Dear Yu-Gi-Oh! Protagonists,

I hope you are ready for what's to come! Me and my Hikari are really wanting to meet you guys, and we'll do anything to meet you! Since I'm the Queen of Games, I WILL get what I want. Even if it means taking you all by FORCE! I have powers beyond all 5 of your's abilities, and if I find that all 5 of you had declined my request, well... Expect to be "dropping by" against your wills. . . .

With Love, Yumi Ryuzaki & Akhesenemun.

"Ms. Ryuzaki, it's been five days."

"Have they replied to my requests?"

"Sadly, none of them did."

A girl dressed as Hime from "Princess Ressurection" plus a gold scarf with the Eye of Wadjet on it scoffed and moved her blonde bangs out of her face. "Well then... Send out my Portal Kuribohs to get them." She replied. "After you do, fetch me my deck."

"Yes, Ms. Ryuzaki." The old man said as he exited the patio. The girl sighed and sat up, streching her arms.

"Yumi, you here?" a woman's voice called out.

"Out here." Yumi replied. A tan skinned woman wearing a strapless black shirt that revealed her belly, blue skinny jeans, and black hooker-boots walked out onto the patio. Her crimson eyes shimmered in the sunlight, and she had a identical scarf on.

"Damn, why does it have to be clear skies today? I'm practically blind here!" She said, sheilind her eyes.

Yumi laughed. "Well, we do live on a island. You should be expecting stuff like this!" She removed the silver tiara from her head and placed it on a table next to her lounging chair. "Besides, aren't you my light, Akhesenemun?"

The woman nodded her head. "I may be your light, but remember. I used to be called 'The Blood Queen' back in my rule as the Kingdom of Amen-Ra's queen. Also, the only reason I decided to stay with you after the ceremonial battle was that you would probably cause more trouble than ever. And don't call me by that name. Just call me Hikari, like you always did."

Before Yumi could answer, the old man returned. "The Portal Kuribohs have been sent to their designated timelines to bring our guests here. And I brought you your 'Angel's Demise' deck." He handed Yumi her deck.

"Thank you, Watari. You are dismissed. Once our guests have arrived, please give them a tour of the mansion." Yumi ordered, placing her deck next to the tiara. Watari bowed and went back inside. Yumi looked at the horizen, and saw some gray clouds coming their way.

"Storm's coming. Should we round up our Kuribohs? You know they are easily spooked." Hikari asked. Yumi nodded in response, and the duo walked inside.

Timeline: Yu-Gi-Oh! DM
Location: Domino Park.

It was a beautiful day in Domino city today. It was also a day that attracted a lot of aspiring duelists to Domino Park for some good duels and compitetion. One duelist in particular was enjoying the day as he strolled trough the park.

"It's not fair that the others couldn't be here today. At least I got you, Yami." Yugi said. The man next to him smiled in return. "By the way, how's having your own body working out?"

"I'm still getting used to it." Yami replied. He streched and put his arms behind his head. "But I'm thinking I'm getting the hang of it."

Yugi smiled once again. He was glad Yami stayed after the battle. He did feel a little guilty though, seeing that Yami's friends in the afterlife would have to wait a little longer for their pharoah, but Yami didn't seem to mind. "So, what do you want to do, Yami?" He asked. His darker half shrugged and let out a yawn.

"It's your day to pick, Aibou. I picked yesterday." Yami responded. Before Yugi could respond, a odd looking Kuriboh appeared out of nowhere.

"Huh? A Kuriboh?" Yugi said in confusion.

"A rather odd looking one too... Wait... Aibou! You still got that letter?" Yami asked. Yugi reached into his pocket and pulled out a letter.

"You mean this one?" Yugi said. He opened it, and then remembered a important detail.

Expect to be "dropping by" against your wills.

"Yami... I think that Kuriboh's got something to do with this letter..." Yami's eyes went wide. The Kuriboh then flew straight towards the duo with a determined look in its eyes.


