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"They call me Plasmius…"

The Dynamic Duo stood motionless on the ground looking up at the ghost, waiting for him to make the first move. Vlad pulled his hand back from its extended place, smirking at the two heroes' glaring expressions.

"Not very friendly are we?" Vlad chuckled darkly as he charged up his hand with ecto-plasmic energy. He threw it at Batman, who jumped out of its path and returned it with a batarang. Plasmius laughed at Batman's signature weapon and much to the shock of the Dynamic Duo, allowed it to pass harmlessly through his body. "What wrong? You look as if you've seen a ghost!" Vlad laughed at his own pun, while he shot another energy blast at the two heroes beneath him, except this time aiming for the Boy Wonder.

Robin launched himself to the side, barely dodging the speedy blast, only to get hit from behind with a second. He grunted as he was thrown face-first into the ground. Snarling at the ghost hybrid, Batman threw a variety of weapons at Plasmius to distract him from going after Robin again. The Boy Wonder jumped to his feet, quickly recovering from the blow.

"You are quite annoying, aren't you?" Plasmius observed as none of the weapons had any effect on him. Then, Plasmius got an idea. "Oh well, let's make this interesting." Vlad flew quickly at Batman only to go mere inches above him, knocking the Dark Knight to the ground in the process, and toward Robin. Robin dodged him once, but Vlad came back from behind the boy wonder and flew into Robin. Batman watched horrified as Robin's eyes turned an obvious glowing red behind the whites of his mask.

Plasmius laughed, using Robin voice. Batman felt his horror turn to a furious anger as he realized the depth of the situation. Plasmius had taken control of Robin's body.

"Let him go!" Batman screamed, voice full of hatred and disgust for the new enemy, and pulled out a batarang as if to attack.

"Come on Batman, hit me!" Plasmius said snidely, once again with Robin's voice, making an open gesture with his arms. "But just remember, this is still the little bird's body." He smirked, taunting Batman with the young hero's voice. Batman lowered his weapon, shooting the darkest Batglare he could muster at the ghost. Vlad felt chills down his spine, and his smile waivered, but never dropped. He shrugged, "Oh well, goodbye Batman." He, in Robin's body, took off laughing, flying away from Lex's mansion, hearing Batman shout Robin's name behind him.

'Let's see what the League thinks of me.' Plasmius thought maniacally as he disappeared from sight.

_Line Break_

Danny awoke with a start from a constant knocking at the door of his room. He dragged himself out of bed and made his way to the door. He unlocked the door and it opened to reveal a very smiley Miss Martian.

"Good morning Danny!" She said with a cheery voice, "The Team and I were wondering if you'd like to join us for breakfast. I made muffins!" Danny smiled, but declined the offer. However, Miss Martian wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. Soon enough, the half-ghost hybrid found himself sitting at the table in the kitchen with a plate of blueberry muffins in front of him. He picked up one and took a bite as he looked up from the plate to observe the others in the room. It seemed everyone had decided to change out of their uniforms and into civies; however, those that wore masks (Kid Flash and Artemis) had a pair of dark tinted sunglasses on to hide their eyes.

Danny watched silently as Kid Flash mass consumed the muffins and Artemis would often comment on that, saying how he shouldn't eat so many and that he should save some for everybody else. Then Miss Martian would reply that she didn't mind making more. Superboy and Aqualad just rolled their eyes and continued enjoying their breakfast. Danny was surprised how close the Team seemed at first glance, similar to the way he, Sam, and Tucker had acted around one another.

But now they were gone and he would never have them back. Tucker, his best friend and one the smartest people he knew, always seemed to have a bright side and a stupid joke to go with whatever situation the friends had found themselves in. And Sam, his other best friend and the girl he was secretly in love with, always supporting him and there for him no matter what happened. As Danny's mind drew back into the painful memories of his fallen friends, he didn't notice the room become silent or the five stares directed at him.

"Danny?" Aqualad said again, confused by the lack of response to his original question.

"Hello! Earth to Danny!" Wally then shouted from the seat right next to Danny. The Ghost Child jolted out of his trance and looked calmly at the speedster. "Aqualad asked you something."

"Oh, sorry. What is it?" Danny then turned to Aquaman's sidekick.

"I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the cave so far."

"It's nice, from what I've seen. But I guess all that would be is the way to the room you gave me." Danny replied softly, though his last statement earned a few snickers from around the table.

"Well, I hope you like it, once you've seen more." Miss Martian gave Danny a warm smile and Danny couldn't help but allow a small smile back. The teens finished their breakfast and M'gann insisted on giving Danny a tour of the cave. They left the kitchen and began to make their way around the Team's hideout.

_Line Break _

So the dynamic duo meet Vlad and Robin gets kidnapped! What will the Team do without their little ninja? How will Danny cope with Canary's training? How did Lex not hear the fighting on the roof of his home? These questions and more will be answered in the next chapter. Also, I would like to apologize for the length of time between the updates and I really do appreciate all the readers who have kept reading the story despite of the amount of time it takes me to update. You guys are truly the best. Thanks for reading and please review and let me know how I'm doing.