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Klarion the Witch-Boy had been looking at spells for what seemed to be hours. The words on the spell book in his lap were beginning to blend together. The small rocket toy rested on the table in front of the couch where the Lord of Chaos sat. His original locator spell had been useless to find the halfa, so Klarion had begun to look for another. Much to his annoyance, everyone he had come across proved as worthless and pathetic as the one before it. Frustration had begun to set in and before he knew it, Klarion had sent the spell book flying to the other side of the room. The toy quickly joined it.

"Why does nothing WORK?!" the Witch-Boy screamed as he shot balls of fire at the useless book. Klarion was fuming, his magic swirling around him in a dark red aura. Beside him, Teekl woke from her nap.

"Calm down, I'm sure you'll think of something." The cat sleepily meowed at her master. Klarion crossed his arms and glared at the familiar.

"I should just destroy everything until I find him; that would certainly be faster than all these worthless books," Klarion hissed in frustration and Teekl gave him a look. Then, Klarion thought of something. "Wait, that might actually work. He is one of those bratty heroes so if people are in danger he has to try and save them, right?" Klarion gleefully said, "Teekl, I'm a genius." The cat rolled her eyes and was quickly picked up by the Witch-Boy. He opened a red portal with a snap of his fingers.

"Let's go cause some chaos."

_Line Break_

Danny's grand tour was not a quiet one. The second the Team and Danny left the kitchen, Artemis and KF were arguing on where to show Danny first. Artemis wanted to start with the training rooms, but Wally wanted to show the halfa his souvenir collection. M'gann piped up, taking Artemis' side by saying that KF's mission souvenirs were past the training rooms, so they would already be going that direction. Wally snorted, his stubbornness refusing to give in. Eventually though, he was outnumbered and the group made their way to the training rooms.

When they arrived, Danny was amazed, but not shocked, by the quality. Back in Amity Park, his training was done in his parents lab or somewhere away from the town with cheap cardboard cut-outs and an obstacle course made of whatever was nearby, plus a piece of his parents' equipment here and there. However, the Cave's training room had all the latest technology to help train whatever powers a member of the League, or the Team, may possess. Danny couldn't help but to look around the room in awe, so much so that he didn't notice someone walk over to him.

"Who is this?" A calm but stern female voice caused Danny to nearly jump out of his skin. He whirled around to see a blond woman talking to Aqualad.

"This is Danny, the one Batman found." He replied calmly. The blond woman nodded and turned to face the young halfa.

Extending her hand, the blond woman introduced herself, "I'm Black Canary. It's nice to meet you, Danny." Danny gave the league member a small smile and shook her hand. She smiled in return then spun to face the rest of the Team. "So, I take it that this is his grand tour of the cave?" Black Canary's question was answered by a series of nods. She chuckled lightly. "Well then, Danny, I hope you can join us for training exercises later. I'm sure you will enjoy it."

Danny smiled in return and thanked the Justice Leaguer for the invitation. She turned to walk away, but never got the chance to leave as sirens suddenly went off and many different lights began flashing red. Danny looked at the others in confusion and quickly followed them to a holographic computer screen. Black Canary pressed a few keys and the screen was quickly filled with different angles of the same picture. A skinny, pale, black-haired boy dressed in a black suit was shooting fire and red power into different crowds of screaming civilians. Danny watched in horror as buildings were quickly demolished and innocent people were being seriously hurt or killed. He turned to the rest of the Team and asked quietly.

"Who is that?" It was Kid Flash who answered.

"That is Klarion the Witch-Boy."

_Line Break_

Sam was beginning to get annoyed. She had been flying around for hours, all night even, and had yet to see any sign of Danny. 'Clockwork said Danny would around here, so where is he?' She was exhausted and decided to circle around the city she was in once more, and then find a place to take a nap. 'I had no idea ghosts could get tired like this.' Sam finished her round of the city just after dawn and found an abandoned apartment complex. She decided it would be a nice place to nap.

However, just as Sam began to drift off into dream world, she was startled by the sounds of explosions, the screams of people, and the ground shaking gently from beneath the building. For a moment, Sam thought about ignoring it and continuing to sleep, but her curiosity got the better of her. Sam flew out of the building and towards the sounds invisibly, prepared to find out what it was and hopefully, test out her fighting powers. Little did Sam know what she was about to face or who was going to help her.

_Line Break_

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