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Recap: I watch with tears in my eyes as my twin curls up in a ball trying to hide from his team. I walk silently into the locker room ignoring all of the shocked stares as I reach out to my younger brother. Please, don't think like that. I still love you even if we have different fathers.

I let out a silent breath as I pat my brother's back nervously. I smile down at him as he stares at me in a state of shock.

Isamu POV

Staring up at my nervous brother, I could do only one thing. I looked away silently and controlled my emotions leaving me with a blank look. Taking a mental sigh to calm my pulsing nerves, I stood up and walked to the door. Before I could make it there, I was slammed into a locker.

"Who the fuck are you trying to fool here?" Kiyoshi growls with his eyes sparkling in hurt and despair. "I don't care that you had a different father! You're my brother and that's all that counts! We lived our whole life as brothers so why should it change now? Why do you have to pull away from me? I care so much about you... Please at least talk to me... Tell me what you're thinking and feeling. I feel like you're almost gone, and that scares me so much. Please come back..." Kiyoshi cries as small tears rush down his tan cheeks.

I have to stop his crying somehow. I have to make his life better, but... Why does he still care about me? I'm not his brother... "Kiyoshi..." I pause slightly as Kiyoshi looks at me expectantly as if I could take his pain away. "I'm sorry that I worry you so much. I try so much to please you and to make sure that I don't worry you, but I'm just a failure. I've failed you and with that failure, I've destroyed your life. I've killed your dad with my demonic features, destroyed our mother's life by being born and I've blemished your reputation by my very existence. Who would want to have a demon brother? Who would want a demon that can only fail? A piece of trash..."

I quickly look away from his intense stare as a silence took over us. "Isamu... Please don't ever say that again. You are not trash. You are anything but that. You're my brother that I care very deeply for. Dad's death is not your fault. He did save you, but I would have been equally devastated if you had been killed too. If it was anyone's fault then it would be that murder's fault. You can't blame yourself for someone's choices-"

"-But I can blame myself for my choices! I did nothing as that man held up his gun for the first time! I should have knocked it away from him! If I didn't go shopping with them then he could still be alive! It's all my fault any which way you look at it! I wish I was never born! You would all be happy without me in your life! Dad would still be alive, Mom would be happily married once and you would happily live a normal, carefree life!" I scream my troubles leaving an eerie silence after.

The look in his eyes were so... scared and defeated. I flinch slightly as he tightly embraces me in a warm, but very cold hug. He was so warm, but I chilled the hug so much. Why is he hugging me? I ruined his life! I can't live with this guilt anymore... I need to get away from him.

"Kiyoshi, let go of me now... please," I beg desperately as I resist as hard as I can. I manage to get him off me slightly, and with that small distance, I ducked under him and then behind him. I start out in a full sprint from there as the presence of my brother faded away from me. Please just let me go. I can't live with this stress.

Kiyoshi POV

Slamming the lockers, I try so hard to keep in the fresh tears that want to break free. I ignore the worried and sympathetic looks as I stuff my things hurriedly in my bag. Growling slightly, I packed Isamu's bag as well. Before leaving the silent locker room, I kick one of the lockers as hard as I can.

"Fuck!" I swear as my toes cried in pain. Taking a useless breath, I walk out of the locker room with the intent of practicing even more football. Anything to get my mind off of my life.

"Wait, Kiyoshi!" Taichi yells after me. I stop only because he called me by my first name. Wait, didn't he always call me by my first name? Shit, stop taking about this and see what he wants. "Thanks for waiting for me. I just want to make sure you're okay. I'm really worried about you. That was really intense... If you want to talk, I will always have an open schedule for you. Please come to me if you can't handle something. I might like to talk a lot, but I love listening to my friends so much more. It makes me feel like I'm making just a little bit of a difference by listening to someone," Taichi smiles a goofy grin as he sends an inviting aura that's hard to resist.

"...Thanks, I really appreciate it. Can we all do dinner instead? I kinda just want to be alone right now if you don't mind..." I trail off uncomfortable now that I was calmed down. Shit I just made a big fucking scene. I watch conflictingly as Taichi walks away from me to give me the space that I wanted. "Wait! Um, er... Can I maybe talk to you later? After I cool down a little more and think some things through?"

Taichi smiles at me, but keeps quiet and instead nods and walks away. Sighing, I walk onto the football field and start dribbling a ball that the freshmen left on the field.

Taichi POV

Fuck, I hope I'm doing the right thing. I don't want either of them having a mental break down or anything. Kiyoshi was hysterical and I couldn't do anything to help! Well, I hope my offer will reach to him. I feel like it was the first time anyone really offered to listen to him. That's kind of sad.

Now, Isamu is so... lost. I didn't think the kid could show that much emotion and well that's sad. The reason I thought that was because he was really hurting inside and wouldn't let anyone help him. I really hope that he's going to be okay. He said some things that are really messed up.

He needs someone there that wasn't there when everything went down in his family. I feel like he's going to do something drastic. He was really saying some scary things and I need to take some precautions. He was... kind of sounding like he was considering suicide. I really hope I'm wrong, but if I don't do something then he might follow through. Someone needs to reach out to him like I just did with Kiyoshi.

Hm... but who? I went out of my way because I knew that I could connect and now that I have Kiyoshi to focus on, I can't fully focus on both. They both desperately need someone there for them. Who would be really great at being there for Isamu? Well... Yamato was there for him this morning I guess. They seemed to get along enough to sleep in the same bed. Shit, I should probably text Yamato to see if they are both at the dorm to say that it's moved to dinner.

