Danny walked into the new school, his head down. "Happy Harbor High" (A.N. couldn't find the name of the school), name matched the place. Everyone resembled some form of super hero, mainly Superman, and was pretty happy. Well, not everyone. Danny was pretty annoyed, and sad. Six months ago, the Nasty Burger had exploded, claiming the lives of his two best friends, his family, and his teacher. Not wanting to get sent to Vlad Masters', Danny ran away.

"Hey, watch it," a large black kid ran into Danny, pushing him back, "Oh, and you know this school isn't for gothic freaks right?" Danny glared at him, his eyes flashing green, but it went unnoticed. Danny's outfit had changed; he now wore black kicks with dark blue jeans and a black hoodie over the Casper High shirt Sam had worn when Ember, Kitty, and Spectra had attacked. It was one of the last things he had that represented her. The other thing was his DP symbol. His Phantom outfit hadn't changed at all; it meant too much to him. The Hazmat suit represented his parents. It didn't matter, though. He hadn't morphed into Phantom in six months.

Danny walked into class as the bell rang. The teacher, Mr. Carr, was nice enough. He greeted Danny and told him to sit next to a girl named Megan Morse. Danny sat down. Everyone turned to face him when the teacher left the room.

"You're new, right?" A kid in a green Superman shirt, but instead of an S it was an M. Danny nodded. "So, where are you from?" everyone stared at him, waiting for him to answer, but luckily, Mr. Carr walked in before he had to answer. Then, his luck ran out.

"Daniel, correct?" The teacher asked Danny.

"Danny," He replied, speaking his first words of the day.

"Alright, Danny, how about you come to the front of the class and tell us about yourself." Everyone watched him as he made his way to the front of the classroom. The girl, Megan Morse, was watching him as well. Then, an explosion was heard from outside. Everyone, including Danny, ran to the window to see a girl with a green dress and a strange cat mask, Cheshire as Danny hears some random student say, firing another rocket at a water controlling sixteen-year-old and a kid with a lot of weapons and a mask covering his eyes.

The two expertly fought but were still losing due to a partner that ran in and helped her. Danny closed his eyes and concentrated on his own internal battle. 'Stupid hero-complex' Danny thought. He reopened his eyes and watched the fight more, the bad guys still seeming to have the upper hand.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that in the confusion, Megan was sneaking out into the hallway. Danny followed her behind the school, hid behind a dumpster and watched her meet some kid in a black shirt with a Superman symbol on it. He nodded at her and then Danny gasped.

Her skin turned green as her outfit changed into a hero's uniform. The boy, Conner as she had called him, heard Danny and whirled around to see him as a telekinetic force pushed Danny out from his hiding place. The two stood over him; their looks gave a sense of fury and anger.

"Uh, hi?"