Title: Taking Chances

Author: CSM

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee

Summary: AU Future Fic She's a creature of habit, schedules, calenders, order, that's how she runs her life. Some rude guy in a coffee house is not going to mess with that. She's not going to change for anyone.

AN: So some of you may have read this on tumblr, I changed up somethings and added in an extra scene I decided to turn this fic into a multichapter fic.

Taking Chances

She gets out of class early on Tuesdays, and as she walks outside, the crisp November air hits her face. The cold autumn breeze causing her to shiver, so much so that she has to pull her coat tighter against her body, and she has to pull her pink scarf out of her pocket immediately wrapping it around her neck securely. Her boots smash the brown dried leaves as she quickly makes her way across the street to the main mall, her head bent to fight off the chilly breeze.

She walks straight to the local coffee house, Cafe Latte, eyeing the large armchair in the back, as she pulls off her coat and scarf, making a mental note where she's going to be sitting today. She bypasses the long line, to the side of the counter, knocking it lightly. She doesn't even bother to look up as she digs through her messenger bag for her book as she speaks.

"Annie, I'm going to be in the back."

"Ma'am. I'm sorry but you're going to have to join the line." A new voice calls out.

She looks up startled, her book momentarily forgotten and frowns when she doesn't see Annie, the usual barista but instead sees a tall husky guy, with messy brown hair, the red Cafe Latte apron tied around the torso as he looks at her expectantly.

"Where's Annie?" She asks frankly, she needs her afternoon cappuccino, and Annie is the only one who knows how to make it right. She's very particular about her beverages. "She usually makes my order for me."

"Annie took the morning shift." The man answers, his eyes narrowing probably not caring for her tone, well she's annoyed too, "Now can you please join the line? These people were waiting her long before you came in."

"But Annie makes my cappuccino and brings it for me." She says stubbornly, ignoring the disgruntled comments from the other customers in the line.

"I'll be happy to make you, your cappuccino. If you join the line." The man remarks shortly.

"How long have you been working here?" She fires back, "I've been coming to this coffee house for almost two years and I've never seen you. Are you qualified for this job?"

To her utter disbelief the man just grins, no he smirks at her. She was not joking, no job, no matter how insignificant as making coffee should be done unless someone has the skills for the job. She is coming to a coffee house for a reason.

"I'm wearing the apron aren't I?" He gestures sarcastically at the red apron around his waist. She knows he's mocking her but she ignores the jab.

"If I were to put on a stethoscope around my neck would that make me a doctor? No." She snipes back, just as sarcastically.

"Well, you're not wearing a pointy black hat or carrying a broomstick, and yet I assume that you're a witch. Does that count?"

"That was uncalled for!" She snaps angrily.

"Whatever you say lady, either you join the line or you don't get your coffee. Simple as that." He says shaking his head and turning back to the customers behind and simply ignoring her.

She looks at him appalled at his audacity, she's a paying customer, and she would not be treated in this manner, and she plans to tell him them, "Excuse me. Sir."

She continues to rant, hitting the palm of her hand against the cold tiled counter, but everything she says seems to go on deaf ears.

After attending to a few more customers, he finally comes across to her counter, looking at her in mock surprise, "Oh you're still here."

"Yes! And I do not appreciate being ignored sir. Whatever happened to the customer is always right?"

He looks at her through narrowed eyes for a moment, but instead of answering he pulls one of the signs from on display and placing it in front of her

Management reserves the right to refuse service.

"Now that is just rude!" She exclaims slamming her hand down on the counter, "I'd like to speak to your manager! I will not be treated this way."

The man turns back to look at her and shakes his head, he pulls off the apron to reveal a simple shirt and tie and a little button labelled 'Manager' on his breast pocket. Her face drops in surprise and the man smirks at her.

"Finn Hudson. Manager. " He says looking at her expectantly, and he's not even hiding his grin. "Is there a problem, ma'am?"

"You have terrible people skills." She snaps, folding her arms across her chest, getting more angry at the moment as his grin widens in amusement.

