Chapter 1: Birth

October 31, 1994 Gotham City in an abandon toy factory, the cries of a woman in pain could be heard, if you dared to venture to that part of the city.

"AHHHHH!" the woman screams as she goes through intense labor pain. The woman is about 5'7", with medium build, she wears a full body black and red suit with a matching jester hat; her face was painted so she had a white face with black lips and eyes. A man stood beside her and rubbed her swollen stomach.

"That's it Harley girl you're doing great" the man said to comfort her. The man had on a purple suit, had green hair, and had on clown make up. He and his partner were expecting their first child and were determined not to be found by the Batman.

"It hurts. How much longer is it going to take?" Harley asked trying to bring her daughter into the world.

"Any moment my dear; let's get you into something more comfortable for our daughter's birth" he said and Harley agreed.

Hours after Harley changed, she felt her water break.

"Ooh god. Could you kick any harder?" she asked to her baby, whom was on its way out.

"It's time" the father said then Harley felt something pushing against vaginal cavity.

"Argh… all right time to bring our daughter into the world" Harley rasped as she began to push, hard.

"That's it Harley girl almost there. Just a few more pushes" her partner said and she gave one last, hard push followed by small cries.

Harley looked down to see a beautiful baby girl in her father's arms.

"You did great Harley look at our lovely daughter" he said.

"She's perfect. What should we name her?" Harley asked.

"I was thinking Joanna. What do you think?" he asked.

"That's a perfect name… a mix between my middle name Hanna and yours Joker" she said as Joker handed their child to her.

"Our little Joanna you will be just like your parents… hah, hah, hah" Joker said while he looked at his daughter.