Happy Birthday

Summary: Raenef;Eclipse Eclipses b-day explosions and kissing it will be fun to read reviews make it become a longer fic!

Disclaimer: would I be writing FANFICTION if I owned Demon Diary? The answer is HELL no I wouldn't wanna know why? Because I'd be writing a volume where Eclipse and Raenef get to kiss! There IS a reason it's FANFICTION, you know because it's fiction and a fan wrote it duh. :}

Eclipse sighed as the third explosion to shake the castle in an hour dumped him in the floor. 'What the hell is wrong with them?' he thought to himself. As he picked himself up off the floor yet another deafening boom shook the castle. Beginning to fear for Raenef's life he picked himself up and said go without bothering to get dressed.

His arrival in the kitchen was greeted with muffled laughter from Erutis, a gasp from Chris and, an overly theatrical wail from Raenef. "Master Raenef what is the matter with you! Stop wailing right this instant; demon lords never wail, Erutis if you feel the need to laugh you can do so while you put out the fire on your pants, and Chris, get Raenef a tissue."

Erutis ran for the nearest water source while Chris searched desperately for a tissue, upon procuring one he ran like the demons of hell were after him, muttering vaguely about helping Erutis. He knew better than to stick around when Raenef was upset, for some reason he or Erutis, but usually both of them ended up on fire. "Raenef what is wrong?" asked Eclipse. "You woke up." replied Raenef simply. "What?"

Ten minutes and more than one angry lecture later Raenef understood that it is not okay to put mild poison that "Erutis said would be fine" in servants food, not even so that you could bake them a birthday cake, and somehow he had convinced Eclipse that he should have the day off from lessons. 'How does he do that?' wondered Eclipse as he walked to his study.

Later that night Raenef wandered in quietly, coming through the door so that Eclipse would not notice his presence. As he carefully sneaked up on the older demon he was perfectly silent, so as not to be noticed. Soon he was standing behind Eclipse feeling rather excited he had managed to sneak up on him. Then because he hadn't actually expected to be able to sneak up on Eclipse he simply said his name.

Eclipse jumped; how in the hell had Raenef snuck up on him he thought. He quickly stood up and turned around "Yes master Raenef," he replied. Raenef silently leaned up and pressed their lips together in a short, chaste kiss. "Happy Birthday, Eclipse" he mumbled quietly as he disappeared.


this is my first fic ever and I'm so happy about it! Thanks for reading and if you have suggestions ...or want more review I love you all so much!