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My deep, dull crimson eyes blink slowly as a little pressure on my shoulder wakes me from my light nap. I look over to my twin brother and give him a cold stare that meant nothing other than to acknowledge him. I look around the private plan and take notice that the servants are out cleaning the plates from the meal we had earlier in the flight. The next thing I noticed was that the plane had landed at our destination, which happened to by Tokyo, Japan.

I stood up slowly with arms above my long, silky, snow white hair to stretch my sleeping limbs. " So... What are we going to do to get to the university? Should we rent a car... no, let's take the train and then walk," I decide barely glancing at my brother as he scratches his spiky, dark blue hair before setting his White Sox baseball cap back on his head in a backwards fashion and blinking his warm, hot chocolate eyes.

"Sure whatever is fine by me!" my brother gives me his goofy grin before swinging his bag on his shoulder and heading off the plane. I too, took my own bag and head to the exit before being intercepted by my stepfather.

"Aw, son. I'm going to miss you with you being here in Japan and myself in America with your mother. Won't you give your father a hug?" he grins wickedly at me with only cruelty swirling in his dark blue eyes and an aura that quenched for blood.

Even with my legs shaking, I forced myself to keep my emotionless facade and reply with a smooth, calm voice, "You're not my father and I will never give you a fucking hug." I decide not to comment on the part about being separated in case he thought I was afraid of him and over joyful that he would be gone. It would give him just the more reason to beat me a little harder than usual as his parting gift.

"Why don't you want to give me a hug? Afraid of getting hurt?" His grin only widens when he catches my wince. The plane has been emptied now for the servants know what to do when my stepfather is in his mood. He takes a step towards me making me want to take my own step back, but I know better than that. It would just hurt more if I tried to run. "Good boy," he purrs before winding up his arm and punching me in the stomach.

Falling to my knees, I heave for needed breaths as the tears start to form. I stay silent as he takes a running start before kicking me in the side. I try my hardest to hold in my tears and whimpers of pain, but as he continue to kick my stomach, sides and back, it was really hard. One particular kick to the spine had my bitten lips open letting out a quiet whimper. That was enough to set him off.

"Oh? Does that fucking hurt, you trash? Huh? Well, tough shit, bastard! All you are is trash to everyone! You're the reason why your family can't be happy. People freak out when they see you, you fucking albino! You're the reason your father, my best friend, died! You worthless piece of shit! I don't understand why your mother or brother stands being around you! All you do is make their lives miserable! You would be better off dead!" His anger takes over completely so he devotes all of his attention to hurting me instead of screaming.

I know that his words are untrue and cruel, but... they still get under my skin. They always do. I finally let my tears flow as the pain swallows me. By the time he is done, I barely feel my body and my eye lids become heavy. He scoffs before he calls one of the servants to give him a glass of expansive wine. Taking a sip, he looks down at my stilled form as he sits down in one of the chairs.

"Well? Are you going to leave? Your brother is probably waiting for you. You don't want to keep him waiting," my stepfather says calmly as he looks down at me with an intense hatred.

I take a shuddering breath as the pain became unbearable while I stood up on shaky legs. I glance at the man in the chair before taking a deep breath and walking towards him. I ignore his gasp as I drape my arms around his neck and give him a hug. "My mother told me what happened. Even if I don't act like it, I love you... dad," I whisper into his ear before walking away and taking my bag on my way out.

"Are you going to tell me why you took so long?" my brother whines as he walks next to me with his arms behind his head in a carefree manner.

I glance over at him with cold eyes as most of my attention was put to walk normally. "I was talking with our stepfather. He just made sure that I would keep you out of trouble," I give him a very forced smile while walking into the campus.

He was about to complain, but was cut off when I walked right into someone. I cringed a little when I fell backwards and heavy boxes fell on me. A simultaneous scream followed, "Isamu/Takeru!"

My body shakes in huge tremors as the pain became intense. Tears flowed down my cheeks even when the huge boxes were removed. "OMG, I think you really hurt him Takeru!" a girl cries as she looked down at my shaking form.

"I-I'm fine," I whisper trying to get up with as less pain as possible. I quickly wipe away my tears before turning to the girl and giving her a very forced smile. Looking down at the other boy, I notice his shocking blond hair and blue eyes. Hm... just like my mother. I smile warmly at him before extending my hand to offer him a help up.

"Uh, thanks. Hey, I'm really sorry. I couldn't see where I was going. Are you sure you're okay?" the blond teen sincerely apologizes with a bow and worried blue eyes.

"Yes, I'm fine. It's my fault too. I should have seen the guy with a dozen boxes. Here let me help you with them. I don't want this to happen to someone else too," I offer as I take a couple of the boxes in my straining arms.

"Here, my too!" my twin happily takes some others in his muscular arms while flashing the brown haired girl his signature grin.

"Uh, thanks a lot!" the teen speaks up and takes the rest of the boxes. He leads us to his dorm room and by the time I get there I'm shaking in pain again, but I held firm and hoped that they wouldn't notice. I quickly stack the last box and wonder for a second if we should make such a high tower, but brush it off. "Hey, I didn't get your names. I'm Takaishi, Takeru and this is my best friend Yagami, Hikari. My roommate here is Hida, Iori," the blond introduced himself and the others in the room.

