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Ziva was waiting out in the car for Tony and the witness when she heard a gun shot, followed by screams of terror. She jumped out of the car towards the sound of the gunshot . When she managed to push her way through the panicked, fleeing crowd into the airport terminal she saw four guns trained on a boy in a wheelchair and Tony pointing a gun at the four armed men.

"NCIS!" Ziva yelled. "Put your weapons down!"

The men ignored her, speaking to the boy in the wheel chair, "Come with us Rider and we won't shoot your little cop friends."

The boy shrugged, "I've never met them before. Hand me a gun and I'll shoot them myself," he said with a wry, smug smile. Ziva quickly glanced at Tony, startled by the boy's comment.

The man who had spoken laughed at the boy, "Yeah right. I trained with you kid. I'm not letting you anywhere near a gun. Plus, you're the target, not them."

"Leave me alone. My life's already destroyed. Mission accomplished-"

Ziva fired four rapid shots into the men, instantly downing three of them. Tony fired at the last man at the same time as the man fired at Alex. Alex threw himself out of the chair with reflexes that could only be achieved with years of experiences. He gave a muffled cried out as pain lanced through his arm as he landed on it.

"Are you hit Alex?" Tony asked.

"No," Alex replied. "We need to get out of here now. They'll be back with more people."

"Where's the SEAL?" Ziva asked urgently.

Alex sighed, "Right here. You can call my training officer later- after we're somewhere secure."

An impish grin flashed across Tony's face, "Ziva, What do you think this was, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? I had it under control."

She frowned at him, "You looked like you were between a rock and a cliff."

"Rock and a hard place, Ziva," he muttered. "And I was fine! I had it under control!"

She just gave him a stern look and a sarcastic, "Sure…"

Alex gave laughed, "Sorry Agent Dinozzo, we would both be dead if it weren't for your radiant Israeli partner. Don't worry though. Those guys are some of the best trained assassins in the country. Being saved by a girl is something to be thankful for, not irritated about…" A satisfied smile flashed across Ziva's face long enough to irritate Tony. Alex's tone quickly changed to slightly anxious though, breaking through Ziva's triumphant moment, "Can we get out of here now though?"

With a puzzled nod Ziva led the way to the car, Tony pushing Alex's wheelchair and helping him into the car. Once they were on the road Tony asked about the wheelchair, "What happened to your leg?"

"That's not my first run in with those guys," Alex said by way of explanation.

"How long until you can get rid of the chair?"

Alex just shrugged, "I probably could now but my doctor and my best friend made me promise not to stand on it until I've had it checked out again."

It was about a half hour later when they pulled up to NCIS headquarters` and Alex found himself getting anxious, "Why are we here? Does witness protection normally go through the Navy?"

They gave him an odd look, "Witness protection? We were told to provide protection duty on you- if you really are who you say you are- but witness protection is a whole other thing."

Ziva gave Alex a deeply appraising look, "You're British obviously, but you claim to be a SEAL. You claim you were told you were going into witness protection, yet we were told to play bodyguards for you… What is going on?"

Dinozzo shrugged at the beautiful Israeli, "Maybe it was a miscommunication. Gibbs'll sort it out. Come on Mr. Porter, My boss'll take care of everything."

Alex scowled, "More likely he'll try and get stonewalled like no doubt my guardian will."

He wheeled Alex to the metal detectors, "Any metal, drugs, or weapons on the table kid. Any drugs will obviously not be returned."

Alex groaned silently, "How stupid do you take me for?"

"You're basically in a police station and you're how old, twelve?"

"Twenty," Alex lied, not having to fake his irritation. He removed two knives that were strapped to his forearms and one strapped to his ankle. From his pocket he took out a bottle of pills and flashed them at Dinozzo, "You going to confiscate these?"

Dinozzo tried to grab the bottle but Alex shook his head, "No touching. This is the good stuff. No refills, you know? I'm sure I'll need every pill in here, so they stay with me."

"What are they?" Dinozzo asked, wondering what the kid considered the good stuff.


"For the leg wound."


All of Alex's stuff got through security, and, with the exception of the knives, everything was returned to him. Alex's attempts to retain the weapons were met by flat refusals. He was wheeled into the elevator. He hated elevators now because of the mission with Ash and his time in the storage container. He didn't have a fear of elevators or anything but they made him uncomfortable and tense. He thanked his SEAL training for the fact that he had no phobias, save one.

The elevator doors slid open thirty seconds after their initial closing, revealing the bullpen. Raising his voice well above a normal office voice Dinozzo yelled over to a man at a desk near the stare case, "McGeek, where's Gibbs?"

"MTAC," McGee said without looking up from his screen. "Some British guy requested to speak with him."

Alex's head snapped up and he wheeled himself over to the man, "Do you know his name?"

McGee glanced up to look at Alex, "Umm… No. Who are you exactly?" He asked in polite puzzlement.

"Alex Porter," Alex offered his hand to McGee.

"Agent Timothy McGee," He returned the handshake. "I read your file. It's pretty impressive."

Alex raised an eyebrow, "I thought it was all classified?"