Timeline: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Location: Outside the Slifer Red Dorms


Jaden froze in his spot, the black jacket hanging limply off his right arm. He had to hide somewhere, and fast. Or else Chazz would beat him to a bloody pulp. You're probably asking 'Why does Jaden have Chazz's jacket in the first place?' Well, let's just say Jaden wanted revenge for a certain incident. Said incident is up to you.

"Jaden, what have you gotten yourself into this time?" Jaden turned to see Yubel next to him, her arms folded. Jaden didn't respond, as he took off running into a wooded area. Yubel let out a sigh, and flew after him.

"Gotta hide, gotaa hide..." Jaden said to himself. He hopped over a log, and then hid behind a tree to catch his breath. "Jaden you are acting like a child." Yubel said sternly.

"I can't help it if it's just laying right there and the fact that I want revenge for that incident!" Jaden replied. A snap was heard, followed by a gasp. Jaden froze once again. 'He found me...' Was the only thing running through his head. The next thing he knew, he was face to face with... A Winged Kuriboh?

"What in the..." Yubel said. The Winged Kuriboh looked entirely different from Jaden's, and it glared at him with menicing eyes.

"Hey little buddy! You scared me there for a sec!" Jaden let out a relived sigh and slumped down. The Kuriboh just floated there, its eyes locked on the Slifer Red Duelist.

"Um... Jaden? Are you sure that's YOUR Kuriboh?" Yubel asked. Jaden looked at the Kuriboh, and noticed it was different. It had pink eyes, a white ribbin in its fur, and it's wings looked more angelic that a normal one.

"Now that you mention it..."

Before Jaden could finish, the Kuriboh lunged at him, and all you could hear was Jaden's screams before a white light engulfed the area...

Timeline: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Location: Satellite

As you already know, Yusei had just saved the world from utter destruction. He was a hero now. But you couldn't tell that he was one at the moment.

Why? He was being chased by a rabid Winged Kuriboh. And to make things worse, Jack & Crow were with him and laughing like hell.

"WHY CAN'T I LOSE THIS FUCKING KURIBOH?" Yusei yelled as he made a left turn onto the clear freeway.

"Hey Yusei! I think it likes you!" Crow shouted. Jack couldn't say anything, He was laughing too hard.

'Gah... I KNEW this Kuriboh had something to do with that note!' Yusei thought as he sped up. No metter how fast he went, the Kuriboh could match his speed and keep up. Then he remembered a detail in that note. Specifically, the "Dropping by against thier will" part. Oh yeah. This Kuriboh DEFINITELY had something to do with that note. Yusei got off the freeway and headed for Martha's house, the Kuriboh keeping up.

"Yusei, where are you going?" Jack hollered.

"To Martha's! I need to get away from this Kuriboh!" Yusei shouted back, speeding up once again. Jack & Crow simply followed, simply due to that they had to see how Yusei planned to rid of this furball.

*Somewhere outside of his world...*

"Yo, Jesse, I don't know where to take this!"

"I'm not your idea maker! Do it yourself!"

"But I'm brain-deeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaad."

"Ugh... Fine! Just skip it to where Yusei had reached Martha's!"



*Back in Yusei's world...*

Yusei quickly parked his bike, removed his helmet, and took off towards the house.

"Oh, Yusei! Come to visit?" Martha asked.

"I'll explain later!" Yusei said as he rushed upstairs, said furball following. Jack and Crow walked in casually.

"What's with him?" Martha asked. Jack held in a laugh, while Crow rolled his eyes.

"He's trying to hide from a floating furball. No big whoop really." He said. And with that, Jack exploded into laughter once again...

Upstairs, Yusei locked himself in a small closet. He leaned against the door and sighed. "Finally, some peace from that floating furball..." he said to himself. When he opened his eyes again, a Kuriboh was in his face and glared at him. His eyes went wide and he took a deep breath and then let out the loudest scream he had ever screamed...

