clamp student council pick them up with a fucking Zeppelin?! "Eeh..."

Tsuna raised his hands in placating gesture, "Don't look at me, using zeppelin for traveling is never my idea... " He had a forlorn look on his face as he said it, "And to tell you the truth... we either resign ourselves to play along with their tune or die trying to swim against the current of insanity." The same could be said in regards to Vongola though, it was terrifying when he thought how much similarity Imonoyama family had with Vongola especially their penchant for ridiculous tradition.

Reborn nodded approvingly, "As expected of the youngest son of Imonoyama."

Tsuna inwardly rolled his eyes, "One of these days... we should tone down the flashiness."

Clamp Gakuen Zeppelin

Natsu had to say he was pretty impressed though not overly so, he had seen enough of flashy luxuriousness Vongola could offer. For Natsu who had been raised in a modest household for ten years, all these flashiness was ridiculous and unnecessary. Tsuna seemed to be showered by this for a while like he was, and he found it funny for all difference between them in spite of being a twin they could agree on this. From the face Tsuna pulled for a while it was a mix of resignation and alarm.

"Welcome!" Imonoyama Nokoru was a typical blond prince that materialized from fairytale book every little girl would dream of, that was the first impression Natsu had when he saw the boy dressed in Clamp school uniform came to welcome his brother, Nagi, Takeshi and him. "Hello Sawada Natsuhiko-senpai, it's an honor to meet you... I am Imonoyama Nokoru." He introduced himself then extended a hand to shake. Takeshi had excused himself to look for someone named Suoh and the blond boy told him to look for this Suoh in the main lounge.

Natsu shook the hand stiffly, "The pleasure is mine Imonoyama-san..." He might be not the most diplomatic person but being the heir of a mafia famiglia should guarantee you a minimal diplomatic skill would be drilled on your mind. "Thank you for allowing me intrude..."

Tsuna eyed his brother in confusion, "Natsu?" While Natsu acted diplomatic, it was not unexpected but his brother was not one to exchange pleasantries like this.

Nokoru chuckled softly, a paper fan with Clamp Gakuen insignia unfolded to cover half of his face. "My... you're exaggerating! Just call me Nokoru, no one call me with my family name nowadays... "

The brown haired boy raised an eyebrow, the younger boy was so polite and it was almost scary. Nonno's guardians back in Italy warned him that a charismatic and friendly person not necessarily a good allies, this person might be a type who wormed his way in and control you. Of course Natsu took the fact this boy was a civilian and grade school student in mind, then again you couldn't be too cautious. He had a bad experience with someone with student council badge on them anyway.

"And what's with intruding?" Nokoru continued, "Tsunayoshi-senpai, your brother is so funny! Don't tell me he think our meeting is like important business meeting between CEOs or something?!"

Tsuna unexpectedly joined Nokoru in laughing, "The fault is partly mine... I never told him what kind of meeting we are going to commence here. We are going to have an afternoon tea actually."

Natsu flushed a deep red, "Tsuna!"

"Yeah yeah... but the bad news even though it's more like an afternoon tea than proper meeting, someone... from high school division decided to join in the last minute..." Nokoru rolled his eyes.

The heir of Vongola wondered why his brother, Takeshi, and Nagi suddenly grimaced, "Eh?"

"Hello Sawada-kun... I see you have an extra baggage with you." A smooth masculine voice interrupted their conversation.

The newcomer who approached them was a boy with brown hair and eyes in lighter shade than Tsuna's, dressed neatly in Clamp Gakuen uniform. He was quite tall and just from the first glance he was a perfect portrait of role model student. Natsu couldn't tell why but for some reason he felt uncomfortable around this person.

Tsuna smiled at the newcomer, "Hello Yagami-senpai, I don't know this extra baggage you spoke of..."

Natsu flinched, this Yagami was talking about him! What did he say about intruding again? This guy definitely wasn't welcome for him to be here! Reborn who sat on his head huffed, "Be quiet Baka-Natsu, see how your brother handle this guy and learn."

"Maybe you need new glasses Sawada-kun... since I can clearly see extra baggage you bring..." Yagami pointed out with a gentleman smile.