Hey, is Isamu-kun with you?

Yeah, we're at the dorm. He kinda seems upset. Do you know what happened?

Yeah, but you should ask him yourself. He really needs someone that will listen.

Okay, should we cancel lunch then?

Oh, almost forgot! Kiyoshi wants to reschedule for dinner if that's okay with you two?

It's fine with us... Is that a first name basis here? You've got some explaining to do ^_^

…... See you at dinner.

Lol, see you at dinner.

Why does Yamato notice everything? Gah, why did I tell that prick I was gay? Oh right, he happens to be my best friend. Whatever, I guess I've told him about my crushes before. Kiyoshi is defiantly my crush right now. The second I saw him crying yesterday for his brother was the second I felt a rush of... affection. I wanted so badly to collect him in my arms and make him feel safe and happy, but what if he doesn't like me? He did kiss me today, but he seemed very confused, but so cute! I'm so happy that he trusted me enough to think about me offer!

Happily sighing, I hum as I walk back to my dorm room that I'm sharing with my little Kiyoshi!

Yamato POV

Putting my phone down, I look over at Isamu as he lays curled up in a ball under his covers. I sigh as the silence seems to dense to the point where I could feel it pushing down on me. Okay, I've got to say something. He's obviously really upset and he needs someone there for him, but why me?

He won't tell me anything, right? I don't even know him that well. Will he really open up to someone he barely knows? I'm sure someone that he really cares for will say something. No, I have to ask him! I'm sure there was many people having this debate before. Okay, I've got this.


"I'm sorry, but can you leave the room? I'm not feeling too well and I want to be alone right now." the lump under the covers interrupts me with a quiet, monotonous voice.

Barely containing my anger I take a calming breath before replying, "Are you sure you don't want to talk about it? I'm always going to be here for you if you need to talk about anything. You're my friend now, and I'm not going to let you sulk here all by yourself."

He stirs slightly before resting again under the covers. Sighing, I walk over to him to make sure he isn't sick or something. I smile to myself as I watch him sleep. I guess it'll be okay if I go and grab some lunch for the both of us. Looking back at the sleeping angel, I walk off to get us something to eat.

Isamu POV

" Ha ha, Dad stop joking around! Mom and Kiyoshi are going to be really worried if we don't get home soon!" I laugh as he ruffles my soaking wet hair. Looking at my watch, I sigh when I notice that it is ten o'clock at night.

I bite my lip as we take a short cut that made us pass many clubs. I grit my teeth as many women throw themselves at my father and his best friend. A few would try to latch onto me, but I would glare at them with my crimson eyes and that would be enough to direct their attention elsewhere.

I gasp as rough hands take a hold of the back of my shirt and yank me away from my father. "Look what we have here! What's up with this white hair and holy shit! You have red eyes! What are you, a demon?" a drunkard yells outraged by my appearance.

I freeze instantly as he takes out a gun and puts it against my head. Holy shit, I'm going to die. I feel as the world went in slow motion as my father tried to beat his way through the gang to get to me. I gasp as the man pushes me in front of him.

"You should go to hell where you belong, you bloody demon!" the man spouts as he aims the gun towards me.

I could do nothing, but crumple to the sidewalk in pain as he shoots me in the leg. Why is he hurting me? I'm no demon! I'm a normal human being! I don't deserve to die! Please let me live!

I watch with wide eyes as he points the gun to my head this time. "You freak! You must be a demon with that white hair and red eyes. Only the devil's child would be born with such features! Die you demon!"

The gun shot resonates through the air as the man shoots his firearm. All the sound in the world seems to fade as crimson surrounds me. No... Why did he take that bullet for me?

The blood consumes me and the next thing I see is my brother kneeling in front of a grave in a black suit. I reach out for him, but he turns to me with a burning fire in his eyes.

"Why did you kill him? Why? I wish you would have died instead of him! Everyone would be happier without you! All you do is bring stress to everyone's lives! Mom would be a lot happier if you were to die instead of him! No one wants you around, you freak! No one cares about you! Go fucking die in hell!" Kiyoshi screams at me as he gets up showing me a knife.

"Kiyoshi... Please forgive me. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to kill him. If I could go back in time, I would. I would make sure I died instead of him. Please... I'm so sorry," I beg as Kiyoshi fully turns around and starts towards me with that knife at his side.

"You don't deserve my forgiveness! You killed him! You killed him! You don't deserve anything, but death!" Kiyoshi growls as he gets nearer to where I stand.

"Please don't... I can make this better I swear. Please don't kill me... Kiyoshi, please! I'm sorry!" I cry as my twin slashes my chest with his knife. He keeps on slashing for what seemed like hours until I crumpled to the ground in defeat. He looks down at me with a sick smirk as he watches the last of my life withering away as I lay in my pool of blood.

I gasp a little as something takes my hand. I look over with glazed eyes to see Yamato with a smile as he takes my bloody hand in his hand. I silently plead for him to help me as he looks at me expectantly. I need to say something! I need to ask for help! I need him to help...

I try opening my mouth, but the pain held me from saying anything. Please help me. Stop looking at me for my consent. Please just help me! My eyes widen as he lets go of my limp hand. Tears flow down my bloody cheeks as he looks down at me with a smile. No... Please help me!

I close my eyes as Kiyoshi laughs hysterically as he drives his knife into my heart. It was odd, but I didn't feel the pain. I felt something else though. I felt something moist against my lips and a warmth surrounding my body as a white light blinded me.

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