Timeline: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Location: Home of Haru Tsukumo

It was quiet at the Tsukumo residence today. The only person there at the moment was Yuma. Well, if you count Astral, then only two people were in the house, specifically.

"Yuma, what is that odd looking object?" Astral asked as he floated next to Yuma.

"It's called a Television. It allows you to watch people do things." Yuma replied, as he flipped through channels.

"A television...? What a strange name..." Astral said to himself. Yuma laughed in response. On the TV screen, a show called "Slayers Evolution EX" came on. Yuma's eyes lit up.

"YES! I love this show!" Yuma cheered, pumping a fist into the air. He put the remote on the table next to the couch.

"Slayers Evolution EX...? Is this what you mean by 'watching people do things'?" Astral asked once again.

"It's called 'Acting'. It's were people pretend to do things. It's awesome!" Yuma replied happily.

"Another Observation: Humans like to pretend to perform actions." Astral said. Without warning, a blue furred Kuriboh appeared. Astral stared at it curiously. "What's that?"

"Huh? A classic Kuriboh?" Yuma said. "Cool! But why is it blue...?"

The Kuriboh blinked as it made some sort of sound. Astral went up and felt its fur. "Ooh! It's soft."

"Astral, careful! That Kuriboh could hurt you!" Yuma warned.

"But is what you humans call 'cute'!" Astral said with a smile.

Yuma would live to regret saying that. The Kuriboh lunged at Yuma and the last thing they both saw was a flash of light...

Timeline: Yu-Gi-Oh! Angel's Punishment (A future fic of mine. You'll understand what's going on once it's posted up.)
Location: Shion Family Repair Shop

Business was BOOMING today at the repair shop. Luckily, some of Paradox's friends decided to help out.

"Thank you, ma'am! I hope my son will be happy!" A man happily said as he picked up the Duel Grinder.

"You're welcome, sir! And if there's something wrong, please bring it back!" Isis said. The man nodded and left. Isis wiped some sweat from her forehead and slumped onto a nearby chair. "Oh Ra... I'm glad the work day's almost over..."

Paradox let his hair down and took a drink of his water. "Same here... Kaito, close up after the last customer leaves, will ya?"

The violet haired boy nodded in response, and went back to working on a pair of Duel Skates. Paradox let out a yawn. "Tired, baby?" Isis said. He smiled and threw a arm over her shoulder. "Yeah. But I can't fall asleep now, lest these idiots want to face my wrath in the morning." He replied. Isis laughed.

"A little snip here and... done!" Kaito closed off the circuit board to a duel skate. "Ma'am, I fixed your skates!" A teen girl ran up happily. "Oh, thank you, sir! I can finally enter that tourniment at school!" she said. "Let's hope you win!" Kaito replied. The duo highfived, and the girl left. "Yo Dox! That was our last customer!"

"Finally! I can get some rest!" Paradox said. Isis laughed once again.

"LIAR!" Osaris said, pointing a wrench at him.

"Quiet you!" Paradox replied, holding a screwdriver at Osaris.

"FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" Keito cheered. Before the duo could even say a word, a noise was heard coming from the back room. "What was that?" Keito shouted, jumping into Kaito's arms. (Classic Scooby Doo ref, folks. XD)

Paradox got up. "Hold on. I'll check." He made his way towards the backroom, and the sound was heard again. A shriek from Keito made him snicker a bit, but he calmed bavk down and opened the door to the backroom. A few books ad fallen to the ground. "Huh? How'd these..."


The door slammed behind him, and there was a rather buff-looking Kuriboh infront of it. Paradox had a confused look on his face. "What the hell are you?" He asked. He didn't get an answer, just a Kuriboh lunging at him, along with a bright flash of light, and his screaming before there was nothing left...

Well? I hope you enjoyed it! BEcause more randomness to come... Hehehehehehe...