Tsuna chuckled softly, "You doubt my eyes now Yagami-senpai? That's rich... "

Reborn raised an eyebrow, Tsuna unexpectedly lose his cool so fast. Maybe it because it was his brother who was insulted? Then again it was not even a minute since they started engaged in verbal battle, it was too early to judge. Yagami seemed to have the same opinion as Reborn so he continued, "Ah... you who are chosen to be a council president like me, how could I doubt you." He retorted smoothly.

Faster than anyone bar Reborn could react Tsuna had moved and took hold of Yagami's right hand on his, "Of course." Tsuna said with his golden eyes staring straight at the taller boy, not even a stutter could erupt from the shocked president at the sudden contact. "We... as fellow student councils shall trust each other, walking hand in hand to go through our school life and live up to our school motto."

Natsu was stunned to see his brother suddenly launched speech of unity in student council, patriotism, comradeship and what else that made Yagami who still had his hand on death grip froze on the spot. To some people his brother was launching a touching speech but he could tell Tsuna was knocking the stuck up guy off of his high pedestal.

"It's such a relieve to have a reliable and trustful comrade, I am sure we will be working together more in the future Yagami-senpai." Before Yagami could utter a word in response Tsuna shook his hand firmly, shooting unwavering determined eyes that made the other president speechless. "Let's get along kay? Yagami-senpai! Nokoru-kun!" Tsuna beamed at them with his best innocent smile.

The next thing Natsu knew his brother had both Nokoru and Yagami on his arms in group hug, the heir of Vongola was sure fangirls would kill to get their hands on a photo of this moment. Natsu blinked when he heard a sound of camera's shutter and then a flash, he spun around and saw Katou Nagi was taking at least ten shots of the three boys with her cellphone. One Natsu noted was the same model as his brother's but in indigo color.

Yagami paled when he saw what Nagi had done. He pried Tsuna's arm off of him and shouted at the girl, "Katou-san... if you would be so kind to hand over your cellphone..." He was smiling but it was easy to see it was strained and he was gritting his teeth too, his hand extended as expecting the magician girl to hand over her cellphone willingly like a good girl.

Tsuna patted Yagami on the shoulder, "Maa maa... come on Yagami-senpai, I am sure a couple of picture wouldn't be harmful."

"That's violation of privacy, Sawada-kun." Yagami snapped.

Nokoru laughed, "Oh come on... what violation it could be to take pictures of your friends, Yagami-senpai?" The youngest president wondered innocently.

Yagami was about to retort that he was not their friend but Tsuna didn't let him, "Nagi meant no harm... she is my trusted member of student council and a friend." He winked, "I can assure you those photos will stay where it is... you can trust me to personally ask her to delete it later if you're so worried. In fact I will do it now... for your sake."

"Fine!" He snapped.

Reborn would have agreed Yagami had nothing to worry about but he was sure Nagi just now sent those pictures to someone, either it was to her friends or her other personal email. Reborn smirked, Tsuna definitely knew this, he thought. Tsuna even went as far as asked Nagi to hand over the cellphone with knowing smirk that Nagi returned with innocent smile that would fool most people, but Reborn was not most people. He even showed Yagami he was deleting the photos as he spoke consoling words. Finished deleting the pictures Tsuna handed the cellphone to Yagami to check, satisfied that he found the photos indeed deleted the older teen gave the cellphone back to Nagi.

Yagami huffed, he had enough humiliation for one day then stomped away to the lounge area. Nokoru shook his head as he followed the older president with Tsuna, Natsu, Reborn and Nagi in tow. "My my... "

Natsu walked by Tsuna's side, raising an eyebrow at his older twin. "Oi Tsuna... just now."

Tsuna was smiling, "Yagami-san is really a good person, he has enough ethical integrity to never cross the line of privacy..."

Nagi who walked in the other side of Tsuna nodded in agreement, "He would've known I've sent those photos to Haru-chan and Kyouko-chan if he dare to check my mail... "

Natsu blinked, "Did my brother just implying he would chuck ethical inte-whatever aside if situation calls for it?!" He whispered to Reborn who was sitting on his head. Whatever it was, Tsuna sounded a bit criminal.

"Ethical Integrity." Reborn gritted out, annoyed at his student's obliviousness, "It's basically not betraying convictions or moral standards regardless of the consequence it may bring..." He paused, "And what your brother did is not really criminal just undermining his opposition and annoy the heck out of them, the worse he could do with those photos? Showing it off to school population and claim that Yagami boy and him now are good friends."