"Hello! My name is Miyagi, Kiyoshi and my albino twin is Isamu! It's a pleasure to meet you guys!" Ki-kun exclaims with a grin. Probably excited about meeting such a cute girl and some friends. I wonder if they noticed my eyes yet.

"Hm? You're albino? Here I thought you died your hair," Takeru giggles before taking a step in my direction to take a closer look. I braced myself as his eyes widen. "Holy shit!" he screams before stumbling back and falling on his butt. Here it comes... "Your eyes are red! That's so cool! Is it because your albino?" he asks with amazement and curiosity.

I blink my crimson eyes as he stands up and walks close to me. I blink again as he gets close to my face and puts one hand on my chin while the other is on my chest for balance. Looking deep in my eyes, he gets closer. I quickly grab his wrist of the hand on my face and put my other hand on his shoulder as a warning. That's when two more guys walk into the room without knocking.

"Hey! Get the hell away from my brother!" a blond growls stomping over to us and taking his brother away from me. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Hey, Yamato! It was me, not Isamu! I was just looking at his eyes! Look, they're red! Isn't that so cool?" Takeru exclaims to his brother with a worried glance in my direction.

Yamato looks at me with an intense stare that had me giving my most emotionless face as a self defense with the way that he was looking into my eyes. "Tch, I don't want you hanging around with these two. They look like bad news to me," Yamato scoffs with a scowl on his face.

That usually happens when people look at me, but for some reason it really riled me up. I wanted him to approve of me and look at me with a smile. That was all crushed when I opened up my big mouth. "Who do you think you are? His dad or something?" I growl at the older blond with a sort of challenge. He didn't really take it the right way.

"Our parents are fucking divorced!" Yamato growls before taking a step and landing a full force punch on my cheek.

I don't do anything to brake my fall as shock of the action takes over making me fly into the stack of boxes. I yelp in pain as the boxes tumble on top of me. I let the tears flow out once again today as the pain finally has me sobbing and whimpering. I look up at me brother with blurry eyes as he quickly moves the boxes from on top of my frail, lithe body.

"Isamu? Are you alright?" Kiyoshi cries with obvious worry as he stares down on my shaking form. His faces becomes serious and I didn't have enough strength to protest as he pulls my shirt. I cringe slightly as the cold air hits my purple and blue skin. A round of gasps fill the room as they look at the disgusting sight. "Is this why you were late coming off the plane? Did you really think I was like mom and didn't notice the bruises on your body? Why did you never tell me he was abusing you? You just kept getting more distant, baka!"

Kiyoshi breaks down in sobs as he gives me a hug. I look down at him in shock as this new knowledge processes in my messed up mind. No... He can't know. Does he know what mother did? I quickly close myself up as I struggle from his grasp. I quietly stand up and head for the door. I only look back when someone grabs my wrist.

It's the other boy with the big nest of brown hair. I stare into his worried, coffee eyes with my own crimson eyes without a flicker of life in them. I feel him flinch backwards as he stares into them, but holds out until my brother calls out.

"Isamu! You're being distant again! Why don't you trust me and confide in me?" he asks rejected and in sorrow as he helplessly looks into my eyes for a crack in my shield. Instead of giving in, I turn around and start my way down the hall towards my own dorm room. While opening my door only a few away from Takeru's room, I hear a yell of guilt from my brother, "Isamu!"

Yamato POV

Wh-What the hell? What is happening? Why was he covered in bruises? Was it the boxes that just fell on him? No, his brother said something about a plane and abusing? Maybe his father abuses him because he said his mother doesn't notice. Shit, I can't believe I reacted the way I did. What happened to being the guy with the crest of friendship? Damn it! Who cares if the guy has red eyes and his brother looks like a perv?

I look around the room to see that everyone was looking around awkward as the teen sobbed on the floor. Everyone seems to hold their breath as Hikari walks up to him and encircles her arms around his shoulders. He tenses up for a second before crying into her shoulder. Taichi takes this moment to glare at me making me feel even worse for my actions.

Takeru glances over at me before walking over to the hugging pair and rub the capped teen's back. "Yamato, can you please leave? I don't want to deal with you right now," Takeru growls not even taking enough energy to look up at me.

Knowing that I'm not welcomed, I walk outside into the hall. I let out a sigh before passing Taichi's room right next to Takeru's room and then my own room next to his. Opening the door, I did not expect to find the albino on my bed sleeping. Well, I guess my first impression as a roommate is ruined. This is going to be a long fucking year.

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Isamu: 19(2nd Year Tokyo U)

Kiyoshi: 19(2nd Year TU)

Yamato: 19(2nd Year TU)

Taichi: 19(2nd Year TU)

Takeru: 18(1st Year TU)

Hikari: 18(1st Year TU)

Iori: 17(1st Year TU)

Koushiro: 18(2nd Year TU)

Daisuke: 18(1st Year TU)

Ken: 18(1st Year TU)

Jou: 20(3rd Year TU)

Mimi: 19(2nd Year TU)

Sora: 19(2nd Year college in America)

Miyako: 18(2nd Year America)