McGee just shrugged, "Gibbs likes to know what he's getting into. Your picture wasn't available in the file so do you have a way to confirm your identity? You look a little young for the SEALs."

"I got shot in the arm in a mission in Iraq," Alex said, wondering if that would be proof enough.

Let's see it then," Tony said as a grey haired man came down the stairs behind McGee.

Alex grimaced but pulled up his sleeve to about halfway up his elbow, careful not to lift it any higher. There were quite enough scars on that small portion of skin to arouse someone's suspicions, his entire arm would definitely warrant too much suspicion for him to avoid having to tell them about Scorpia. He glanced at the grey haired man and saw him studying his arm intently. Alex could almost see the wheels turning in his head.

"That's a lot of scars," Tony remarked with an appreciative whistle.

Alex shrugged, "I did some hard jobs before my time as a SEAL."

"Well Mr. Porter, I understand we are to keep you safe from whoever's after you?" The question was sharp, demanding he tell him who Alex needed protection from.

"I'm sorry," Alex said coldly. "I don't believe we've been introduced."

"Agent Gibbs. We can talk on the way to our crime scene." It amazed Tony and McGee how Gibbs could sound so threatening with such a mundane statement. "Dinozzo!" He tossed a pair of keys to the younger man, "You're driving."

"Yes Boss!"

The team rushed to grab their gear. Alex watched in silence, trying to get a feel for their personalities. Dinozzo, he had noticed, was rather cocky and liked to flirt with Ziva and tease McGee. McGee also seemed pretty straightforward. He seemed to be the tech guy and the brains of the team, but lacked much of the confidence that Tony seemed to have an overabundance of…Ziva was the hardest of the three to wrap his head around. She was obviously Mossad, yet the team seemed completely at ease with her. She actually reminded him of Ben a bit, but much prettier.

Agent Gibbs, well he hadn't seen anything to tell him about the man except that he was direct and commanded his team's loyalty, and more importantly their respect. He decided to hold off on any further analysis of the man until the man gave up something worth analyzing.


They passed through the Naval Academy gates, past the throngs of tourists who seemed to be roaming the area. The crime scene itself was near the large synagogue that had been recently built, but closer to the water. Alex had been here a few times and had fond memories of the place that were now marred by the sight of the dead body propped up against a tree. Shore patrol had already cordoned off the area by the time they arrived. Alex was surprised to note how few people were hovering around the crime scene.

The man himself was covered in vicious looking bruises. Alex noted the lack of defensive wounds on the man and assumed some one had caught him by surprise, probably from behind. He had likely been out cold before the beating had even started. Most disturbing about the crime scene though was the note that had been nailed into the victim's head.

Dinozzo started taking pictures of the body while Gibbs went to speak to the midshipman who had discovered the body and the chief petty officer from Shore Patrol. After Dinozzo had finished photographing the body, he carefully removed the note from the nail, making sure that the nail wasn't moved in the process.

Alex watched apprehensively at the note, knowing full well that notes left on bodies were never good things. He watched Gibbs curiously, watching for how the man would react to what was written. To Alex's annoyance the only thing the man did as he read the note was frown slightly. He read it again before turning to McGee.

"McGee! Get this to Abby! I want to know everything about whoever did this. Tell Abby to double check everything! Tell her to drop whatever else she's doing until she knows what tree this piece of paper came from!"

Alex frowned. It must be pretty serious for him to get so worked up over. He knew it was probably bad, but this seemed more serious than a simple note left by a murderer. Alex guessed it hinted at a more insidious plan.

Alex doubted the man was going to let him see the note. Even though Gibbs thought he was twenty, he had made it clear that he still saw Alex as a teenager, not a fully trained SEAL. Instead he examined the crime scene with a practiced eye. That's when he saw it.

"Gibbs," Alex called over to the man, wheeling himself closer to a tree just across from the body. When Gibbs turned around to look at him Alex pointed to the tree, "Some one's watching."

Indeed, there was a camera hidden in the tree branches with a perfect view of the entire crime scene. Alex grimaced when he remembered that he would definitely be featured on the video, especially now that he'd singled himself out.

Gibbs once more beckoned for McGee, "McGee! Come take a look at this!"

Alex wheeled himself out of the camera's scope towards Tony, "Hey, Agent Dinozzo?"

"Yeah?" Dinozzo asked, snapping a picture of a bloody footprint.

"Do you mind if I go look at the view? I could use a break from all the death, you know?"

Dinozzo nodded absently, "Sure kid. Don't go out of sight though."

Alex nodded and wheeled himself over to the bulkhead, wishing he could shoot Three in the leg so he was in a wheelchair. Alex wanted nothing more than to dangle his feet over the edge like he used to do with-

"Alex, is that you?"

Alex nearly jumped a foot in surprise, cursing himself for his lapse in concentration. Forgetting about his leg he jumped up before it buckled underneath him, "Agh!"

Gibbs appeared behind the man who had startled Alex, gun drawn, "Step away from him and-"

"Dave?" Alex asked from where he was now sitting on the ground holding his leg.

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