Considering how that Yagami went out his way to annoy Tsuna that could be a very effective blackmail material, "I never know my brother dare to do this kind of things."

Tsuna turned around and Natsu jumped in fright, "Hm? What's wrong Natsu?"

"Eh..." Natsu trailed off, "I never know you're not above blackmailing..." The younger twin froze, he ran his mouth without thinking again!

The older twin gave him an amused smile, "Nah... I am going to keep those for my personal amusement, beside... unless I catch him off guard again that will be the only memorial of us as a good friends..." Tsuna almost sounded sad at that, "I don't know... we just rubbed each other in the wrong way in every single meeting."

Natsu snorted, relieved his brother was not offended. "From what I saw, he provoked you first..."

Tsuna laughed at that, "Sometimes I am the one who throw the first punch, you see... I just can't get along with that guy."

The younger twin blinked, Tsuna looked so normal and boyish that to admit he couldn't get along with someone he wanted. "Why would you want to get along with that jerk?" You got along with that Hibari, that was an accomplishment already, Natsu thought.

"Language." Tsuna warned, "And for your question, why not?"

Natsu smirked, "I don't know that Sawada-Kaichou's charm is not working for everybody like I thought... don't worry Tsuna, it can't be helped! That guy looked like he had twenty feet pole stuck on his ass so... "

"That's a relieve..." Tsuna breathed out with a sigh.


Tsuna glanced at him, his eyes narrowed skeptically. "I am worried since my brother have been so cold these days and he didn't up to mischief like usual... he even redo his homework without complaining when Reborn ordered him..." He listed on much to Natsu's embarrassment, "Your language aside I have to say... I am glad to have my old little brother back..."

"... You're worried?" He asked.

Tsuna crossed his arms, "An understatement of course..."

Natsu thought Tsuna already had too much on his plate with his schoolwork and other duty to notice him, he was happy Tsuna still pay attention to him but also guilty he had troubled his brother when he tried not to. "I am sorry..."

Tsuna frowned, it seemed not that easy to get Natsu to cheer up and confide to him. Then again two years was a pretty long time to make a distance even between brothers. "If you're sorry..." It's unfair to take advantage on his guilt but Tsuna was willing to not spare any tricks to get his brother to talk to him. "I would like to have a talk over dinners after we're done with the meeting."

Natsu stared at his brother, he sighed wearily. "Yes..." What else he could say.

Two hours later

Natsu was tempted to scream liar at Tsuna for letting him waiting for hours, but that was not mature and he was not completely neglected or anything. In fact his brother showed him a very spacious room beside the meeting room where he got TV, video games, magazines, everything a teenage boy could spent the whole day with. Tsuna also told him, while he could call room service, he was not allowed to eat too much snack since they were going to get dinner when they reached Tokyo Port. Reborn had wandered off somewhere but probably spying on his brother's meeting. Thankfully Reborn didn't ask him to join, because he hated crawling inside the air duct no matter how clean Imonoyamas kept it.

Speaking of the meeting, Reborn secretly informed him about the stuck up president who disliked Tsuna. His full name was Yagami Raito, the son of Kanto Police chief and somewhat famed as high school detective. Just like any other student council president of Clamp Gakuen, he was a role model student with a long mile of achievement. It was no wonder Natsu felt irked and uncomfortable around the guy, he was the son of a cop for crying out loud. But his dislike of Tsuna couldn't be because he knew Tsuna was actually a son of a mob boss right?

The image of his brother smiling as he adjusted his glasses with a thick book in hand popped up on Natsu's mind, what an unlikely image of the son of a mafia Tsuna had.

Yamamoto Takeshi, Katou Nagi, and Takamura Suoh was sitting on a sofa placed on the corner of the room. Far enough to not become part of the meeting but close enough to join in when needed. They were escort and assistant to their president, it puzzled them Yagami didn't bring anyone with him but then again he was never known to be a social person.

Takeshi moaned, "It's been too long just to stick in this topic, ne... Suoh?"

Suoh nodded, "Yes, but Yagami-senpai is particularly stubborn today..." He paused, "But then again Tsunayoshi-senpai is the same Takeshi-nii."

"Is that so?" Nagi wondered out loud.

