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A figure could be seen in the darkness bounding away from the sealing site of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. This figure was a woman by the name Mei Terumi. She had auburn hair that covered her right eye and formed around her face and finally went all the down to the back of the thigh. She had D cup breast and over her body was her blue combat dress.

The reason for her going into the area the Kyuubi was sealed was for something that meant more to her than her own life. It was her son that she now carried in her arms. His name was Naruto Namikaze Terumi. The reason for her having her baby in the leaf was that she had been forced to have him by none other than the Yondiame Hokage because his current wife was infertile.

She had been held in the Anbu hospital for 9 months and then her son had been used right after his birth as a sacrifice to hold the Kyuubi. Luckily that damn Hokage was too injured after the battle to stop her from grabbing her son. She looked down at her son and thought "well at least I got my little bundle of joy before the Hokage could stop me."

She speed up so that she get home to the Village Hidden in the Mist(kirigakure). Where she could get Yagura to protect her and her son from Konoha (the bloodline purges never happened yagura is not controlled, but the Kaguya did try and take control of kiri).

(7 years later)

Mei just smiled at her son as he began his exercises. Since the age of four he had taught him how to control his chakra and how to use kunai, shuriken, senbon. That was just year one, in year two she taught him kenjutsu, the Terumi taijutsu known as (the fist of the water dragon). In which the user use the attack of the oppenents to strengthen the user's own attacks (also the user can initiate attacks as well).

Naruto had grown to be much like her. He had auburn hair that reachered to the back of his neck, ha also had her facial structure. His hair was somewhat different it was like a rageing fire on top of his head ( LOOk at picture a shisui). He had on a deep blue shirt with their clan symbol, for pants he wore the cow like pants that were somewhat of a tradition in kiri. He had a strap on his that held his katana that was sheathed in a red sheath. for sandles he had black ninja ones and to complete the outfit a blue head with no faceplate on it.

Year three had been all about elemental manipulation and how to use their dual bloodline. The Yoton (lava release) and Futton (boil release) and finally she begrudge taught him home to harness his futon affinity (wind).Naruto had also taken an interest in seals and was mostly throught the intermediate level at this point

"Kaa-san I am ready to begin" naruto said

"Good now remember before I allow you to enter the Mist graduation exam you have to pass my test" Mei said back to naruto as listened to her. Naruto nodded back to her saying he understood.

"Good now go through your sword style and taijutsu katas and when you're finished come back to me" she said

(An hour later)

"I'm finished kaa-san" Naruto looked up at her son and smiled at him because he was barely wind by the work out of going through his form and from what she observed they were instinctual for him.

"Good now we will have ninjutsu test I call out and element and a certain type of ninjutsu style from supplemental, offensive, or defensive but first tell me what our bloodline allows us to do" Mei said

Naruto just groaned at her before saying "Our bloodline allows us to use lava and boil release by allowing us to instantly combine earth and fire to create lava and by combining fire and water to create boil release."

Mei smiled and said "correct, now I want you to use an offensive fire style jutsu"

Naruto went through a couple of hand signs and then allowed his chest and lungs to fill with fire chakra and them simultaneously made a circle with his thumb and pointer and yelled Katon Gokakyu no jutsu (fire release great fireball jutsu). Mei watch an extreme large fireball struck three man sized targets at the end of the Terumi private training grounds.

Mei watched as they were burnt to a crisp before she herself put out the rest of the fire by herself no need for her son to waste his chakra for it. Mei smiled at said "good job, now I want a jutsu that can be used against multiple targets."

Naruto again went throught hand sealed cupped his fingers over his mouth and yelled "Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu (Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu)" and watched as they struck the trees this but she was surprised because when she put it out there were kunai and shuriken struck in the tree. Mei just smiled at that.

"Now I want you to go through two of your most powerful fire style jutsu" Mei said Naruto for his part grinned like a fox at that the first jutsu he used was Fire release: Burning Ash Pile jutsu which would blow out a gunpowder cloud and that would be detonated by the use of chakra and by clicking his teeth.

The final one was fire style Karyuudan no jutsu ( Fire dragon jutsu) which blew out a flamethrow like a attack reminiscent of a dragon.

Mei for her part was shocked again he had use to B-ranked fire jutsu(not totally for sure on the rank). Mei just grinned like her son after getting over the shock.