AN: This is another Harry Potter wrong boy who lived story. I hope you enjoy.

Do you think I'm bitter?

Because I have every right to be

You treated me like I was invisible

Because Alexander needed all of your attention

I was forgotten and ignored

It hurt to never hear you say you cared about me

Sometimes I think of what ifs and maybes

But I try not to, it only makes it worse when nothing happens

I want to be anywhere but here

I'm miserable and wish I had a loving home

Why don't you love me?

It's a simple question with a complicated answer

I don't understand why I'm not good enough

Wouldn't it have been easier to give me away

I wouldn't have been a burden all of these years

But then again that would've damaged your images

Best to keep me and forget that I exist

Just pretend that I'm not yours

Somehow though I still wish for your love and acceptance

It infuriates me because I don't need you

When I go to Hogwarts I'm going to run away

Then I won't have suffer from your emotional neglect anymore

I think I'll transfer to Beaxbaton or Durmstrang

The French or Bulgarian ministry will be glad to help

I am the Boy Who Lived after all

But you think Alexander is

One day you are going to have a rude awakening

I hope I get to watch

When you realize the son you ignored is the one to save you

Will you beg for forgiveness?

I hope so; I want you to grovel at my feet

Then I'll laugh in your face

You will know what regret feels like

It leaves a bad taste in your mouth

And it gives me great joy

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