Few minutes later

"This meeting shall be adjourned then... " Yagami sighed as he crossed his arms, "I guess that's a good enough reason for us to reject this proposal."

Tsuna face-palmed, "Imagine the political nightmare your father will face later... I feel sorry for him." Chief Yagami was going to have a hard time, then again he couldn't let this proposal got through.

Yagami sighed, one eye closed so only his left gazing at Tsuna skeptically. "In spite all odds we have Sawada-kun, I trusted your judgement... if you're so adamant about this proposal... and since all of us in agreement here... let's just leave it at that."

"Thank you very much Yagami-senpai." Tsuna said, smiling softly at the older teen. That was close...He thought as sighed in relieve.

Fancy restaurant was not a word Natsu would use to describe the place they chose for dinner, of course topping all luxurious and grandiose of Imonoyama they saw it fit to book the whole place just for them to eat. The restaurant was a steak house which pretty well known for the seafood, a restaurant on a ship. Tsuna said the booking was arranged by the headmaster for various reasons, which Natsu was not interested to know. Tsuna had took privilege to get them to eat in the same table alone, smiling sheepishly at Nokoru's remark about beautiful brotherhood moment and decided all of them should split up in pairs for each table.

However it was far from that remark since Natsu had trouble to start conversation, and Tsuna didn't start any. He noticed that Tsuna once in a while glanced at him, it somewhat unnerved him. Natsu glanced at the fartest occupied table, Yagami was eating alone with his phone out on the table, once in a while it vibrated and he messaged back after a few chews. The nearest one was occupied by the cousins, Takeshi and Suoh was eating together. Suoh was eating gracefully and calmly while Takeshi was absentmindedly cutting his steaks and hadn't stop talking since the food arrived. Chrome and Nokoru took the table next to the cousin's and were chatting animatedly with each other.

Natsu glanced at the cousin pair again and wondered if he and Tsuna looked awkward to them, "I wonder what they're talking about."

"Suoh-kun and Takeshi?" Natsu almost jumped, he didn't expect Tsuna to respond so quickly. Tsuna sighed at that, "Their other cousin I suppose..."

Suoh cut his salmon steak with practiced and smooth slash, listening to his distantly related cousin pouring in the details of his ongoing problem with their other distantly related cousins. Suoh almost pitied Takeshi, almost since with a kaichou like Sawada Tsunayoshi, Takeshi should count his blessing. He had no luxury of diligent kaichou who obediently sit in his office for paperwork, Nokoru worked when forced or his mood was good.

Suoh scoffed as he finished chewing his food, "Sei-niisan have been like that since... " He paused, "Forever... there is a reason why his parents are scared of him."

Takeshi nodded in agreement, his steak was so finely cut it looked like minced meat. "But still... he should cut me some slack. He traumatized first to third string players of basketball club almost in daily basis... the poor guys... "

The younger boy sighed, "One of many thing we never sign up for when we become part of student council, I definitely didn't sign up to keep kaichou stamping his paperwork." He paused again, "But what else is new?"

"They're close..." Natsu couldn't help but commented when Takeshi patted Suoh's shoulder as the younger boy looked exasperated for some reason. "Like brothers..."

Tsuna smiled at that, "You should see him with Hayato..."


"Natsu... " Tsuna called, "Are you worried about something?"

The younger twin flinched, "Nothing." He lied, and he knew that Tsuna knew he lied.

" A lot then..." Tsuna nodded solemnly, "I have promised to not pry Natsu, but looking at how you fared in the last few weeks I find myself regretting to let you holed up in your problem."

"..." Natsu stabbed his steak, "What do you want me to say?"

Tsuna smiled bitterly at that, "But in the other hand who am I to pry?" Tsuna wondered as he put down his eating utensils, "We have been separated for so long so I think... " Tsuna looked apologetic and Natsu felt like he was a bad guy here. "It's not strange you think this way 'you don't know anything about me' but aren't you forgetting something Natsu?"

"What?" His voice was close to a snarl now.

"You don't know anything about me for the last two years either." Tsuna pointed out with mischievous smile. "Aren't we in stalemate here?"