"And you can't follow simple instructions." He counters back, "And yet I'm the one with the coffee and you're not."

"You are rude, Mr. Hudson!" She growls, tossing the sign across the counter in anger and stomping out of the coffee house, not believing the audacity of that man. She'll just get her coffee elsewhere.

The next day she buys a Starbucks cappuccino ToGo and a muffin in the shop at school and then heads to the park opposite the mall. It's a relatively warm autumn day so she figures she's curl up under a tree with her book and coffee. She's so engrossed in the happenings of Katniss and Peeta, she does not see the large pure white Labradoodle until he's got his nose buried in her brown paper bag already devouring her muffin.

"Oh!" She squeals, in surprise dropping her book and coffee all over her, the dog looks up at her, his tail wagging excitedly as he starts sniffling her dress licking the coffee,

"Calm down boy!" She says, patting the dog's head, on realizing he's more playful than harmful.

The dog looks up at her and starts nuzzling her hand excitedly, his tail wagging in excitement, she giggles in amusement rubbing his head again, "Aren't you cute? Now where's you owner?"

She giggles pulling back when the dog tries to lick her face, "Oh no. I don't know what toilet that face has been in."

She gets a bark in return and laughs, she looks around the area not seeing anyone looking for the dog, she tries to grab the dog by the collar to read his tag, but ends up getting her entire arm licked. She wrinkles her nose slightly when she hears a voice and the dog perks up.


"Is that your name?" She asks sweetly, rubbing the dogs head again, and looking to her left to see a tall man running to them.

"Elphie... what are you doing?" The man asks breathlessly, bending over as he tries to catch his breath, She can only see the top of his messy hair, slick with sweat along with this back of his tank, the muscles in his back rippling from his rapid breathing, "I'm...so...sorry."

"It's okay." She says warmly, rubbings Elphie's back smiling brightly at the dog, who barks excitedly, trying to lick her face yet again "I think she just wanted some of my muffin."

"Yes. She does have a sweet tooth." Elphie's own remarks good-naturally, "My brother likes to spoil her"

"That's okay, she's..." But as she looks up, she stops midsentence, her eyes widen as she finally gets a proper look at Elphie's owner and she quickly scrabbles to her feet, pointing and accusatory finger at the man."You."

It's the rude manager from the coffee shop, he rolls his eyes, wiping the sweat gathering on his forehead, and she tries to ignore the way his pectoral muscles pull in his sweat soaked tank top, or his bicep curls at his movement.

"Me." He mocks, rolling his eyes, and looks at her ruined dress and turned over coffee mug. "I see you found another way to get coffee."

"No thanks to you. Now your dog ruined this one." She snaps back, she's not angry at the dog, she can't be mad at animals, it's not in her nature, its owner though is another story, "Don't you own a leash?"

"Does your boyfriend?" He counters back.

She narrows her eyes at him, his comment hitting a little too close to home, after the messy break up she just got out of fresh in her mind. She pointedly ignores him and starts gathering her stuff, frowning at her ruined book.

"Look I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that." The man, Finn says apologetically, "I'll buy you back your book."

"I don't need your pity. Just because you make an assumption about me, when you don't even know me." She snaps angrily, as she shoves her soiled book into her bag.

"Yea, its sucks when people do that right? Take one look at you and suddenly they think they know everything about you."

She freezes at his words, her cup clenched between her fingers, he's right, she took one look at him and assumed he knew nothing about his job, pretty much like what he just did. She sighs and looks up at him, "I'm sorry. I should have never assumed you couldn't do your job."

"I'm sorry I snapped at you yesterday." He says sincerely as he grabs Elphie who had been eating the last bit of her muffin, and hooking the leash back on the dog's collar, "My stepdad owns the coffee shop and I got stuck working that shift and I had to miss band practice. Annie told me about you, and I guess your attitude just rubbed me the wrong way, add that to my already foul mood. I took out my anger on you and I shouldn't have."

"I should have just gotten into the line though." She admits sheepishly, she's been on edge all week, but it was still doesn't excuse her behaviour.

"Probably." He says teasingly, and she can see his dimples as he smiles.

