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Chapter 1 – Oh Crap


"Ready, Bells?"

I looked away from the full length mirror and over to the doorway of the small room. My father Charlie was leaning against the door jamb looking uncomfortable yet very dashing in his tuxedo.

I hiked up the long skirts of my dress and carefully stepped off of the platform where Alice and Rose had left me a few minutes ago, and made my over to him. Damn these shoes Alice put me in.

I smiled and took the arm Charlie held out to me. "Never been more ready in my life, Dad."

"It's been a long a long time coming." Charlie grumbled as he led me out into the hall. "I've been meaning to ask you Bells, why did you two wait this long? You two have been in love since the moment you met. I could hear it in your voice when you called and told me about him. That was over four years ago."

I was impressed. Charlie was never a man for so many words. "We just wanted to wait until our lives calmed down a little bit, what with his album last year and the girls and all… It didn't really matter to us when we got married. We're already going to spend the rest of our lives together, this is just making it legal."

Charlie seemed appeased with my answer and we walked in silence the rest of the way. When we finally met up with Alice and Rose outside the hall, I could feel my stomach clenching in excitement.

My sister-in-law beamed up at me. "Ready to get this show on the road?" Alice asked in her usual bubbly, tinkling voice as she handed me my bouquet of white lilies.

I nodded and pulled both of them in for a hug. Because of our vastly different heights Alice's face ended up mashed into my shoulder and I got a mouthful of Rose's long blonde hair. We all laughed as we broke apart.

The music started and the doors opened. Rose gave me a wink and began her march down to the front of the church with Alice following close behind.

The music changed into the traditional wedding march and Charlie gripped my hand tighter. We stepped through the doors and began our slow walk down the aisle as I took in the scene before me.

The church was beautifully decorated with orange lilies and lavender roses, reminiscent of the first flowers he gave me all those years ago.

"How did you know lilies are my favorite flower?" I asked with a delighted smile.

He smiled and shrugged. "I actually chose them for their meaning."

"What do they mean?"

"The orange lilies mean desire and passion and the lavender roses mean . . . love at first sight."

How could I not fall in love with him after that?

I was brought out of my memory when I heard a commotion at the front of the room. I looked over to see the twins, my baby girls, trying desperately in the first pew to escape their Nana's arms and run to meet me, their gorgeous curls – the same color as their father's – coming loose from their ponytails and falling around their faces. I gave them a smile and pointed a finger at them, letting them know their butts better be in on the bench by the time I got to them. I hated when the stood on chairs. I was deathly afraid they were going to inherit my chronic clumsiness.

I finally let my eyes wander to the altar. And there he was, the man who captured my heart four years ago.

The love of my life.

The father of my children.

My knight in shining armor.

My love.

My fiancé.

My Edward.

His brother and my brothers were already standing behind him and Alice and Rose stood across from them. But I only had eyes for Edward. His expressive, forest green eyes shone with happiness as Charlie and I stopped in front of him.

"Who gives this woman to be wed?" I barely heard the minister's voice as my eyes never strayed from Edward's.

"I do." Charlie said gruffly as he placed my hand in Edward's outstretched one. His kissed my cheek and whispered "Love you, Bella," in my ear.

"Love you too, Daddy." I whispered before letting go of him.

I stood in front of Edward and beamed up at him. I vowed never to let my eyes stray from his during the entire ceremony, until…

"But Nana, I want to stand with Mommy!" My baby cried.

I tore my eyes reluctantly away from Edward's and looked over to them. Natalie and Olivia looked like they were on the verge of tears as they struggled with Esme. They're two years old. I'm surprised they've sat still for this long. I glanced back up at Edward, who nodded his assent, knowing what I wanted.

"Nat, Livy," I called quietly. "Come here, sweethearts."

Esme let them go and they ran over to Edward and I. I scooped Livy up and sat her on my hip and Edward did the same to Nat, who laid her head on her Daddy's shoulder – such a Daddy's girl – and nodded at the minister to continue.

I hardly heard the rest of the ceremony, only responding when I was supposed to. What I did hear was the minister saying "You may now kiss your bride."

I grinned at Edward and leaned in to kiss my new husband. Our lips touched and . . .

Whoa, let's back up for a minute! I guess I should start at the beginning, huh? Well, here goes. It all started four years ago with that fateful lunch with my brothers.

I'm Bella Swan and this is how I met the man of my dreams.

~ Four years ago ~

"Would you hurry your bitch-ass up, Bells?" My youngest brother whined into the phone. "I'm hungry!"

I sighed and shook my head. Men. "Jeez, what crawled up your ass this morning, Jake?"

"Nothing, that's the problem." He grumbled. I could hear my older brother Jasper yelling how he didn't want to hear about Jacob's sex life on the other end of the line.

I chuckled. "A dry spell, Jake? That's what has you in this foul mood?"

"That and the fact that Jas won't let me eat until you get here." He retorted.

"Relax, I'm around the corner."

Jake grumbled a goodbye and hung up. I shook my head in amusement and slipped my phone back in my purse as I weaved through the foot traffic on the New York City sidewalk.

My two brothers, Jacob and Jasper, and I had all moved out to New York City at around the same time. Jasper moved here for work at the same time I moved here to attend NYU after high school. Jacob moved here for college just a year later when he graduated. We all fell in love with the city when our dad Charlie and step-mom Sue took us there for vacation one year.

Our mom – if she can really be called that – Renee left us in the sleepy town of Forks, Washington shortly after Jake was born, leaving Charlie a single father of three children under the age of five. I was two and Jasper was four. We managed alright for a few years, until Charlie met Sue Clearwater.

Sue was good for Charlie. She was a widow, her husband died only a year after they married, so she had been alone for awhile too. She really stepped into the mother role that the three of us craved. They married when I was ten years old.

I rounded the corner and pushed open the door of our usual diner. I spotted Jake and Jasper's tall forms across the crowded diner and waved before heading over to them.

When I was almost to their table a guy bumped into me, spilling a glass of water down my front.

"Watch where you're going, you jerk!" I growled staring down at my accidental wet t-shirt contest. Thank god I decided to wear a black t-shirt instead of the white blouse I originally picked this morning.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" A smooth, deep voice apologized quickly.

I looked up at my pseudo-attacker's face and felt my breath leave my lungs and my heart start beating in double time.

Oh crap.

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