Natsu was bewildered at this sudden shift of behavior, he looked nothing like the mature and charismatic Kaichou Natsu knew. In fact he looked so childish, and was baiting Natsu. "So uh... you're up to something Tsuna? If this is your idea to make me spill my problem out to you, it's not working." Natsu pouted at his older twin.

Tsuna just smiled at that, "I am trying... and nope, I am not coaxing you to spill." He corrected, "I am just trying to get you to loose up."

"Same thing..." Natsu countered then sighed, "Fine... but don't laugh at my lame problem."

Tsuna raised an eyebrow. "I doubt something lame could trouble my brother."

Natsu snorted, then he said. "I admire someone... " He began hesitantly, "No... it's closer to hero worship actually, and I am being an idiot for wanting to be the same as him. I can't be as good as him, disappointing everyone around him with behaving like a half-baked imitation, driven to the corner, then I went back to Japan to nurse my bruised ego." He summarized his episodes of life in Italy.

Tsuna blinked owlishly at Natsu, "What did you want to be like our father?"

"Why not?" Natsu shot back then he flinched, "How do you know it's Tou-san?" Tsuna raised an eyebrow at Natsu, "I am so obvious, it's almost sad..." He concluded.

"What did you want to be like our father?" Tsuna repeated again.

Natsu snorted, "Tsuna... you don't like Tou-san so you don't or you won't know his good side.."

Tsuna smiled at that, chuckling lightly. "I am afraid my opinion of him have nothing to do with your hero-worship or wanting to be just like him." Tsuna took a deep breath, "And you are mistaken about something." His eyes narrowed, "Credit where credit's due... Tou-san have his bad and good points, and added with how long I haven't seen him, and how long you have been with him... he must have been worthy of your respect for you to admire him so, and I have no right to deny that."

Natsu once again stared at his older twin in bewilderment, Tsuna was a very fair person and frighteningly so. He had heard about what Tsuna had done to Shamal from Reborn, while the pervert should see that coming Natsu was bewildered Tsuna would outright fired someone who nursed him to health that time. According to Reborn while it's pretty rude, a call of duty sometimes preceded even manners. It didn't matter Shamal was Natsu's personal doctor, he will judged as fairly as any other faculty member. That was how a leader should act, and how Natsu should act too.

The younger twin scoffed, "But you asked why I..."

Tsuna shook his head, "I just thinks that you're not Sawada Iemitsu and sees no reason for you to be him regardless of you holding him in high regards..."He trailed off, "And so..."

"If you are going to say something like 'just be yourselves' that taken straight from cheesy romance novel." Natsu cut his brother off, "Forget it."

The older twin raised an eyebrow, "What make you think I would say that? To tell you the truth in my opinion you may not even know yourself enough to pull this 'just be yourselves' Natsuhiko."

"I think I lost you in 'may not' Tsuna." Natsu said testily.

Tsuna chuckled softly at Natsu's ire, how his emotion was written all over his face. "I mean... someone as young as us couldn't understand themselves sometimes... have ever heard of teenage rebellion?" Tsuna asked jokingly, "Sudden desire to rebel to every rule in our live when we're in puberty stage..."

"... You talk like you've been through that." Natsu muttered wryly.

"I am sure I have not..." Tsuna admitted sheepishly, "But some older senpai that have been through this stage told me they didn't really understand why they rebel, before they knew it they had done it."

"I thought you're a kaichou not Counselor." Natsu drawled with skeptical eyes on his twin.

Tsuna looked depressed at that, "Our counselor is in indefinite leave that our headmaster won't give me the details about for some reasons." There was a vein that almost popped on his temple, "Let's don't talk about this now." And they dropped the issue, "At any rate the only solution I can give is... stop trying to be our father." Natsu was about to open his mouth in protest, "Doesn't mean you should stop looking up to him Natsu... "

Natsu sighed in resignation, in the end his brother told him to not become his father. He had spent most of his life trying to be just like him, and now he was kicked out to open ocean without destination. "So what should I do?"

"Find yourself of course..." Tsuna replied with all conviction he could muster.

Natsu moaned, "You made it sound easy."

"Actually I think it would be easier to you than how it have been to me Natsu..." Tsuna said as smiling softly.


Tsuna laughed softly, "It's just... to find yourself to do what you want for a start, and I am asked to do this... I keep confusing what I should with what I want to do..."