"I'm sorry for as well." She says softly, she pats Elphies head as she grabs her handbag. "I should go."

"Wait." He calls out, grabbing her arm, despite the fact that she's yet to leave, "Let me buy back your book and coffee."

She can't help but smile, despite the fact that she knows she should not accept his offer on the sole fact that she only broke up with her ex last week. But then she takes one look at his pleading expression, his dimples ever prominent and then at Elphie who's looking at her eagerly, it's like the dog is in on it too. She can feel resolve breaking already. She told herself she needed to start living, one date won't hurt.

"You don't even know my name." She points out with a smile, she may have forgiven him for his rudeness, but he's going to have to work for it, those dimples can't be the only reason she says yes (although she knows they already are)

"Actually, Rachel I'm going to say I'm one step ahead of you." He says with knowing smirk, "I told you. Annie told me about the regulars."

She looks at him thoughtfully for a moment, then at the dog who barks excitedly and she shakes her head, "Do you use her to pick up girls or something?"

"Only the cute ones." He flirts, sending her a wink, and as if on cue Elphie barks again.

"Oh you're good." Rachel giggles in response shaking her head in disbelief, "Okay fine one coffee, and I want my book."

Finn grins in triumphant, pulling out a doggie treat from his pocket and giving it to Elphie, "Good dog."

Rachel gasps, "You played me!"

Finn laughs grinning sheepishly, his dimples yet again making Rachel's heart skip a beat, "No, actually I saw you sitting across here and I wanted to apologize about yesterday, and I know everyone loves Elphie. So I sent her to soften you up. I'm sorry about your dress by the way. I'll pay for that too."

"You better. I can't believe you would use your dog like that." She says in mock seriousness, but when she sees Finn's frown she giggles, "I'm kidding."

When Finn visibly relaxes she smiles at him warmly, patting Elphie one last time, "I'll see you tomorrow at the coffee house Mr. Hudson. Three o'clock. Don't be late."

She walks off with a nervous smile on her lips, ignoring his calls, she has to keep him on his toes. He can't expect to get everything just by flashing those dimples of his. This was her chance to turn a new leaf. Even if it's with the random rude coffee guy.

He is late.

She looks at her watch one last time, and sure enough is 3: 20 pm. She waited much longer than she would ever allow, but she figured she owed him, since she was completely rude to him two days ago. But yet here she is waiting on him.

She should have trusted her instinct from the very beginning, it's too soon for her to be going out with anyone especially not the random coffee house boy.

This is not like her at all.

Rachel Berry doesn't agree to go out with random guys, especially ones she knows nothing about, she needs to familiar with them, know a little bit about her their family, friends what they do. This boy is in a band for crying out loud. His dimples can't be the reason she went on a limb and agreed to go out with him.

She's 23 years old and in her last year of premed, she can't be going on dates with some frat boy in a band. Her last boyfriend, her boyfriend of 5 years is a third year medical student, he's the son of one her father's doctor friends.

Sam Evans had fit into her plans perfectly, they'd get engaged before she started medical school, married at 28, while Sam would already have his practice up and running, it would be easy for her to just fall in and work with him. They'd start a family at 31 or 32, her future was set.

That is until last week.

Last week everything came crashing down, her well thought out plans were all destroyed and now she's left, trying to pick up the pieces. She's trying to sort herself out. She thought accepting the date from Finn would be a small step towards going about changing things.

But yet here she is waiting now 30 minutes for some guy she just met. It's pretty clear to her that this change she was hoping to find was not this. She can't expect her whole life to just change before she agreed to one lousy date.

Finn Hudson was not suddenly going to be able to fix the mess her life had become. He wasn't her easy out. Agreeing to one date couldn't possibly change her life. No matter how much she wish it were so simple.

She takes one final look at her watch and then sighs, hating herself for once again over estimating things and over planning things yet again. She sighs disappointedly, more at herself than anything, picks up her messenger bag and coffee. She slips her headphones in her ears and slowly walks out of the coffee house.

She never did hear Finn calling after her retreating figure, a new book in his hand.

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