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Chap 2

Alex woke up to a familiar beeping noise that accompanied being in a hospital. Without opening his eyes he called out for the person who would doubtless be there, "Jack?"

There was a sudden sound of something clattering to the floor and Alex's eyes shot open. A man swore violently, "Damn it! Why did that asshole choose now to go get coffee?"

"Wo- Wolf?"

"It's about time you woke up! You've been unconscious for-"


Alex's stomach dropped as he took in the site of Ben Daniels standing in the doorway. "Hi Ben," He said quietly. Now he remembered. Jack was dead. Sharp memories flooded his mind. He saw the missions he and Ben had gone on, his stints being held by Scorpia and other, smaller organizations, and finally the attack on his school.

"He got away, didn't he?" Alex asked with a very small voice.

"Who?" asked Wolf.


"Tom said it was… I had hoped he was wrong," Ben whispered sadly. "Yeah kid. He did."

"I can't stay in London anymore," Alex said quietly. Can I- Can I call Tom? He- I need to talk to him. It's- it's important, and I doubt I have much time to Do it before Jones shows up."

Ben wordlessly handed over his phone to Alex who took it with a nod of thanks.

"Call Alpha-seven-cub," Alex told the phone, receiving an answering, "Calling Tom Harris. " Alex sighed as it rang before he heard his friend pick up. "Hey Tom… Yeah I-... how long?... St. Dominic's… Alright, see you in ten." Alex hung up the phone and rounded on Ben, "Thirty six days? I was in a bloody coma?"

Ben winced, "Yeah, you were. You were in really bad shape by the time we got there."

"What's going to happen to me?"

"You're going into witness protection. You'll be staying with some one with no prior affiliation to Scorpia or MI6."

"That won't be enough," Alex said quietly. "It's not enough to get them off of my trail."

They sat there in silence for a few minutes, pondering the life of Alex Rider, the teen spy. Alex found himself thinking of school, how he used to so enjoy playing soccer and hanging out with all of his friends. He couldn't help the anger that tinged the memory of his uncle, his uncle who had inadvertently caused Alex's life to become so twisted and violent. Ben was thinking of the innocent young boy who had appeared in Beacon Breacons for ten days. Wolf, well he was thinking about the boy's bloodied body when they had rescued him from the school.

"Let me in!" an angry voice broke the three out of their reveries.

Alex coughed slightly, "Better let him in before he does something stupid. A pissed off Tom is just as dangerous as a fully trained Scorpia agent," Alex grinned for the first time since he had woken up. "Come on in Tom!"

Tom pushed open the door, the soldiers staring into the room in stunned disbelief, "When did the kid wake up?" K-unit's new member asked.

"Alex! You're okay!" Tom gushed, rushing into the room. "I've been trying to see you for the past month, but your unit's a bit paranoid… How're you feeling?"

"Like an elephant decided to sit on my chest," Alex joked. "Did everyone else make it out alright?"

Tom frowned at Alex, "I don't care if everyone else is alright. I saw you get tortured Alex! No one else even got hurt and you're asking me about them? No. I will not have you guilt tripping again. None of what happened was your fault. It was MI6's. SAS wasn't even informed of the threat until twenty minutes after I sent the distress signal."

Alex sucked in a deep breath, "And I thought having Jones blackmailing me would be somehow better. She's just as bad as Blunt though, isn't she?"

"Actually, I don't think Blunt would have sent backup at all," Ben interjected quietly. "Particularly not after what I found out…"

Alex's eyebrows raised slightly, "What did you find out exactly?"

"I borrowed your access code and hacked into Blunt's old file from when your father had just started working at MI6. It turns out your father kept getting Blunt's failed missions and completing them successfully, giving Blunt a bad name, or at least in his opinions. When he became the head your father's missions became increasingly more dangerous until he finally went into Scorpia. You know the story from there better than I do…"

"You mean Blunt wanted my Dad to die?" Alex asked sharply. "He's the reason they're dead?"

Ben winced, "Yes, I believe so."

Alex felt hot tears of anger streaked down his face, "He's the reason I grew up without a family? He destroyed my family because he was jealous? Is that also why every mission I've gone on has been a suicide mission?"

"I don't know," Ben answered honestly. "I just thought I should tell you before you leave."

"Leave?" Tom yelped. "He just woke up!"

Alex smiled at his friend's defense, "Tom, I'm just going into witness protection."

"They said they were sending you to Cairo for your safety too," Tom pointed out.

Alex's gaze sharpened angrily, "Don't bring her into this!"

"You're being stupid! You won't talk to anyone about it, you won't even say her name! It's eating you alive!"

"I can't stay here! They know where I am now. It's too dangerous."

Tom sighed, "Alright Alex. But you better call me and let me know you're alright. I don't like you doing this. Is Ben at least going with you?"

Alex shook his head, "It's just me. I won't see Ben until Scorpia is good and gone, Will I?"

Ben nodded solemnly. "We ought to get you on the next flight to America. There have been enough attacks on you here as is. I have your bullet proof clothes in the drawer. Why weren't you wearing them to school that day?"

Alex sighed, "Smithers hadn't finished making a school uniform bullet proof yet. He was due to finish the next day, remember."


Alex was wheeled off the plane by one of the security men. He was in Washington D.C., Jack's home town. He quickly made it through customs, showing his ID that read Alexander John Porter. Soon they were at the pickup site, Alex's knapsack full of his stuff slung over the back of his chair.

"Thank you officer," Alex told the security guard. "I think I can find my ride from here."

"Are you sure? I can stay until you find them."

Alex gave the man a grateful smile and pointed to a man holding a name card, "That's him. I've got it." He wheeled himself over to the man. "Hello sir. I'm Alex."

The man glanced at him in surprise, "You're the one who needs protection? We were told to expect a Seal."

Alex scowled, pulling out the dog tags he wore, "I was a navy seal for a few months before I was… reassigned."

"I don't believe you," The man replied. "You're only a teen."

"And my boss is an idiot," Alex responded. "Can we discuss this elsewhere before we get attacked? What's your name?"

"Dinozzo, Anthony Dinozzo, NCIS."

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