It's not that much stretch of imagination that Tsuna would mix those two up, Natsu thought. He had been always an obedient child and eager to please everyone, that Natsu wondered in their childhood Tsuna had ever had fun at all. He in the other was more free spirited and childishly selfish, his childhood was a happy one. "I guess... and then what?"

Tsuna smiled at his impatience, "Someone told me... A child always dream of they want to be this and that when they grow up, but in the end all children grew up to be themselves and no one else..." He trailed off, "But first of all you should find yourselves that you would come to love..."

"..." No one had ever said that to him, something like to know himself more before become this true self. Even father said Natsu should be himself and be happy, oblivious that his son didn't even know his true self after spending most of his life in his father's shadow. Of all people it was Tsuna who he thought know nothing about him, someone who've been so clueless of what happened in the last two years.

"Tsuna... I feel like an idiot now... " To be so worked up over their non existent relationship for the last two years and underestimating his brother who understood him better than anyone.

"That's a start." Tsuna beamed at his younger twin, "I also felt like that before."

Natsu blinked owlishly, "Before?"

Reborn had been sitting on the nearby electrical pole withe excellent view of the restaurant and Natsu's table. The hitman smirked mischievously as he spying on the conversation with Leon spying set. As expected of a Kaichou who had been drilled on his office with long line of problematic student would do wonder for Natsu, but more than anything he was an older brother of Natsu.

That annoying brat would be noisy again for sure.

Speaking of being noisy... those two who arrived few minutes ago had been so noisy, what a rowdy duo. They came faster than scheduled date Reborn received from his spy network, then again always expect the unexpected with a back up plan was his motto. He readied his Leon gun with a smirk, Natsu would be mad his dinner was interrupted but this would be a perfect chance to see how he will fare with mafia related business when civilians and his brother was in vicinity.

In the alley near Electrical pole Reborn perched on two shadowy figures were arguing, "Ne... Shishou (master/teacher) why should I become a back up? We're just dealing with a green mafia boss in training!" A feminine voice whined.

"Shut up Chinatsu!" The rough voice of a man growled, "It's Vongola's mafia boss in training... who knows what kind of peoples Vongola put to protect that kid, so we should split in two... I charge in to where that kid is dining and you sweep outside to make sure no reinforcement will help him."

Chinatsu sighed, "Hai!"

Reborn scowled, "A girl..." Just like the informant said, this would put damper on his test because Natsu was chivalrous and won't hit a girl. Well... he just need to make sure the girl did her job without coming in contact with Natsu. And with that in mind Reborn flew off with Leon balloon while Chinatsu went inside the tallest building across the restaurant.

Tsuna suddenly stiffened and turned around sharply to the window where the tallest building across the restaurant could be seen, Natsu was startled when he saw Tsuna looked so tense for no reason. Nagi and Takeshi narrowed their eyes when they saw Tsuna's behavior, Takeshi fingered the handle of his Shigure Kintoki while Chrome put her hand on her pocket. Nokoru blinked owlishly at Tsuna but then continued drinking his tea as if nothing amiss, his eyes however glanced at Suoh who had shifted his grip on knife he used to eat. Yagami was still typing a message on his phone but he could feel everyone in the room was alert for some reason.

"Tsuna?" Something was wrong, Natsu could tell that much but he couldn't put a finger to it.

On the rooftop of the tallest building across the restaurant Chinatsu almost dropped sniper riffle of hers if not for the tripod that keep the heavy weapon in position. Her heart was beating loudly when that brown haired boy suddenly turned around as if he noticed she was there. It was pretty unnerving when you saw someone through the scope suddenly turn as if looking at you. "That scared me!" She almost wailed.

"What the hell happened?" The voice of her teacher asked through the walkie-talkie she put by her side. "If you can get a good look of people inside, we can just shot any teenage boy inside and be done with it!"

Chinatsu shook her head, as if her teacher could see it through the walkie-talkie, "No Shishou! The waiter suddenly closed the curtain... but before that I am sure everyone inside save one girl are all boys!"

"NANI?!" He groaned, "We should go inside in the end! Whatever! More blood means merrier! Our orchestra tonight would be so grand!"

"Hai! Shihou!" Chinatsu agreed cheerfully, she licked her lips. "I feel bad for him but at least he won't be alone in heaven, his friends would be with him!"

The show was about to begin!

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